Friday Faves, It’s snowing!

Last night I sat near the window hearing what sounded like hail hitting the glass. I knew this sound, it meant winter.  I wasn’t ready for the white stuff so tried to enjoy the sounds without thinking about what it meant, or peeking through the curtains.  This morning I woke to a comfortably warm apartment and assumed that meant last night’s snow storm had passed over, I forgot what a difference the caulking around the window had made. Instead, I found everything covered in white.  Ugh.  I closed the curtain and didn’t head outside for a few more hours.  There were only a few signs left of last nights snowfall left by then, like this


Of course only I would decide to snap a picture of a white car with snow on it. :-)  Just a few more days of extreme cold for this time of year then my fingers are crossed for a bit of a break.  But instead of bringing everyone down with the talk of winter, I’m here to share with you my favorites from this week’s reading.

Youngest granddaughter getting ready to be the flower girl at a wedding.

Youngest granddaughter getting ready to be the flower girl at a wedding.


  1. I noticed I had quite a number of spam messages today.  Now and then I find a real comment that was bumped to the spam folder so it was time to clear it out. In the folder was a sincere message from a blogger I had yet to meet.  Being curious I headed over to check out Cristin’s site and found an environmentally conscious writer, I only had enough time to read a couple of the articles I found, but with Halloween next week I decided to share this article on why you should buy a pie pumpkin instead of a carving pumpkin.  Matches my sentiments exactly.  And if you are looking for pumpkin recipes, this is the place for you.
  2. Willowarchway, says it’s all about off-grid and sustainable living, perfect right? I was expecting to find tutorials on how to have solar, how to insulate an older home, I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this article on how to build a deck.  Okay I know every one knows how to build a deck but may not want to.  But have you considered building a deck in small enough sections that you could move them around to change your deck when the occasion calls for it? That’s ingenious!


Say What???

  1. Argentum Vulgaris today wrote an article called Deeply Disturbed by This. I found my eyes growing larger and my head shaking in disbelief at the news of the latest health threat and the solution the UK is considering.  As I continued to read the thought of “get your children outside” kept running through my head.  This is what a society who lives in doors may have to contend with.
  2. There is upcycling and then there is upcycling.  :-) Emily wanted a dust mask to protect her lungs, she knew she could make one, and she did. You will never guess what she used to make this mask.  Don’t forget to keep reading as Emily gives you a full tutorial on how to make one of your own.


Tugging the Heartstrings

  1. I blog a lot about the experiences I have with my grandchildren. Children are one of life’s greatest gifts and teachers.  Live and learn found her own teacher in Sarah a special needs buddy, talk about a perfect day these two shared and wait until you see what Sarah taught her.
  2. I share my life with my family, Jean shares her life with her dogs (among other things) but recently she had to put down Barney her canine companion of 12 years. A bit of time passed, and then Jean wrote the story of Barney’s last days  This was one of those stories that caused tears to roll down my face from the loss and from the absolutely purest form of love.
  3. The internet is a wonderful place to meet people and get information, but just like an autobiography, we edit the parts of our lives we don’t want to put out there for the world to know.  In real life we do this as well to some degree. One of my pet peeves involves running into an old friend or acquaintance, what is the first question you hear?  “How are you?” The problem is for the most part the answer isn’t honest, nor does the person asking the question want real honesty in reply.  The answer is almost always “fine” or “good, we’re all good”  Both online and in real life these edited versions we share of ourselves can lead others to feel their lives don’t measure up.  Lissa Rankin explains this better than I do in her article I Beg You to Quit Pretending


