How I Spent Black Friday

Black Friday needs to have a new name in my family because it’s anything but black or filled with shopping.  While my son had to work as he still works part-time in retail I spent the day with two lovely women, my daughter-in-law and granddaughter.

Why anyone would want to cook the morning after Thanksgiving I will never understand, but that’s exactly what my daughter-in-law did, she woke to make us all a delicious breakfast of french toast with fruit as a side.

After breakfast we lounged for a bit, just enjoying each others company. The little one inherited her daddy’s sense of humor.  Her favorite game to play is one she calls “seat thief” any time someone gets up she runs to get in their seat, laughing and calling out repeatedly “seat thief”.  The game doesn’t end until she is tickled or picked up to reclaim your seat. After which some play and snuggling ensues.


The decorating bug hit Wednesday night after visiting the Christmas store when my son braving the extreme cold hung some lights outside around the front porch.  Friday, my daughter-in-law pulled out the tree and decorations.  Little one joined to help hang the ornaments.  Can you see the clusters of ornaments, yes, that’s where she wanted them and that’s where they are staying.

While they decorated the tree upstairs, we haven’t figured out a safe way for me to get up there, I got to work hemming curtains for the family room downstairs.  The original length blocked access to the cabinets below, which was not what they wanted.  I knew this was something my daughter-in-law wanted changed.  I surprised her with traveling with my sewing machine. Yes, I put it into a reusable grocery bag and hung it from the handles on my chair for the trip.

Please ignore the angle as I took it from a seated position.

Please ignore the angle as I took it from a seated position.


The curtains are lovely, but much of the details were lost in the picture due to the sun shining behind them.  As we cleaned up the remnants of material were offered to me, did I want them?  Of course. :-)  I don’t have anything in mind yet for the fabric, but I will in time and have a long winter ahead of me to work with.

After the curtains I was asked if I could finish the alterations of a dress my daughter-in-law wanted made into a skirt.  She had cut the top off, and put a bit of elastic in the waist, but it needed to be taken in.  I didn’t think to take a picture of this, but can say she was happy with it.  I must be rubbing off on her because she picked up the fabric I removed and announced she was keeping it to attempt to make some Barbie clothes with it. I love this girl!!!


While breakfast was special the rest of our meals while we enjoyed them were simply the reheated remains of Thanksgiving dinner.  I was good and didn’t eat the turkey even though my son put a couple of slices on my plate, he keeps hoping I will give in on this one day each year, I cave each year on the deviled eggs which are something my daughter-in-law has to have.  This tradition of adding deviled eggs comes from growing up in Arizona where it’s still summer-like with temps near or at 100 degrees on Thanksgiving.  The rest of us have gotten used to this added side. :-)

While later in the evening the adult (women) watched the Hunger Games movie while enjoying another slice of pie and waiting for my son to get out of work. Mine was pumpkin, but there were three pies to choose from, chocolate, pumpkin and cherry.  Most of the day included just having a bit of fun with the little one.

dancing to music

dancing to music while dressed up with her jewelry, always he princess.

This morning, Saturday, I was up before the sun to catch my bus home. It is silent here now, but while I miss them already the quiet is nice as well.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend and staying warm.


24 thoughts on “How I Spent Black Friday

  1. Wonderful post Lois. That’s the best way to spend Black Friday…or anyday for that matter…close to those you cherish most. Plus, the delicious pies don’t hurt either :) Glad you made it back safe and sound.

    Take care and all the best.



  2. We don’t have black Friday, like Canadians, our biggest sales are Boxing day (the day after Christmas). We just work Thursday and Friday like normal. Tomorrow I will post about the Thanksgiving dinner I prepared on Friday for Friday night – no marshmellows like in your photo! What was that – stuffing or sweet potato?


    • I will be on the lookout for your post. The marshmallow dish was sweet potatoes baked with an oatmeal and brown sugar topping which was sprinkled with marshmallows. It’s common here to bake sweet potatoes with them although now that I’ve gotten used to eating sweet potatoes I could do without the marshmallows.


  3. There is so much hype about Black Friday that it is even growing as a retail “theme” in Canada, and we don’t even have time off work this weekend! Before this, our biggest shopping day of the year has always been the first day the malls open after Christmas, usually Dec 27 (we get 2 days off at Christmas). People go to spend the gift certificates they received for Christmas, as well as buying stuff on sale. Usually Christmas shopping kicks into high gear immediately after Remembrance Day on Nov 11. It is considered by many to be disrespectful to the veterans if you start Christmas shopping and decorating before their special day.

    I’m glad you had a non-commercial Friday After!


    • Dar, at least your country has some respect for the veterans. I’m sorry our ways have spread to other countries. When I worked retail for the holidays for extra money we had bus loads of Canadians come shopping for Black Friday. I worked in a leather store, coats, purses,brief cases. For customs we were asked to write up different receipts :-)

      I heard frequently how impressed they were with our cheap taxes in PA. We have 6% on everything, clothes are excluded as well as all food and not taxed at all. The only clothing taxed are women’s bathing suits as it is considered something that can’t be worn for anything but swimming. Even our shoes and coats are tax free here.

      You are lucky to have two days off in ;retail for Christmas,we get one. My boys learned I hated the crowds and if they received gift cards they didn’t get to spend them until the first day in January when the schools reopened. Since we homeschooled it gave us pretty much empty stores by then.


      • One of my co-workers went on an organized bus trip for Black Friday shopping to our nearest American city, Bangor, Maine! It is 8 hours away by road. I can understand it with our 15% sales tax on just about everything except for groceries. If we stay in the US more than 48 hours, we are allowed to take back $800 CDN in goods duty-free.


