Friday Faves, I’m Baaaaack!


I had a lovely visit with my son and his family this week.  Wednesday was a perfect autumn day with 70 degree temperatures, but with the winds felt cooler yet still comfortable.  I loaded my oldest son’s vehicle up with the furniture I had restored and was saving to take down.   I decided it would be good to take one of the older children down to visit as well.  Since my grandson has been unable to join us several times I decided to take him.  We took a care package of Halloween gifts to the little one.  This included a small book, a page from a coloring book her older cousin colored for her, a wand the older cousin decided she didn’t need any more, two handmade cards from the older cousins, and because the weather is turning cold so early I included the hat I crocheted for her.  She loved them all.

Living in an area that is basically a series of hills, my son’s home is no different from the rest of the neighborhoods, steep hills to reach his back yard.  He wanted me to join the little ones in the back yard, which is huge by the areas standards, but my traveling wheelchair was not about to take on the hills no matter how hard he tried.  I love my son, not wanting me to feel left out he brought my cell phone outside and then called me on Skype and turned the phone around to follow the antics of the children.  I truly am lucky to have such loving family members.

Sorry for the poor lighting, you can see she wore the hat can carried the wand and coloring page everywhere with her for 2 days.

Sorry for the poor lighting, you can see she wore the hat and carried the wand and coloring page everywhere with her for 2 days.

The youngest granddaughter finally received her vanity and chair I restored.  She knew exactly what it was as she’s been using her mother’s vanity for months now. Mom is thrilled to have her vanity back, finally. Knowing the size of their vehicle I knew they wouldn’t be able to transport everything they would receive when they come up for Christmas, I  decided to also give my daughter-in-law one of her gifts early, I took down her 1770s table which now complements the rest of her bedroom furnishings.  In return I was sent home with the two books in he Hunger Games trilogy I have yet to read and are hard to get from the library.  :-)

These visits always feel too short, but I know I will see them again later this month for Thanksgiving.  As promised I am back in time to give you another installment of Friday Faves.

Making up the guest bed for Nama.

Making up the guest bed for Nama.


  1. Marcus’ Corner has a wonderful article on self-sufficient behaviors. While some of the article covers prepping (also known as preparing for the apocalypse for some) there is a fantastic story of a 4 day power outage during the winter and how to survive quite comfortably while being able to stay in your home, including how to use a car battery to run some small electrical items.
Enjoying her new vanity, before we even attached the legs.

Enjoying her new vanity, before we even attached the legs.

Environmental Awareness

  1. I believe a childhood lived indoors is harmful in  a child’s upbringing. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone one that I have selected this post called The Right to a Nature-Rich Childhood as important to share.
  2. With all the concern over the nuclear reactors in Japan this article on how to reduce the waste from nuclear reactors by up to 90% caught my attention.  Could this be the answer for the short-term until our governments phase out nuclear energy?
  3. I would love to see a day when everything we have would be re-purposed and reused.  I found an office building made completely from old appliances: dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators and even garbage compactors  While you are there why not look through the rest of the slide show and see the other ideas creative people are coming up with to reduce trash.
Still playing with her gifts.

Still playing with her gifts.

Random Acts of Kindness

November 13th is World Kindness Day.(although it was celebrated in different months this year)  It doesn’t take much to show kindness, whether it be a smile directed to a stranger, delivering your excess blankets to the homeless, or a donation to a worthy charity, I hope you will do one random act of kindness on this day, or stretch yourself and celebrate kindness all week.

  1. I spotted this on Facebook shared by Dale, these 20 acts of kindness give me hope in humanity that we can and will pull together and survive anything that may befall us.
  2. Need a few ideas for World Kindness day check this out.
  3. At a Project for Kindness this year’s World Kindness day was celebrated the week of February 11th.  You can read what the daily acts from each day  here.
Enjoying the warm autumn day.

Enjoying the warm autumn day.

Simple Living

  1. I found a two-part post of Hints, Tips, and Suggestions to Help You Save money, you can read part 1 which helps you define what you want your life to look like and part 2 which defines frugal living and gives you plenty to think about and consider implementing in your life. This is perfect for those who are looking for ways to cut costs, but I think we all can learn a new thing or two.
  2. There are many challenges open to bloggers on the internet,some we ignore, some we take part in, and some we create for ourselves. One family, known as Team Pugh, created their own challenge, to live one year without shopping in a supermarket.  Their year-long experiment ended last week. and Team Pugh decided to recap what they learned along the way.  I don’t know about Team Pugh, but after two years of shopping only the Farmer’s Market each summer it’s always a shock to enter an actual grocery store. The experience is very much a let down and I long for the return of the market of wonderful people.
  3. Even living simply we face constant challenges and opportunities that challenge our decisions to live as we do.  In Adapting in Place, Jenn, contemplates the pros and cons of moving to a new home and how it might change her intention to live simply.
Showing all the ways she can play with a ball.

