Milestones and time to work

I wish I could have captured the intensity of this storm.

I wish I could have captured the intensity of this storm.

I am about to reach a milestone on the  blog I had never imagined when I began writing.  I am 196 views from reaching 100,000 views!  I want to thank everyone who has joined in.  I began writing as a way to express how I was feeling after moving to my tiny apartment.  I was happy, felt unburdened by stuff and life again looked fresh and new, but I was facing criticism (as I’ve discussed before) on my choice.    I wanted to meet others who may have gone through similar things to what I was experiencing.  I had no idea the number of fantastic  people I would meet or how this blog would help me grow and focus on the things that are important to me.

I have gotten to know some of the most amazing people, too many to list but here are just a couple.

  • Katherine, of Pillows a  la Mode who after an innocent comment on her bracelet holder mailed me a couple that were too small for her wrist.
  • Kathy, from Smart Living 365 who concerned I was without a computer due to lack of funds offered to organize something in blogland that would have provided me with a replacement and who offered copies of her book Finding Grace to raise money to raise money for the medical needs of a young child who was badly burned immediately upon learning she could be a help.
  • Caitlin, from Born-again Minimalist who has helped me to open up about personal choices.
  • Bethany, from My Journey to Ithaca who has been such a good friend and reaches out to support me when she suspects I am frustrated, yes even adult children can frustrate their parents.
  • Tegan, at Baby Earth Blog, who gives me hope that the next generation  will have the empathy to fix the problems they are inheriting from earlier generations.
  • And the three sisters I just know I was separated from. Jean, Lou Ann, and Jackie.

This is just an example of the wonderful people you can meet when you put yourself out there.  Everyone who has visited ,  commented or contacted me directly through email has enriched my life and reinforced my belief that people are wonderful, caring and welcome cooperative relationships which gives me great hope  for the future of our world.

Children enjoying the latest dumpster item saved.

Children enjoying the latest dumpster item saved.

In return, while never meeting any of you in real life I have grown to care about your well-being too.

  • Heidi, of Lightly Crunchy who suffers from MS, a disorder very similar to my own in its cause yet has such a sparkling personality that you can’t help but wish the best for her and look forward to her next post.
  • This week, my thoughts were with Kathy whose home was threatened by wildfires and my friends at Quarter Acre Lifestyle who have struggled to keep things going while experiencing several earthquakes, and Lili who is faced with a 30% reduction in household income and trying to find ways to make things work.

What surprises me the most is which posts have been the most  popular to you.

  1. My natural solution for warts.
  2. living without a refrigerator.
  3. And how I adjusted to living without a stove.

Who would have thought these would be the top three posts?

But I don’t live online.   Life happens and that’s what keeps  me writing.  As we are into day 2 of pouring rain and I had a day to myself I currently have these 5 chairs, found in the trash, sitting around the apartment with wet paint.   I am waiting for the first coat to dry by writing this and listening to some music.

Nice solid wood chair that I decided needed a new look.

Nice solid wood chair that I decided needed a new look.

A local reader of the blog told me where to find these.

A local reader of the blog told me where to find these.

The ones needing major repairs.

The ones needing major repairs.

When done these chairs will be sold with this table.


I call this a good day,  a fun day and I enjoy knowing what I do makes a difference.

Thank you, each and everyone one of you  has made life better!

What did you do today?


  1. Well here is one more view. How inspiring your blog is, I’ve been thinking about all the excess and how to trim down materialism and consumerism that plague my life. I still need to make the leap, but I’ve begun by deciding I don’t want a bigger house, I already spend too much time cleaning my little one.

    • Stephanie, glad to have you join in. While I have never been comfortable in a larger home I wouldn’t want to have to clean one either. I shake my head when I look at the smaller home that was enough to raise a family in but once the children move out the parents build their huge dream home. Not only do they have to clean all those rooms, but they have to fill them too. Good luck finding that “just right” amount that fits your life, and I hope you stop by often.

  2. Congratulations on your impending big number! I am not at all surprised, because you are constantly providing us with good content and keeping in touch with everyone personally – a winning combination! What was the start date of your blog?

    • Thanks, Dar. I began blogging the end of November 2011. I had no idea what I was doing and at first couldn’t figure out how to get pictures from my phone to my computer. Once I figured that out I tackled things one at a time. I did so much reading about how to blog that I don’t think much of my earliest stuff had much personality to them. I can see the progression as I became more comfortable in expressing my opinions and finding my niche.

  3. That is a shockingly great number of views! Incredible work! You are such a prolific reader and commenter, you can’t help but get us curious to come over and have a look at what you’re all about!

  4. Thank you for the mention, Sistah! I would say your top three posts are all about getting rid of things — warts, refrigerators, and stoves. This is good. You are helping us rid ourselves of unneeded articles, warts and all. I can’t wait for your landmark number of views. Will there be cake?

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