Frugal Living

  1. Do  you know the difference between being cheap and being thrifty?  This short definition by a Thrifty Hippie will answer that question once and for all.
  2. Caitlin is taking a course to get  herself out of debt.  This particular post in her series is enlightening for the fact that it shows what a credit score really means and how you can make even large purchases without credit.  Let’s get rid of credit cards and debt once and for all.
  3. Do you have items lying around the house that you have no idea what you can repurpose them into?  This is the ultimate site to get all your questions answered.. You may just want to scroll around and see what kind of ideas you can learn from.
  4. Wendy has suffered a devastating series of earthquakes leaving her home and nerves a mess.  On a day out she decided to replace a few things that have been broken from the quakes and found a couple of things she couldn’t live without.  Take a peek at what she found, for anyone who hasn’t shopped used stores or flea markets this will show that you really can find quality goods for very little money.
  5. Rather than buying a stack of books telling me how to put up food I like to use the internet.  This one page from Hickery Holler Farms has so many canning recipes you will never get tired of the food you put up.  For example the page starts with 6 different things you can do with apples.  Everything is alphabetical to make it easy for you.


Have a Wonderful Weekend!

57 thoughts on “Friday Faves, It’s snowing!

  1. Brrrrr,, no snow as yet thank goodness, But we had a big storm, Storm Jude, which thankfully skimmed passed us, with only high winds not hurricane force as in some parts… As some lost their lives..
    Yes I now always check my spam box, as I have recovered a few legitimate comments from their from fellow bloggers,,
    I have more of your Friday Pages booked marked Lois, as I love to revisit and go visit the various links you have …
    Thank you again for sharing your lovely finds..

    • Sue, you are lucky to not have had snow yet, I missed hearing about Storm Jude but am glad it missed you and sorry for those who lost their lives.

      It’s good to know you enjoy the Friday faves enough to bookmark them to return to knowing this makes putting them together even more fun for me.

        • Thank you, Sue I am so glad to know you have found things of interest for you from the posts.You will laugh at this, but until recently I had no idea how to copy and paste so would type in each of the website locations into the links by hand with plenty of typos, or I wouldn’t notice the blog address had a typo. Now that I know how to copy and paste the posts are written much faster. :-)

          • That must have been painful!… I taught myself how to use the computer trial and error, a lot of error to begin with, with lots of frustrations as I often would forget to save things, and they would disappear.. :-)

          • It’s funny because I have a minor in computer science, but I earned it before Windows was invented and we worked in DOS. I feel lost at times because the way I learned I wrote the code and had complete control, with Windows I have no control and don’t understand how certain things work because I didn’t write the code.

            Btw, thank you for the link to Learning from Dogs. Russell Brand’s comments (I didn’t realize how intelligent and passionate he was) give me hope that the younger generation that watches and follows him will hear what he has to say.

  2. The story of Barney was so beautiful. I was in tears, but they could not have created a better way to spend his last few days. If only all creatures could be treated with such respect. Thanks for sharing.

    • Barney was so loved. I too was in tears as I read Jean’s account of his last days. We hear about bucket lists and make a wish for dying children but don’t think about taking our pets to their favorite places before they die. I know Jean has one other dog, but I hope she finds another one to help her heal from losing Barney.

  3. I loved your description of hearing the snow and how you felt about it! I can’t even imagine living where it might snow so it’s lovely to hear insights of what it’s like! Now I’m off to check out the cheap vs. frugal link. Thanks Lois!

    • I’m not a fan of winter, it can be pretty but I like to live barefoot and carefree. The bundling that is needed to stay warm just bugs me. I think you would enjoy the sounds that come from having winter, if only for a short time.. You can hear the difference in the way the wind blows and the smell of the crisp winter air is refreshing. It feels so clean.

  4. Lois, I read with interest the article on children with Vitamin D deficiency. I am outside everyday walking Ruby but my blood test said I was deficient in Vitamin D. When I questioned the doctor about this, she said ah yes, but you wear sunscreen and a hat? Well yes, I do to try and counteract the harsh effects of the Australian sun that is showing on my skin, from a childhood spent without sunscreen or hat. So, now I have to sit for 10 minutes each day, outside in shorts and short sleeves soaking up the sun!

    • What punishment! ;-) When the sun is out it’s hard to get me out of it. I am fortunate that I live in an area that is relatively safe to be outside without protection. Hope your Vitamin D levels go up as a result. I love your doctor for not immediately prescribing pills.

