Good Fortune was mine for the Asking

I just had to share with you my story of good fortune from Friday.   With the snow not far away, I decided to head to the hardware store to purchase some necessary supplies to hold me off through winter, that and new knobs for the dresser I am working on. All pictures are from my outing on Friday, hope you enjoy what looks to be the last of our autumn colors. I love not having a car, I see so much I would normally miss or have to view from a distance if I were driving.


I needed 8 knobs, there was no way around this as there were not more than 2 matching knobs on the drawers and I was missing a couple as well.  I knew what I wanted but couldn’t find more than 5 of any one style.  I headed back to talk to one of the men who work there to see if there might be more in stock.  To be safe I picked out three different styles.  He told me this was all they had as they are switching to a new company to supply hardware in January.  We headed back to the display to see what we could put together to come up with 8 knobs that would look good together. I was ready to use different knobs on the two smaller drawers when we found 8 in one style.  Yay!  Without my asking, and I wasn’t going to, he went to the register and gave me a discount of $.30 on each which was now $.60 less per knob than my favorite styles.  That isn’t the good part.


The next thing I know he tells me he is bothered that come January any of these items that haven’t been sold will be boxed up and stored upstairs doing nothing.  I took a chance, he knows me by now, and asked if possibly he would make me an offer to buy out the lot rather than storing them.  Yes, he knows all about my restoration work.  As it turns out, the hardware will be mine in January. I will have a supply of knobs and pulls at a HUGE discount, pennies on the dollar, to work with.  It’s not a large display, so it won’t take up much room but it will save me a huge amount of money over time when I run into furniture that needs new hardware.


In case you are wondering, yes I am saving all the various knobs that came with this dresser. Some are wood, others metal but when the right piece comes along with missing hardware these will be waiting with the others.

This is what can happen when you shop at locally owned businesses and get to know the people who work there. Not only do they appreciate the business I give them – refusing to give it to our Big Box Wally World (WalMart) – but they can make decisions on the spot the chains don’t have the authority to make.


I will be heading out-of-town to visit my youngest son later today and have decided to leave the computer at home.  I will be back in plenty of time to write my Friday Faves but until Friday I hope you all have a wonderful week.


Should you be bored and need something to read, :-)  my oldest son has decided to start a blog and has joined the NaNoWriMo WordPress challenge.  He has already published a couple of things and yesterday posted the entire prologue to his newest novel. While you are there you can check out his first short  story Meat  if you like grizzly horror ;-)  or if that’s not to your likeing the beginnings of  Be Mine. a ghost story, which he plans to finish after the NaNoWriMo challenge.  He may not answer comments right away as he uses my house for the free wi-fi while unemployed, but will answer all comments when he has access to the internet.

Have a wonderful week

37 thoughts on “Good Fortune was mine for the Asking

  1. What a windfall with the hardware store! It pays to shop local ;) And I really enjoyed the colours of the foliage in your photos too :) Wishing your son a lot of fun writing and blogging, I will make some time to have a read :) It’s something I don’t do nearly half as much as I want to!


    • P, it does pay to shop local, I don’t do it for the bargains, but because I enjoy the atmosphere and believe it’s important to the economy, the other benefits are just icing on top. :-) I’m so glad you enjoyed the autumn photos it really is a beautiful time of year.

      My son would very much appreciate your taking the time to read over some of his writing and let him know what you think, good or bad. :-)


  2. Great what you have done with the knobs and I agree with supporting local businesses. Great news about your son’s publishing endeavors. I just published my first novel this week and I didn’t even know until today that it is National Write A Novel Month. I am so out of the loop on stuff like that. I guess I just don’t pay attention. I’m curious, how does he get the word out for people to know about and buy his book? I added a facebook page and talk about it on my blog. It won’t be available on Amazon and Kindle until next week but still, how do people even know your book exists?


  3. Thanks for taking the time to shoot and upload all of these beautiful autumn photos. Your story is wonderful, and I can’t wait to see how you creatively use the hardware windfall this winter. Have a really, really nice week away from the computer – we will miss you! :-)


  4. What providence, big smiles all around, and now the penny dropped as I was just about to tell you that as I clicked your link to your Avatar upon your last comment you made at the hobbit house post, it took me to this strange site lol Writings of Justice Now I know who he is, lol … As for a moment I wondered how I ended up there! :-) So had to link to you via my blog list…

    I apologise in advance if I miss a couple of your posts… At the moment I’ve fallen ill with a flu-type virus, thats taken my voice, and the speed of which it took me down was a shock,, I was in bed half the day today, and only have got up because I can stand no longer to lay down as I ache so much..
    Its very unusual for me to have a cold let alone be knocked off my feet this way.. The last time was around 15 yrs ago..

    The whole of our district seem to have fallen fowl to the virus which is not only flu like but affects the stomach with upsets too… Hubby has it, as does my Granddaughter’s parents.. And half my work-mates have it too….
    So I am only having intermittent periods on the web, until I feel better.. I am dosing myself up with herbal, vits, and homemade soups etc…

    Interestingly a few days before we took ill, we had all commented upon the chemtrails above how intensive they had become. I only said to hubby, you know they could be spraying us with anything and we wouldn’t know!.. I have to say, at times I do wonder what cocktails are in the mix? as clusters like this virus break out.. Its like something I have never experienced before, my throat was like razor blades on Monday and Tuesday..

