Keeping Busy

Winter is officially here. My front door is completely buried in snow, no forcing it open for now.  The roads are slick and plowing hasn’t been great so I stayed in today and let family pick up a few things I needed from the store for Christmas dinner.  It has been great having the freezer as the last 4 weeks I have been eating out of my pantry and freezer without needing anything from the store. Another plus is finding there isn’t any food waste when you prep and put up food before winter.  All the food scraps were put in the compost in the field which means all I have to do is heat the food and enjoy.

What do you do when you are indoors on what feels like a very long day?  You clean and do some crafting.  I painted a few pine cones for an arrangement I plan to put together for Christmas, just to add a touch of color in a bland spot.  But I over estimated how much paint I would need, resulting in a bit too much of the blue. Being a blended color I couldn’t pour it back into the can.  I looked around and spotted an empty Snapple jar left here by a guest. Is it just me or does that stuff taste gross to you too?   Anyway, a bit of paint and some decoupage glue and I have a pretty vase


While tidying up I came across a number three my granddaughter must have dropped the last time she was here.  What’s the big deal about that?  Well she made it for one.  I thought it might be something you would enjoy doing with little ones on a cold day.  When we were cutting the toilet rolls for the wall hanging she picked one up and studied it a few seconds then announced she wanted to make her numbers with some of the cut pieces.


For the 3 all we did was cut the circle in one spot then bend and add a dab of hot glue to hold the shape.  A few numbers, like “4” were a little more difficult but she had a blast.  I hear the numbers were painted at home and are on display so I sent the “3” home today to complete the set.

What did you do today?

22 thoughts on “Keeping Busy

  1. Brilliant Lois, they so love to cut out and stick.. We went walking with our little one after she had an early morning nap, as we fetch her at 6-30am and she had been awake from 4am I was told.. So after her Breakfast we got togged up and walked among the woods nearby, She loved it.. There had been a slight frost and some leaves had frost on them. She asked if it were Jack Frost.. ;-) She held the leaf for ages as it melted in the sun it was still cold, so an ice crystal formed.. She even remembered the Holly tree leaves too….We then later baked some cup-cakes she took home for her Dad… We did stickers out of a new snowman book and built a snowman Christmas card ..
    I felt awful as her Mum came to pick her up at 6pm as she told her she wanted to stop saying Go home Mummy! :-/ A fun day all round :-)


    • Sue, what a lovely day you had with your little one. They really do enjoy working with scissors and glue :-) With winter in full force here as soon as my grand children come in the door they ask if we can do crafts or if I have something they can sand. Knowing Jack Frost at 3 is amazing and she’s at the right age to find wonder in the natural world, even in winter.

      One of the nice things about being a grandparent is we have the time to give them one-on-one without needing to do chores and other mundane things when we spend time with them, which as parents we only had in little blocks of time. I feel bad when my grandchildren tell their parents they don’t want to go home too. But they need both examples, that of being the center of attention and seeing there are responsibilities that need to be taken care of before they get the adult’s full attention.


  2. I understand cabin fever! Being down in Oz for a month of holiday with my partner, the cabin fever is different as tomorrow the forecast is for 106 degrees and with the flat here staying fairly cool, it means it’s not exactly making us want to go outside, so we’ve got the DVDs set up! That being said, across the street is a lovely restaurant whose owner makes a mean mojito, perfect for the Oz summer! Fortunately we’re headed out of the city taking the train up to Lake Daylesford which should be nice! Will be crazy to return to winter weather in a couple weeks!


  3. Hi Lois. i hope all is well with the snow and all.

    We too got hit by a snow storm – which I just posted – and while I am not barred from the outside world, I can see how frustrating it can be…especially when the city takes its time with the snow plows.

    I have a confession to make…I actually Snapple…I was a tad hooked on their Green tea and peach about a year or so ago and have sinced weaned myself off…but every now and then I polish one off! Although i do like the new vase :)

    Are you at one of your sons for the Christmas feast?

    Take care and my best to all.



    • Hi Lyle, I won’t hold it against you that you like Snapple. :-) It is so easy to change our tastes to something sweet if we aren’t careful.

      The road crews are pretty good here, they have had a lot of practice over the years. The plow that doesn’t do a very good job is the one hired by the apartment owner. I’ve never seen such bad plowing in my life. Hope you get a break from the snow soon, ours finally let up.

      No, I don’t travel for Christmas. My boys will come to my house although my youngest can’t make it until New Year’s Eve, but that’s fine a long as I get to spend some time with him and his family.


  4. Snowed in, is not where I would like to be but often don’t go out in bad weather. I NEVER run out of things to do. I could stay in for months and not be bored or lack. I’m always stocked for weather and company. I’ll have the place full of company now through Jan 4. Then I will take a day to rest and get on with the work. Love that shade of blue. Don’t drink things like Snapple or anything prepackaged. But I do like to keep really pretty wine bottles though I almost never have any of that anymore either. Too much sugar. Hope the weather gives you a break soon.


    • Marlene, I enjoy my time alone and rarely ever get bored, but I prefer the warmer weather when I can spend part of my day outside. I too could be snowed in for a long time and not run out of things to do.

      Enjoy your company, and don’t drink too much wine. :-) I no longer drink alcohol but miss it from time to time.


    • Carol, I prefer to be outside but when snowed in I notice all the little things that need done and end up cleaning. Being in a small space it doesn’t take that long to get the cleaning done. :-) So after that I turn to crafts and a good book.


    • My daughter-in-law stopped by today and dug it out. I have a back door that leads to an interior hall with 3 other exits out of the building. Unfortunately the plowing was so bad that even if I tried to go out another door and around to shovel my door out I would not have been able to make it to my door. That’s life in the snow belt :-)


  5. I got the office a new coffee machine – so hopefully everyone’s productivity will improve, but it seemed to take a chunk out of my day! I fought some spot fires, with little luck, at work, and then went to an outdoor meeting re: losing our company cars. Then I went home, and back to Church to collect flyers, which i distributed to a number of hotels and hostels in the area of the church (and where I live). NO craft for me, but tomorrow maybe – we’re having a Christmas craft get together


    • Yes, we got dumped on with snow. It’s not as bad as the first year I moved here back in 1989. It was the same time of December when I opened my front door to get my newspaper and found instead a wall of snow. Not even a crack of light could come in. The snow was nearly up to the second floor of the apartment.

      I think once you adjust your taste buds to real foods and beverages you don’t like the bottled drinks.


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