One person’s work is a child’s game

Would you believe me if I told you I was so exhausted my brain is misfiring?  I spent most of today working in the field,  I like how the cement blocks are working around the garden beds and finally broke down and purchased 30 more. That was the easy part, the hard part was leveling out the ground where I wanted to place them and hauling each one around the field to where they belonged.  I paid for the gas in my son’s vehicle to pick them up which was cheaper than having them delivered. I still need quite a few more…

The little one’s had a bit of fun with them before they left to let me get to work.


Bummed we wouldn’t let him carry any of the blocks he found something he could do.


Blocks make great balancing play time.

Can’t you just see each of the holes in these blocks filled with garlic, onions and flowers such as nasturtiums and marigolds (things the deer don’t like)?  Yes, it would have been cheaper to buy wood to frame the beds, but in the long run these will last longer and besides what i can plant in them, they will be perfect to hold trellises and supports for things like cucumbers, melons and squashes.


I judged properly on how many would fit in the vehicle, but over-estimated just how far they would go in the field.

Our corn isn’t very tall, but we found the beginnings of ears forming on all but 2 of the corn plants.


Small, but enough to excite the little one’s who had to touch the ‘fuzzies”

But i  also found this on my spaghetti squash, that’s first on the list for morning.



Not what I wanted to find this year.

As if hauling cement blocks wasn’t enough work, I decided to start clearing the area around my neighbor’s maple tree.




It looked better to me in person, trust me I did work here. :-)

And if that wasn’t enough, I received a bin of clothes to sell, pass on or repurpose this evening, I have yet to go through it.  Thank goodness there’s tomorrow.


Just so you think don’t think I did nothing inside, I went through a Yes! Magazine I had here and wanted to pass on.  You all know how I feel about Monsanto….


It was a beautiful, sunny day, perfect to work outdoors, but now my brain and body need rest.  Did you get to spend some time outdoors, maybe dinner on the patio?


14 thoughts on “One person’s work is a child’s game

  1. Wow you are busy no wonder your brain is tired… And it seem Monsanto is on more than one brain in our post Lois.. Loved that drawing. And so enjoyed the photos your your grandchildren balancing… Simple things always seem to attract them… We have a few breeze-blocks/cement blocks as you call them as steps down a steep bit near the shed. My Granddaughter loves climbing them to run down the slope at the side…. We had a lovely day yesterday, as I cut the tops of the leeks off to strengthen them she held them and put them in a bucket she carried around behind me.. Then she helped pick up some potatoes her Granddad had dug up, Lots of Fun to be had with lots of child games :-) xxxx


    • I just returned from the playground with the kids where we played tic-tac-toe with wooden blocks built into one section, not that that’s all they did. Children bring a smile to my eyes every time they do things we as adults wouldn’t do. Climbing stairs just to run down a hill would tire us after a while, not them. We just started to notice some of the leaves changing for autumn, the children weren’t happy as they aren’t ready for summer to end. They want more time to swim, garden and just be barefoot. I’m sure your granddaughter will miss the allotment during the winter months as well.


    • Live and Learn, I simply leveled and weeded the area then set down newsprint and put the blocks into place. Even with dirt in them it would take a lot to shift them so there is no need to anchor them in the ground. I would have been too sore to finish the job of digging down and then setting the blocks in one day. I will be filling the areas inside the blocks with compost, peat moss, etc for a lovely raised bed. I had the idea that the holes would be a great way to encourage more bees to the garden, while deterring some of the pests that would like to munch.


  2. Everything, mind and body slows to a crawl when exhausted or stressed. Being active encourages the brain and body to grow and adapt, so in the long run you benefit.

    An above comment about advertising for blocks is a good idea, I know my neighbour threw away a lot of unwanted blocks last year.


    • Alex, I like to work hard as I sleep so much better after I do. Fresh air and work is the best remedy for adults and children for a good nights sleep. I woke refreshed and ready to go this morning

      How horrible that blocks were tossed out, if I lived a little further south than I do (about 100 miles) I would have access to all kinds of architectural salvage, but it would cost a lot in gas to drive there and then haul that weight back. That much gas, while I would feel good about using salvaged blocks, would pay for double what I bought new. I never thought about posting ads around asking for what I want, mostly the ads around here are for things being sold, but it’s worth a try.


