Friday Faves, October 17th

This week the temperatures have turned cooler and we’ve had lots of rain. I really hope the rains won’t diminish the colors of fall.  I am already missing the hours I spent outdoors and being stuck inside with the rain hasn’t been fun.  I’ll get used to it again as always but find it strange how long the adjustment of being disconnected from nature takes me each year.  I wonder how those who spend most of their time indoors, rarely getting outside, can stay centered.

10_17_2013 10_29_13 PM_jpg

A few things I will miss

My parts for my chair have arrived and are awaiting final approval to be installed, I received a call yesterday informing me to expect to have them later today, so I am happy about that.

This week everyone outdid themselves, I had a very hard time choosing which posts to share with you in today’s Friday Faves.  :-)


The Little Cove during an autumn sunset

Welcome Time

  1. Oliana was introduced to me this week by Pat from Plain Talk and Ordinary Wisdom.  This is one of the greatest things about the blogging community, the introductions to people I have yet to meet.  You can find some wonderful writing on Oliana’s blog, but this one post called A Thanksgiving Letter, was the one I wanted to share with you.  Oliana  is fortunate to have a job where she can help abused individuals.  In that line of work you may never know how many people you have helped to find a life after the abuse, but in this one case the Thank you letter (shared) made the work worth it.
  2. Glorialana’s blog has developed over time to a gratitude journal.  She begins each post with Hello God, and then shares what she is thankful for that day and a bit of explanation on why.  If you need a bit of a pick-me-up head over and wander a bit, I think it will help.
  3. Simple Living ABC’s has several categories to choose from sustainability, simple living, religion, and community. But it was this page with 4 short videos  I thought you would most enjoy.  Each is under 2 minutes and shows slide shows of the people and places around Italy.  The last video is the before and after of their 645 square foot home restored on a very tight budget.
Crafting with an oatmeal lid and a couple of markers on a rainy day.

Crafting with an oatmeal lid and a couple of markers on a rainy day.

Consumerism vs Minimalism

  1. I was pleasantly surprised to learn in this post by Freedom that the Futurist Magazine sees some changes coming in how people will choose to live in the coming years.   Freedom highlights number 5 of the Magazines top 10 forecasts to discuss.  See if you can guess what it is.
  2. You know by now I have a kitchen with no stove or fridge, and it’s not because I am waiting for them to be delivered :-)  I have learned a great deal about making do with less, but this is one trick I didn’t think of and not sure I would have tried it if I had. You be the judge, good or bad idea?
  3. This isn’t exactly a minimalism post nor is it really about consumerism although it is about advertising products to us.  What this post is really about are the messages we receive from print advertising.  See if you agree.
Stuck inside?  Good to have a new box to decorate.

Stuck inside? Good to have a new box to decorate.


  1. We have talked a lot about composting our scraps I happened to find this Composter you won’t want to hide.  Talk about beautiful and something even renters could enjoy on a small balcony.
  2. Whether you love them or hate them, Ikea is one company that tried to walk the talk. Ikea has added a new product to their line, affordable solar panels.
  3. I rarely share post from Apartment Therapy as I am sure everyone has visited there a time or two.  But this diy of dollhouse furniture was too cute to pass up.  Did you know you can create doll furniture from egg cartons?  It looks so easy guess what rainy day activity I have on my mind? :-)
  4. In the past two weeks the US has been the object of great speculation as the government shut-down.  I thought I would share this story of a group of EPA workers who decided to use their furloughed time off to do something good for their area. We aren’t all selfish, although I do think this would be a fun and rewarding project.
This is the highway I use to get to the grocery store.

This is the highway I use to get to the grocery store.

Online Community

  1. I will have blogged for 2 years this next month, some days I feel the blog is a good representation of what I wanted to create, other days I feel it has very little direction, something I need to give some thought to her this winter.  I didn’t know what I was doing when I started and read everything I could get my hands on about the world of blogging. How I wish I had read this one article on how to blog by the Daily Simple.  Forget everything you have heard and see what you think about the lessons learned after writing 8 blogs.
  2. I am overwhelmed by the number of truly giving people I have met online.  This week Daniela shared how she makes up goodie bags to  hand out.  These aren’t for a party see who her recipients are.
  3.   Alex took time to poke a bit of fun at a serious problem by sharing this short video with us.

