Change the World Wednesday; Autumn

Autumn is here, the days are beautiful and the nights are getting pretty cool, which means it is time to prepare our homes for winter.  Last week’s challenge seemed simple enough. I had no fridge to clean but I did have plenty of little things to get done around here to save on energy costs and make the apartment more comfortable during the cold yet to come.


I didn’t get every thing finished I set out to do, life was just too busy this past week.  Instead, I started with the most important jobs and moved on from there.  Some things, like hanging a set of curtains can be done no matter what the weather, others not so much.  Saturday, the weather was perfect, I enlisted the help of my son to get to areas I couldn’t and tackled the caulking of the window.


My son at 6’3″ needed a chair to reach the top of the window.  The gaps were worse than I thought, he could fit his fingers into them without any trouble. No wonder my front window was so cold it did a better job keeping my food cold than the fridge.  Not being able to help with the window, little one found the next best way to entertain herself and came outside with an organic apple.  She insists my apples are the best ever.


I can already feel the difference!  I woke Monday morning to a comfortable room, needing to head to the library I based my impression of the weather on the comfort of the apartment. Imagine my surprise when I found myself freezing in the cool air and immediately went back inside to change into something warmer.


I had bought 2 tubes of caulk assuming I would only need to use one outside and one inside. Wrong!  I needed 3 tubes just for the outside of the window..


As for the rest of my list:

  • I got started on the draft stopper for the back door, I will show you pictures tomorrow night.  I still need to sew the cover.
  • I need to paint and clean the window
  • I spotted two large pairs of wood blinds at the consignment store, I paid $6 total.  I need to pick up brackets to hold them
  • The curtains are ready to hang.

This weekend is homecoming for the university.  There will be plenty of activities throughout the weekend, including a parade Saturday morning.  At some point this weekend I will get to the rest of the jobs for the window and show you the results next week.




This brings us to this week’s challenge from Reduce Footprints.  What is my least favorite chore?  If you don’t know the answer to that read on I’m sure you will figure it out.


This week give your home a thorough clean. Preparing for winter by checking the seals on windows and doors ensures that warm air stays where we need it … indoors. The downside to that activity is that any toxins are also trapped indoors. So, cleaning our homes using non-toxic, safe cleansers will ensure that the air we trap inside will be pollutant free!

OR …

If your home is spotless and doesn’t need cleaning, take a bow and relax. You deserve a break!



What is my least favorite chore?  Any, and all  that keep me indoors.  Don’t get me wrong my home isn’t dirty, well exactly.  Yes it needs a little sprucing up and so I need to thank Small Footprints for this challenge.
I don’t spring clean, I winter and autumn clean.  Summer brings the outdoors inside.  I need to stay on top of grass and dirt which get tracked in by my chair so once the weather is too cool to enjoy and I begin my hibernation for winter I want my home to feel comfortable. Before the winter blankets and clothes are unpacked I do a thorough cleaning…of everything.  It also means there’s very little to do to prepare for holiday guests.
As cabin fever begins to set in towards the end of winter and I can feel the approach of spring I get started on another round of cleaning. Once spring arrives the last thing I want to do is be stuck inside cleaning.
Today's picks from the garden.

Today’s picks from the garden.

Do I try to organize my life so I can be outdoors, in nature, every opportunity? You bet I do. The cleaning gets done and then I set myself free back into the world I feel most at home in. 

When do you start your autumn cleaning?  Do you still have a lot to do before your home will be ready for winter?



  1. I’m with you on spring cleaning in spring. However this spring, I’ve done quite a lot because we have had quite a lot of rain. I’m glad you got your drafts fixed, it’s amazing how much air can get through a tiny little crack. Our government has recently handed out free draft stoppers to attach to your door if you want one. My front door had one about an inch high which I used to block out by pulling the mat up onto it. Happily though, I don’t have to do it now.

    • Wow free draft dodgers! I am constantly amazed by the forward thinking of some countries when it comes to wasted energy costs. If only my country would care enough to do the right things. Actually, they need to return to work to do anything, maybe that’s a good thing they are shut down? :-(

      I’m with you on the spring rains.You wouldn’t believe how much the treads on my wheelchair can drag indoors. The vacuum is constantly put to work then.

  2. Lois,
    I’m sure you’ve been wondering what my snarky reply to this might be…LOL… Here’s my getting-ready-for-winter to-do list:
    1. Buy a sweater to wear during my bicycle commute, because I might need it a few months from now.
    2. Purchase a 1-piece bathing suit.
    3. Find a better umbrella.
    4. Take a break from watering the palm trees.
    5. Budget for the money we’ll save, due to lower utility bills.

    Y’all should really move here!

  3. Last year we had an energy audit done on our house and some insulation and sealing done. The neat part was the big air exchange fan they had to measure how tight the house was. There was a range they aimed for that was between good sealing but still let some fresh air in. The house does seem warmer since this was done.

    • Isn’t that the truth, Jodi. I love my small apartment. I have the one room and the bathroom. Not hard to keep clean. I gave up on lists a long time ago, they just don’t work for me. I would put so many things on my daily to-do list that I never got them all finished which left me frustrated. My problem is that I happen to be a perfectionist and would give myself more work than any one person could ever complete in 24 hours. But today, all I have to do is open my eyes and I know exactly what I need to get done without the list. :-)

  4. I didn’t spring or fall clean this year and I don’t intend to – but then the house was very thoroughly cleaned before we moved in this January. I do pay a cleaning lady who has much more energy than I do – and she takes turns giving each room a thorough clean. She comes twice a month, does the basics, plus a little extra each time until it’s all been done, then starts again. It’s money well spent for me. :) I have time to concentrate on other things and don’t wear myself out.

    We did replace some windows this spring, so all we have left to do to get ready for the winter is hook up the pellet stove that we brought over from the other house and put the gardens to bed.

    • Heidi, I can’t imagine there would be much to do right after a move. You already went through so much, decluttering and cleaning before the move I’m sure there wouldn’t be much to do yet. I too have decided to hire some help, there are things that are getting really difficult for me to do. I never wanted a cleaning person, it just felt wrong to me to not take care of my own house. But times change and so did I. I’m glad you bring someone in to help you, I know how easy it is to get worn down.

      I forgot to list the garden, I’ve been doing that a little at a time, as the plants finish up so this will be an ongoing project as long as the weather holds for me. I can’t work in the cold so when the temperatures drop my work there will be finished. I enjoy the gardening, but it does take a lot out of me to work it for long periods of time.

      So you will have a wood stove and a pellet stove? Lucky you. ;-)

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