        • Dar, no trip that is hours long is worth it to me if the trip is for shopping, but I’m sure your co-worker is happy with her purchases if for no other reason than the savings she received.

          I find it interesting that you must visit the US for a specified number of hours to be able to bring back good duty-free.


  4. Sounds like a lovely day. One of my cats is pretty good at the “seat thief” game too!

    I do admit, I’ve never seen corn on the cob or deviled eggs on a Thanksgiving plate, but they’re so yummy how could you say no! We made homemade pasta one year in memory of my Italian grandmother, so hey… as long as you enjoy the meal that’s that matters!

    I spent Friday taking a long bike ride with CatMan. It was lovely, with full sun and temperatures in the 60’s! The bike ride did result in my buying something though. I have real trouble when the sun is low in the sky like it is this time of year. Even with prescription sunglasses (my eyes can’t be corrected with contacts) the sun just seems to come in from the side or over the top, and it was actually starting to feel quite dangerous because every time we’d ride from the shade out into the sun I was completely blinded and couldn’t see a thing. (I caught a softball in the eye when I was a kid, and it never completely healed – as a result the pupil doesn’t contract very well, so I have real trouble when bright lights shine suddenly into my eyes.)

    Soooo… after the bike ride I spent a few hours online trying to come up with a solution and ended up buying a pair of sunglasses that are designed to fit over prescription glasses – they even block the sun that comes in from the side and top. I felt sorta silly actually buying something on Black Friday, but as luck would have it the site was having a special for the day so I got them at 30% off the regular price. I sure hope they work!


    • Cat, that was the first time she had corn on the cob for a holiday, I was a bit surprised to see it but enjoyed it. I didn’t ask why, but noticed the little one enjoying it so maybe it was for her.

      I am so jealous of your temperatures, we haven’t reached a high of anything even close to freezing with temps hovering in the teens with strong winds making it worse. I figured once I got on the bus I would thaw out, but the heat never started to reach those of us in the bus until a half hour before my stop, we all sat bundled in our winter clothes; hoods, gloves you name it for the ride.You are welcome to share some of your warmth with me. :-)

      Your sunglasses sound perfect. I have trouble when riding where the sun will flash between the trees, it’s like a strobe light effect to my eyes I have to use one hand to block the flashing to be able to see so I completely understand your decision to buy sunglasses. I hope they work for you.


      • I’m glad I’m not the only person who gets the strobe light thing with the trees. CatMan acted like I was crazy!

        I hope our warm weather is headed your direction. I fear we’ve only got a few days of it left though and then we’re in the deep freeze. I even heard something about lows below zero… yikes! I guess there’s no getting around it… winter is here!


        • No you aren’t the only one to get the strobe light effects with the sun and trees. Tell CatMan it’s a real problem and be glad he isn’t affected by it.

          I would love your weather, we are expecting a warming trend for a few days with temps in the mid 40s. I’ll take that instead of your weather if it means you won’t have to deal with below zero temps.

          Yes, unfortunately winter is here. :-(


  5. My Black Friday was spent in my office chair in front of my computer. My favorite place. As you know I hate shopping. My family used to have deviled eggs all the time at Thanksgiving and we are from Wisconsin. Personally I think it was added as a side by some relative who just likes them. ;-)


    • Now I know two families that have deviled eggs on Thanksgiving. :-) I didn’t spend much time with my computer this week, the couple of times I got on it was to write a quick post after everyone else went to bed. I’m making up for it today now that I am home trying to get caught up. Plus my heat isn’t working right, so I’m freezing and trying not to call maintenance to ruin their weekend so I’m in my bed with piles of blankets on me and the laptop keeping me company.


    • Carol, isn’t it funny how similar the things children enjoy? Both my granddaughters love to dance any time they hear music, and the oldest one will sing when there isn’t music playing just to dance. Does Jane still dance or take lessons?


    • I did, Heidi. It was just what I needed and nothing more although the weather could have been a bit warmer, talk about freezing while waiting for the bus. Hope we get a warm up soon I need a break from the extreme cold. Haven’t had a day reach freezing in just over a week.


  6. What an adorable child! I like the “seat thief” game. :) Those curtains are quite cute, even if you don’t think they photographed well. I haven’t any curtains here since the previous owner liked blinds.

    For Black Friday, I ventured out in the afternoon to get my oil changed and pick up groceries. The parking lot of the shopping strip was mostly empty except for the little movie theatre. I know very few people who get all worked up for Black Friday, but then again my family starts asking, “What do you want for Christmas?” right after Halloween. The lists aren’t terribly exciting: my sister-in-law wants spatulas, a nephew wants a new pillow, etc.

    BTW thanks so much for the information on conditioning wood. That’s one of my next projects (right after stripping wallpaper and painting!)


    • I have to say you had a nice Black Friday then and did find a way out of the new recliner. :-)

      I love the lists you receive of gift ideas. Simple needs, you have a great family!!

      Yes, seat thief is a fun game, children are entertained so easily.

      It looks here like we are in for a long winter so you should have plenty of time to work on all your projects. I came home today to find my heat not working right. I have just enough with using blankets to manage I hope without having to call maintenance on a holiday weekend.


  7. Sounds like you had a lovely day. Cooking the morning after Thanksgiving sounds a bit much to me as well, but it sure beats shopping! Or working in retail on Black Friday.


    • I agree but I wasn’t going to complain. :-) Yes, I feel bad for my son when he has to work on Black Friday, but he does well on this day and this year he is no longer a manager, as he stepped down to part-time associate so there was less stress on him.


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