A Huge Thank You

I have been so bad about accepting awards lately, but it isn’t because I don’t appreciate the thoughtful gesture that comes with them.  I am honored to be nominated by such lovely people, many I wish I could invite over for tea and get to know better.  So today I am going to group the most recent awards into one post.  Of course you know I always change the rules, and today will be no exception.

wonderful-team-member-readership-awardWonderful Team Member Readership Award

Thank you to Creative Pixie, who nominated me for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award.

While I don’t normally nominate others when accepting awards I would like to thank  the wonderful readers of my blog.  Not all are bloggers but each and every one of you mean the world to me. I would like to suggest you check out my Blogroll page where I have not only listed the blogs I follow but have included a description of what you can expect to find when you visit.

Every one of you who visits Living Simply Free consider your self nominated for the Wonderful Team Member Readership award and feel free to grab the button and nominate your favorite blogs, or instead leave me a comment with a couple of your favorite blogs I may not have found. You may find both yourself and one of your favorite blogs spotlighted on an upcoming Friday Fave.


The Sunshine Award


sunshine-award I was nominated on the same day by Wendy at Quarter Acre Lifestyle and    OAwritingspoemspaintings  for the Sunshine award. Thank you both so much!

This award asks that I list 10 things about myself.  I fear there isn’t much you don’t already know about me so I will list 10 things about today instead.

  1.  My granddaughter spent the night last night.I thought it might be fun to cook some pumpkin.  My plan was to make puree and freeze it for winter.  ‘Her idea was to make chocolate pumpkin pudding.  Guess what I had for a late morning snack? :-)
  2. I remarked it was cold enough to snow, short time later I was informed it was snowing. At least it’s not sticking this time.
  3. I now have several painted rocks sitting in my house drying because it was too cold to play outdoors.
  4. I was woken early this morning by hearing “Grandma, I love you, can we wake up”
  5. Little ones love to count.  After two pumpkins were cleaned I was asked to help count the seeds.  By the time I got to 500 she lost interest, but was happy to report we would have lots more pumpkins to cook next year.
  6. I thought the days of sharing my food and drink ended when my boys moved out, but each time I filled a glass of water it mysteriously disappeared.  When I asked if she would like her own glass she informed me that “No we share because we love each other”. I just kept refilling my glass.
  7. Did you know playing cards can be money? Well they can and they bought me a cup of hot chocolate this morning to go with breakfast.
  8. Tic -tac-Toe can be fun even when you lose.
  9. Teaching a 5-year-old to play solitaire can be quite hilarious
  10. A coloring book which is too close to the scissors can make quite a mess. :-)

Now for nominating other bloggers, Sorry I can’t possibly narrow it down to just a few I admire.  Please visit my Blogroll page where you can find a description of each blog name to find exactly what would make your heart sing.


One Lovely Blog Award

one-lovely-blog-award1Lena from the Snazzy Turtle, early in July nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award.Thank you, Lena sorry it has taken me so long to get to this.

This award asks that I list 7 random things about myself. Again, I think you know way too much about me already, :-) but I will give this a try.

  1. The only thing I seem to miss about not having an oven is the ability to make pumpkin rolls.
  2. I sadly pulled out the winter scarves and gloves yesterday. It just doesn’t feel right to need to bundle up yet.
  3. I refuse to pull out all the winter bedding, It’s not time yet!!
  4. Planning a trip next week to visit my son and take all the furniture I have restored for them. Little one will finally get her vanity set.
  5. I found a new favorite tea, it’s a Maple herbal tea suggested to me by the local maple syrup provider. The smell alone makes me hungry.
  6. Did you know a boy with paint can make a bigger mess than a girl? By the time the two little ones had painted a couple of rocks my grandson had paint all over his hands, under his nails and up  his arms, and yes I gave him a paint brush. :-)
  7. Have I mentioned before I hate being COLD!



Most Influential Blogger

most-influencial-blogger-290x300Finally, this morning I found Pat from Plan Talk and Ordinary Wisdom nominated me for the Most Influential Blogger.  It is hard to thank someone properly in words but thank you, Pat. I was honored by the kind words you shared about me and the blog.

This award comes with a few rules as well which include a list of 10 questions I need to answer.  Here it goes:

1.  What makes you happiest?

Sunshine and a child’s laughter


2.  Do you love the Oceans or Mountains more?

That’s a hard one. I love to be near water, but I am spoiled having grown up along the Great Lakes which is fresh water. I don’t like the salt water nearly as much.  All I need is a small lake or stream to be happy so I would have to say I love the mountains more.


3.  What has been a special moment in 2013?

Seriously?  This one is really hard as so many wonderful things have happened this year. I would have to say watching my grandchildren tend to their own garden and the wonder they showed watching their plants grow.


4.  What’s your favorite quote?

“And I don’t understand why some people have more than others. People should share what they have. Greed is going to destroy everybody. Derrek Fowell, Australian writer

I may not have a lot in comparison to others, but I have more than some and I like to live in a community that shares what they have whether it’s knowledge or tools.  When you find that you know you have the best life has to offer.


5.  Do you like yourself?

If you had asked me this question when I was younger I would have said no, isn’t that sad. it took getting older to accept and love the person I am, but yes I do like myself today.


6.  Do you stay up till midnight on New Year?

New Year’s is just another day for me, although it is usually quiet.  Christmas my house is full of family then my birthday is a few days later, by New Years, everyone has left and I have solitude for a short while.  While the day doesn’t hold much meaning for me, I do stay up usually past midnight, just as I do every other night of the year, but no I gave up watching the ball drop years ago.  It’s getting up early that I don’t do well with.


