A Quick and Easy Before and After

Before I show you the simple fix I made to the latest find I want to thank each and every one of you for your well wishes as we had been in the path of the tornado activity and storms yesterday.  My area, in Pennsylvania, escaped the worst of it with no real tornado activity.  We have a few power lines down from the high winds and a lot of tree branches down as well.  My son was without power still today, but that was the worst of it.


Last week I was excited to find a TV cabinet sitting in the hallway waiting for me to find.  The maintenance men I spoke to have come through big time for me in my goal to reduce the amount of useable items from my town ending up in the landfill.  Here is what I found.

free tv stand

Isn’t that carpet horrible?  I want so badly to suggest it be ripped out and the concrete flooring under be stained.  Anyway, back to the stand.  You can see it is sitting crooked.  That’s because the wheels on the right side are broken off.  My grandson found one inside the bottom section, but that only gave us three.

I  dragged this into my apartment and began to take a good look at it. I realized there was nothing wrong with this cabinet outside of the missing wheels.  Yes, it is particle board with a laminate applied over it, but some paint would disguise that.  For right  now I repaired it by removing the wheels, then wiped it down, DONE!!  Simple fix and it was perfectly useable.

The nightstand I have been using next to the futon belonged to my daughter-in-law.  She sent me a message with this picture and asked me to watch for a nightstand and make this for her daughter.  Well, since the nightstand had belonged to her I replied I would convert that.  Of course I will girly it up for my granddaughter but it will be a close match.


I was mentally figuring out where to store the items in my nightstand/end table while I worked on the dresser I will be showing you tomorrow when this TV stand was left for me.  So here it is, finished for the moment, didn’t cost me a dime.


I tried to find a good picture of the nightstand sitting next to the futon but it was short enough it was hidden in most pictures, and I forgot to take a before picture before moving it from the spot. Sorry I’m not moving it back :-)

To think this was tossed out is sickening.  This cabinet didn’t even have a scratch on it, just a couple of missing wheels.   I had to share this to show you that not all items found set out for the trash need a lot of work and time, or skills.  :-)

And just because this was so simple and probably disappointed you I will leave you with a peek at what I had to work with on the dresser.

We all hear about furniture with a veneer, but have you heard of two layers of veneer?  This one was made to hold and had not one but two layers of veneer on some of the surfaces.  You can see below both a light color and a darker color of veneer I had to remove.


Tomorrow this next picture will make a bit more sense to you.



There you have a quick fix to a found piece of furniture. What was the easiest fix you ever made to something you found?


  1. Lois the cabinet looks great. I have to say though, I was relieved for you that the green carpet is not in your apartment. I’ve seen some awful carpet in my time but I think that one wins first prize. I wonder if it could be dyed a dark grey or blue if the landlord didn’t want to lift it?

    • Isn’t that awful carpet? I would not have left it stay in the apartment, it would have had to have been removed before I considered moving my things in.

      In many areas the carpet is so worn there are holes that they “repaired” by putting packing tape over it, the clear kind. I just want to see it go. The surface underneath is concrete so they could easily stain it to be beautiful. Heck if they want to pay for the stain I’ll get some help and rip up the carpet and do the staining myself. :-)

  2. That was a good save. I suppose someone bought a new unit and didn’t think twice about getting rid of a broken one. It’s sad when someone discards something because of wheels, handles, or other small replaceable pieces. It speaks to our throw-away society, but probably also our lack of skills.(and unwillingness to learn them).

    • Isn’t that the truth, Dar? Even my grandson when spotting the cabinet asked me if I was going to buy new wheels or take them off and have none.

      I found a vintage tablecloth that was anything but perfect, yet it had been lovingly repaired with careful stitches to mend it as it became worn. Now we see imperfection and toss it.

  3. I am sure my hubby has hundreds LOL as he is always tinkering in his garage fixing mending something or other.. We even have a folding garden table in the shed along with chairs my daughter was throwing out in the shed down the allotment.. I keep telling him all he needs is a bed as he has a camper stove kettle for tea etc… hahaha….
    Loved your quick fix and it looks great Lois :-)

  4. My favorite piece of furniture is one I found in someones garage that was going to be trashed. It’s a perfectly good chair that reminds me of the chairs in the courthouse on the Andy Griffith Show. Every time I sit in it, I think of Andy and Barney. I not sure if that counts, because the only part of that fix was carrying it home. But it’s all good.

  5. The cabinet looks really nice there. Two quick fixes I have done on furniture, one was an old cane bookcase I sprayed white and it looks great (but very shabby chic) 12 years later. The other a drop leaf writing desk I paid $25 for years ago, it just has surface scratches on it. I sanded and oiled it with linseed oil I think – that was all and it still is one of my favourite things.

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