Frugal Christmas, Ideas I love from my blogging Friends

This week I want to focus on my blogging friends..  The first few suggestions are from online shops these wonderful bloggers operate, then I will share links to easy tutorials you can make yourself to keep that budget in check.

This is one of Jen's latest, I adore this bunny which would be beautiful in a nursery.

This is one of Jen’s latest, I adore this bunny which would be beautiful in a nursery.

First I have to feature Jen, of Winter Owls.  I have one of her owls hanging in my home and smile every time I glance at it.  While Jen lives in Australia I can tell you shipping was extremely fast (under 2 weeks) to reach me in the states!  Not only is Jen a fantastic multi-media artist but upcycles fabric into lovely stuffed animals and pillows and has several brooches she now offers.  You can view her listings at WinterOwls.




Who doesn’t love a good book. Kate has written 3 book which you can download for the Kindle for as low as .99. I personally own ENUFF which stands for Eliminate, the Needless, Useless, Foolish, and Frivolous.

Check out her Bean books here and consider giving the gift of simplicity to someone who admires your lifestyle.

Kate offers many options in purchasing her books. This particular one can be downloaded from Smashwords, Amazon, a PDF version and more.






Jantine, the Eccentric Lady website here, has a wonderful store filled fingerless gloveswith knitted items like these fingerless gloves, while her website is bilingual, the store is not. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you can click to see the  prices translated into your local currency.

A good handmade item will last for years, much longer than something bought at the big box store!







Laura who blogs at Tiny House Ontario is also a talented painter.  She has a wide selection of prints which can be purchased from her store here, You can select the size you want or even purchase a print on a card.  Here is a photo from Laura’s blog you can read the post here, where she was preparing pieces for a showing.

art by Laura

Tutorials for the DIYer

Heidi, from Lightly Crunchy, is so organized she has an entire page of her tutorials  broken down by category.  You can learn to make everything from skin care to tea cup candles along with tutorials for knitted gifts.  Be sure to bookmark this page as you will also find traditional housewarming gifts here as well.  If you want to give the gift of food this year, check out Heidi’s recipe page, don’t miss the canning section as canned goods make wonderful gifts.


Isn’t that picture gorgeous?  Janette from The Green Dragonfly not only created that for a gift she shows you exactly how to make this yourself here While not everyone wants to give or receive art,may I suggest you visit Janette’s blog, at the top of the home page you will find tabs for ideas which include Free Crochet patterns, kids crafts, recipes, sewing and of course her paintings.


Johanna, gives us the perfect sentimental gift.  Using, in her case, Grandmother’s crocheted doily she created a bowl. Anyone can do this as you simply soak the doily in glue then form over the shape you want it to become.  Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself.  You may also want to browse around while you are there for other wonderful ideas including Johanna’s Crafting Calendar.  The calendar is a count-down to Christmas in which she makes gifts to give,  one a day,  with her children.


Not Crafty?

One of the craftiest persons I’ve had the pleasure to know online is Katherine. She can take an old article of clothing and turn it into such lovely and useful items without any leftover scraps….she’s amazing. This week she had a lovely idea for those of you who don’t feel you are the creative type.  This bag filled with cookie cutters, this is inexpensive and would make a great gift for anyone who loves to bake. But don’t think cookie cutters are only for adults, children love to use them with play doh (and dirt).

That’s it for this week’s frugal Christmas, I need to hold a few things back to have enough to last until Christmas. :-)

If you have something you would like to share please leave a link in the comments or contact me with your ideas.

26 thoughts on “Frugal Christmas, Ideas I love from my blogging Friends

  1. What a lovely post Lois and thank you so much, I got a big surprise to see my bunny pop up on your blog.I’m looking forward to visiting all the other links. I loved the doily bowl idea, I think I might see if the ladies I teach on Mondays might like to do something like this. The other idea I’d like to try with them, is with wool. I see so much leftover wool in charity shops. You cover a bowl with Vaseline and then wrap glue dipped wool or string around the bowl in a spiral, let dry, and then remove from the original bowl.

    • You are very welcome, Jen. I could fill my home with our art it is all so lovely. I thought the bowl was a wonderful way to pass on a family item when many of the younger generation wouldn’t normally use a doily.

      I remember making bowls with wool when I was younger also my boys when little made Halloween ghosts with twine over a balloon. Glue is such a versatile item to have in a craft room. :-)

  2. What a wonderful selection of crafts and delights you have given us Lois here, Loved the rabbit and the paintings and crochet and knits.. Lovely :-) Oh and I made a start I bought a few items for the Christmas stocking today! :-)

    • Sue, how nice you have been able to get a jump start on your Christmas shopping. I’m glad you enjoyed the selection I shared this week. I would like to do a couple more posts showcasing fellow bloggers handmade items before Christmas.

    • Marlene, I should be done this week with all my gifts but unfortunately with my son losing his job I have been helping them with some bills and groceries, hopefully in a couple of weeks I can finish up.

    • I adore your snowflakes!! What a great idea, and they look lovely in your window. I never thought about how many milk jugs were sold, it blows my mind to realize how much plastic is used for just one item we buy. I don’t drink milk but know plenty of people who do. I’m going to collect a few and make these. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you for the link, Lois! I hope these books can inspire someone as much as your blog inspires me and countless others. You put so much effort and thought and love into your blog – thanks for ALL you do!

  4. What a lovely post . . . and thank you for the sweet shout out, Lois! I love cookie cutters, too! :) And I can’t wait to check out all the shops you’ve recommended! Have a wonderful week!

    • Thank you, Katherine. I don’t bake but cookie cutters have so many uses outside of the kitchen too. They can even be used as stencils my grandchildren showed me. :-) You have so many amazing ideas on your blog, but the timing of the cookie cutters was perfect to include this week for those who want something less time consuming to give.

    • I too love that doily bowl and wish I had at least one of my grandmothers as I know one family member who would love both the bowl and the sentiment of it. Jen is an amazing artist I hope you have time to check out her store and see the rest of her items.

  5. Funny, although I gave you the url to my webshop myself, it still gave me the ‘squiiieee I’m in the list!’-feeling ;-) especially when I’m amongst such amazing and cool other webshops :-D

  6. Hi Lois, thanks for linking up! There are so many fab links here, I can’t wait to check them out! I especially love the doily bowl! Love Janette

    • You are welcome, that particular art I want to create for myself as soon as I get the courage up to give it a shot. :-) I am so glad you liked the doily bowl I thought that was a great way to repurpose a sentimental item as a gift.

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