Fun and ridiculous

The weekend is coming to a close and it’s been a good one.  The weather was lovely, not as hot as normal for this time of year, but warm enough to be comfortable.  While I love my computer and keeping in touch with you, Friday to Sunday night I shut down the computer and put it away.  Some days I even leave the phone inside as well.   :-)  It’s nice to remember what it was like before technology took over everything.


I will share some pictures of my weekend, and then some ridiculous products I found.  Who buys this stuff anyway?

WP_20130817_010This is the lovely view I get to enjoy when I head over to visit my son and his family.

Saturday morning started slowly.  I have books to return to the library and needed to finish one, so I curled up on the bed and read while gazing out the window at the sunshine.  Then it was time to get moving and head to my son’s house where I promised to repair some furniture.


This table belonged to my grandparents.  I don’t remember what year they bought it, but I have pictures dated from the 70s with it in their dining room.  It now belongs to my son.  The nuts no longer stay on the bolts and my grandson has a habit of kicking the table leg when he doesn’t get his way.  The one leg began to falling off as a result, and crashing along with anything on the table.


I took my tools and Gorilla Glue to repair the table.  Those legs aren’t coming off now.    They also had a used coffee table which one side of the top fell through.  Not a problem, until I took a good look at it.  I didn’t think to bring nails, only my staple gun.  The  staples in my staple gun weren’t long enough to hold the supports on.  Gorilla glue to the rescue.  I gave my daughter-in-law the number and size of nails to pick up to  make sure this won’t fall apart again.  To clamp the table, nothing better than some weights.


Sitting outside I found my eyes wandering to the overgrown flower beds.  Not sure if it was appreciated but I  couldn’t help myself, I began weeding.  Soon enough my daughter-in-law joined it.  Strangely the little one was too busy playing.  I  promised I wouldn’t embarrass her by showing the beds around her house.

I took oranges for a snack.  The local grocery store had organic oranges for the first time, EVER.  The taste was divine. I heard my daughter-in-law moan when biting down on the first piece and my granddaughter informed me I have the best food ever. :-)  There was a reason I took oranges, I wanted to show the little one that you could make your own bird feeder.  She had a blast poking a hole in the peel, stringing the wire through and filling it.  It’s hanging from the clothes line pole they don’t use.  (I have asked  for and will receive the poles as soon as I get permission to put them up here.).


On my son’s street, his neighbor who has the corner lot found a new use for an old twin bed frame, I just had to share this upcycle.  It helps the plows to know where the property is so they don’t dig up the yard plowing the snow.


Since I forget shoes all the time, I was given these flip-flops, I know not what I would buy. I thought if I wore them out to repair furniture I might destroy them and could figure out how to repurpose them :-). My granddaughter, who won’t be 5 for another month had to show me how small my feet are (not how big hers are, how fast she is growing.)


While playing dress up for me, the little one dragged out a jersey sheet she had wrapped around her like a cloak.  I whispered (not quietly enough I learned) that I could cut it to make a cloak to go with her play dress up clothes.  A cloak wasn’t what little one had in mind.  I was given directions to cut it into a dress, she had designed an entire dress in her head within moments.   I was given directions on how to design the sleeves, gathered at the waist, a flower sewn on the front in two places, etc.  I mentioned she was going to be quite the fashionista.  It’s now her favorite word.  I’ll be working on this as soon as her mother launders it and drops it off to me.  Sheet to dress, why not?

Sunday, was a busy day. I finally tackled some indoor chores I have put off to be outside more.  I came home Saturday to see the neighbor replaced the lower shelf on the bird feeder with new wood.  It needed to be painted, but I no longer had the light green paint I used last year.  I went with the leftover yellow, but then didn’t like the natural wood pole, or the green on the top.


Closer inspection showed it to be dry and in need of a sealer.  So out came more paint.  Here’s how it looks now.


I didn’t at first notice what was on the ground when I set the paint can lid down, another gift left next to the feeder.


I spent a little time at the lake as well.


I finally remembered to take a picture of the campgrounds across from me.  You have to go down the road a way to see the small campers with wood siding and gorgeous windows that face the lake.  You can see them in the distance. I have often thought of renting one for a week as a mini-vacation but can’t justify the cost, they are pricey.


I lost one squash, so far it’s the only one, but we found 5 strawberries.  Somehow the little one needed 4 of the 5, leaving me only one to enjoy. :-)



I had a good weekend, not everything I wanted to get to is completed but there’s always tomorrow.


I  did have to stop by the store to pick up a prescription and found a few products I had to share with you. I need to point out I went down one aisle to get my prescription and up one other to leave the store.  I could have take pictures of so much  more in each of these two aisles.  If we eliminated the unnecessary products our stores would be empty!


First up is this plastic contraption that vacuums out your ear wax.  Are we afraid using a washcloth will ruin it?   Sorry for the poor quality of the picture, I couldn’t get one without light reflecting on the plastic packaging.


Then there was this.  I know LOL is common way to say we received a laugh or are joking on a text, but do we need a large plastic LOL hanging on our wall?


And our arms are so weak we need a pillow with a built-in pocket to hold our iPads and Kindles?


If that’s not bad enough.  We now have a plastic case that will EVENLY cut our plastic wrap.  Aren’t the metal teeth enough on the original package?  Maybe it’s time to {gasp} give up plastic wrap?


I did spot one thing I considered a good idea. If you love watching television. For $10 you can buy this adapter you plug into your computer to receive movies and television programming.  After the first year, you pay $9 for the next 4 years of service.  I don’t like television that much, but if this saves buying a large bulky TV then one little piece of plastic may be the way to go.  WP_20130817_013

Tonight has been a good night, I turned on the computer to find my internet connection is working!!!

