The weekend flew by quickly, and today I am thankful I don’t have a full-time job to rush off to Monday morning.  I have a completed project to share with you but first I wanted to talk about deer.

The deer finally found my spaghetti squash, they had quite a meal Friday night.  Saturday morning I took measures to keep them out.  I found three suggestions, all safe for not only my plants but also for the deer.  The first was to put dog hair around the garden, the second was to hang something shiny in the area and the third was to hang a plastic bag which would make movement and noise that deer don’t like.   I decided to use all three, overkill?  Maybe, but I didn’t want to experiment with one after another to see which would work.

Using a fallen tree branch, a found plastic bag, and an old CD (no sensitive material saved on  it) I devised my deterrent.


It’s been two days and this seems to be working just fine.  Concerned about the bag I tied it tightly on the branch and have kept an eye on it.



In other deer related news, my son and his wife are still enjoying the deer that visit their home daily.  Yet, they are dismayed by plans to cull the herds in their area because of frequent complaints to local government.  The first concern seems to be the number of vehicular accidents which are increasing in recent years, but local government is quick to add that residents are complaining in large numbers about deer wandering into their yards.  We aren’t talking about a dangerous animal here, deer are only known to be dangerous when cornered, but aren’t humans also unpredictable when cornered and fearful?   There is no talk about Lyme disease or illness in the deer population, instead the only concern is for human control and wants.


What’s the solution?  Drive slower and watch for the deer, turkeys and other wildlife that shares the land with you.  As for private yards, maybe we could stop thinking of our property as something we own, instead stop and think of them as areas we nurture for all creatures who share the earth.


Here is my favorite picture my daughter-in-law shared this week from her back yard.  These are my granddaughter’s outside toys which includes her pool.

deer in yard

How do you feel about the wildlife that shares space with you?


My phone book wreath didn’t hold up, the sun heated the hot glue enough it melted allowing pieces to fall off.  Lesson learned, don’t use the hot glue gun when the finished item will be in direct sunlight.  After finishing the vanity I had a metal piece that had surrounded the mirror, it was bent and not going to work on the finished mirror.  I thought it would make a nice wreath.  Using some of the fabric I found at the thrift shop I put this together Saturday.  I’d like to put something in the center, until I spot something this is how it will stay.


Saturday morning I also stopped at the thrift shop, I badly needed some new summer clothes. Poor planning resulted in all my pants and a couple of my nicest tops having paint splattered on them.  I picked up 3 pairs of pants and 5 tops, total cost $2.  My kind of shopping spree.


And now for my finished project.  I found this cheap pressed board stand in the trash when the college students left.  I wanted to give it a brightness to disguise how it began.Here’s how I found it.


Fake wood veneer, plastic wheels..not my favorite look.  I chose Confident Yellow by Sherwin Williams.  Yellow tinting has come a long way from the days it took 8 coats to get proper coverage,  but this still took 2 coats of primer and 4 coats of paint to cover.


I didn’t like the brass and black plastic wheels but if I removed them I couldn’t think of how I would use them, instead I used the leftover metallic silver spray paint from the vanity to disguise them.

I will store some of my craft supplies and books on the shelves.


I don’t like to have everything on display.   When my daughter-in-law called me to share that she found fabric she thought I’d like at a yard sale for $1.50, she also informed me that while she thought of me when she spotted it, she would like something made for her with it.  She asked if I could make her a set of cloth napkins, yes another household giving up paper products!  I loved the fabric and knew it was exactly what I needed on this shelf.  I need to find a tension rod, I added a pocket for a rod but for now I used a few thumb tacks to hold the fabric in  place.


Four cloth napkins and a curtain for $1.50 is pretty good.



I’ve been asked where I put things in my apartment with adding a futon. What left my home can be seen in this picture.


The enamel ware table which belonged to my grandmother has been sent to my son’s house to be used as a crafting table, the desktop computer has been passed on for parts, and the black  ottoman was used for craft storage is now in my eldest son’s home.  The loveseat is now sitting where the table was and the futon now fills the spot across from this view.


