Friday Faves

How is everyone this Friday?  I’m looking forward to a weekend of fun.  This weekend is the university’s homecoming, complete with a parade that winds through downtown.  The little ones are looking forward to this as much as the adults, mainly because the students toss candy at them. It’s like Halloween but without the need for costumes. Homecoming also signals the end of summer, all the seasonal businesses stay open through this weekend, such as the ice cream stand and the boating rentals, then close for winter.


I’ve had good news about my wheelchair.  Faced with the proof that they did pay for my chair, they backed down insisting they were sorry.  Their answer: they were looking in he wrong division.  Ya, I believe that :-)  But the parts are now approved and ordered. Everything was finalized Monday, the day before the government shut down. Talk about good timing.

It’s time to show you what I found this week. (note: just as I was polishing this post my granddaughter arrived and wanted to help. All the pictures were picked by her)



  1. Tonette broke my heart with her outpouring of loss.  Her blog is called The Grief Project, started to help her heal through the loss of her mother.  I thought it was only fitting to share her very first post which shows the difficulty of not only the personal loss but also how strong we have to be for our children in a time of life when we are hurting ourselves.

two beautiful girls

Some things to think about

  1. Earlier this week I wrote about advertising after watching the movie Branded. I enjoyed the discussion that followed.  As a follow-up I stumbled on this article about advertising to children.  Want to know if removing advertising directly to children can make a difference? Take a look and let me know what you think.
  2. Clare wrote about trees, specifically why we need them in an urban setting.  I thought I knew all the benefits of trees, but even I was surprised by the outcome of living around an abundance of trees in city life.
  3. I often wonder how we became a society that shops for entertainment, We shop when bored, we shop when we are sad, we shop when we’ve had a bad week.  We shop.  Postcomsumers has a great post on how to break the shopping habit.
  4. If we want our children to grow up to have a good sense of handling money or working with a budget I believe they need to have their own money from a very young age.   Sarah shares what she learned from her parents about money as a child.
  5. Have you ever wanted to give it all up and move to an isolated Island?  Some people actually do follow their dream, here are the stories of 3 people who did just that.
  6. I’m sure you all know my friend Bethany from My Journey to Ithaca, this week it was her birthday.  She shared 35 things she’s learned from life so far as her birthday present to us.

little ones

Comfort Foods

  1. Are you looking for a variety of legume based meals? Legume-based meals are inexpensive and good for us check out this list of 8 delicious meals for your family.
  2. Need a quick pick me up?  Want chocolate too?  Check out this sandwich!!
  3. Are you looking for gluten-free, maybe vegan?  Do you  have chickpeas and chocolate around the house?  Then you can make these chocolate biscuits.


Just for Laughs

  1. Live and Learn does a series called Boys vs Girls.  This one is too funny and since the next link is rather sad I thought you might need a good laugh.


My friend Jean

  1. There is no where else this would fit in my lists this week, but  no other post moved me quite the way this one did.  Jean was doing a bit of cleaning when she found a box from her mother’s house.  Inside she found letters. Letters from a brother she lost too young.  She shares these letters that tell the story of a boy becoming a man.


Finally, Eliza is repeating her All Done By December One series. If you want to take the stress out of the holidays, join up to follow along.   And consider following along with my challenge of coming in under budget this holiday season (scroll to the bottom of the post to view my challenge).


Thank god men cannot fly, and lay waste to the sky as well as the earth.  ~~ Henry David Thoreau


Have a fantastic weekend.

32 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. Lois, as ever your links are very special, and as you touched upon the Government Shut downs, its a worrying state of affairs and what on earth are Government doing? October has a history of meltdowns of various sorts which have affected the shares etc…..I wish I didn’t understand the tactics being played, but I do and Its not boding well for the future, as much as I try to stay optimistic and positive ….. So much can kick off if one step leads to another on this topic..


    • Sue, I too am looking at this shutdown in a new way. I know the games that are being played and hope everyone grows up and does the right thing in the end. The locking down of all our national parks is the most curious as they are still paying guards to keep people out. There have been some pretty bad stories coming out concerning the behavior and treatment towards those who come any where near them.


      • Yes, there is a method in their madness Lois, and in sighting aggression is one of them, the War threat didnt pan out… and people are wising up even though many have their heads buried until it affects them..


          • Exactly, I just hope against Hope people do not fall into the trap, Last year they brought in a new law about Marshal law…. its all there being put in place… but many do not believe that our governments would do such a thing….


          • I’m sorry to hear the U.K. is following the same path. There have been so many new laws, many that aren’t even given media attention. Our schools aren’t required to teach government/civics any more. Our youth have no idea the freedoms we have lost and are losing every day. And when education fails the youth, and parents aren’t actively teaching them the missing pieces how will they ever take over running the country when they have no idea what our country was supposed to be?


  2. I am glad to hear that your chair will be working as it should soon. But I’m also sorry that your son lost his job. The government shut down this week has four of my family members involved but hopefully both the government and your son will have good news soon on the job front.
    Also, thanks for the shout out in your Friday Favs.


    • I’m so sorry so many of your family are caught up in the shutdown. I hope they are back to work soon, this is such a horrible time of year to suddenly be out of work. Not only are the holidays coming up but so is the colder weather which brings higher utility bills. I am very thankful the part for the chair have been ordered, it’s been a frustrating summer when it came to the chair. You are very welcome, loved your post.