7.  Something you wish could be done ASAP?

This dresser I am working on. It is taking up so much space in my home that I really just want to see it finished and in its new home.


8.  What was your favorite class when still at school?

High school or college?  In high school I didn’t have a favorite class beyond my Cosmetology class, but I learned the most valuable lesson from my history teacher when he pointed out to the class the bias in the textbooks. In college, I took a required writing class and so enjoyed the professor I took a literature class from him as an elective.  I loved that class more than any other I took in my university years.


9.  What musical instrument have you tried to play?

This was a touchy one for me. I wanted to play an instrument when I was young.  I dreamed of playing guitar, I was told only boys played the guitar, then I wanted to play the piano, but was told my hand span was too small.  When I heard drums I was in heaven.  To make music while at the same time banging away to relieve stress, what could be better.  But the horror I saw when I announced I wanted to play the drums told me it would never happen. If I remember correctly the words not lady-like were thrown about in reply.

Just this year I was given an old guitar to turn into art, it still had the strings on it and I began to strum, I have no idea how to play chords, but the feeling I got from just testing it out was sublime. I am now considering buying a guitar. I’d like to find an old, well-used one.


10. Anything you had wished to have learned earlier?

A LOT!!  But if I could only pick one, it would be to ignore what others thought of me.  I tried so hard to fit into a mold to be accepted by those I loved yet even trying to hide parts of my personality they didn’t like didn’t earn me the acceptance I had craved.


Again, I can’t possibly narrow down my favorite bloggers to fit into a list. if you would like to see who I follow you can find a list on my blogroll page, If you have the time I would love for you to leave a link or two in the comment section of your favorite blogs.


If you nominated me for an award and I missed accepting the nomination, I am truly sorry.  I tried to bookmark posts which I intended to come back to but lost them this summer when my computer crashed.


Thank you so much, I am very honored to be given these awards by each of you.  To know you enjoy what I put out there for all to read means the world to me.

Now it’s your turn, leave me a comment and tell me who you admire.






26 thoughts on “A Huge Thank You

  1. Wow! what beautiful awards and I so love how you presented them Lois, Congratulations 10 fold, as I can not think of anyone who deserves them better than you, And dont forget you still have your WordPress Family award waiting to collect As I could not choose so said those who had commented on my last 15 posts were all worthy… So hope you accepted :-)

    It always take me forever to get around to honouring them, and still have some in the pipe line waiting, …
    Time is just running so fast these days and coming here Iol you always give me so much that I want to explore I click away and often get lost in others beautiful posts.

    Thank you Lois goes back to you BIG TIME for sharing your skills and passion for living simply free and showing us that there are alternative ways to helping heal and preserve our wonderful Planet and it not costing the Earth to do so … :-)

    Love and Blessings

    • Sue, thank you so much I am glad you enjoy my blog and am glad to know you enjoy the links I include when I can. There is nothing better than finding someone that you never would have if not pointed in that direction and knowing you were meant to find it.

      Thank you, I did comment on your award post but I guess I should go back and make sure it showed up. I had to laugh as I read your reminder that I was nominated as a result of commenting, just when I thought I was all caught up. :-)

  2. Great post Lois. It was cool to learn a little more about you than I knew!!

    I was never a fan of award shows like the Oscars, Grammy’s, Tony’s etc….so I mots likely would also follow your example. Besides, the rewards that one finds as readers engage in conversation through comments and email is award enough for me!

    Mind you, if I was nominated for a Noble Prize then maybe I would have a different view!

    Take care and I love the new blog look…warm and engaging…like you :)

    • Thank you, Lyle for the lovely comment. I too avoid watching, or caring, about award shows. The blog awards are a bit different to me. Yes they were created partly as a way to get more traffic to their sites, but the ones who nominate blogs like mine are doing it as a way to show appreciation for the blogs they enjoy. But I find it really hard to list blogs I admire.

      Now the Nobel Peace Prize I had seen in a different light They were about accomplishments I thought. Some of the recent winners in my view have diminished the prestige of the award.

  3. I usually just answer the questions in the comments, anymore.

    I could fill pages with the bloggers I admire–we’re a pretty remarkable tight-knit community. But here are a few of my closest friends, who also happen to be excellent writers:

    1. Lois. But everybody has found their way here, so that doesn’t count.
    2. Kathy: http://smartliving365.com
    3. Dan (yes, I nominated him for an award as a joke once, but he actually is an excellent writer): http://zenpresence.com
    4. Tammy and CJ: http://hoombah.com
    5. Mark and Jess: http://minimalistcouple.com
    6. Joy: http://joyfullygreen.com
    7. Linda: http://notesfromthearena.com
    8. Sandra: http://livinglagom.com

  4. Congratulations on the awards, Lois. I loved reading through your list of things about yourself. It’s fun to learn new things about one another.

    I know what you mean about playing a musical instrument and like that you’re thinking about getting a guitar. My husband is taking lessons online and I like hearing the strumming sounds in the house.

    • Good for your husband, I was shocked at how wonderful it felt to strum the guitar My oldest son plays, has been since his early teens but for some reason I never touched his guitars. I think it was because I didn’t want to feel that longing to play.

    • Glad to have helped. :-) I keep thinking I should put a notice on the blog graciously refusing awards, but for some bloggers it is their way of showing appreciation and I believe it would be rude of me to refuse. There are different rules (in my opinion) between real life and blogging. This is one of them.

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