Bees and Garbage


Cinder blocks,found on the property,and Red Plum flyers will create a raised bed for next year.

I hope you had a great weekend.  I had a busy one, which doesn’t seem to be anything new, but I was doing things I love causing  time to fly by quickly.  I was close to finishing the rehabbing of the finds from our garbage hunt when the students went home in May, but today I found myself collecting several more items. Most of them needed absolutely nothing from me other than find them a new home.  I spotted a pickup loaded with stuff pull up to the dumpster, I rushed over and begged the gentleman to let me have them instead.  He looked at me as if I were crazy, regardless of what he might have thought these were not going to end up in the landfill.


These items were about to be tossed into the dumpster.  One chair, two tiki lamps, a flag and flag pole, patio table and a complete set of Pioneer stereo speakers.  I already listed the speakers on Freecycle.

Throwing perfectly good items away bothers me.

Throwing perfectly good items away bothers me.

This chair needs nothing but a good cleaning. I’ll put it out at a yard sale in a couple of weeks.  Should it not sell, I’ll give it a fresher look and list it on Craigslist.

Nice solid wood chair.

Nice solid wood chair.

Then there were these two stacking chairs made by Samsonite.  While they don’t need anything, if they don’t sell quickly I’ll update them with a fresh look and try again.


And this chair, again it needs no repairs, but would look nice with a cushioned fabric covered seat.


I have put more work into the field this weekend. It needed a good mowing, but we decided to leave a good part of it wild for our critters who were here before us.

In  this area we find plenty of snakes and ground hogs.  By giving them this area they haven't been tempted to play in the garden beds.

In this area we find plenty of snakes and ground hogs. By giving them this area they haven’t been tempted to play in the garden beds.

After our thunderstorm Friday night I headed out Saturday morning to find bees everywhere.  Many of the weeds I wanted to take out were covered in bees.  The little ones know that bees help our gardens to grow and give us honey.  They stop to admire the bees drinking nectar from the flowers which is giving me pause at taking out the burr plants and other prickly weeds that are so abundant here.  With the collapsing hives happening every  where I wonder if leaving these weeds will help.  I have  left them for now and most likely will redesign what I would like to do here with them in mind.

This weed with some very large thorns was covered in bees Saturday.

This weed with some very large thorns was covered in bees Saturday.


While I have cleared weeds from another area under the sumac trees I leave some areas wild where I know we have animals living.  By leaving their homes alone and keeping our activities a distance away they have been happy to co-exist with us.

This is the area behind the Little Cove.  In this area we have a resident skunk, more snakes, and a couple of ground hogs.

This is the area behind the Little Cove. In this area we have a resident skunk, more snakes, and a couple of ground hogs.

These burrs are a pain to pull out of dog fur or children's hair, but the bees love them.

These burrs are a pain to pull out of dog fur or children’s hair, but the bees love them.

Do  you recall the clock I found last week propped up in front of the dumpster? It had glitter glue on parts of it.

The glue was removed easily with a finger nail and found a new home the same day I found it.

The glue was removed easily with a finger nail and found a new home the same day I found it.


This clock was adopted the same day I found it.


As for my new  cabinet, the little ones immediately claimed it for art projects and as a table to eat on. They seem to love the rotating items that come and go from my house.


This weekend I reclaimed the shelf for some work.


The rest of my weekend I spent cutting down dead trees and bushes around the Little Cove.  Sunday I  found more clothesline (which meant 3 more small bags of plastic added to my count for the month) and will get to work on more of the patio chairs for seating. Two of them will look very nice with the patio table I saved today.


How was your weekend?  Do you notice a lot of good things being tossed out with the garbage too?







  1. What a haul you found! I can’t believe what people throw away, that wood chair with the turned legs is wonderful! I’ve been afraid to post photos on my blog but my whole yard is totally wild, Queen Annes Lace, Clover, Poke Weed you name it, oh and Milk Weed which is the only plant that Monarche butterflies lay their eggs on. I even planted some Milk Weed from seed.
    Your garden is looking healthy and lush!

    • Isn’t that chair beautiful? Please post pictures of your yard, Jayne, I would love to see it. The Queen Anne Lace is taking over the wild areas of the field here, we do have clover and milk weed as well. I refuse to pull the milk weed when I come to it as I love the Monarch butterflies and know they won’t touch much else. I did have Lambs Ears and a butterfly bush they liked but it’s rare to find them even there. I didn’t know you could buy milkweed seed, I may have to purchase some for next year and start a butterfly garden in the one area I planned to put a couple butterfly bushes.

