Friday Faves, October 11

When you are busy Friday seems to come around so quickly.  I am enjoying my son being out of work, hopefully for him it won’t be that long. I rarely got to see him as he worked 3rd shift and many double shifts. When he wasn’t working or sleeping he was busy with his children trying to get some quality time with them.  He’s been visiting often and tonight even called and told me not to make dinner as he was cooking and going to bring me a plate.  Love when I don’t have to cook. :-)


This is a picture of our local mall, huge isn’t it? :-)  Besides a Dollar General, there are 2 restaurants, a tanning business, hair salon, dog agility school,  the rest are mostly offices or empty spaces.  This is where my granddaughter was taking her dance lessons as well.  Her parents received a letter today telling them the mall has been sold to a new owner and due to a dispute over the new lease the  dance school has closed.  While the school offered to give all students from this location free lessons for the rest of the year it will be quite a drive and treacherous in the winter months.  We are now looking for another dance program that will still be affordable for her to attend.  With the good comes the bad I guess.

Is It Friday Already

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I won’t bore  you further, here are my favorite posts of the week.



Upcycling  and DIY Done Right

  1. I think everyone loves a good remodel story, but I love a good remodeling story that doesn’t break the bank.  This amazing kitchen was created with all salvaged items (with the exception of the appliances) from concrete plant pots as light fixtures to a drift wood and shot glass stand for cut flowers.  See how this family even found free marble for a back splash.
  2. There are plastic bottles everywhere it seems.  Keep them out of the waste cycle by building a green house with them.  There are several ideas here and don’t miss the rainwater collecting roof made from plastic bottles.
  3. I stumbled upon Recyclart’s top ten posts from 2012, I found 3 projects in this list I found amazing, and 1 I intend to make.  Which 3 do you think I liked best?
  4. With winter fast approaching in my part of the world I happened to find this idea for insulating our windows.  You will never guess what is used to make these curtains which are beautiful and practical.
  5. You could spend a lot of money buying your child a chair with a favorite logo or design, or you could get tired of the worn out chair you found at Goodwill and give it a makeover a child would love, and you won’t mind seeing either.


It Seemed Like a Good Idea

  1. Installing solar panels sounds like a good idea.  You are getting clean energy for your home, you aren’t adding to the pollution by relying on coal or other dangerous processes for your home needs right?  Well Spain has enacted a new law that will generate money for the country which is heavily in debt.   Have you heard about Taxing the Sun, you might be surprised by who is affected and who isn’t.
  2. Getting a pet, especially a dog, can be a huge investment both time and money, but did you know you can learn from them.  Check out this post the 9 Tricks My Dog Taught Me, and see if there are a few you could master too.
  3. When we don’t have an option but to live simply we can strive for more.  So many cultures want to emulate the first world but maybe we should be trying to emulate a little of their way of life.   Read what one person learned while in Uganda


Playing with Food

  1. What does October mean to you?  Here it’s all about hearty soups, apples, pumpkins and Halloween.  Don’t waste your money buying Halloween decorations, make them from things found in your garden, this is just an inspiration post for you, see what you can come up with around your house to decorate with and still have edible food when the holiday is over.
  2. Some days you just want a new taste, with an abundance of apples around here now I would like an apple recipe.  Why not give this Wild Rice and Apple Pilaf a try, with the exception of the butter which you can substitute coconut oil or other non dairy butters, this recipe would be vegan to stay with this week’s challenge from Reduce Footprints.
  3. Of course if you aren’t crafty you can still add a few touches for Halloween with food you will still want to eat later, I see a few ideas here I might do.
  4. While Halloween usually means candy, I am always looking for healthier treats for the little ones. I figure they get enough candy and don’t need more from me.  I know each of my grandchildren will love finding this on Halloween instead.



The sun, with all those planets revolving around it and dependent on it, can still ripen a bunch of grapes as if it had nothing else in the universe to do. – Galileo


Have a great weekend!

