Four down, one added

The weekend will soon be here, am I the only one who needs a break?  This week has been full of projects that needed finishing, lots of time with the little ones and more rain than we know what to do with.  For once, the forecast predicts sunny days and NO rain over the weekend.  Maybe I’ll sleep in at least one day and I hope I will be able to get some outdoor projects done as well.

Free chairs needed some work.

Free chairs needed some work.

But today I have two projects to show you that are finished.  Each item you see here was collected from the trash.

Last summer we stopped someone from tossing 6 patio chairs in the dumpster.  Half needed repairs but the frames were in fantastic condition.  The weather hasn’t cooperated for me to get on these until now.  I purchased a couple of packages of polyester clothes line, the only thing I could find.  I cut away the old fabric. and began to wrap the frame in the clothes line.


My plan, originally, was to weave the clothes line to make a tight solid seat, but I soon realized this would cost me $14 per chair, still cheaper than a brand-new chair but not what I had in mind.  As I kept working two neighbors stopped and tried out the seat.  They found it  comfortable and suggested I don’t bother weaving it.  Worked for me.


I completed two of the 6 chairs, I need to purchase more clothesline but the white ties in nicely with the headboard on the other side of the Little Cove  giving the area a more pulled-together look.


The other  project is one  that I have put off for a long time, months!  This is the vanity that was easy to hide behind the loveseat which meant I would find myself working on items not as easy to hide instead.  I knew this was going to go to my youngest granddaughter and wanted it to turn out special.  Rather than use all found items to restore this I purchased knobs and paint specific for this.


This vanity was found on the curb by a neighbor who dragged it home and waited for someone to  want it.  When he saw some of my furniture he offered it to me.


The piece was missing a knob and had nicked up corners that needed to be restored.  The mirror would be held up by these two very heavy brass metal arms with candle holders attached.  And as for the legs of the vanity, they were nowhere to be found.  One look at the underside of the drawer had a stamp with  the date this was made.  1951, 62 years ago.  For  as old as it was it was solid and worth repairing.


Things didn’t always go smoothly, legs have been hard to find to fit this, and I only received one of the knobs, the second is on its way.  My daughter-in-law chose the paint colors and yes this was what the pink was being used for if you saw my post on exploding colors.

Here’s how it looks today, the legs aren’t attached as it will be easier to deliver to its new home in pieces.


No more brass.


Knobs for a little girl, and put all together with white and pink.


I wanted to wait to show it to you until I had the second knob, but needed to get this off the loveseat, you can use your imagination to picture the completed drawer.  Of course you can’t have a vanity without a chair.  The cafe chair I showed you a few days ago will be paired with this.  I used the same white paint on both pieces but here’s another look at the chair.


While I completed 4 projects this week (the cafe chair, the vanity and 2 patio chairs) , I have one near completion, and today spotted this leaning up against the dumpster. It has some glitter glue on it which will need to be cleaned up.  I found matching clocks sold online by several of the big box stores for $30 each. I can’t imagine paying that much money for a plastic clock even if it is nice looking, it’s still plastic.  Yes, this came inside with me, but I’m not counting it against my No Plastic July as I didn’t buy it. :-)   The battery is still in it and it keeps time well.   To toss out something so casually boggles my mind.WP_20130711_004

The face is very white and clean, the plastic frame is a brownish-black.  What do you think clean it up and leave it as is or paint the frame?  If you would paint it what color would you  choose?

14 thoughts on “Four down, one added

    • Jen, I love how the vanity came out but I have to admit I didn’t choose the pink color, her mother did. I would like to stumble on another vanity for my other granddaughter because what she has is a plastic one (received as a Christmas present a couple years ago, not from me either). Why not give a child the real thing?


  1. I was born in 1951, and I’m not 72!! I don’t like to think about how old I am, but I’m definitely not in my 70’s yet!


    • Oh, Bethany, you have a very literal child, I had one too it brought a lot of laughter to my home. Tell Beanie, I will leave the face of the clock white no matter what I do to the rest of it. Glad you liked the vanity, it’s my hope that as she grows she will continue to love it.


    • That is a good point, I have no clocks in my house of my own, since bringing it in the ticking is driving me nuts, it’s so such an unnatural sound in here. Maybe I’ll just Freecycle it to get it out of here. ;-)


  2. I like the clock as it is, maybe just get rid of the unnoticable to me glitter glue? I’m a bit less colourful (unless of course it’s blue, then I’m on board!!) Nice work with the dresser…


    • Sarah, I was actually considering painting it blue. I did a search to see what these clocks were worth and stumbled on one that was a neon blue, while I’m not up for adding neon colors it did show me that people are buying these in all colors. I also considered a silver finish to give it a little class.


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