    • I’ve heard that this is starting to happen a lot in Australia. I think the slip slop slap message has come across loud and clear and now we’re suffering from vitamin D deficiency. My friend was told she had a deficiency last year. It’s hard to strike a balance in life sometimes!!

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  6. That’s a great reading list for the weekend, Lois! Thank you for being such a fine curator of worthwhile reads. I was stunned that you have snow so soon, but then I remembered that we’ve also had snow in October–albeit rare. I’m crossing my fingers that we make it to November without snow so the poor trees have time to lose their leaves before getting laden down with heavy snow that breaks the branches. So far, so good…

  7. Oh no, snow, Lois. Here in the Rockies we’ve been getting comfortably, warm Indian Summer weather. I hope it’s coming your way.

  8. Thanks for linking to Emily’s post on the dust mask, Lois. It got me thinking, too, that in a pinch we can definitely get creative if we needed to in an environmental disaster and turn our undergarments into useful things!

    • You are welcome. I laughed all the way through reading it. I kept trying to picture making one of those and handing it to a man to wear. :-) Bras don’t hold up forever so what a great re-purposing it was.

  9. Snow is very nice when I look at it in someone elses pictures. :)

    Thanks for the shout out in your Friday Faves. Sarah is truly a special person. She is a young adult who has never lost her wonder for the world as most of us do as we get older. And although she can be trying at times, I am truly privileged to get to spend time with her.

    BTW, love the picture of your granddaughter getting ready for the wedding.

    • I feel the same way about snow. :-)

      Your day with Sarah was truly one of my favorites. I had a cousin with Down’s Syndrome who saw the world through such rose colored glasses and such a sweet disposition, your story reminded me of my days with her.

      Thank you, I just received that picture of my granddaughter getting ready and had to share it. She is such a girly girl that she had a wonderful time getting ready and being all dressed up for the day. She also stayed up late dancing the night away afterwards.

  10. Another nice group of links, Lois. It’s what I got out of bed for this morning. I need something every day, you know? Pumpkin Pop Tarts? I love her way of writing too. I subscribed. I also found a recipe for Pumpkin Pie Smoothie, which I can’t wait to try.

    I was also Deeply Disturbed by that article. I don’t like subsidizing, but if we’re going to, could we start with fruits and vegetables? Please? Let’s start rewarding people for eat the right food, rather than the wrong stuff!

    Dust mask = LOL!! And little Sarah with her cricket = LOVE! Kids are the best, and I miss having one in my life.

    Those are my faves of your faves for the week! Have a good weekend!!

    • Wow Jean you just made my day! I am so glad you found a couple recipes and enjoyed most of the other links. I want to try that pumpkin pie smoothie as well. I have 4 pumpkins sitting here that I can’t wait to cook up and start using.

      I never thought I would hear of children in one of the first world countries having rickets again. That just blew me away. Seriously, we have all the advantages and allow our children to get sick because we feed them junk and don’t take them outside into the sun?

  11. All right, Lois, I have to laugh at y’all…

    Ha, ha, SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m getting ready to ride my bike to work, and it’s cooled off so that I only have to wear shorts on the way home….

    OK, I got that out of my system. I will definitely check all of these out. Something interesting, that I’ve noticed since moving down here. People do answer “How are you?” truthfully. Instead of a formality, it actually becomes a conversation starter. I really like that.

    Have a good weekend!

    • Bethany, do you feel better now that you got that off your chest? :-) Keep it up and I may surprise you with an extended visit when it gets too cold and nasty here. Just kidding.

      Wow!! That’s great that people actually stop to care what your response is. So are you honest in your replies?

      Have a great weekend too.

      • First, I would so totally do the happy dance if you came down here! You would have to share Beanie’s bedroom, of course…

        I do fantasize about doing a blogger get-together down here, because there are so many bloggers in TX. We’d have to buy you a Greyhound or train ticket. ;-) Maybe after we live in a marina…

        And I always do answer truthfully, but usually I’m doing great now! Kind of a nice change of pace, don’t you think?