30 thoughts on “Friday Faves, October 11

  1. Hmm, I can see you making the plastic bottle garden, the wine bottle hangers and the library book desk( a smaller version of course!). I loved the upcycled kitchen, so clever and tasteful…


    • Jen, I can’t see me ever making the library desk. I love the look but it brings back memories of the countless hours I spent dusting all my books. I do want to make those wine bottle hangers. Just need to find someone who will give me their wine bottles as I don’t drink. :-)

      I get to learn so much about my readers when they tell me what they like. I know you and I would get along famously because we both see the beauty in things like that recycled kitchen. :-)


  2. Love your Friday Fav’s, Lois. Just checked out a couple and loved the idea of using bubble wrap to weather proof and Spain’s taxing of the sun. Amazing isn’t it — all the ideas floating around this wonderful, crazy world. Have a great weekend! :-)


    • I’m so glad you liked that kitchen! I am never sure if what I like will be of interest to my readers. I think my favorite part of the kitchen was that gorgeous sink! I have a friend with one similar to it, but wider and I loved working at her sink when I stayed with her.

      If we can keep those plastic bottles out of the trash we can use them to save ourselves a lot of money in gardening. And then there are pallets, some of the ideas I’ve seen them used to create are amazing. I think you and I could furnish our homes and create gardens using other peoples trash and love it. :-)


  3. I like the dog trick about greeting people at the door. One of my friend’s mom’s was like that. You always knew there was never a bad time to stop in. I love the candy-corn mason jar candleholder. The wild rice pilaf looks so delicious. Taxing the Sun really irked me.

    And finally, I love LOVE Galileo. Whenever I am asked who is the one person living or dead, aside from a loved one, you would want to meet, I say Galileo.

    And on that note . . . I just looked outside and the sunrise is turning the sky the most awesome colors of blue, pink and purple . . . I wish you were here!


    • Jean, I would have loved to have seen and enjoyed that sunrise with you this morning. When I found the dog trick post I thought of you. We really can learn much from our canine companions. Growing up it seemed everyone we knew was like your friend’s mom. People just stopped to visit, without calling. My grandmother’s best friend could usually be found in her kitchen baking or cooking. She would stop and offer us a drink and a bite to eat then visit with us as she continued her work. The thing is we never felt we were interrupting her.

      I think Galileo is a good choice, what a strong man he was to look past what others thought to see the world differently no matter what the consequences.

      The article on taxing the sun irked me as well, but it shouldn’t have surprised me. Here in PA I see all the time how people are taxed on one product with the proceeds going to a program that isn’t even connected to the product. But the tax on the sun, that’s just another way to make sure they get your money whether or not you use their product. The investment into those solar panels is a high enough cost to bear without a tax added to you for going off grid.


      • And I thought we were trying to motivate people to use sustainable energy. It’s like they just realized . . . but if people start making their own energy, and collecting water, and using bicycles, and . . . and . . . then where are we going to get our money from? Well guess what? Those kinds of people cost less to society, so you won’t NEED to have all that money! Taxes are necessary, and do a lot of good. But I think they see the dollar signs and start thinking of all the fun stuff they could buy!


        • Exactly, like I was recently told about our government..They forget the money they have isn’t for them. I wonder how long till they find a way to charge people who decided to stay on grid and sell them clean energy.


    • Alex, that is the side view which most people don’t use but I wanted to show the size of the building. The front isn’t much better but at least it has some detail and color added. I would need to advertise to find that many plastic bottles but I really enjoyed seeing a way to build a greenhouse without expensive materials. I agree with you on Spain. The arguments for the tax were obviously from people who are jealous of those without a monthly bill for utilities.


  4. I think you might do one of the two ones with plants – either the hanging garden or the other hanging garden :p Not had time to read any from the other two segments, but I’ll get there. Thanks!


    • You are right, Sarah, you know me too well. I want to try the hanging wine bottle planters. The other two I found interesting were the library table of books and the metal drums as cabinets, I could see those in a garage to store tools.


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