Friday Faves, July 26th

It’s been another busy week with the time flying by at record speed.  Is it just me or do the years really seem to advance at record speed as we get older?  I collected more free stuff this week, at least it was set out with a free sign and not tossed in the trash.

art canvas and pencil sharpener

art canvas and pencil sharpener

wooden pop crate, pens and markers in a lovely metal holder, and two lamps.

wooden pop crate, pens and markers in a lovely metal holder, and two lamps.






With my granddaughter moving from the family bed to her own room the one problem she has been experiencing is a fear of the dark. I knew instantly the one lamp would be perfect next to her bed where she could turn it on without getting out of bed. The cheap plastic gold color just didn’t work for her so we gave it a new look.

7_25_2013 5_55_54 PM_jpg

While visiting she also spotted the food I purchased at the farmers market and insisted we make a pot of soup. First we had to collect anything from our garden that could be added, then we worked together to wash and chop. Since we were experiencing a cold day the soup hit the spot.

She then created a new dessert.  After removing the pit from the cherries she filled the hole with blueberries..  The blend of the two flavors were divine.

She then created a new dessert. After removing the pit from the cherries she filled the hole with blueberries.. The blend of the two flavors were divine.

I know you didn’t stop by today to read about my latest finds or what I ate. It’s Friday so on to my Favorites of the week.


  • I have never been a breakfast eater.  One reason is that I’m not a morning person.  If given the chance I will choose sleep right up to the moment I need to leave the house.  I will gladly sacrifice breakfast for more sleep.  So what do people eat in the morning?  if the stores are any indication it is something that comes in a package with lots of sugar and additives.  Imagine my surprise when I saw these pictures of what people eat for breakfast in other countries!
  • I do eat, I just have to remind myself sometimes that it’s necessary.  I prefer whole foods made at home to what can be purchased out.  Purposely Frugal listed 7 benefits of cooking from scratch.
  • Are you experiencing record heat?  This cucumber flavored water would hit the spot, give it a try and let me know what you think.
  • Of course even whole foods can pose a problem if you are relying on the grocery store or big box for your food.  Alex presents a situation that we can avoid by knowing where and how our food is produced.
Cherry juice stained chin

Cherry juice stained chin


  • If you just finished reading Alex’s article you may  be determined to start a garden next summer, if you haven’t already.  Native Backyard shared their favorite “essential” gardening books.  There is something here whether you are a child or an experienced gardener.


Children and Family

  • I have never understood how a young child could be bored, they are full of curiosity and wonder.  Of course if you don’t have areas to let children explore or weather is keeping you stuck inside then crafts are the easy answer.  One of my go-to sites for craft ideas with children has become Easy Crafts for Children.  In this post you will find a collection of crafts perfect for any child, just click on the picture for the tutorial.
  • Families today are challenged as in no other time, my family was no exception.  I was a single parent who dreamed of having the right conditions whereby my children could come and go freely between their parents’ homes.  I wasn’t able to give that to my children, but Everett and his son have  found exactly what I could only imagine.  See how a divorced couple move forward with their lives while keeping their child at all times first in their decisions.
  • Growing up it seemed every family I knew had Family Reunion picnics.  These were a lot of fun, we got to see relatives who had to relocate for work and may only be seen this one day of the year.  The children enjoyed playing with cousins, and uncles could be counted on to join in with a little roughhousing.  As the older generations passed away the tradition fell by the wayside.  But there seems to be a resurgence of the Family Reunion,   Live and Learn – Toss and Turn is fortunate to be able to experience this tradition being reinvented.



  • Building community is an important issue to me, so when I read about this 82 year old man who has been giving of himself every week for 25 years to bring a smile to others in this post called Will work for hugs I knew I had to share the story here.
  • You can’t build community if you aren’t willing to accept others for who they are without passing judgement.  Finding this post asking to be judged on being yourself should give pause and remind us of those ways we may make snap judgements without realizing it.
  • Is opposition a negative force?  Maybe we need to take another look at opposition, thanks to a Thrifty Hippie I was able to reflect on how opposition has defined who I am.
  • I avoid listening to the news, I don’t want to hear all the  negative stories, I want to believe in the good of people instead.  Fairy shared an amazing story of an individual who gives so much out of love, not for monetary benefit.
  • Not sure where to put this, so since Christiane Northrup has been an inspiration to me I will put this link here. :-)  If you aren’t familiar with Ms. Northrup she is an amazing doctor and author who writes about women’s health.   This interview with her is very informative, she even included a positive side of menopause!



  • We have all heard about peak oil by now, but do a quick search and you will come face-to-face with another peak, peak water.  Rather than give you several links which are depressing about the limited water left, I decided to include this on water catchment systems.  Whether you long to live off-grid or just want to reduce your water use I think this article will provide enough ideas to get started.
  • I’m not much of a girly-girl, never have been, but I have inherited two daughter’s-in-law who like the girly things.  I can see either one of them doing this and shared this link with one already.  So what is it?  How about a solar chandelier for the garden?  Is this something you would do?
  • Dan brought up a subject I have faced myself in relation to my blog.  As one who has gotten rid of all the non-essentials I can’t imagine selling “stuff” to my readers.  Dan writes wonderful, inspiring material yet wanted to earn an income to support his costs associated with running his blog.  See how Dan found a way to be true to his values when it  came to earning money.


