Harvest Festival Time

I truly am fortunate to have the safety and love of those around me and want to first wish everyone in Colorado all the best and hope your families are safe and sound.  I have traveled through Colorado many times  and stayed in Boulder a few of them. It’s a beautiful city and I hope it will be restored quickly.  For any one who has not heard about Colorado, part of the state was flooded in rains that had a reported 18 inches in 24 hours. People are still unaccounted for and many homes are gone and many more will be uninhabitable.


The weather here was calm and was the perfect autumn weekend.  I stayed quite busy the entire weekend, hence why I am so late posting today.  The local Harvest Festival was held Sunday, which had something for everyone.  By the looks of the crowd it seemed the entire town came out for it.  I only took a few pictures as many areas were so full of people there was no good way to get a photo of the booths.  In the above picture you can see just a few of the booths filled with artists, one of the food vendors (the local bison farm), while others relaxed listening to acoustic music of all genres.

There isn’t a single shot of the farm stands as the people were crowded around each booth.  Lines formed just to purchase local produce.  I spotted one booth where a woman brought some of her daughter’s fruits with a sign that these had been sprayed.  It felt strange to see the sprayed foods being marked rather than the organic which is the case in the stores.  I stocked up on the last raspberries one farmer found on his bushes, delicious pears, a bushel of onions, some grapes and one farmer had a late crop of peaches which I had to bring home to freeze to savor this winter.  One of the farmers I purchase a lot of my produce from informed me he still hasn’t been able to dig up his sweet potatoes but plans to give it one more week and try then,  If they are finally ready he will hold a few for me to pick up at the Wednesday farmer’s market.

The local bee keeper was there with his honey, making my day as I had run out and couldn’t find his card to get his address to pick up more.

This is the booth of a local artist. The picture on the top left I fell in love with.

This is the booth of a local artist. The picture on the top left I fell in love with.

Of the artist booths, the jewelry was exquisite, as was the wood work displays and the pottery.  But it was one artist’s booth that had my attention.  You can see in the above picture the booth which had my attention.  Her art was unique and colorful.  She had cute paintings of her “nightmare monsters” which she says eat your nightmares.  I saw a couple my grandson would love as he’s big into monsters.  If you are interested in seeing some of her other pieces you can check them out at Rabbit Room Arts.


Another big draw at the festival was the butterfly tent.  There was an informational booth with had an aquarium holding monarch caterpillars and examples the children could hold of each stage in the development of a butterfly.  This was the only activity that had a charge associated with it.  As my grandchildren have chased butterflies since they could walk I paid for the little one and her mother to go in.  I decided the chair was too large and would get in the way so I remained outside the tent to enjoy watching her.


My granddaughter was so thrilled to finally have a butterfly on her fingers she hasn’t stopped talking about it, even today.  While it’s chilly and rainy today she had to take  me outside to point out the milkweed and see if there were any caterpillars or butterflies on them.  I’ve told her all summer why we don’t pull them up but it wasn’t until seeing first hand that the idea stuck in her mind.


It was a busy weekend for my granddaughter as well.  Her birthday is today.  She spent the night with my Friday, and spotting my latest cross stitch, the mandala, she wanted to help.  When she decided to change the pattern to add her own ideas into the design it was time to pull out her own fabric and let her do what she wanted.


She then had her second dance class and right after had her birthday party.  Parties on the weekend are easier for relatives to gather.  Of course then Sunday I took her to the festival.   For me, it meant more work when she went home to prepared the fruits and get them in the freezer.


Today I invited the little ones over to help me pull some of the food from the garden.  The weather is too cold for the watermelons to ripen further, the little ones were happy to pull up a few more and of course had to eat them right away.  For my grandson, getting him to eat fruit is akin to pulling teeth.  He will eat apples, oranges and bananas.  But the one fruit he LOVES is watermelon.  He ate 3 whole watermelons this afternoon. He just didn’t want to stop. :-)  I figure if a child wants to eat watermelon rather than junk he’s welcome to eat as much as he wants.


My granddaughter is another story, she loves fruit.  Except watermelon.  She has refused to eat watermelon until today.  Just because she planted the watermelon seeds she had to try it.  She ate half a small melon then decided she really didn’t like it yet.  So she turned to the few peaches I didn’t freeze and ate one of those. I swear she had her eyes on those peaches since yesterday. :-)   Yes, she did snack on the raspberries while still at the festival. When it comes to fruit you have a hard time hiding it from her eyes.  I’ve seen her find peaches here her father didn’t see.  Of course once she brings it to his attention he has to have one or two.


Expect to see a late afternoon post again tomorrow as I am celebrating my grandson’s birthday tonight by keeping him overnight then taking out for lunch and bowling.   While I’m not big on eating out, the kids seem to think it’s a big deal so I’m thinking about making a tradition of taking them each out to eat and have an activity planned for them rather than presents.

How was your weekend?  Have you or any of your loved ones been affected by the floods in Colorado?

