Black Friday; Window Shopping

As I write this many people around the country are preparing to leave home in search of Black Friday deals. It amazes me to see the lines of people sleeping outside stores to get that perfect gift at a price a bit closer to their budget.  Instead of heading out to do some shopping I am preparing to get some sleep.  Once we are all up and moving about, none of us are morning people, we will be staying inside. There is a dress my daughter-in-law has asked me to convert to a skirt and two pairs of curtains to be hemmed.  We don’t have many plans for the day, opting to be spontaneous.

Brr so cold out.

Brr so cold out.

We did go out on Wednesday to visit a Christmas store that was a place I took my boys each year.  I rarely go any more, but my sons are carrying on the tradition with their children.  This is where I get my Christmas fix, the displays are beautiful, and I am perfectly content to visit these displays while bringing nothing home.  So for everyone who doesn’t have a Christmas store to visit I hope you enjoy the pictures from my trip this week.

I have to apologize for the quality of a few of the pictures, my son believed I could get a good shot while he was pushing me. :-)


Feeling all grown up.  We soon abandoned the cart for another child to use because we had nothing to fill it with.

Feeling all grown up. We soon abandoned the cart for another child to use because we had nothing to fill it with.









NFL teams Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers room.

NFL teams Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers room.


One of the Disney rooms

One of the Disney rooms









The most humorous and so out of character for this store. We loved it!

The most humorous and so out of character for this store. We loved it!







Time for a visit with Santa.

Time for a visit with Santa.


Entrance to the greenhouse area, the only section I was tempted to spend money.  In the end, I kept my wallet closed.

Entrance to the greenhouse area, the only section I was tempted to spend money. In the end, I kept my wallet closed.


This next picture is hard to pick out the details in.  These trees were white with white shelving, and the bright white metal roof seen from above but I had to share this, hopefully my description will suffice for anyone who would like to create their own.  This caught my eye as the perfect Christmas tree for small spaces, or any home without a lot of storage. This was two pieces of plywood cut to match with lots of curved details resembling a tree branch, A slit was cut from the top down in one and from the bottom up in the other. You simply slid the two pieces together and presto you have a tree.  These were painted white then sprinkled with glitter. The “branches” were perfect to hand a few ornaments from.


After wandering through the store where I admired the latest Jim Shore items, I love his art but refuse to buy any of the pieces in his collection for two reasons they are too costly in my opinion and they are made in China, we returned to view the Christmas display again before leaving.  We drove down the road to a local chocolate business where we did splurge on a few chocolates.  The drive home was uneventful,so much so that little one fell asleep


I hope you enjoyed the photo collection from my pre-Thanksgiving fun.  Now I’m off to sleep. Night.

You know how I will be spending my Black Friday, how will you be spending yours?




20 thoughts on “Black Friday; Window Shopping

  1. I spent Black Friday getting Christmas out of my garage and putting up my thrift store tree. I wanted to get it done before the rain and below freezing weather hit by Sunday. Saturday, my daughter and I went to the Expo center where all the home crafters and businesses were set up. I bought my winter supply of pickled garlic from a home business out of Vancouver WA. It’s the one of the only places other than craft fairs or a few farmers markets he goes to that I can get it. It keeps my cholesterol under control and keeps me from catching colds or flu. Everything was hand crafted or prepared. Since I needed little else, we just had fun seeing all the stuff people created. I did get some hot chocolate mixes created by another home business in town. :) Mmmmm. I can’t wait to share.


    • Your Saturday sounds lovely. I still haven’t located pickled garlic, I need to look into that as I am sure it would be good for my health as well.

      A friend and I used to attend on craft show each year, we rarely bought much but it was always a nice day out.

      Making my own hot chocolate mixes is also on my list, along with a container of instant vanilla cappuccino mix for a gift.


    • I’m sorry you had to work Friday, what a rotten way to split up the holiday weekend. I hope you got to stay home and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

      It was so cold out that by the time we arrived at the chocolate store I opted to stay in the car. I sent some money and a short list of what I wanted in with my son. Good thing because that is where I could spend money I would later kick myself for. But oh, is that chocolate delicious.


    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the pictures. I knew I wasn’t going to have the time to put together a Friday Faves post this week and then I realized I could put together a picture post of some sparkle.

      We have visited this display so often over the years that it came as a total shock to see the redneck display. It was so out of character yet we, with our warped sense of humor, loved it.

      You would think the little one who loves animals and Mickey and Minnie mouse would be overjoyed by them, but it was the water fountains that had her mesmerized and spending the most time watching. Go figure. :-)


  2. I used to visit a Christmas store in Ft Worth every year that was only open a few months for Christmas that had decorations like that. I used to love it, even though I could never afford anything. It made me feel like a little girl in wonderland. I hate shopping so I’m staying home and keeping warm with my coffee and Sam. (Even in Canada Black Friday is an issue, ugh). Hope you had a good sleep and keep warm!


    • Jackie, aren’t those displays fun to visit? I’m sorry you don’t have one near you now. No we never buy much if anything at that store, most of their items are so much nicer than what you can buy elsewhere but the prices are high as well. I prefer to have handmade decorations so there isn’t a desire to buy any of them when I am there. Now the greenhouse, section, that’s another story. You should have seen the lovely Christmas Cacti in bloom and their prices on the poinsettias were so low (and I want another one) that I did try to figure out how to carry one, or two home on the bus.

      You know we had a discussion Thanksgiving of when Black Friday began. It seems there isn’t an actual year that defined this consumer frenzy. Here’s a bit of history. The term Black Friday was first used by police in Philadelphia when discussing the number of accidents that took place on the roads. Later it was used because this was the first day that retailers operated in the Black (not losing money). It also coincided with the first day people had off work after the Christmas account bank checks were issued. But it seems this crazy day we now know as Black Friday has no one year where we can point our finger at and say this was the beginning of the over spending for Christmas.


  3. So far, I’ve eating a ham/cheese omelet from the leftover Thanksgiving ham, and am sitting in the recliner Bubba picked out last weekend. It’s a double, so we can snuggle, but unfortunately he had to work today. I’m trying to figure out the rest of my day, but this darned this is too comfortable for me to think about it!


    • We visited this store on Wednesday, we never go after Thanksgiving as the lines to see the displays go outside and around the building. Friday, my son had to work so his wife, myself and the little one worked on projects around the house. I refuse to shop or go near shopping centers on Black Friday! I hope you share your ornaments I’m sure they are lovely.


  4. Wow.
    This reminds me of being taken to the top floor “Santa’s Grotto” in Rackham’s, Birmingham (England) when I was a little girl – it was always an exciting and special treat to go into the city and then see all this decoration. Presumably everything else was more low key in those days so the grotto really shone!!


      • Lynn,she was too shy to talk to Santa. There is a funny story that came with this. You weren’t allowed to take a picture yourself, if you got caught you would be charged $14 which was the price of buying a picture. I pretended not to be with my son and snapped that picture, my son intended to buy a picture and use it for their Christmas card to send to family. Unfortunately, he forgot to wait for the professional picture, and I didn’t get caught so if they can tweak this one I shared with them they can use that.


    • Swiss Rose, when I first began taking my first child to this Christmas display it was in 1985 when people did decorate much simpler than today so this was huge for my boys to see. While the grandchildren still enjoy it as an outing and their parents don’t over do the decorating at home I’m not sure if they will appreciate this as much growing up in a time where so many homes are overdone this time of year. I still enjoy the displays and hope to visit a few more years.


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