Just for a laugh

  • I love my children and my grand children, but with children comes many opportunities to tell a joke. This one entitled Volume Control is from a blogger I enjoy very much as he brings me plenty of inspiration and chuckles.
  • What do you do when you encounter a stranger who due to whatever reason is just plain rude?  Do you ignore their comments, or do you try to come up with an appropriate remark?  John decided to go for an equally rude response, I’m glad he shared because I had a good laugh at his expense, but I’m positive he could have done better, see for yourself here.

Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.  ~~Russel Baker

I hope you have a great weekend with lovely weather to enjoy the best of the season.

27 thoughts on “Friday Faves, July 26th

  1. Lois, loved your Friday Faves… I went to visit that 82 yr old and what a gentleman.. :-) loved it.. And no you are not on your own.. Time is Flying!…….. I should get me some wings! ;-)

  2. I always love your Fridays. :-) I especially enjoyed “Joe” and his hugs. Made me think of a homeless guy we used to take care of frequently. He came in on his birthday one year and we talked the catering guy at the hospital into making him a small birthday cake. I don’t know how we pulled it off but he never forgot that. We never forgot the sheer joy in such a small gesture that most take for granted or (with birthdays) often insist upon others participating. Happy weekend! And yes, days fly by now especially in summer. It’s not that I tear around in chaos but they still seem to slip away. All the more reason to make it quality time and do away with the needless stuff.

    • M.B. what a wonderful gesture to do for a homeless man, I am sure he will never forget that. All too often the homeless are invisible, people walk right by and either don’t notice or are afraid to notice those less fortunate then themselves. I’m glad the story of Joe reminded you of such a good memory. Yes, you get it, I don’t want to waste any of my time on the stuff that distracts me from enjoying every minute I can.

  3. Made me think of a quote from The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin: “The days are long and the years are short.”

    I continue to love your blog. Beautiful photos and words. So grateful to have found you. Peace and joy to you always… :-)

  4. I like the last one. I find it really funny that so many words (like the one in the post) are extremely offensive in the UK and unknown here! Regarding Dan at Zen Presence, the free version of WordPress does put ads in posts but you (the blogger) can’t see them. I was really surprised when I viewed my blog when someone else had it open, and there were ads in it. Since I had no control over the content of the ads in my posts, I decided to pay to have ads NOT appear in them!

    • Dar, it is funny how words are used or not used based on the culture. There are a few I find offensive and won’t tolerate but I’m pretty easy going about language. I was wondering why you switched. I was trying to link to you a week or two ago for my Friday Faves and knew you were on WordPress, took me a few minutes to realize you had switched. I noticed the ads for the first time when I was borrowing a computer a few months after I started blogging. I couldn’t figure out why they were there. I have considered switching but fear I don’t know enough to have my own site. Did you have to get a host too?

  5. Lots of great thoughts here! I love Dr. Northrup’s book, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom – she’s amazing! And about how kids never getting bored if exposed to nature, I couldn’t agree more. Today on the news (which I do think is very important not to avoid to understand what is going on in the world – and it’s not all bad!) I saw a feature on kids getting addicted to “minecraft” video games and their parents having the audacity to defend them as ‘educational’ even though the kids were saying if they could they’d play the game 24-7 and avoid eating. Oy. It may be hard to hear but I see it as more incentive to educate parents on getting their kids off the electronics and out amongst the trees :)

    • EcoGrrl, I read Women’s Bodies, then as age crept up read Dr. Northrup’s book on Menopause, I grew up in a family where discussing anything sex related about health was taboo so I was a little apprehensive about entering this new stage, her book put my fears to rest and gave me the education I needed about the second half of my life.

      Minecraft is educational now? Wow between those parents and the one I read about last week that is thankful for reality TV as a means of bringing the family together and giving them something to talk about I think families are in worse shape than I had believed. I didn’t grow up with video games and can’t imagine spending so much time with them, there are so many thing much more interesting to do, and better for us.

      As for the news, I don’t have a TV, and avoid much of the news but I still keep up to date with what’s going on through the computer, I’m just not going to sit in front of the TV and listen to all the stuff they believe is important. I also have a neighbor who will pass on her Sunday newspaper that I read through, of course I skim a lot of it. For instance, I’m not going to sit through all day programming on the latest royal baby being born.

    • Our cukes aren’t in yet, but by adding the recipe to my Favorites here I will be sure not to lose it when they are ready to pick, it really does sound refreshing and anything with lemon is delicious.

  6. As always, an interesting collection of blog posts. As for making a garden chandelier, I probably wouldn’t do that exactly, but I did see an old chandelier made into a bird feeder. That’s more my speed.
    BTW, thanks for the mention.

  7. I have noticed that as I get older time speeds up. My dad told me this would happen, so I suppose it does. How rude though. We just get the knack of living down and we are being rushed to die. ha! :-)

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