Treat the earth well.
It was not given to you by your parents,
it was loaned to you by your children.
We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors,
we borrow it from our Children.
~ Ancient Indian Proverb ~

Have a great weekend.

49 thoughts on “Friday Faves, October 17th

    • Wonderful! Really wonderful. If I were there watching you on a security camera I would have known you were a kindred spirit and asked you to sit with me for a bit to get to know you.

      Don’t worry about not responding immediately, I know all too well that life is more important than the computer. :-)

      • Thank you for the read, Lois. I’m glad you enjoyed it. If you were watching I’d be good but I don’t know with the others. I’ve got to admit, it probably looked pretty weird. I could just picture them watching the security playback saying, “What the h__?” I only wish I could see that tree again and take a picture. It was so unique and gave off such a happy energy.

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  2. Lois, I have made myself a cuppa, and sat down to catch up on your posts… Loved the Iron with Pizza and hairdyer LOL, now that is also something I wouldn’t have thought of.. LOL… Where theres a will there’s a way..
    Also the compost bin was Ace!.. And I loved how the EPA workers still cleaned out the river… Shows again how when we come together in common cause how much people care..

    Great post as usual :-)

    • I laughed at the pizza reheating, I’m lazy enough I would have eaten it cold. :-) That compost bin is so cute and no one would know you were composting in it, I had to include it for those who live in apartments and can’t have a typical bin.

      Glad you enjoyed the EPA story. I often think if our government ceased to run our lives people would come together to do the things needed.

    • It has rained here all day. I think we have one day in the coming week where we aren’t expecting rain. I won’t say the water table doesn’t need it, but cold rain isn’t pleasant to have all week long.

      I enjoyed the video, I can’t imagine how people convince children it’s better to be indoors.

  3. I can relate, Lois, with the weather turning cooler and staying inside. The cooler weather adds change to nature’s canvas, though. It’s beautiful and liked your photo. Congratulations on your 2-year blogging anniversary this month and looking forward to more years to come.

    Thank you for sharing Oliana’s site “Traces of the Soul” and her Thanksgiving story. It’s pretty powerful what she does in making a difference in young people’s lives. They’re angels. I appreciate your support too in the mention and passing that along.

    • The work Oliana does is amazing. I tried working for a rape crisis center for a while, but I couldn’t leave the stories at work. I just don’t have an off button and the weight of the horrors would keep me up at night.

      • Me too, Lois, I don’t have an off button either. I am so thankful for those that can work and help others in these situations. That’s why I don’t watch a lot of movies with violence, abuse or horror flicks. It stays with me and I can’t easily move on and discard it.

          • Me too, Lois, I can’t believe how much alike we are. I have a hard time passing a clearing area where they’ve just cut down a bunch of trees. Sounds crazy but I can feel their energies.

            I’ve been known to hug a few of the standing majesties. In fact I wrote a post back in April 2008 called “Trees and Private Courage”. I’ll send you the link if you’re interested.

          • Please do I would love to read it. My earliest memories are of sitting under our huge weeping willow. I try to be a little more subtle about hugging trees, but I need to touch them and feel their energy.

  4. Lois I laughed and laughed at the pizza reheating, how inventive! I loved looking at your grandchildren with the cardboard box, it’s the best entertainment for a rainy day. We’ve had a lot of fun from large cardboard boxes and making cubbies from sheets hung over tables. Do you know, if I had a 6 foot 3 inch cardboard box, I think, my boys would still hop inside….

    • I thought the pizza reheating was pretty good but I am lazy enough I would have eaten it cold.

      I had a large box here last Christmas that I attached fabric to for a door. My youngest (6;2″) had so much fun playing with the little ones he destroyed the box! I don’t think they ever outgrow boxes. :-)

  5. Love the Goodie Bags, it actually ties in with something I am wanting to put on my blog this week…what a lovely lady!
    Cool wee furniture and good on the EPA workers. Some other great links here for me to come back to, I will never get my own post written again because I usually just end up reading and run out of time!
    I love this proverb Lois, so true.