  3. Yes, I believe a brain can misfire from exhaustion! Your “field” is looking great. Cinder blocks make great raised beds. I used old bricks from buildings they tore down in our downtown( never thought about cinder blocks-great idea). We also have a second hand store that sells bricks that have imperfections, so they were not used at building sites. Looking at our cinder block beds brought back memories of “exhaustion” after moving all my bricks. First you load them into the truck, then you unload them…that is hard work:-) Yes, I can see nasturtiums running all around those bricks, or herbs and flowers for beneficial insects stuffed in those holes:-)

    I enjoyed the picture of the little ones walking on the cinder blocks….children never are bored if you let them play:-)


    • Robbie, it was a big job for me, of course I didn’t stop there I had to get into the weeding too. I hate to be bored and sitting around, so when there’s work outside I find myself tackling it rather than resting. The block idea came when I found some on the property, I am looking forward to planting in them as well as the raised beds. I am already planning what I will plant in the holes.

      Those two are never bored here if the weather is nice enough to be outside. :-)


  4. There will definitely be no dinner on the patio tonight! We had a low of 4 Celsius this morning and it’s currently 11. I took Ruby for a walk after work and we got caught in icy rain, bring on spring please. Your vegies are looking great but I think your squash has powdery mildew. My hedge got this last year so I sprayed it with a home made spray once a week and it really seemed to work.
    1 tablespoon of baking soda
    ½ teaspoon of liquid soap
    1 gallon of water


    • Yuck, I hate freezing rain, soon you will be able to have dinner on the patio. The little ones pointed to some of the leaves on the sumac trees which have already started to change. I’m not ready for winter to arrive, but neither are they. They want more time at the playgrounds and swimming in the lake.

      Yes, that was powdery mildew. This is the first year I’ve tried (and succeeded) at getting any type of squash to grow so I was completely unprepared for the mildew. I did some research last night and read that I was supposed to cut off all the infected leaves then afterwards spray the rest of the plants with the recipe you shared. So first thing this morning I was out there trimming up the squashes. At least it still looks like I will get a few squashes out of them. With the carrots, strawberries, the one cabbage that survived, lettuces and the watermelon I sure saved quite a bit of money and had a good time doing it. Net year I’ll know better to watch for it. Live and learn right?


  5. oh yes, if you should do those posters, you could think of listing other items appreciated for free /drop off, which you might think useful..

    also would appreciate
    -wire mesh to lay on bottom to keep gophers out
    -trellis type stuff to grow stuff on
    -any spare garden tools

    Lois, I have myself seen these kinds of signs around, and I have known folks/groups who have put up these kind of signs, and they always got some things dropped off/had a nice chat. Seems often people are glad to have something used.


    • Lynn, I am always glad to get something used. There’s nothing better to me. :-) We have several community bulletin boards around I will post something. There isn’t much we need tool-wise, and as for the gophers, they don’t bother the gardens. We are very lucky there. Gophers and groundhogs all seem to watch us with interest, but stay out of where we work.


  6. as usual, the kids doing kid stuff brought a grin to my face…Of course nice to hear what you’re up to/how the garden is, but, there is something so smile inducing about kids doing what kids should do…

    re the cindercrete blocks…

    I wonder if you put a note/poster up, in many places (your building bulletin board/laundry room — store you shop at — ask others in garden to post a few where they can – etc)

    “Needed free cindercrete blocks for garden project. Have no vehicle, so if possible please drop off at — insert address/directions to garden plot)…”

    I bet you will get some free ones dropped off.


    • Lynn, it is amazing how quickly they went from being upset because they couldn’t help unload the blocks to having fun with them. :-)

      Asking for the blocks is a good idea, I have been watching Freecycle and Craigslist mostly waiting for someone to list them. I like to believe that if I wait long enough I will find what I need, but it doesn’t hurt to put it out there what I need. Thanks for the kick in the pants. :-)


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