Friday Faves, There Will Always Be That One

I have spent much less time online in the last week, and some of you may have noticed I am not commenting as often on your posts.  It has nothing to do with you.  I am currently experiencing some internet problems.  The cable provider (I have cable internet) has one line that has “noise”  on it and is disrupting the level of our connection.  My signal goes in and out.  I have become frustrated trying to leave comments only to lose the connection  along with my comment.  I’m hoping this is a short-term problem, but until it is solved I will be commenting a little less as the frustration is something I don’t accept well.


Right before I came inside to start writing this, I sat for a minute watching our bird feeder.  I spotted the first cardinal of the year happily munching away.  The the baby chickadees put on a show for me that had me laughing.  Do you remember the days when your children were just learning to walk?  Some moments you thought they had it down, the next you were lost in laughter at the impossibility of what they just attempted.  It was the same with the chickadees this evening.  Figuring out how to use their wings to take off and land safely, one had to be the daredevil.  He wasn’t content to fly with the rest of his family and perch on the roof or wires. He was going to show he had no fears of humans one bit and all surfaces were landing spots.


The upper apartments have windows that crank out, this little one sat on the edge of this open window watching the goings on beyond the screen.  Then he flew around trying to get inside that screen.  When that didn’t work well he began practicing his landing on every available surface.  Watching him trying to grab hold of a spot on the aluminum siding was probably the highlight of his antics for me.   He was so sure he could sit there, like Spiderman, he would flap his wings trying to stay in air while scratching at every ridge trying to find that one secret hold.


As I lost it laughing out loud, he spotted me and flew down to within inches of my arm, cocking his head from side to side, as if trying to figure out exactly what I was.  There is always one in a family who fears nothing, years ago it was my youngest son, today it was our resident chickadee. If only I hadn’t decided to leave my phone indoors today. :-(

Well, it is Friday, here are my favorite posts of the week.




I enjoy hearing from and getting to know so many new people each week.  Here are the latest bloggers to join in.

  1. Robbie lives in an urban area but still wanted a garden.  What began as a small kitchen garden has taken over her entire backyard.  While I simply refer to my garden areas as “the field” Robbie has an Urban Potager.  See what she has created here.
  2. Jenna Dee has such a positive attitude I feel in her writing. She is kind and looks for the goodness that is around.  What a shock it was to stumble on this post about the pain she endured for years as a mother.  Jenna, I understand what you  went through only too well, and am so glad your son is doing well.


Green Living

  1. This year I began using coconut oil when my skin needs a little more than aloe as a moisturizer.  While I have one jar in a central location for use in both the bathroom and the kitchen, I was shocked to see just how many uses coconut oil has.  Here are 20 uses for Coconut oil and the advice to keep 3 jars around the home, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.
  2. Are you living as green as you can be?  Jen and Joey take on 5 disposable items you can easily replace.  Ready to give up that toothbrush, see how many you have replaced or find ideas to further green your life.
  3. While dumpster diving has a bad reputation, websites like Freecycle have given people a chance to accept used items and save them from the landfills.  But do you think only those without the means to pay for what they want or need use Freecycle or dumpster dive?  Sarah has a good job and can afford a few luxuries many can’t, but take a peek at how much she gladly welcomed for free into her home.  Don’t be shy start looking for what you can save and have for free.
  4. Part of green living is avoiding the consumerist lifestyle where we buy what falls into several categories: junk, made by overworked “slave” labor, overpriced name brand labels and more.  In my green life I try to give the gifts of experience, lasting value and whenever possible handmade.  Jubilant Jessi loves to make gifts as well, but she received a huge shock when someone asked her why she didn’t just buy a gift, along with the question, “don’t you think people would rather have something that isn’t handmade?”  Isn’t that the rudest comment you have ever heard?  Here’s her answer to that question, be prepared she has quite the attitude. :-)


Environmental Issues

  1. There has been a lot of news about the choices we are facing.  The  biggest story of this past week has to be, in my opinion, the lack of water in towns across Texas.  If you haven’t heard about this, the amount of water it takes to “frack” for natural gas has many turning on their faucets to find their town has run out of water.  While many bloggers took on this subject, I think Alex put it best in his post The Choice of Oil or Water.
  2. The big McMansion is a huge waste of resources.  Many people are finding it possible to downsize their homes to what fits them better, many are embracing the tiny house movement.  One huge problem for those wanting to live in a tiny house has been financing and insurance.  If you want a tiny house, but don’t want to build it yourself, now you can get financing to purchase a ready-made tiny home.  Tumbleweed homes are now certified as Recreational vehicles which will enable you to finance the home you always wanted, learn more here.


Sharing the Love

  1. I DO NOT like gnomes in the gardens or front yards, but this story is too sweet not to share.  Mavis at One Hundred Dollars a month wanted to find a way to share her earnings from her blog.  Yes, some people do make money on their blogs.  She picked St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  She asked her readers to send her gnomes, for each one she received she would donate $10 from her earnings this year (up to $10,000).  She not only received gnomes, but cash as well.  Then she took a road trip and “gnomed” homes and businesses (along with a note explaining why) from Seattle to Memphis, her destination where she would present her check to St. Jude’s along with planting the remaining gnomes in the gardens at the Hospital.   Click here to see pictures and learn how day 1 went.
  2. How would you like to start a Buy Nothing group in your area?  Liesl has all the information you will need and will help you to get it started, just click here to learn more and get involved in your community, no matter where you live.  Let’s all begin sharing what we have to save money and strengthen our ties to our neighbors.
  3. This weekend only Mahe, from The Altered Upcycling Blog is offering her  ebook  The Green Crafts Lifestyle for FREE.  She has collected ideas from crafty people to publish a book with 35 crafts, and over 300 pictures.  If you enjoyed my post earlier this week on how to upcycle anything from toys to broken fans, you will enjoy this book. You can find the link for the book by visiting The Altered Upcycling Blog.
  4. It’s time to love ourselves. Kim took one of my favorite quotes to heart; “What other people think of you is none of your business“.  That one sentence had her reflecting on how many times she apologized for her choices in life, see if any of her experiences resonate with you.