When the above picture was taken I had seating for 3. Overnight guests would sleep either on the loveseat or my bed, while I took a night on the loveseat. The storage ottoman was an extra seat.  Any extra guests could be found sitting on my bed.  The changes I made now gives seating for 4 on the futon, 2 on the loveseat, and 1 in the fuzzy chair, a total of 7,  plus sleeping for 3 on the furniture.


How was your weekend?

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  1. All that in a weekend… Phew! I so admire you…. Love the Craft work shelves.. and the colour your chose… How was my weekend … Busy working.. both of them…I was ready for my Me time :-) Many thanks for your welcome visits my friend x Sue


    • Sue, I hope you now will have a little time off to just enjoy the season. The color inspiration for the shelves was from some lovely yellow flowers. So cheerful they made me realize I didn’t have any yellow in my place with the exception of a pillow.


  2. Great yellow shelves!!! Love seeing before & after projects!! I don’t have to worry about deer here in the city, but heard that hanging shards of soap from branches keep them away…but I’m clueless. My wildlife dramas? Scrub jays that like to claw around in my raised beds and nearly uprooted the tomato starts when they were first planted (grr), and a raccoon who apparently has learned how to open the little trap door in my compost pile, so the mystery has been solved how my compost pile has never completely filled up (he/she left the door open this last time – gotcha!). Most of the wildlife I have to deal with comes from living in the ‘hood where folks walk by and throw their trash in your yard on the way home from the store, grrrrr


    • EcoGrrl,smart coons you have. They will get into anything not nailed shut here. I began simply digging up garden spots and burying my food scraps. Some get picked out others not. I had some carrots that went bad, those were picked out but greens, peanut shells and even fruits skins are left alone. I mix it up with grass clippings and such and get the best soil by the following season. I don’t have answers for you for birds other than bird netting which doesn’t last long in the elements.

      Would the people toss their things in a can if you set one out front? it might save you from having to pick it up.


      • I have a cinderblock in front of the trap door now which works :)

        Re: garbage, I only get service once a month and wouldn’t want a garbage can sitting in front of my house day in/out (plus the folks who do this behavior are jerks, I don’t want to serve them ya know? ).


        • EcoGrrl, I think your cinder block was a great idea, I can hardly move them so I don’t think your coons will be able to either. I so wish garbage pickup around here was only once a month or every other week, maybe it would make people think about how much they waste if they could only put out what fit in the can on pick up day. I don’t blame you for not wanting a can out front, I wasn’t even sure if you could as a lot of areas require all cans to be hidden from street view.


          • PDX has biweekly pickup ever since implementing weekly curbside compost/yardwaste pickup, but I only do monthly service as I create very little waste. Yeah, if raccoons can lift it, they deserve the compost, LOL!


  3. I LOVE your yellow stand, it looks fabulous and your scrappy wreath looks wonderful too. You have been very busy.
    My stepmother hangs old CD’s on her fruit trees to try and scare away the birds but I have decided the best thing to keep the possums away is to use a net. Lately though, they have been eating the unopened flower buds off my lovely Michelia tree which is very annoying so I can relate to your deer problem. I’m like you, I would never want to harm the possums but it is annoying when they eat my plants!!


    • Jen, the CD, bag and dog hair has worked for my squashes but this morning I found they had nibbled a couple of my watermelon plants and had quite the snack on the pumpkin plants. So I culled some of my CDs and have a bag of dog hair that I am going to put around and over the rest of the beds this afternoon.

      You know possums are one thing we haven’t noticed around here, funny because they are around us, but they don’t seem to bother us, Good luck with your Michelia tree. We lost one apple tree last year due to deer and this year they are also nibbling from a young maple tree.


    • Lady Blue Rose, I haven’t had any further trouble with the deer in the squash since putting the bag and CD on the tree branch. I think next year I will have several of these spread through the garden, maybe I can save the tomato plants, which they consumed completely this year. Good luck protecting your garden and let me know how it works for you.


  4. Coming at it from another angle, wildlife shares our spaces, but farmers have a difficult relationship with it. Coyotes kill livestock, deer, geese, etc eat crops. The farmers appreciate herd culling to protect their investment (which, in turn, feeds cities) and the herd culling keeps the wildlife that is left healthy. A lot of local families also depend on the meat that they gain from hunting season to feed their family.

    I love the yellow that you chose for the table – very cheery.


