An Award and My Christmas Decorations

I am honored by two wonderful blogger with The Blog of the Year Award.  Before I share with you the two lovely women who nominated me I have come to a decision on awards.  My experiences with awards have run the gamut from receiving the first one and wondering if someone was testing me to see if I would pass along a blog version of a chain letter, to such appreciation of the people I admire in the blogging world who thought enough of me and my writing to want to acknowledge me with an award.

After 2 years of receiving awards I find myself having a very hard time writing something interesting enough that you won’t feel you are wasting your time having stopped by to read my latest post. I mean after so long what more can I tell you about myself?

That said, it’s your comments and your love, even reaching out to me the few times I disappeared to ask if I was okay that make me feel loved.  So for these reasons I will no longer be accepting awards.  I thank you for each and every one.  Now to accept graciously the latest, and last award.  I am honored that these two women are the ones who I will be thanking on this day.

Blog of the Year Award 2 star jpegThe two women who I want to thank are SueDreamwalker and Pat of Plain Talk and Ordinary Wisdom.  This means a lot to me as I feel I finally found my footing and direction this year.  The blog has gone through several stages.  In the beginning I wanted to share my journey from feeling trapped by my belongings and how I escaped.  Little by little my environmental concerns began to show themselves.  I found a hobby in restoring furniture and I began to open up about my family.  You have stayed with me through it all and for that you deserve my thanks, as well.

Every award has rules, here are the rules for Blog of the Year 2013:

Instructions for the ‘Blog Of The Year 2013 Award

  1. Select the blog(s) you think deserve the ‘Blog Of The Year 2013 Award’.
  2. Write a blog post and tell us about the blog(s) you have chosen – there are no minimum or maximum number of blogs required and ‘present’ the blog(s) with their award.
  3. Let the blog(s) that you have chosen know that you have given them this award and share the instructions with them (please don’t alter the instructions or the badges!)
  4. Come over and say hello to the originator of the ‘Blog Of The Year 2013 Award’ via this link:
  5. You can now also join the ‘Blog Of The Year Award’ Facebook Page. Click the link here:  Share your blog posts with an even wider audience
  6. And as a winner of the award – please add a link back to the blog that presented you with this award – and then proudly display the award on your blog -
    and start collecting stars!

How the stars work:  stars

You can start collecting all 6 stars for the year, starting with the 1st star.

Then, every time you’re given the award by another blogger, you can add another badge with the added star. It’s different from other awards where they can only be added once to your site.

All the information on the award, banners and badges can be found by the originators of the award, Alyson and Dave Sheldrake on their site, The Thought Template.

You know I don’t follow rules. :-)  It is just too hard to name blogs, I never want to leave anyone out, nor do I want anyone to feel I don’t have a deep appreciation for them.  I would suggest you check out my blogroll, or visit SueDreamwalker and Pat, you won’t find duplicates in our blog lists, so have fun and meet some new people.

I feel I do need to give you something for stopping by, so here are a few pictures of this years Christmas decorations.

My tree is a crocheted tree shape using heavy weight yarn. I planned to add my normal decorations on this, but happened to have a 5 year old guest who wanted to decorate it with my jewelry and a pewter hummingbird key chain.


The green and red beaded dangles at the bottom were made by my oldest son as a Christmas present for me when he was 8 years old (he’s now 29) i also have a matching necklace.

One of my two Santa’s with a poinsettia.


A wall hanging we (yes my granddaughter and I) made from empty toilet rolls. We cut the rolls into roughly one inch slices, hot glued 5 pieces into a petal shape. After which we painted them, I would suggest you paint them before cutting them then just touch up the edges, it’s less messy that way. Once the paint was dry we glued three layers of flowers together adding a red one last in the center. Everyone who has asked where I got it doesn’t believe it’s made from toilet rolls until they get up real close.


You can see it above the futon in this  picture along with a handmade holiday pillow.