    • Looking forward to what you plan to write about that ties in with the goodie bags. The EPA worker story made me smile, although I think going out on the kayaks even to clean up the waterway would be way more fun than sitting in an office. :-)

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed that. My town doesn’t have homeless, they would run them out if any were here. Daniela is so kind to take the time to make the homeless her care packages.

      If your area is anything like the Phoenix area there are people who will dress up as if they are homeless to panhandle for money. I quit giving money when I caught one doing it. I was waiting to pick my son up from work he had parked his car in the business parking lot, right next to where I was waiting. As he returned to his car someone he knew asked him how he made out. He shared how much money he made that day and was heading home to clean up and then take his family out for the night. He joked it was better than going to a job he hated. After that I would carry food and water but never gave out money.

  6. Ooops, the Five-Hand Christmas is a post from my blog, Simple Living ABC’s…otherwise, you might just be left wondering what in the world….?

  7. By the way, thanks for that link for the dollhouse furniture. We’re planning to do a Five-Hand Christmas with our daughter and her family this year, and that was a great suggestion for the four-year old’s gift! Shhhh!

  8. Love your blog, and so glad to have made a new friend! Thanks for the plug for Simple Living ABC’s. Glad you liked the videos of our people and our land…it’s where our heart is, and I hope that comes through! Looking forward to seeing new ways to save things from landfills, too! You’re so good at remembering the before & after photos…I usually forget to do the before ones. I am not the photographer of the family! Would love to see photos of your tiney place, too!

    • I was so happy to find your blog as well and am looking forward to more time to read everything you have there. I have a huge fascination with other cultures which also draws me back to your site.

      My before and after page is so far behind. I have pictures just waiting to be organized and put up. I’m hoping now that it’s cooler and I am indoors more I will get it caught up.

      I have a page, link at the top. I call 300 sq ft in pictures which is my apartment (minus the bathroom which I want to fix up before posting.) It’s simple and cozy being only one room, but it works for me. :-)

      • I’ll have a better look. Time has been short around here too, because we’ve been painting, and getting ready for our next trip to the ‘Summer Home’, (The Tale of Two Houses)…Thought I was supposed to have more time now that the kids are gone…but it doesn’t seem to be working that way! lol!

  9. I’m missing sitting outside with my Sam too Lois. It’s getting pretty cool here. Frost every night. Soon it will be snow. Ugh. I need to bust out my vitamin C and D. ;-) I love the granddaughter in the box. Fun times. Just give a kid or a dog/cat a box and they have fun for hours.

    • Sam is going to miss the neighbors as we all move into winter probably as much as we will miss the warmer months.

      My daughter-in-law had to pass my house to pick up some groceries she gave her daughter the option of going shopping or visiting me instead, (I was asked first). When she arrived she climbed into that box, got out to get the markers then back in. When her mother returned to pick her up she was having so much fun I had to let her take the box home to finish playing with it. :-) Her mother found it funny that she was still occupied with the box when she returned. This morning I learned she continued to play with that box until bedtime. Her parents are considering keeping boxes at the house now instead of toys. :-) So why do we buy toys for children and our pets? :-)

      • We buy toys for them so they can have the boxes! :-)
        Sam has had a box in my office since we moved here in April. He loves his box to sleep in.

        • That’s why we buy the toys. :-) Seriously, I was so disappointed on my oldest son’s first holiday. I had taken so much time to find the right gifts he would enjoy and he tossed them aside for the wrapping paper and the boxes. Eventually the toys were played with but I grew to enjoy watching him with the “garbage”.

  10. I too hope your colors are not diminished as a result of the rain, Lois. I miss the fall colors of the northeast where I grew up. I do not, however, miss the snow. What a beautiful sunset picture.

    • Thank you Tammy. I love the different colors that are reflected this time of year as he sun sets. I have moved away from here several times, but I miss the changing seasons. I don’t like the snow and am called a houseplant by a friend because I don’t do well in the cold but it’s a price I’ve learned to pay for the rest of the year.

    • Glad to be of service. :-) I happened to leave a 6 cup measuring cup on the table outside my door, I use it to take scraps to compost in the field. I was shocked to see it was completely full of rain water just from yesterday!

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