  2. I think it’s wonderful you are helping give the bees a home, so important with the decline in bees. Terrific also that you are saving things from landfill. I just don’t understand why someone wouldn’t donate the usable item to charity. Wait til I show you the shell lamp my younger son and I found on our walk!

    • I can’t wait to see the shell lamp you and your son found! I too am bothered by what people throw away. Three of the chairs I dragged home last summer I can almost understand. I could see where an attempt to repair them had been made, but the individual didn’t know what they were doing, but when there isn’t anything wrong, at least put it outside with a free sign. Someone will take it, most-likely me. :-)

  3. Sorry, I’ve been busy busy too, so didn’t get to comment on this as soon as I usually do. I’d love to see some photos of your groundhog if you can get any – another animal we don’t have in Australia! INteresting decision on the weeds, and I can see why you’d do it, but I wonder if you’ll be able to enjoy them, or they’ll remain a nuisance that you can’t overlook. Your space there seems more and more expansive, or perhaps I just don’t have a good handle on the area. Maybe a ‘birds eye’ view would help – if you ever feel the inclination.

  4. what a great post! the cottage we are rebuilding(almost done) is all recycled except the sheet-rock….
    it is my new work space and I am loving it …
    you had quite a haul…I have been doing that for so many years, my grandmother got me started and then when I was stationed in Germany they had a clean sweep every quarter year…I found amazing things….
    I enjoy wandering within your space here…you have wonderful ideals…
    Take Care…

  5. You have had a full weekend Lois. A good collection of rescued items. You got there in the nick of time didn’t you.
    I was so pleased to hear about the bees. Over at my allotment I fear that we never have enough bees. We make a point of growing flowers amongst the vegetables, we plant sunflowers and the insects love that. We do what we can. So pleased that you have kept the ‘wild garden’ for the wild life.

    • Yes, Jean, I did get there in the nick of time. I had decided to head out and see if I could find more clothesline for the patio chairs remaining to fix, when the pickup passed me. I turned around and followed him back then begged :-) The last couple of years it seemed we hardly saw bees, unless you want to count wasps,but this year they are everywhere. I had to laugh last night when I overheard a neighbor thank the bee for pollinating her melon flowers as I thought it was only me (and the grand kids imitating me) who talked to the bees. We planted sunflower seeds this year but they didn’t take, I’ll try again next year because I like to hang the flowers for the birds in the winter months too.

  6. My yard is “city” enough not to attract any wildlife except squirrels and birds. There is always an unkempt area because I can’t keep up with the weeding; now I will just say I am leaving it for the bees! I do have a dead tree that I’ve left on purpose for wildlife habitat.

    • Yes, Dar I too would say I was leaving it for bees why make any more work for yourself. You might begin to notice rabbits as well in that area even in a city setting. I like the idea of leaving a dead tree for a habitat. Most of ours are too small to leave as the sumac that dies is such a thin trunk, but when we find larger pieces we do leave them.

  7. Hey, Lois, before I forget again, was going to mention something I saw somewhere, in case you want to use it for those garden chairs, or other garden chairs (where you are currently using clothesline)..
    - anyway, someone had collected up plastic bags, and crotcheted the strips into chair seats and backs. Think they had straps going up side, to join seat to arms/back.

    wow, you rescued a good bunch of stuff…Amazes me what folks chuck.

    re the leaving some long grass/weeds/wild area for critters, good advice.

    • Me too, my daughter-in-law has been wanting to have a yard sale and with things we found this summer and what I found today I’m hoping it will be a good turnout.

      It really bothers me to see any thing tossed out, most items can be repaired. I understand that not everyone knows how to make some repairs, but items that are in perfectly good condition being tossed out is so wrong. The only thing that makes me feel better is that I was there at the right time to save these items.

      I read this week that the average American tosses out 2,000 lbs of garbage, that just astounds me. We are running out of places to toss our trash so throwing away what is still good…..

  8. Yesterday I spent outside quite a bit. I weeded in the morning, took the dogs to the off-leash park in the afternoon, and then went on a really nice bike ride in the evening. I’m not sure why, but today I am so tired I feel as if somebody has drugged me. I didn’t do enough yesterday to make me this tired. I just hope it’s gone when I wake up to go to work tomorrow!

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