    • Heidi, I grew up where hunting was huge. So huge in fact first day of deer hunting had to become an official day off from school because there were only a handful of students who showed up. So my views on hunting come from looking at the issue for several decades. I am okay with hunting for food or if the deer are starving to hunt them if you will again use what you kill. What I’m not okay with is the culling of a healthy herd for no other reason than people don’t want to share their backyard with them – in this situation on the edge of an urban area. The result of this culling from what I read while visiting will not provide families with food, and will be done by bringing people “in” to take care of the problem.


  5. Love the yellow table!
    I am undecided about deer. My brother and his friends hunt them (one per season) and use all parts of the animal. They believe that without hunting, the deer would be subject to natural population control, which equals starvation in years when there is overpopulation and not enough food. In contrast, my spouse comes from England where deer are not allowed to be hunted, and there is no culture of using deer for meat or sport. However, there does seem to be an overpopulation problem. I don’t know the answer, but if individual hunters take only what they need, I am not opposed.


    • Dar, I didn’t know deer hunting wasn’t allowed in England. Yes, hunting is a huge sport here, but not just for fun, to feed the family. You can get up to 3 per year I believe, one in archery season, a doe then a buck. There are only so many licenses issued per season to ensure the herds won’t be culled too much. I am okay with using deer for meat, its a lot healthier than factory farmed meats. The issue in my sons area is that its an urban area, talk isn’t centering on hunting and using the meat but instead centers on bringing in people who will selectively choose which to eliminate, the how isn’t being shared publically at this time.


    • Thank you, I am very fortunate to have a thrift shop close by that charges 25 cents for all but a small section of their clothes.

      While I had a hard time letting go of my enamel ware table because I loved it so, the yellow shelf fits better in the apartment. It is not only storage but workspace as well and the color is so cheerful.


  6. by the way, nice wreath tooo..
    was just looking at it, again, and thought, my gosh, I bet there are tons of bicycle wheels kicking around, would make good wreath forms too. one could take all spokes out, or leave some in to tie certain things on…I am often amazed Lois, looking at your work, so many ideas on other stuff seems to “pop” into my mind.


    • Dave, not sure your girls count as they are living inside with you, give them a tent in the back yard and let them fend for themselves outside then I’d agree they are your wildlife. Question then would be could you be happy sharing your backyard with them? 😊

      I’m curious, do you find many animals still venturing in to town?


  7. love the yellow shelf..(of course i DO like yellow, grin)

    re deer and wildlife
    we live in the middle of a fair sized city (1.2 million), however we are about two blocks fr a park which runs through the entire end of the city, and close to a golf course (lots of green/bushes)..

    (as well, I should mention we do not use weed killer in the back yard, and seldom in front…I think this somewhat accounts for our good fortune)

    well, where to start…we regularly have deer come into our yard, and twice (counting this year) have had a baby deer born behind our floor bed (a small hill, with evergreens).

    You will truly think I am bonkers, or fibbing, but this is true….. When the deer come in, I talk to them, (we all do somewhat), and I always tell them they are welcome to come/stay/visit, as long as they leave my garden plants and flowers and trees alone. I hae watched them many times eat weeds and leave the plants.
    there are only three times I have seen them eat any quanity of garden plants/trees (and then not really much), and I for sure have to forgive them for that…twice after the little ones were born, Mom went around and ate some garden and some tree branches. Also we once had a big beautiful Buck which must have been hit by a car, as his front let was badly injured. (I called all animal rescue places etc, and they all said nothing is done, these will learn to manage)….So, I had once (expensive) Norwegian type evergreen, I had bought on sale and planted. it was about three to four feet tall. Well, even this injued fellow ate nothing, but then I saw him go and eat at the particular evergreen…Several times. Then we wedged the gate shut so he would go back to the park where we thought it would be safer for him, and darned if he didnt jump the six foot gate, injued leg and all. AND he jumped it only to eat off the evergreen. (I went back and opened the gate for him so it wasnt so tough for him)…Well, at first of course we were disgruntled he was eating this pricey tree we bought, and then noticed that was ALL he was eating. SO, I said, I bet that tree is medicinal (cant recal now whta it was exactly), and looked it up, and sure enough it was supposed to be anti inflammatory and antibiotic and pain killing… Pretty amazing, that he KNEW.

