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I haven’t shared a book review with you in some time.  Part of the reason is that I was so busy this summer I didn’t read much.  The other part was that I hadn’t read anything I wanted to shout from the rooftops about and tell everyone what a fantastic book it was.  Today, I have two books for you that, yes, I would shout from the rooftop, if I could get up there. :-)

glowingsqThe first book is by Yancy Lael called Glowing:  Soulful Skincare  which I won here from a giveaway by Ecogrrl. Thanks Ecogrrl!   I have a pretty good routine with my skin but getting “up there in age” there is always something new to learn…and boy did I learn!

Yancy came to her knowledge after dealing with terrible acne for decades during which time she lost her spark, her self-confidence and self-esteem.  Yancy’s “prescription” is anything  but ordinary.  She first tackles self-image before skin care.  The focus is on natural products, those we would indeed eat if asked to.

Now that I have finished reading the book I will be passing this on to my eldest son and his wife who both suffer from acne even in their mid and late 20s and have spent countless sums of money purchasing anything that would heal their skin.  My son suffers the most as a result of being required to dry shave with his acne breakouts during combat duty.  He is 29, yet looks at least 10 years older due to all the scarring on his skin.

When a family member has bad acne it affects everyone.  The insecurities they carry from their appearance affects their personality and how they relate to those close to them as well as in social settings.  And even though my son and his wife do not live with me I have the lasting reminders of the harsh products they use in the bleached out bamboo towels my daughter-in-law has used.


UPDATE:  I gifted this to my daughter-in-law for Christmas hoping she would see the common sense approach to her acne and stop using the harsh products she’s used for many years.  She devoured it.  I received a call within an hour of her taking it home to tell me how excited she was with the information presented in Glowing.  She immediately stopped her previous skin care routine and adopted the principles in Glowing.  I happened to notice her skin just 3 weeks later and it was clear for the first time in the 6 years I’ve known her. She was so happy  and her husband, my son, whose skin was horrible from years of acne decided to adopt the principles in this book.  I noticed even his scarring has diminished and he looks years younger.

The second book I couldn’t put down until 5 am when I finished it this morning.

That’s saying something about the book as I was reading it from my Kindle app on my phone.  I don’t enjoy reading from a device, I still find myself distracted by not having an actual paper copy in my hands, but since this book isn’t available through my library system, and I do not buy books as a rule, I decided to read this on the app.

entropia-coverThe book is Entropia, by Samuel Alexander.  It is my opinion that with the problems society faces today this should be required reading for all, especially in educational institutions.

While I don’t want to spoil the story for you in any way I do have to say a bit about this book.  Where most environmental books tend to be of a scholarly dry approach this was anything but.  The story is narrated by one who grew up on Entropia, and island off the coast of New Zealand. We get to learn why this intentional community was started and then learn that there was a “great disruption” or total collapse of society.  It reads like a conversation of one person sharing his life experiences.

While the people of Entropia were much more environmentally aware and lived lighter than the rest of society, they still depended on materials being brought in from the mainland..until the collapse.

The story mostly focuses on the period after the collapse and how the people of Entropia changed their ways to live free of fossil fuels and became completely self-sufficient as a community.  There is no subject not covered from the type of housing and the makeup of those households, to population control and how they managed to do so without threats, even to the point where they brought in trash from the outside world to scavenge for useable materials.  Their politics and education  are unlike anything we know today.

This story is gripping yet rather than being a doomsday story, it’s a story of rebirth and hope for our own future. An example of how we can save the planet should we open a discussion on these subjects and all of society embrace the sustainable measures needed.

If you haven’t read this yet, I can highly recommend it, if you have, I’d love to hear your views on the book and the ideas it presented.

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    • Yes, Carol I subscribe to the Simplicity Institute and should have mentioned that with the link, thank you for doing so. Samuel Alexander’s essays are always thought-provoking for me which had me finally caving to buy Entropia, which follows his same philosophy but in a very entertaining way. Love to hear what you think of the book if you get it. I’d share my copy with you but I don’t think that’s possible through the kindle program which is a shame.

  1. Since I stopped using any products on my skin, it’s been the best ever, after 35 years of acne problems. I just wash my face in the shower or bath every 1-2 days and use a little neat vaseline if my forehead feels dry. This is after spending a fortune over the years, both on medical and cosmetic products and including two 6 mth bouts of Roaccutane (Vit.A) medication. It could be my age (49) but it works for me!

    • Swiss Rose, I am sorry this took so long to answer your comment was sent to my spam folder. Isn’t is great to find our skin returns to normal when we stop using so much stuff on it? I don’t use vaseline as it’s a petroleum product but if it works for you it’s better than what is sold as skin care. I am partial now to coconut oil but did use vaseline when I was younger in the winter when it was super cold out.

  2. Ooooo… I’m not a big fan of reading – borderline dyslexic and all, but Entropia sounds so good that I might just have to give it a go!

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