I am sure I will add a few more touches before Christmas day, I have a collection of pine cones drying tonight and I know exactly where I will use them.

Have you made anything special this year for your home?

31 thoughts on “An Award and My Christmas Decorations

  1. Lois, love your hand made Crocheted tree, and ooooh I just love the things we got when our Children were small, I still have a brooch which my daughter did for Mother;s Day which says Mum on it… And some craft items made in clay…
    Loved your toilet roll creation and if you hadn’t have said I wouldn’t have known..

    Again it seems as if we are on the same wave length as to regards Blog Awards, I have one more to give out the Justice award which you gave me.. And then Next year I am becoming an award Free Zone, with the past awards I intend just to show on my Award page…
    I like you am always so honoured to be gifted them, but find them so time consuming, and I never want to keep to rules either, as Everyone who contributes is so deserving…
    And I always feel as if I am neglecting or may offend those I leave out… So its very hard..

    I have several in mind for the Justice award…… and still churning it all around…. This may come at the end of the year.. It will be a wonderful way to finish a tremendous Year of Dreamwalker’s Lois… I am so happy for one to have met you this year.. and value our cyber friendship :-)

    Congratulations on also gaining 2 stars :-D aren’t we lucky :-)

    Love and Blessings for a wonderful week… Im looking forward to tomorrow, my little one comes all day…
    I have a work related Christmas Lunch to attend on Wednesday which will be nice and then re-training on Thursday on Challenging Behaviours…. ( No change there unfortunately ) and I have Family coming on Friday for a get together pre-Christmas party.. It will have been a couple of years since I had both my Son and Daughter under the same roof at the same time… So really looking forward to that… So I will be busy all day Friday Baking etc…

    Love and Blessings Lois.. as I wish you and yours all the very best for Christmas, although I am certain I will be calling again before the big day …
    Hugs Sue xox


    • I know what you mean about the time involved in writing the award posts. I do appreciate them, but just can’t give them the time they deserve.

      What a busy week you have! How wonderful you will have both your children home at the same time. It’s rare for us here too. Christmas is usually the only time my boys are able to be together with me, this year may be different as my youngest will be coming up after Christmas instead.

      I am glad we found each other online, it has been wonderful getting to know you too.

      If we don’t speak before then, have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your family time.


  2. What a great idea for a small space tree and so pretty with “free” decoration! That wall deco looks so effective and great over your red sofa, a real seasonal style, how clever :)
    Enjoying all your posts as ever, and glad others recognise the effort that goes into your blogging – well done!!


    • Thanks, Swiss Rose. The yarn was given to me. When I saw the green balls it got my brain working and this is what I came up with. The little ones enjoy crafting with the toilet paper rolls, this week I figured it was my turn. :-)


  3. The knitted Christmas tree is especially adorable, and it’s so sweet you kept the earrings that your son made you all this time. They must mean a lot to you :) Handmade gifts are the best :)


    • Thanks, P. Yes, the earrings are special to me along with the matching necklace. He wasn’t into beading or other crafts for very long so it’s a reminder of that particular period of his childhood. But really I like the jewelry, perfect thing to wear on Christmas.


  4. You do seem to have been inundated with the awards of late – I think the awards idea is great for new blogs, makes them feel noticed. But as you go on, it does get a little reee-dunculous. So lovely craft too.


  5. I’m enthralled with your crocheted tree and especially the ornaments. Even my daughter was delighted with the idea of using jewelry pieces as ornaments. Grand idea. Liked the toilet paper roll decoration as well.


    • I hadn’t planned on using my jewelry, all the credit goes to my granddaughter. :-) Glad you and your daughter liked the idea and it gave you something to think about.

      The toilet paper hanging took some time, but it was fun. Getting the layers to hold was the tough part. Looking at it we had to arrange the next layer so it lined up with a piece of the layer beneath to have something to attach it to but I’m happy with the outcome.


