Friday Faves, July 12

I can’t believe we are nearly half way through the month of July and it doesn’t seem like summer has officially arrived yet.  The gardens locally  are way behind and struggling.   The cherry crop  is nearly ruined from the rains but one thing I am thankful for is the warmth.  Winter lasted so long I didn’t think I’d ever feel warm again.


I have been busy trying to do a little housekeeping on the blog now that I have a computer to work from starting with my Before and After page.  I never liked how the pictures were but could not figure out how to place them where I wanted them.  It’s not finished I have a lot of projects that haven’t been added yet but if you have a moment check it out and let me know what you think of the new look. 

Welcoming New Friends

I’d like to welcome all my new readers looking forward to getting to know you.  This week I have one new blog to share with you.

  • The Beach House Kitchen is a lovely blog of vegetarian, vegan and even raw recipes.  The Kitchen for my UK readers is in a 200-year-old cottage in Wales overlooking the Irish Sea.  Lee and Jane share their favorite recipes and their love of real whole foods sourced from local gardens.


It’s the Simple Things

  • I find myself laughing when asked how I manage to live in such a small apartment, I have had up to 14 people inside my apartment to enjoy a meal and good company.  To say it was cramped wouldn’t do those moments justice, it is always a good time with conversation flowing and much laughter. But this story of  a visit to a home in Ethiopia makes my home look large. Yet, it isn’t the size of the house that this family walked away with.
  • Purposely Frugal has a tutorial on converting a tee-shirt into a tank top, and no sewing skills are required. After a week of painting and summer here I am heading to the thrift shop this weekend to see what I can find for summer tops, I’ll have this in mind as I browse the racks of clothes.
  • I think we can over think our health.  In one area I was advised to eliminate something to enhance my health and prevent a problem from returning, I am sometimes self-conscious but it sure feels good.  Caitlin  is tackling the same issue – before she has health problems.WP_20130710_009

Nature and Green Living

  • Jayne has done all the research for us on bees.  With colonies collapsing and our bees vanishing we need to do everything we can to help the ones left.  Without bees there would be no life for us, our food needs to be pollinated by bees, without food where would we be?   It’s easy, inexpensive and common sense, what is bad for us is bad for them.
  • Stacy solved my biggest problem with plastic. What to do at the farmer’s market when you don’t want to bring home plastic. Quick and so easy.
  • Food waste is a big issue, if we toss our food scraps into the garbage it will add to the pollution emanating from the landfills.  We are running out of land to fill our trash to begin with, why add food to the problem.  A Thrifty Hippie cleans out her fridge before a trip taking any food that might spoil with her in a cooler.  She also shares other ways to use up food to prevent waste.


To Make You Think

  • Tegan was on vacation when she spotted something that made her heart break.  How many times do we walk by without helping someone, do we even notice those less fortunate than ourselves?
  • There is always one person, if not more, that you hold firmly in your heart and memories.  Pirate has one such person and shares a poem in his memory.
  • Is there anything in life that is guaranteed to be safe?  Kathy tackles the issue of safety and vacation spots.  If you ask me it’s all an illusion, one that can paralyze us with fear.

Thank God men cannot fly, and lay waste the sky as well as the earth.  ~~Henry David Thoreau

Today I included pictures from a day spent with my grandchildren.  The day was beautiful and they wanted to spend it outdoors, as usual.  We can look to young children to show us how to live lightly on the earth as their play involved only found things from playing tug-of-war with a broken hose, to climbing trees and going for a walk.  They acted out being a fairy (with a crown of daisies) and a pirate (with a crown of fallen tree limbs).  The  crown of daisies was later hung from a tree branch to give back to the insects and bees to “make sure they  had plenty to eat” that day.

Have a great weekend, enjoy the links and I’ll be back in a couple of days.


  1. There was so much I wanted to comment on with this post but I will reserve my comments to the photos of your grandchildren. There is an ethereal feel to each of them. There is something very special about those two and you are capturing it on camera. You are a great mentor for them.

