Friday Faves, Is it REALLY August?

It’s now Thursday afternoon, while it rained some early this morning it has turned out to be a lovely day. My son came over this morning with the little ones to help me get the rest of the cement block out that I found in the field.  The ground was too damp for me to risk getting stuck in.  Yes, this is the same area where I found three different types of snakes the other day.  He found two this morning and took time out to hold them and let the children pet them.


Is he really my son? He showed up with gloves when he learned I had snakes nesting around the blocks.

You may want to know what I am doing with the cinder blocks.  I am building raised beds for next year which will make it easier for me to reach and will help to  keep the weeds from creeping into the gardens.  For now I don’t have enough to surround everything which means the compost areas are getting the first blocks.


The compost is being built up on the left for next years plantings, you can see cantaloupe growing on the right. I’ve used found cardboard and Red Plum flyers to set the blocks on which will keep down weeds.

Time for my Friday Faves.


This is the time I get to say thank you  to every one who has stopped by and helps  make this blog a community.  While I have no way to specifically thank each of my email followers, I appreciate each of you, I can at least introduce my fellow bloggers here.

  1. Stephanie Williamson-Brittian has such a wonderful personality.  She writes about what she knows, which is San Diego, California. Everything you want to know about the area you can find out on her blog.  I lived in Los Angeles for a year in the early 80s and made my way down to San Diego a few times, so I can tell you it is worth a trip.  When I came across this post called Glamping, I couldn’t stop laughing at the introduction, which means it’s what I wanted to share with you.  What is Glamping?  It’s what happens when Gay and Lesbians go camping. Stop by and see why I found this simple activity so funny, here.
  2. Growing up my siblings weren’t close to me, they didn’t want people to notice that I  was different, so imagine my surprise to read this wonderful post by a 13 year old listing all the Pros and Cons of having an older brother with Aspergers.  You will see that even the cons seem to have a silver lining to them.
  3. Argentum Lining is about seeing our world from another perspective, or as the author says “optimism on a cloudy day”  In this post,  The  Privilege of Happiness the subject is seeing first world problems in a new light.
  4. Janette, at the Green Dragonfly, has been one of my favorite bloggers for a while.  She recently joined us here.  Janette is one crafty woman and mother.  While most of per posts cover crafts, not always, such as this post Sunday in Photos which to me is the perfect example of family simplicity there is (plus there are plenty of gorgeous photos to see).

Stuffing the holes with more junk mail for weed control as I will plant flowers which deter pests in these to surround the garden beds.

Crafts and Upcycling

  1. We don’t all have the  time to make a gift, or want to give the gift of creativity to your loved one. See where Creative Pixie shopped and what she bought for her mother.  I want on her gift-giving list. :-)
  2. I  don’t know about anyone else, but I love finding new uses for something that is usually tossed away.  This is a new idea I found.  What can you make out of an old towel and pair of flip flops?  See for yourself at Crafty Nest.
  3. AT Upcycle Us, you will find ideas to reuse anything you could find in a recycling bin.  Are you looking for a new light fixture, have you priced new ones lately?  Check  out this one made from paperclips.
  4. What can you do with a plastic bottle?  Sure we’ve all seen the gardening ideas, but here’s an idea that makes a cute (and unique) gift for a child. I can think of all kinds of variations on this.
  5. Daniele finally has me over my fear of painting upholstered furniture with her $1 chair.  I tried it first on a couple of baskets I received, see picture below, and will soon tackle the process on a loveseat.  Learn the tricks to making this work here.
I was given 2 of these baskets, they are great to stash the little one's stuff under the couch, but pink doesn't go with my home,  a little latex paint and they were good to go.

I was given 2 of these baskets, they are great to stash the little one’s stuff under the couch, but pink doesn’t go with my home, a little latex paint and they were good to go.

Environmental Concerns

  1. With the Colony Collapse (of bees) being seen around the world I have been using less honey.  Do you know how much work it takes to make one pound of honey?  Do you know what is suspected of causing the colony collapses, one hint Monsanto?  The Green Divas share what they know about bees here.
  2. Speaking of Monsanto, by what percentage do you think the EPA has allowed them to increase the toxic chemicals on it’s food crops?  Would you believe 60%, and which crops will be afffected? It’s not just soy and canola. Learn more here.
  3. Fiction can be a window to the future.  Jackie this week took a 100 word challenge and created a nightmare scenario if we don’t do something now to fix the environment.
  4. We have the power to stop what is happening, if we want to.  Sue not only has some words of inspiration, but a lovely poem on the subject of the environment.
Another improvement I made today.  I took this free rack with a verdigris finish and painted it blue. I can now eliminate a basket for gloves and scarves that usually sits around in winter.

Another improvement I made today. I took this free rack with a verdigris finish and painted it blue. I can now eliminate a basket for gloves and scarves that usually sits around in winter.

