Friday Faves,

I can’t believe November is nearing an end already.  Next week we in the US will be celebrating Thanksgiving. I have purchased my bus tickets and will be visiting my youngest son for most of the week. For now I am busy putting my house in order as there is nothing better than coming home to the serenity of a clean home, or nothing worse than walking back into a home that needs straightening.

As I will be leaving on Tuesday my posts next week will be cut back.  I will travel with my computer to be able to keep in touch and respond to comments.  You can expect to have my regular Monday Frugal Christmas post, a Change the World Wednesday post of another piece of good news but Friday will be a bit different.  I won’t be posting a typical Friday Faves, but something I hope you will enjoy just as much to welcome the holiday season.

It’s time to share with you my favorite posts of the week, you will find some real surprises this week, hope you enjoy them.




  1. Manchesterflickchick posts often on cruelty-free beauty, this month shared the good news that China Plans to Abolish Animal Testing for cosmetics by June 2014.  Now when will they abolish the practice of human rights violations?
  2. Carol and Michele are sisters who created Ahh The Simple Life blog to share their love of living a simple life.  With Black Friday coming up next week, and yes I heard some stores are having pre-Black Friday sales starting this week ;-(   I wanted to share this post Simplifying the Holidays Your way for those who want ideas on how to have the best holiday ever this year.  You will find simple gift ideas, decor and even food suggestions I think you will enjoy.


All Natural World

  1. Raising Dick and Jane posted a great recipe for ridding your home of fruit flies, something I have a problem with often, guess what? It’s simple and you probably have the two ingredients you need sitting right in your kitchen already!
  2. This is a bit different from what I usually share, but in the spirit of simplifying our lives, have you taken a moment to consider the role make-up has in your life?  I was trained and licensed in cosmetology by the time I graduated high school.  In that field you are taught to never leave the house, even to sneak outside to get your mail, without your hair, make-up and clothes being perfect. The reason being that you are selling an image of your self.  It took many years to become comfortable in my own skin and even longer to get over that fear of opening the door to the outside world without make-up.  Today I wear none.  For many young girls it’s Hollywood that sets the bar in how they are expected to look. Here are some famous people who have bared all to show you what they really look like.What do you think, better with or without make-up?  Let’s change the image to a more natural one.
  3. For lack of a better word this area has made a “sport” of shooting crows.  They are not eaten, not used for their feathers, no part of a crow is used after killing it.  People just don’t like crows and will shoot them any time they find them on their property.  Personally, I find this appalling.  There is very little I can do to change this behavior, outside of sharing a bit of knowledge about the wonderful creatures crows are.  Melanie tells her story of her friend, Edgar Allen Crow that is both touching and informative.
  4. There are many reasons to reconnect with nature, Jean has found her imagination running wild and given us wonderful posts about her magical woodland neighbors. here, here and  here,
  5. Nature is the key for  Notes From the Arena  where nature has become the inspiration for this aspiring writer who now finds she has too much to write about.
  6. What is more natural than unheated water?  Are you confused yet?  Lunny shares his experiences while living in what we refer to as the third world. A place where running water and heated water is unavailable, he tells his story from the view of something we all take for granted: the ability to take a hot shower.


Food and Food News

  1. Sarah attended a conference where she found a session on food and the future of food trends to be the most interesting.I can’t say I agree with these opinions she found, but that just means that armed with the information we have a chance to change the direction before these things happen.
  2. I have yet to figure out how to imbed youtube videos but here is a link that is both humorous and should stay with you a while as it shows what societal inequality can result in.with this situation being the example of inequality in food.   It’s only 2:46 minutes long. I’d enjoy knowing what you took away from this video.
  3. Big Sis in an effort to give her son a nourishing breakfast created this gem that I will be sharing this Thanksgiving with my youngest granddaughter who is a natural vegetarian and her mother who adores sweet potatoes and apples.

Look at the trees, look at the birds, look at the clouds, look at the stars… and if you have eyes you will be able to see that the whole existence is joyful.  Everything is simply happy.  Trees are happy for no reason; they are not going to become prime ministers or presidents and they are not going to become rich and they will never have any bank balance.  Look at the flowers – for no reason.  It is simply unbelievable how happy flowers are.  ~Osho

Have a wonderful weekend!


33 thoughts on “Friday Faves,

    • Mine, too, Alex. It pains me so to see them shot around me. Groundhogs and crows are the two most hunted animals here that aren’t hunted for food. I feed ours. They love peanuts, so I buy peanuts that haven’t been shelled and without salt and set them in the bird feeder. One day it was empty and I had 2 crows that sat up above just cawing at me, looking right at me. I went over to check the feeder to find it empty. Once I filled it the cawing changed and the first two swooped down followed by several others. I still believe they were telling me I was slacking on my duties. :-)


  1. Lois wishing you a safe journey, and I hope you have a wonderful time with your Son, and family over the holiday season… Yes where on earth did November Go?.. and I will be checking out your links shortly :-)


  2. Thanks Lois, I enjoyed your Friday Faves again. There are many bloggers and I like how you provide a great sample of quality articles. I’ve never celebrated Thanksgiving but I think it’s a wonderful tradition – enjoy it and come back home safely!