  2. Good Morning Lois and friends! I just got my weekly “Living Simply Free” compilation and was happy to hear and see that your computer experiment is a thing of the past and you’ve made some lovely changes to your blog. Your page is looking great and the photos look much more appealing (and I am so jealous of your photo subjects :-) –they are absolutely priceless!) Thanks again for linking my post about feeling safe — I think the issue goes pretty deep for those who want to explore it more. Hope your week is off to a good start and looking forward to all your new posts now that you can type with a regular keyboard :-) ~Kathy

    • Kathy, there were days I was ready to order a computer early but I’m happy I didn’t give in to my “want” and held out as what I ended up buying is not what I thought I wanted. My before and after page had been a real mess, even I didn’t like looking at it, thank you for checking it out and letting me know what you thought. My week is stating off well, thank you, hope you have a great week as well.

    • Jayne, you are welcome the mystery of the vanishing honey bees is a very grave problem facing us and you did a wonderful job covering the reasons and ways in which we can help the bees. Glad you enjoyed the photo of my grandkids, they had so much fun, as they ran ahead to take a walk with me they morphed into a prince and his princess. If we embraced our imaginations like they do we would never be bored.

  3. I like the new look of your before and after page. :) I especially appreciate your closing thoughts about your day with your grandchildren: “We can look to young children to show us how to live lightly on the earth as their play involved only found things…”

    My daughter, who is 3, realizes that we’ve run out of something and may say, “We buy [oranges]!” It has bothered me for some time, as I often feel stuck between playing the role of the consumer and trying to show her through example the true source of the things we need. This summer, I notice when she receives something, like a tomato (her favorite snack), she now says, “Thank you mommy! You make it for me!”. Even though I still teach her that I didn’t make the tomato, and remind her of the tomato’s true source, it sets my face alight to hear the difference from “buy” to “make.” I’m looking forward to her imaginative play stage blossoming, as it has already begun as well. :)

    • Yvonne, three is a great age, their imaginations really start to take shape. I think you are doing great with your daughter. Three is when they begin to know what they want, if it’s an orange and not a toy I would be happy as she is expressing her desire for a taste, which we all do when we make a decision on what we feel like having to eat. There were certain foods I tried to keep in the house as they were good for my children and knew they enjoyed them. She’s so cute to thank you for making her tomatoes and what a great food to chose as her favorite.

      Thanks for taking a peek at my before and after page, I appreciate the feedback.

      • I thought quite often about the bra issue and had been considering my options as this is an issue that has come up for me before. Today, I purchased adhesive breast petals as part of a trial. I went out to our local shopping mall to deliver a bracelet holder I made for a friend who runs an accessory business. I was braless, but I was covered at the same time. I’ve decided to purchase some Nippies silicone covers for reusable daily wear. When I’m out and about, and in the classroom, I’ll wear a camisole over to provide extra coverage during the day. I hope this plan works.

        I share this here, something I refrained myself from mentioning earlier, because the conversation here sticks with me. I find myself taking action on things I ponder here immediately, even if I don’t feel downright convicted; it’s like I am spurred to action, unbeknownst even to myself. Thank you, all, for becoming part of my life journey.

        • Yvonne, I’m so glad you decided to share your experiments in going bra-less here, and welcome to the journey. When Caitlin first posted her story I was impressed because it was something I wasn’t sure I was ready to talk about. How funny that one piece of clothing can be so controversial. I like your idea of the adhesive petals, are they comfortable? I haven’t invested in camisoles yet, if I need to look neater in a certain situation I have been resorting to putting on a tank with a shelf bra inside, it doesn’t do much but is accepted here as appropriate clothing. I have passed on the sports bras as they were too restrictive.

  4. Wow, none of my bras are six months or younger~! I can’t imagine doing braless though, it’s so entrenched hmmmm. I also commented on the post about homelessness, and I missed the SMART article, so glad for you to bring it up again. Thanks

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