    (we have not replaced the tree…sigh)


    • Lynn, we can learn so much from watching what the animals do their natural instincts are still intact. I think it’s great that even in a city you have welcomed the deer as they must feel imprisoned by our sprawl. And yes, we talk to all the animals and insects here.


  8. Loss of habitat, suburban sprawl, natural predators gone all contribute to the deer “problem”. I don’t see it as a problem at all and love seeing them along with all the other wildlife around me. Drive the speed limit and pay attention and be creative with deer-proofing….. and enjoy them, they are just beautiful animals.
    Your cart is fabulous, what a great and cheerful color!


    • I couldn’t agree more, Jayne. I love seeing the wildlife around me. I wake to the birds and the geese and know when night is upon by the sounds of the geese leaving the lake. I look at it as they were here first and do my part not to infringe too much on them.. Glad you enjoyed the shelf, it changes the entire look of the room.


  9. Don’t know where to start either! Love the wreath and your bold yellow shelf, love your little home with your painted treasures….gosh much tidier than my place lol. I’d love to have native wildlife in my garden (to be able to take photos of deer out your window!) but only if they didn’t eat my garden. We just lost most of our winter veg to our escapee chickens and were gutted, now having to eat out of the freezer which isn’t quite so inspiring, until stuff planted safely in the glasshouse grows more.


    • Yes, I love having the deer but get frustrated by losing my plants to them. This year I lost more of my plants due to a late frost and too much rain than to wildlife. I didn’t show much of my apartment today as I am still organizing things that have been moved around due to the shuffle of furniture. Soon I’ll update the photos of my apartment but I have a couple of more things I want to change first. Naughty chickens, they better watch before they adorn a plate instead :-) I hope you start to get fresh food from your garden soon.


      • Oh that’s a shame….one frustrating thing about gardening is sometimes you just hit a bad season and you just feell despair, we all hope for a great growing season.

        Those chooks are VERY fortunate we are quite fond of them because they could’ve had owners who would’ve rung their scrawny wee necks! I was furious with them lol


        • I went into this season with high hopes but didn’t allow myself to become over confident in what would thrive. Its sad to have lost so much, but there is always next year. Its funny because I hadn’t worried about the squashes as reference books said they were deer resistant, guess my deer like to be different 😊

          As for your chickens, I would have been very tempted to add them to my freezer after they devoured the gardens, they are very fortunate you are a better person than I am.


          • Oh, it’s such a shame though for you. Last year Roger almost went crazy with a trillion different garden pests, 5 cats next door digging up the seeds and powdery mildew everywhere, he seemed to have to wage war on everything just to save what he could, this year he was really on to it…but you can’t foresee some things.
            Our chooks……! 3 of them are old and stopped laying years ago, there is no way my softie husband would let me roast them even if I thought it seemed a good idea – which does occur to me at odd times, like when they eat OUR precious food.


          • It is a shame but what are you going to do about it? I try to accept it as a learning experience. The one thing that helps is knowing it’s just not me. I can just picture your husband working to find what would work on all the problems you had last year. I don’t eat chicken but do eat eggs now and then, but especially since I eat a mainly vegetarian diet if the chooks ate my plants they would be in someones freezer.


    • Live and Learn, I peeled off what was lose and then used some wood filler to blend in the spot where it began. For the rest of it I simply primed it so it would hold the paint. Of course I wanted it to hold up as use for my sewing machine and lots of wear so I coated the entire piece with two coats of polycrylic.


  10. I don’t know where to start….. I love your wreath, it looks great just like it is :) I also love how you painted that shelf, especially the color you picked !! I do believe that we can all live in the same space, I have deer that live in the woods on my land, I let them have the blueberries and apples, but I had to fence in my vegetable garden.


    • Thank you, I always wanted to paint a piece of furniture a bright, bold yellow but never had the guts to do it before. I always worried about what my boys would say having to share the home with me. Sharing your apples and blueberries is very generous of you. I’m not sure I would share the blueberries as they are so costly to buy at the store or local farms. The deer got my tomatoes but that’s something I can buy inexpensively at the market so I let it go. The blackberries I let the birds have last year, but this year would like to section the area off so we each get half.


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