        • Watch what you say I might just hop a bus and come visit. :-) One year winter dragged on until late April. A friend called and asked if I would ride with her to Florida as she was taking her little on to Disney World and wanted another adult. I told her it was a deal as long as I didn’t have to go to the parks. I basked in the sun while she did the parks and then returned to find spring made its return here.

          I would love to meet bloggers I’ve gotten to know online but so far the closest person is 100 miles away.

    • Dar, can you believe it? I can’t recall the last time we had snow mid October. It was a blizzard-like as well. My son had to go out, cleaned off his car only to find it covered again after his appointment which was only 10 minutes long.

  12. Wow I can’t believe it’s snowing in your part of the world! I’m currently sitting in the library in college in Ireland, wearing a sleeveless blouse because it’s just so mild here at the moment. Very rainy but normally we have winter cold at this stage. Long may my weather last! And I hope yours lets up soon. :)

    • Cathy, I couldn’t believe we were having snow a whole week before Halloween I hope the rest of winter holds off a bit longer as I am not mentally prepared for the changes yet. I think you will like the cheap vs thrifty post.

    • I love those glass jars you found and my grandmother had a creamer exactly like yours it brought back many good memories.

      It’s warmed back up a bit, 10 degrees above freezing and I didn’t wake to more snow so I was happy about that. You are so right, I am not looking forward to winter at all.

      • hi
        sorry to comment via a “reply”, but some problem with the old / slow computr i’m using won’t let me make a “new” comment..

        re the top one, “deeply disturbing”..
        for sure your idea of get the kids (and others) outside) is good/excellent/the best

        there is another concern about this giving folks/kids vitamins, especially vitamin D..

        a) there is vit D added to much in our food chain (alread), check the next time you are in a grocery store (at least in Canada, and i believe in many other countries. for sure vit D is added (by law) to milk (and i think so in the U.S.
        b) the levels of vit d added is ususally adequate for a normal consumption to meet needs/surpass needs
        c)the tolerances for vit D safety are less than some say (according to research i’ve read)
        d) with slight excesses of vit d, a condition called Hypercalcemia can develop
        (bad stuff)

        basically all this push to give kids/others vit d, mgiht well result in big trouble

        • Not a problem, Lynn. Glad you found a way to leave a comment. You brought up a good point, Vitamin supplements aren’t always safe for all. Yes, we do have fortified cereals and milk here. The problem was in the UK so maybe they don’t fortify their foods. I’ve heard a lot of problems associated with the Vitamin D levels in milk here, studies have shown the amount varies between not only brands but in shipments within brands. The range is all over from too low to make a difference to too high.

          I hate to see kids started i supplements when proper diet and sunshine would solve the problem.

          • Lois, i think i may have read some of the same research you did, as i too read how the actual levels of fortification of D vary SIGNIFICANTLY..

            Also, another interesting one which is tossed into everything is IRON…if you can believe it, if you ate nothing at all, but two sandwhiches (here) you would exceed your daily GOVERNMENT (in Canada and the U.S.) recomended Iron intake. (i was so surprised, that when i read the gov’t charts, i actually emailed the contact and verified my understanding)…just for interest, next time you go to a grocery store, have a look at the nutrition lables, and it might shock. of course, that does not figure in iron in “regular” food one eats — veg etc.

            i so agree with you about the supplements and diet.

          • Iron, Lynn, I was diagnosed with anemia as a child and prescribed iron pills. I took them religiously but my blood work never improved, instead it upset my system leaving me miserable so I convinced family to let me stop taking them. There is one thing about living with those who grew up during the Great Depression, they aren’t going to toss money out on something that isn’t working. Years later I became a vegetarian and began to eat green leafy vegetables.Wouldn’t you know it, my iron levels became normal for the first time in my life.

            Nutrition labels are so deceiving. People don’t know how to read them. The RDA stands for the Recommended Daily allowance. Yet they see a product has 90% or more of RDA and think it’s a good thing, then they overdo certain nutrients not realizing what they are doing.

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