  3. Lois, you know how much I love your Friday Faves. I’ll be checking them out soon. I’m so far behind. Just wanted to let you know I’m happy to hear about the chair. I know how it is with kids out of work. My daughter was unemployed for 2 1/2 years before she was able to get temp work. The temp work keeps body and soul almost together with a little help.Hope it gets better for all of them. Great pics.


    • Thanks, Marlene. I too am way behind on my reading, no worries. I hope my son isn’t out of work for 2.5 years, his severance won’t hold out anywhere near that long. I’m glad your daughter was able to make it that long, I’m sure you helped her quite a bit through that period.


  4. {{{Lois}}} Oh my gosh, thank you so very much for your kind words and making my blog part of your Friday Faves, I think I am still in a bit of happy shock and have checked at least twice to make sure my eyes were reading it correctly ;) A million thanks for such a warm welcome. Hugs to you big big hugs!!
    Wishing You Peace,


    • Tonette, I began to read your blog from the most recent and realized I needed to start from the beginning. I so remember what it was like to deal with my own losses while trying to be strong for my sons. It was a hard job and prolonged my healing by seeing and feeling their pain. Hugs right back to you, it will get better. There will always be a void, but it will get better.


      • Lois, For me the journey right now (now that the shock has worn off) has been what do I do with that void? Some people pray (I just can’t), some people meditate (my mind is too bouncy), some people eat (okay I am that some people), or fill in the blank with your chosen void filler. I decided to blog to help the void, but more importantly, I want it to be a safe place for people to share their own grief experiences. The blog is most def a work in progress, but so am I. I am so glad I found you on here.


        • Tonette, what you have done, starting your blog, is such a good way to help you heal and a wonderful way to honor your mother by opening it up for others to have a place to go who are experiencing similar loss. We each heal in our own unique way and have to find our own road map to move forward through the void. I hope you find yours soon.


    • Alex, I always knew trees were important in an urban environment. As a child I had a huge weeping willow tree that I spent countless hours under and in. But seeing in print the huge difference they can make in the health of those living in the cities was shocking. Thank you, my boys both told me they weren’t worried as they knew me well enough to know I would prove I was being lied to. :-) I’m glad they had faith, but I did worry that someone would realize I had requested copies and not mail them to me.


  5. Congrats on the good news about your chair. Your granddaughter’s choices are a thumbs up. I see a future blogger in the family.
    I enjoyed your picks with my coffee this morning. The burrito pie recipe has been added to my recipes, but I will use a veggie ground product instead of ground beef.


    • Thank you, Jodi, but let’s not give her any more ideas. She’s already going to restore furniture, grow gardens to feed everyone (not just family) be a ballerina and a singer, and own a flower store. :-) What happened to kids having one dream? I love the variety of interests she has. I am glad you found a recipe you liked. I knew any vegetarians would easily know how to modify them. That’s what I have done for years to come up with meals as I had a hard time finding vegetarian/vegan recipes that had the right flavor for a long time.


  6. Hi Lois, I love the photos in this post- the first one especially, what a gorgeous family! Good news about your chair, hope it’s fixed soon. Thank you for linking to my sandwich… I going to go and check out the other (healthier) ones you suggest! Janette xx


  7. Thank you for featuring one of my posts, it’s always an honour! Some delicious recipes there (added them to their respective bookmarks for later)- given I stuffed up the most awesome choc chip cookies by accidentally doubling the eggs, but nothing else (and had run out of butter)… I could try some of these for today’s house warming. Hopefully the brownies and all the other goodies will be enough! Thanks for the links, gives me some good reading.


    • You are having a housewarming today? Have fun! You know I have been saving that particular post from you for a while to include. I look around and see children who have never had experience with money who can’t figure out a budget, run a register, have no idea how to balance a check book and forget knowing how interest works or for that matter a mortgage. Your thoughts looking back at the experiences you had I felt were very important to start a conversation in families about children and money.


  8. Lois, haven’t checked your picks yet, but wanted to say this
    a) So VERY glad you got your chair repairs sorted….It is totally absurd what these agencies put folks through

    b)sorry to hear about your son’s job loss, please tell him I will be sending him “good vibes” that he finds the best job for him (and that might actually not be what he set out for…grin), and hope your daughter in law finds the best job for her..For both, yes of course, something to pay the bills, but I will send them both “vibes” that they discover something soul satisfying and gratifying and challenging and exciting ..(gosh, sort of sounds like the French Foreign Legion)…

    c)I realize this will be tough for them, but I wonder too, if they both might thoroughly enjoy all having more time with the kids/the kids will likely be thrilled to have Dad around more… they are so young, this extra time he now has with them will be so valuable and well remembered…truly.


    • Thank you, Lynn. My son hasn’t been the only one to be forced out of his job there. The state is going to regret laying off so many in that area I believe, but not my decision. It was a good paying job with benefits, but the bureaucracy and such made it a hard job to feel secure in. I am hoping he will end up finding a job he can enjoy more this time. I do think his time with the children is valuable, today was the first time he has been able to attend the parade with the family. My youngest just changed his work to have more free time at home with his family so it’s my hope my oldest will find something similar.

      I too am very relieved to finally get the right answer on my chair. Do they think we are all stupid? The response that they looked in the wrong division makes no sense to me, it was right there in my records. I have the satisfaction of knowing that 3 other people solved their problems the same way and our provider now knows how to get past the denials.


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