A Used Gift and Happy News

Today I planned to show you a before and after I finished for my youngest son’s Christmas gift. The problem is that I had an entire day of solitude to work and got so caught up in the process I forgot to take any pictures until I was done.  You will have to use your imagination, but it shouldn’t be too hard.

Just as I turned on the computer to write this post I received a call from said youngest son.  He put my granddaughter on the phone to share some good news.  Little one will be a big sister. Yep, it didn’t take long, they are now expecting baby number 2.  I am so happy for them, but as soon as Christmas is over I will need to start thinking about making birth gifts. It has been a tradition that I make at least one quilt and one crocheted blanket for every new baby in the family, even for my children’s friends who call me mom.

Soon to be a big sister.

Soon to be a big sister.

That was my good news for today. Back to Christmas.  I was told my son needed a filing cabinet for his home office. The next day I found one in near perfect condition through Craigslist for $10.  Since my son has his office decorated with items of his favorite NFL team, the Dallas Cowboys, his version of a man cave, I decided to add a touch of Cowboys to the filing cabinet.

My initial thought was to find a print or poster to decoupage onto the drawer fronts.  I figured I could either purchase two smaller ones, one for each drawer, or one larger poster and cut it to fit.  That was a no go.  Factoring the size of the drawers any print or poster was either too small or would lose too much of the design.

I went with my second idea, fabric.  I purchased half a yard of Dallas Cowboy fabric (I really only needed 1/4 of a yard but wanted to be safe and know I’ll find a use for the rest…..maybe for the arriving baby?)  It was easy to remove the hardware, the rectangular piece that would hold a label simply popped off and the handles were held in place by 2 screws each from the inside.

Once I removed the hardware I gave it a good wash and left it to dry.  Then came the fun part. After cutting the fabric to fit I applied a generous amount of decoupage glue and set the fabric in place.  I wanted to fold the fabric over to the inside of the drawer to protect it from being caught and coming off as the drawer was opened and closed repeatedly, which meant I left a bit of extra fabric on each side.  I waited for the glue to dry before I worked on the edges and the back to prevent any possible shifting as I worked. Once that was all dry I added 2 more coats of decoupage glue giving them plenty of time to dry in between.  Then it was as simple as poking holes for the hardware with a paring knife and reattaching the hardware.

This is what I came up with.  The cabinet is a black metal cabinet, Yes, I love the wood ones, but in the case of fire metal will protect his business files better.


The lighting wasn’t great and the flash decided not to work. It does look much better in person than the picture came out. Please take my word for it. :-)

Living in a tiny apartment where storage is at a premium I decided to fill the drawers with the rest of the Christmas gifts until Christmas. This freed up room in the closet where they had been previously.  And keeps them organized nicely, no chance I will misplace a gift. :-)

There is no way I will try to wrap this gift, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise that would come from a wrapping.  I decided to make this look as if it was a part of my home instead. Using a grey top sheet I draped the cabinet and added a poinsettia plant, it looked a bit lost when I saw the picture so I later added a Santa figurine. Perfect.


Yes, I straightened the side of the sheet and then added the black fuzzy chair next to it giving the cabinet the appearance it is a side table now. The things I miss before snapping a picture.   Even with the cost of the fabric this gift cost me less than $15 and it will fit nicely in his office.

How are your Christmas gifts coming along?

19 thoughts on “A Used Gift and Happy News

  1. A great idea, Lois! I love that it holds the other gifts, but looks like an end table; how smart of you! You will have fun getting ready for the next little grandkidlet, won’t you? ~ Linne


    • Linne, you have to be creative when you live in a small apartment and buy something large that will be here a while until it is given as a gift. :-)

      Yes, I am looking forward to another baby. I have to admit that while I love babies my favorite stage is when they can interact with you.


  2. Lois this looks so great, what a wonderful idea and I am certain your Son will love it.. Now I know someone lol who has a garage with two of these type of filing cabinates in, full of bits and pieces that will come in on a rainy day LOL… Oh so wished you lived next door LOL you would have a field day should you go into the Garage Grotto LOL hahaha…
    Brilliant Lois….

    The weekend not as tough a shift as some, so thank you for your thoughts :-) Big smiles and hugs


    • Sue, hearing about your garage I would love to be your neighbor even more. I would try to talk your husband in to a business venture with me. :-) I have been storing that cabinet in different places around the house for a couple of months now, but finally covering it and putting it by the window I may miss it when it is gone. :-) Now it looks like it belongs here and it’s storing the rest of the Christmas gifts so they are no longer taking up space. Yes, he will love it.


    • Thank you, Lyle. Being for his home office I wanted to make it fit the decor of the room. It’s not an over the top fan room which is nice, just little things here and there so this will fit in nicely.

      It was nice to get the call last night about their pregnancy, the perfect way to end the day. The first child they wanted to know the sex, this time around only my son does but his wife agreed knowing will make preparing the room easier, so in a few months we will all know if a little boy or girl will be joining the family.


  3. Congratulations – new family members are always great news! The cabinet turned out great and your disguise is perfect – unless he reads this blog.

    I have a small start on Christmas so far – but I haven’t been making anything this year. Im giving myself a bit of a break since I don’t feel very well. I’ll get back on track next year.


    • Thank you, Heidi, I am excited about the new baby as well. My daughter-in-law wanted to wait and tell everyone on Christmas but my son couldn’t wait and called family last night. Before they did they had their daughter practice saying “I’m going to be a big sister” so she could tell me the news. It was adorable.

      I was hoping with the cold snap you would be doing better, sorry things are still rough for you and hope by Christmas you will feel well enough to be able to enjoy your holiday.


  4. I would have been concerned about the drawers opening and closing okay with the fabric wrapped to the inside, but I see that that was not a problem. How much did you wrap to the inside? Even though your kids know that you can do amazing things, I think your son will be surprised and pleased with this gift.


    • I had that concern as well so used a very light weight cotton fabric. I have about half and inch on the back of the drawers. I think he will be surprised as well but to be sure I talked the idea over with his wife.


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