Showing all the ways she can play with a ball.

Blind Assumptions

  1. Do you have clear-cut lines in what you feel are wasted moments?  Maybe things that are a waste of money?  I am guilty of this as much as the next person.  As I read this article by Freedom, I couldn’t help but think to myself, “what are you thinking blowing this much money on something so obviously wasteful”.  Imagine my surprise to find the moral of the story would smack me in the face with my bias.
  2. Life has many twisting turns, but one thing most of us don’t know is when it will end.  What if you knew your life was about to be cut short, how would you react?  What would be your mood?  In this strangely titled post Lessons from Zombies and Pop Music you can see how one man chose to face the news.

I want to leave you with two quotes from a young man who after 3 years playing in the NFL decided the game was hard work and dangerous.  He chose to walk away from a team expected to win the Super Bowl and the potential to earn $1 million plus in the next year. here are my two favorite quotes from Moffitt on his decision to leave the game:

“I just want to be happy, and I find that people that have the least in life are sometimes the happiest. And I don’t have the least in life. I have enough in life. And I won’t sacrifice my health for that.” ~ John Moffit 

” I’ve saved enough. It’s not like I’m sitting here and I’m a millionaire. That’s what I kind of realized. I’m sitting here and I got to this point and I was like, what is the number that you need? How much do you really need? What do you want in life? And I decided that I don’t really need to be a millionaire”  ~~ John Moffitt

Have a wonderful weekend



  1. What a beautiful family you have Lois, and loved the catch up and photos… And happy to see you Marcus found you, I left him your Blog link as I thought you and he had much in common :-) xx
    Sorry only a short comment tonight.. my little fingers flying fast as I try to catch up with you all :-) xxx

  2. Oh Nuclear is a touchy topic – Australia is adversely against it, but the reality is that it’s the only way forward with energy demand, and ‘clean’ energy. Though the waste remains an issue, but the renewable sources we know of can’t compete.

    Thanks for some great links – the one about the claw game was great, and I’m working on reading the one on no supermarkets, than the one of prepping, and the weird reuse of things. And thank you for more photos of your lovely grandchildren!

    • Sarah, I have mixed feelings about nuclear. Yes, it produces cleaner energy than coal, etc. but I am very concerned about the spent waste, although that article shows there is potential for protecting us from it, and people trying to come up with solutions. But then there is the issue of failing plants and disasters like in Japan.

      Good to know you found some links of interest, enjoy your reading. :-)

  3. Brown is a new look for you! Very classic.

    I love the Lessons from Zombies and Pop Music. I don’t understand blowing money on games of any sort. Never have been one for casinos or arcades.

    Your granddaughter is a HOOT!

    • Jean, she is a hoot. I wish I could have video taped her and shared it, she is such a comedian. :-)

      I come from a family of perfectionists and with that come the problems of needing to accomplish everything we attempt, this translates into gambling problems as we are never satisfied until we have the top prize. I just stay away from casinos, the rest of the arcade games hold little attraction for me, I see them as time wasters. :-) But the lesson I learned from this is that I allow my opinion to cloud how I judge others actions, like “wasting money on a claw game” I need to work on that.

  4. What a wonderful post Lois. The pics of your grandchildren are priceless and they all look happy and healthy!!

    I really enjoyed Freedom’s post and was wondering where he was going with it. His moral of the story was insightful and on point!

    Once again, thanks for providing us with a bevy of wonderful blogs and writers to peruse. Looks like my weekend is booked :)

    Take care and welcome back…although I’m sure you miss the little ones :(

    All the best.


    • Lyle, it was hard to leave. My son and I have been very close and I adore his wife and daughter so it has been hard having them live a distance away. Things like Skype make it a bit easier as at 2 years of age it’s hard to make an impression with basic phone calls or letters.

      Yes, I too had no idea where Freedom was going with that story. My first reaction was one of disbelief that one would let a child “blow” $20 on a game, but had to reevaluate that opinion of mine in the end.

      I hope you enjoy your weekend, Lyle. :-)

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