32 thoughts on “Harvest Festival Time

  1. Wow, now that was one busy weekend, .. I so loved your post, I can see why you loved those paintings, and smiled at the 3 watermelons .. :-), and well at least your granddaughter did try one.. a step ever closer, but not a concern if she eats plenty of fruits… I saw the look of delight upon her face in that Butterfly tent…. Paradise LOL…. I know my own amazement as the butterfly landed on the edge of my painting that day I was painting the Mandala outdoors…
    I have had a butterfly land on me a couple of times and it always brings that magical feeling of something special…

    Thank you for taking us with your to the Harvest Festival, Loved walking around with you :-) Sue xox


    • Sue, it was a busy weekend, I enjoyed it but will be happy to have a quiet weekend coming up to balance things out. It makes me happy to see the children enjoying the garden, so much so at least my granddaughter needs to try every food that comes out of it. We aren’t very concerned about her diet, her mom laughs at how she and her father will sit down with a container of berries and eat until they are gone, and like I’ve said before no fruit is spared when she stops by. :-)

      The butterfly tent was really the highlight of her weekend, and so timely as it was the weekend of her birthday. I remember you mentioning the butterfly on your painting. Yesterday I came in from the field and began to prep food when suddenly I had a grasshopper climb up on the controller of my chair. Not wanting him to die indoors I very carefully maneuvered us outside where. It was so funny watching him perched on the tip of the joystick not in any hurry to get down. I so wanted to snap a picture but was afraid he would move and I’d lose him inside.


      • Yes I too didnt dare move to disturb the butterfly.. I can just picture your grasshopper sitting there then jumping outdoors… Birthdays are special, and I am certain your granddaughter will remember her butterfly one :-)


        • There are just somethings we don’t dare photograph.

          I do think she will remember those butterflies for a long time. We notice those things that make an impression stay with her forever. When she was shy of 2 we took her out to eat at a Japanese restaurant where they cook the food right in front of you. At one point the heating surface is set on fire, my grandson screamed and refused to calm down, she sat there with the biggest eyes loving every minute. She still asks if we can take her back and can recite so many things from that day. I’m thinking for her birthday next year I’ll surprise her and take her back.


  2. Wow, I’m really out of the loop. Without TV, and not listening to NPR now that I’m not riding in the car (and spending markedly less time online), I hadn’t heard about the flooding in CO. Scary stuff.

    Well, happy b-day to your grandkids! And yay for organic, local produce! I’ve totally got to find our farmer’s market here. It’s funny to see everybody wearing coats–it’s still in the 90’s here! I forget that it’s fall everywhere else.


    • I am as well, I heard about it during one of the football games I watched Sunday. Of course then I watched the Monday night game (Steelers were playing) and learned about another mass shooting. I need to stay away from the games.

      You have to understand I wear more clothes than most when the weather turns cold, so when I was in Arizona the first fall and spotted people wearing not only winter coats, hats, scarves AND gloves to go out when I wasn’t even wearing a coat I turned to my son and asked him to shoot me if I ever got that bad. :-) He promised to knock some sense into me if I did. Just wait until it drops to the 70s and 80s and see how everyone dresses to go out, it’s pretty funny to us northerners.


  3. What a wonderful day you had with your grandchildren. My second grandson is but 3 months old, but my first one is 16 months and we have yet to meet him since he lives in England. I am so grateful I get to spend time with my first grandson from the start—grandparents are so important. What memories you are creating for your grandchildren….growing food and letting them do things that only a grandmother can do…this weekend, my parents who are in their 80’s drove to town and we had a picnic in our backyard with their 2nd great grandchild. I feel so blessed to have special days like this weekend……we live near the Mississippi River and know what kind of damage flooding can do to families, but their flooding comes from the terrain they have and it just rushes so fast…very scary. The people of Colorado are in my prayers daily…..robbie:-)


    • Robbie, I am fortunate in all the places I’ve lived not to have experienced flooding like that. Sure we get a little here and there but it’s just a basement that floods or a street which you can go around. I can’t imagine never having seen my grandchild my heart goes out to you. I hope they can visit you soon.

      It is so different to be the grandparent than the parent. I am not responsible for all those big decisions, and I am not struggling to make everything work. I can put household chores aside until they leave and give them 100% of my attention. I think it’s important for them to see the work that their parents put in but also to have that one on one undivided attention from time to time. How wonderful that your parents are able to visit and see their great grandchild and a picnic before winter is perfect. Sounds like your weekend was as nice as mine.


    • Yes and no. It’s hard to get all the relatives together for two separate parties so the kids usually have a party together on the weekend and then we try to split them up for their own little celebration doing something they enjoy. Being a boy and girl their interests are very different now that they are getting older. Last year there were two themes at their party for the family just to make each one feel special.


    • Marlene, I am officially tired now. :-) When not busy out I’ve been home trying to prepare and freeze the food I bought and from the garden. I so wish I could have gone in the butterfly tent as well, but I’ve been to several so I tried to enjoy the moment from outside the netting.


    • LouAnn, I am such a homebody and introvert I would rather be home alone on my birthday to do whatever strikes my fancy than go out anywhere. Although my birthday is just after Christmas so it may be that I am just recuperating from the holiday gathering, that and I hate to go out in the cold. :-)


    • Daniela, fruit was the one thing I had trouble keeping in the house when my boys were home. One disliked cantaloupe, the other pineapple but those were the only fruits I could count on them not fighting over when supplies got low. :-)


    • Daniela, fruit was the one thing I had trouble keeping in the house when my boys were home. One disliked cantaloupe, the other pineapple but those were the only fruits I could count on them not fighting over when supplies got low. :-)


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