    Just so you know you are not being over looked as get quickly drained .. Now to pay a quick visit to your Son :-) xxxx


    • Sue, I really do hope you feel better soon. A flu would be better than poisoning from chemtrails so my wish for you is that it is just a bug going around.

      Sorry about the mix-up with the blog. My son wanted to start a blog to work on his writing and I thought it would be easier for him to just create a new one under this blog. I had no idea the headache that would follow. I just got home and have no patience at the moment to try and fix the problem at the moment, I have carved out a block of time tomorrow to fix all the bugs from this decision

      My son did call me to tell me he had this wonderfully thought out comment from you and needs to stop by to use my internet this afternoon to reply. When he told me you commented I had to tell him how fortunate he was that you stopped by and how much I respect you. Thank you for taking the time to leave a reply when you are feeling so under the weather.


      • Today Lois I am feeling brighter, and yes it seems a flu bug is doing the circuit as people all around are feeling its affects.
        The last couple of days have been a bit of a mixture of me feeling not so bad, to flagging and taking naps.. I haven’t been to the Dr’s even though I have a terrible chesty cough, and have dosed up on home made soups, ( giving me something to do rather than flop about like a rag doll ) lol, and juices of our Beetroot and apple and smoothies of fruit.. As my throat took a pounding and I lost my voice almost completely for a day.. ( big smiles from Hubby LOL as I am sure he enjoyed the peace ) hehe…

        Thank you Lois for your wonderful comment and that ‘respect’ is mutual, and I enjoyed very much his prologue and started to read one of his stories but admit didn’t finish it as by that point I was just too lethargic to think straight.. so took a much needed nap..

        I think if you go to your Gavitar and create another email address you then can switch between Gavitars when he is commenting ..I think thats how some do it.. but no doubt your Son and you will sort it..
        Right.. now I am off to moderate my site.. And thank everyone for their well wishes..
        Love to you :-)
        Sue xoxox


        • Sue, so happy you are feeling better. I so enjoy your phrases such as flagging. :-) I lost my voice completely once when the boys were growing up, they loved it and thought it was hilarious,

          I appreciate the time you took to read my son’s writing, I do hope he continues as he has quite the imagination and has a unique style. I no longer care to go to movies and find it harder to locate good books with new ideas. It seems there is too much that is just rehashed.

          Thank you for the advice on how to change the user on WordPress. So much for thinking this would be the easiest way to get him started. :-)


  5. What good fortune Lois!! The old “ask and ye shall receive” definitely comes to mind. And you’re so right about local business VS big box stores! I wrote a post a while back on that very subject and if you have a moment, here’s the link:

    I too also love not owning a car and totally agree wth what you say about missing things or catching a fleeting image as one drives by quickly.

    Hope you are well and take care. All the best to you and yours.



    • Lyle, that was a great post, and you are fortunate to have such a diverse group of locally-owned businesses around you. Our town is too small to support such diversity, but we have enough for my needs.

      The local stores have such character and at the same time allow things the chains do not. The hardware store and the Agway where I buy garden supplies and birdseed allow us to bring out pets inside. Agway, the notary, and a florist shop all have owners that bring their pets to work which the little ones love. We often visit the florist just because the children want to pet the cat.who loves attention :-)


      • Hi Lois and thanks for dropping by the post and including your thoughts :)

        I love that there are stores and businesses that will allow pets inside. I have heard that htere even some smaller businesses that will allow children in the work place with their own daycare…I think that’s pretty cool :)

        Take care and I hope all is well. All the best.



        • Lyle, the atmosphere in these businesses that have pets or allow you to bring pets in is so laid back, I really enjoy them. We do have a couple of small businesses here that are run by young mothers who bring their little ones to work. I think this practice is good not only for mother and child but for the community to have a face of the family they are supporting with their purchases. We don’t have any businesses in the medium size range that have daycare set up for employees, our choices are basically the small shops or Walmart,there is very little in between.


    • I’m not sure if my good fortune is a result of living simply, but more a result of the choices I make in how to live simply that are benefiting me at this point. But what ever it is, yes, when life slowed down for me to be able to make the time to stop and have real conversations with those in my community things started to happen.


  6. Congratulations on your good fortune with the knobs. I think you also have a good fortune in the lovely scenery around you and those old trees. I wouldn’t mind taking a stroll, myself, to the hardware store. :-)


  7. That is good fortune – but also the result of building good relationships. It would be fun to see a photo of the whole stash when you get it! I like all your other photos and how they have that street-level, being-immersed-in-it feeling. I am in Toronto this week, spending all day, every day walking!


    • Dar, Toronto must be beautiful right now, enjoy your week there. I am so glad you enjoyed the pictures, everything was so colorful I had to stop, remove my gloves (it was so cold) and snap along the way.

      You know I’ll show you what I end up with, it will be fun to see myself which pieces were unsold. There are some really gorgeous knobs which I would never pay for as they are above the budget of what I am willing to fork over.


  8. Oh wow, you are just too lucky this week, arent you – free furniture from all those other apartments and all these knobs come January! Love it! And the photos were lovely – I walked to work from the train station today (as the work car was at work), and I loved the surprisingly cool morning, and just being out and about when I would usually zoom by in a car.


    • Sarah, we miss way too much when we drive, don’t we? I’m glad you enjoyed the walk to work. Glad you enjoyed the pictures from around town.

      Yes, I am very lucky. I may need to hire extra hands come May when the college students leave all their belongings behind :-)


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