Community Involvement

  1. There are plenty of things we can do to save the environment, but what can save the environment and build strong community ties?  Liesl shares the story of their community sharing project, called The Buy Nothing Project.  Forget the big box store learn how to trade and share with those living nearby, it’s cheap and saves the precious resources we have left. Liesl will go one step further and help you to start a sharing community right in your hometown. Their community shares extra homegrown produce, and anything legal, sort of like a gathering of Freecycle members.

I have a busy weekend planned, a sleepover with a little one Friday night, a few more patio chairs to complete, and a dining room table to  start to go with the chairs I am finishing tonight, and a small surprise for the little ones using these.

Original pulls from the desk I cut in half to create a nightstand.

Original pulls from the desk I cut in half to create a nightstand.

Hopefully by Monday I will be able to show you all the finished pieces.

We must adjust to changing times and still hold to unchanging principles.  ~~ Jimmy Carter

Have a wonderful weekend, what do you have planned?


  1. So many faves here Lois with so many wonderful ideas. You’ve been very busy too with your gardening, I wonder if the raised beds will also save some plants from wildlife? I see you like the flip flop idea which is very clever so you might like to have a look at something which is an entirely different thing to do with them (in Australia we call them thongs)—thong-tree-and-paddle-st.jpg You can find this sculpture in Echuca on the Murray River.

    • Jen, that is very interesting, I recently spotted a large fish made from aluminum cans that this reminds me of, my picture didn’t turn out very good but I will have to share it with you. I’m not sure when they began to be called flip-flops as we called them thongs when I was growing up. I believe it was when they began to be made from cheap rubber/plastic and became very cheap compared to the leather and other more durable materials I used to wear.

  2. Hi, Lois! I’m getting caught up!

    I think it’s funny that you always post links about Monsanto, when we’re making the drive from MI to TX, right through Monsanto country on the second day. :-(

    LOVED the glamping article!

    • Bethany, if there is any company I absolutely detest it’s Monsanto. I saw so much of the damage they did with Agent Orange when the Vietnam Vets came home and to think they kept making it.. Then they start messing with our food. I heard recently that the GM seeds can travel 500 miles and will infect gardens along the way. No one has the right to control the country (and now they want to control the world’s) food supply.

      The land you traveled through is such a beautiful part of the country (okay Indiana and Illinois are pretty boring) I hate to think of all the damage being done. My youngest was close to Beanies age the first time I took my kids on a cross country trip. They still remember what it was like, I’m sure Beanie has been loving seeing the countryside.

  3. Lois, where on earth do you find your energy? and I want some lol…. Loved reading through your Friday Favs and lo and behold I find myself in your list of to visits Thank you so much for this… And also for the link to the Monsanto news too… I can not tell people enough at the damage their products and meddling is doing to the environment and our Bees.
    You should see how those Bees in our garden buzz back and forward in their nests as they collect pollen, we counted one every second in and out… Amazing to watch them. One thing though Lois I am pleased I do not have in my garden is snakes… although you will see on my Friday Facts today we had another visitor to the garden :-)

    Loving your good idea with the raised beds,, Ours in the allotment a good success and not as back breaking to get down too.. Ideal for you…. :-)

    Smiling too at your comment on your Son’s photo,,, ” Is he really my son?” I know that feeling as I look at mine, who is now 38… OMG that makes me feel old, yet I swear I am only 33 myself.. LOL… well….. give or take a few! hehe….

    Enjoy your weekend… Right now to catch up on your other interesting news… xox
    Hugs Sue xox

    • Sue, I just turned on the computer I’ll be over shortly to read your Friday post. I enjoy snakes, but then again while we have a few aggressive ones here we have nothing in this spot that are poisonous. They circle our little county, especially rattlers but have yet to move into this region. The best part of my son showing up with gloves is that he used to have a pet python when he was in the military. :-)

      I’m just like you, I don’t feel old and am amazed by how old my boys are. My youngest just turned 26 this week and my oldest will be 29 in a month.

      We have plenty of bees here, still not as many of the honey bees as I remember growing up, but at least they are making a comeback. As for Monsanto, this is a case of a business that became obsolete after a war but liked their money and didn’t want to find another business. Their products started with creating a use for Agent Orange!

      Have a great weekend too, Sue.

  4. Hi Lois,
    You know that you are one of my heroes. I truly admire you and thoroughly enjoy your blog. I was off of the internet for a few days and did not notice that you had linked one of my posts. Thank you.

    I’ve recently started a new blog that you may be interested in at

    Dan Garner
    Zen Presence

    • You are welcome, and thank you. My daughter-in-law walked into her new home and the first thing she did was take that off the wall and say it was trash. She hated it, and so did I with the original color. You know me by now, I told her it was coming home with me and she laughed and shook her head. Today she likes it, but she’s not getting it back, although she wouldn’t do that. :-)

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