  6. Hi Lois – congratulations and thank you for accepting the award even with it being the last one. I’m happy for you on the last go around and appreciate the mention.

    I know what you mean with awards. It’s been my first year participating and can definitely understand the work it takes to do justice and acknowledge them and pass them along. I don’t have as great a following but read a lot on others’ sites. Still, it seems like I keep nominating the same bloggers over again. It may be something I’ll consider going forward.

    Looks like you’re sprucing things up for Christmas. Enjoyed the photos and how clever of you on the wall hanging.

    Hope you enjoy your weekend. Take care and hugs :-)


    • Thank you for the award. It was wonderful to thank two favorite people in my last award post. I stopped nominating people after a few awards and simply pointed people to my blogroll which worked out nicely, you may want to consider something like that.

      I’m still considering how much I like the tree. It seems a bit small for where it is hung but the concept I like. It’s easy to store,won’t take up much room and can be washed before being used again. I would recommend using a heavy yarn to hold its shape when hung though.


      • Always welcome, Lois, and I’m honored to be one of your fav’s. I’ve added bloggers to my blog roll but haven’t decided yet whether to use that instead of accepting awards.

        The knitted tree is a good idea and I can see where it’s a good option to conserve space. I haven’t done much knitting or crocheting — every time I tried stitches were too tight. I always made the excuse it was because I’m left handed and doing it backwards. LOL

        Happy Sunday — take care.


  7. I stopped accepting awards last year and put a label on my blog so that folk know – and don’t include me.

    I feel like the comments left in response to my post are “reward enough” for me. But I do remember when I started blogging and I saw those labels and I wondered just how someone got an award. And the first time it happened to me – I was TOTALLY STOKED!!! Thrilled! Now a few years later, I am happy to just join in a conversation with blog friends. :-)


    • Yes, once I realized this was something accepted by the blogging world I was so excited another blogger had nominated me.

      I’m curious, where did you find your button? I looked all over trying to find one before I wrote that post, I’d like to have one on my sidebar.


  8. I don’t accept awards either – for me, an award doesn’t ask you to do something in return, and so many of these come with instructions which I just think is awkward. If folks want to award someone something, I would recommend they just give the award and not expect the recipient to do anything (not even post the graphic on their blog if they don’t want). Just my own two cents :)


    • I get why awards are still circulating, it’s a nice way to introduce blogs that are new and struggling to find an audience, but if that is the main purpose I think I do my part with my Friday posts.


    • Thanks, Wendy. I am not sure I like my tree where I put it, and the little one while she enjoyed decorating it keeps asking where my “tree” is. She is referring to the large branch I hung on the wall last year.

      I’m not sure if I would like having a traditional looking tree again, but I don’t have the room for one here if I did.

      Are you getting into the holiday spirit now that you have your tree up?


  9. Hi Lois,

    We just received this same award, and we are so grateful to Jaime Shine at Clearly Conveyed Communications for awarding it to us. If you’d like, you can read about it here:

    We can understand your feelings about awards. It’s so difficult to select the blogs you want to honor. Michele and I love your blog, and we just want to say that you truly deserve any awards you’ve received.

    Thanks for sharing your terrific Christmas decorations! Your grandchildren and their grandmother are amazing!

    Christmas blessings to all!

    Carol & Michele at Ahh the Simple Life


    • No, darn Google+ It’s a pretty long story but I am in the process of changing my name legally to Field. For the time being things like my bank account are still in Hoover, although I don’t use that name for anything but legal documents. I think the problem arose when I paid for my own domain. Thanks for bringing this to my attention as I didn’t catch it.


  10. beautiful decorations…love your tree. and of course, please tell your five yr old guest, that the decorations looks just perfect on the tree…grin.(they do fit it well)


    • She is something isn’t she? This is another example of not wanting to crush her creativity. She pulled out the pieces she wanted to use and she hung them on the tree I only helped when she had trouble with an earring back.


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