Living Life on Your Terms

  1. Katy, sees what is important in life.  In 8 Little Habits to Change Your Life, the costliest item on the list is a piece of fruit.  I looked through her list and wondered if I covered each item myself.  One item had me stumped then I realized it comes so naturally to me I don’t even register it as anything out of the ordinary.
  2. Families are finding their way to live small.  A Thrifty Mom in Boise listened carefully to the needs and concerns of her daughters before making that big step to a new home.  See what a couple of girls found to be the most important on their wish list and how those needs were met in this tiny home.

The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique.  ~~ Walt Disney


   Have a wonderful weekend, see you again Monday.

24 thoughts on “Friday Faves, There Will Always Be That One

  1. I see I have more exploring to do Lois, and while the Sun has been out, so have I. I was working though yesterday.. Enjoy your week And thank you for your lovely comment will be moderating them tomorrow, As I needed to catch up with a few people whose blogs I’ve not been on for a while. And its time to close my own lid on the laptop for tonight
    Love Sue


  2. Thank you so much for mentioning me! I absolutely love this list. Kim’s post was probably my favorite. I think we all need to follow in her footsteps. All the best!


  3. Hi Lois, thanks for our weekly dose of good links to interesting and varied blogs around the internet. I’m with you about the whole gnome thing…but I had to read the blog post just because it was still a lovely idea. And yes, your idea about “there will always be that one” that resonated with me….I’m sure my mom thought the same thing about me–as did lots of moms about some of the other bloggers you regularly link to here on Friday. Can’t wait to see who you come up with for the next round :-) Have a great week! ~Kathy


    • Hi, Kathy. I’m in good company with the gnomes I see, but the story was just too good not to share. To give to charity a large chunk of what you earn from your blog and to have some fun with it reminds me that most people are good, caring and unselfish. That baby bird was my entertainment Friday. I had so much fun watching his antics, there will always be that one whether it’s a bird or a child. I know I had my one, and I had to try everything myself. As for this coming Friday, I have no idea yet who will be included. :-)


  4. Lovely to be included in such wonderful company – this is a beautiful post full of great ideas and I’m sure I’ll come back to it again and again. Thank you!


    • You are welcome, Sarah. There is still such a negative opinion about picking up used things, that somehow it’s only for those who are poor. I was happy to see you do an entire post on what you found free and hope by sharing it more people will start to consider the benefits of buying used or picking up free when something they need is offered.


  5. Lois, you say “I don’t want to ruin the new battery”>….is it bad to work on a laptop, while it is plugged in…
    I mean, is it bad for the battery to always leave the laptop plugged in?

    (oh, did you take the photos?)


    • Lynn, it is super bad to leave your laptop or notebook plugged in all the time, it will burnout the battery. As for the pictures, no they aren’t mine. I had forgotten my phone Friday and had nothing new that worked for this post. When I post pictures that aren’t mine I use Creative Commons pictures, most I get from Pixabay, which was where all the pictures came from for Friday’s post.


  6. I love the photos you use, and the cardinal bird must be an awesome colourful creature to see in your garden. Thanks for mentioning my blog post. I have also been commenting less this week, so I have catching up to do.


    • Alex, I have been forgetting my phone lately, which I did on Friday so those were free photos I found. I was amazed to see the Cardinal, he was gorgeous. I used to see them often when I was younger but here it’s not as common so it made my day.


  7. You are such a “giving person” …I will have to read your post again. I want to “check out ” what you suggested to read further…. You took the time to post and talk about what others are doing in the world. ….I have enjoyed reading blogs suggested by others…I have found some very interesting people out there in the world since I have been reading blogs. We don’t all have to have the same passions, but a desire to learn and grow from knowing each other….there is a community on here that is growing, and I am enjoying getting to know all these new souls….


    • Robbie, thank you. I wanted a way to thank my readers and really wanted to add CommentLuv but it’s not available with WordPress, at least not the free version I have. The Friday Faves was my solution. I try to include some of my favorite blogs and new ones, and articles, that come to my attention. I hope you are able to find a few posts from each week you enjoy.


  8. beautiful photos and beautiful stories about the birds. Love your Cardinal, never get them at my house.

    you Friday Faves looking interesting, and looking forward to reading them.

    OH YES…
    may the Computer Gods send that internet Demon which is harassing your cable, out to pasture. Time for them to send the techie cable guy out with new cable (we just had this done, thank goodness no charge to us)….


    • Lynn, cardinals are fairly common in this area, but for some reason we rarely have them in the field. I don’t know if it’s because of the lake being so close or the fact that we have so many varieties of birds here that they head to homes less crowded. It was great to see him tonight.

      I so hope they get this fixed soon. I found one solution for the moment and that is I have a better signal when the computer is plugged in. So I wear down the battery doing other work then plug it in to make comments and write my posts. I don’t want to ruin the new battery so when it’s charged I’m done online.


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