How was your weekend?  Seen any stupid products lately?

28 thoughts on “Fun and ridiculous

  1. Lois loved taking your trip to your Sons with you and that Bird Feeder paint job is looking very fresh and bright, . I hope that the table leg gets kicked Less! :-) and loved the feather gift left for your effort… And smiling at that orange peel feeder, something we did as children, we also made them out of half cut coconuts filling them we melted lard fat and seeds. and loved to string monkey nuts,

    And I am aghast at the useless gadgets on sale… They get crazier ! :-)


    • It is a lovely area, the part behind the fence is all protected nature so the sounds of the birds is so soothing to stroll past. As for the feathers we find a lot around the field especially around the feeder and for some reason right in front of the door to my apartment.

      I love the idea of making a bird feeder out of a coconut, your suet sounds like something they would really enjoy.

      I think all the necessary items have already been created so now all the new stuff is the useless things that they can come up with to still make a profit.


  2. How nice that your Grandmother’s table is still part of the family :) I was quite taken aback a few weeks ago when buying a cast-iron grill pan in a posh homewares shop (as a gift) when the lady said to me, “Ah, this will be an inheritance piece for someone”. It was strange for me to think about the future like that, about family who perhaps don’t exist yet, but she was simply remarking on the longevity of the product.

    The picture of the lake is so beautiful, if you can enjoy it when you are there (and certainly if you are there regularly), then there is no need to splurge on camping there :)

    The electric earwax vacuum… what more can I say… only perhaps… “LOL”. :D


    • P, I think that would stun me for a moment as well, you never hear anyone around here selling you something who believes it will last for any length of time. Good choice in your purchase as well because cast iron pans are pretty indestructible.

      I do enjoy the lake with it being right across the street, but I have no way to sleep right along the water, most areas are privately owned or closed at night. The sounds of the water at night would lull me to sleep, but like you said I see the lake daily so spending the money on a rental would be frivolous.

      The ear wax vacuum advertised the attachments that came with it so you wouldn’t put it too far into the ear….I’m seeing a lot of damaged ears from this thing.


  3. Lois, your product posts are my favorites! That ear wax remover made me laugh out loud.

    Drug stores have the best useless products, don’t they? My mom and I used to go to Walgreens, just to laugh at them.

    I remember last Christmas, this doughnut hole maker was a hot item. Rob and I created this whole doughnut whole maker lifestyle, around it. You stay in your bathrobe, and order mixes online. Pay the neighbor kid the bring the mixes to your door, and you won’t even have to leave your home. You can just stay inside, making and eating nothing but doughnut holes! I think it may be a new type of minimalism…


    • Bethany, I really should have split that post up, I know. :-) You and your husband must have all kinds of fun games. I love the doughnut hole scenario you guys created. There is nothing in the world that would get me to buy a doughnut hole maker as I’ve never enjoyed doughnuts. I love my chocolate, but pastries of any kind just aren’t my thing. I don’t think drug stores are unique any more in carrying useless stuff, but what a fun way to spend time with your mother. I’ve noticed areas in our grocery store with “as seen on TV’ products and plenty of worthless products all around the store. Everyone wants to cash in. I recently spotted a Larry the Cable Guy boxed dinner, similar to Hamburger Helper.


    • Marlene, I would be so happy to have summer all year round, winter is the only thing about this area I don’t like. I know to have this scenery winter is the cost. :-) I always have to have a bird feeder, I enjoy birds too much not to entice them to stick around.


  4. sounds like a wonderful and full weekend! it’s so good to take time away from technology in these days that it seems to take over…i have to force myself to! and, those contraptions….hilarious.


    • It was a full weekend, but not so busy that I didn’t have some downtime as well. Glad you enjoyed the ridiculous products. I see these things and realize many people are probably buying these on credit, then wishing they hadn’t but finding themselves with the bill to pay later.


  5. I’ve seen those ear vac commercials…Funny, every time I see one, I think, oh, that looks like a Keyboard vacuum…..grin (as for me, I just turn my keyboard upside down to get crumbs off, but I could see it selling)


    • Lynn, I was amazed to find people buying canned air to clean their keyboards. I never had, like you I can turn it upside down, or when off wipe down the keyboard. I fortunately have missed seeing those commercials, there is an advantage to not having a TV, I don’t see all the stupid stuff, just when I enter a store:-)


  6. I had a stressy weekend – I just don’t seem to be able to relax at the moment! I did reconstruct my sofa and my arc lamp, so I’m happy to have those jobs done – as well as the handyman putting right a few things around the place. I can see that pillow being bought – those tablets and things are hard to watch movies on (not that I really do) cause of the angles, or lack. That being said, you don’t really need a POCKET for them!!


    • How are things going in the new apartment? Sorry you had a stressful weekend, hope your week is better.

      I tend to watch movies on my phone. I simply prop a book behind it to get the angle right. No pocket needed for me, but I can see someone buying each of these things.


  7. Since you don’t watch TV, you probably haven’t seen the commercials for the EarVac. They are both gross and ridiculous at the same time. I have never had a problem with ear wax, so I don’t know if this is a needed product, but it certainly looks gimmicky in the ads.


    • No, I haven’t seen the commercial, this was the first time I had ever seen this product, but I think I’m glad I haven’t seen it. Just the idea of vacuuming out my ear sounds gross. To clean ear wax,if you have a problem with it, all you need is a couple of drops of oil or hydrogen peroxide. Let it sit a few minutes while reclined on your side, then turn over and let it fall out on a towel or rag while you do the other ear.


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