    • Clare, it’s good to know you enjoy the Friday links. There are many wonderful bloggers out there and I know I have only found a few in the time I’ve been blogging, I think you would love celebrating Thanksgiving, it’s one holiday that doesn’t involve gift buying so it’s really about celebrating people you love and of course good food.


    • Live and Learn, this year was the first time since I was 17 that I rode a Greyhound, it was definitely an interesting experience. The trips are a bit longer with all the stops but it is a nice change from driving. I’m glad this week I don’t have to drive as we had a winter storm that has left the roads a mess. I hope you have a peaceful Thanksgiving.


  3. Another good Friday Fav, Lois. The energy of soothing comfort of family and home comes across in your writing in preparation for your trip and Thanksgiving. Hope your travel is light and you’re filled with love, family, peace and good food. Enjoy your time sitting around the ol’ kitchen table, my friend.. :-)


    • Thank you, Pat. I am looking forward to the week away, especially since we are getting hard hit by winter right now., brrr. :-)

      Enjoy your holiday this week as well. I hope you get to spend time with family and good food too.. :-)


      • You too, Lois, Have a safe trip and a very blessed and Happy Thanksgiving. It’s been cold here too though I don’t think we’re getting the snow you’ve gotten. Only a couple of inches – give or take. Not much. Brrr — it’s real cold though.


          • Hi Lois – Wow! didn’t realize it’s been that long since I stopped over. You’ve written a lot more posts since then. BTW we’re getting more snow with subzero temperatures — it will probably be heading your way if you don’t already have it.

            Also, I just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the “Peace and Justice Award” at

            Hope you’ll consider it and accept it. Thank You!


          • Pat, I need to stop by and get caught up with you as well. I was so far behind I am going through one blog at a time, almost done. :-)

            We’ve had a bit of a thaw, today it reached 46 and tomorrow we are expecting 52 but then it gets cold again with more snow, so yep I think your weather is heading this way. What an early start to winter we are having. It’s been almost a decade since we had similar weather.

            Thank you for the award. It’s funny that you nominated me today as I just put the finishing touches on an award post I will be putting up late tonight. :-)


  4. Thank you for the link love, again! Your so generous. I must click through to a few once I catch up on commenting on all my regulars.

    I’m having my first Thanksgiving here on Friday (which will be your Thursday). It’s one holiday that’s not caught on here, but I love pumpkin pie, so I’m having a dinner party too! I must source a Turkey I think!


    • Sarah, enjoy your first Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because there are no expectations. Just friends and family gather for some good food and wonderful company and in some cases football games. :-)

      I found your post on the future of food to be very interesting although I don’t like the trends that are being predicted, but knowing what the food industry predicts allows us to change those things we don’t like.


  5. Thanks for all the good info Lois. I’ve been adrift for awhile and still trying to catch up. I’ve tried the vinegar and soap thing but was told to make bubbles on top. That didn’t work as well as the other might. Coming home with my son today, we saw every street covered with crows, hundreds of them. Impressive. I think they are migrating from the northern areas. He’s in S. Cal. I’m hoping by the time I get back, I’ll have my oars on. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and visit.


    • Marlene I hope you had a nice visit with your son and what an amazing sight to see crows on every street.

      I really hope the vinegar with a bit of dish soap on the top will work as I currently have fruit flies. I am doing a thorough scrub of the apartment, started earlier today and hope to have zero fruit flies in a day or two.


  6. The makeup link is interesting to me because the author is clearly wearing makeup in her “non-makeup” photo as she’s wearing pink lipstick and neutral eye shadows, and seems to be fishing for a compliment. Along with that, to see how many comments are just horribly insulting to the women is just an embarrassment, ya know? Oy. This morning, as every morning, I got up, got dressed, splashed cold water on my face, put some SPF moisturizer on to protect it from the sun, and walked out the door. About three times a year do I remember that I even own lipstick and pull the same tube out that I’ve had forever – I treat it as a decorative accessory – like a scarf, not as an essential part of who I am or a need to be what the media dictates.


    • Yes, the link was different and I did notice the blogger was wearing make-up in her non makeup picture, but I thought it was important to see what the famous people looked like without their make-up, more like the woman next door who has flaws like all the rest of us. I will have to go back and read the comments as I didn’t read them before posting the link.

      I should have qualified my no-make up as I have a tube of mascara still here, but I can’t remember the last time I wore it, maybe last March for my granddaughters birthday party, but not sure if I even remembered it then.

      I don’t wear sunscreen but like you wash with water and go, unless my skin feels really dry then I add a bit of coconut oil for moisturizer.


      • EcoGrrl, I just went back and read the comments, you are right they are horrible. The reason I posted the link here seems to have been lost on those commenting there. We have a lot of work to do to change the image of women from that sampling.


  7. Hello Lois, Michele and I are most grateful for your reference to our blog. And we love this post! It’s such a lovely way to share your favorites. Beautiful ending quote. We wish you many blessings this holiday season and beyond.


    • Me too, Big Sis. I know my granddaughter will love it, I don’t know if she eats oatmeal, but I know she eats the sweet potatoes and apples. :-) And my daughter-in-law will enjoy this as another way to eat her sweet potatoes, so thank you for sharing this one.


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