Have They Lost Their Minds?

SavedPicture-2013623221518.jpgAs you may have noticed, when it comes to politics I tend to avoid getting caught up in it. but there are times when what is happening in the political arena cross over into those areas that I do care very much about, this is the case with the latest on immigration reform in the US.

It is increasingly clear that the way we are living today can’t continue. We are destroying the planet, depleting natural resources and leaving us with doubts that future generations will inherit a lifestyle that looks anything like what we have known.

How do we solve the problems we are facing today? Well in the words of Jeb Bush we legalized all the immigrants here because they are more fertile and will create a class of youth we need to grow economically. See his comments here.

With about 7 billion people already on the earth is the answer really to encourage the return to large families? If these large families want to live to consume at the rate the people in the US do this will be catastrophic for everyone.

What do we do when there is another drought so bad instead it f pushing prices up on food there is no food? What about water? Already we have many areas in this country where the water is unfit to drink due to contamination. Fracking has resulted in entire communities unable to drink their water.


It’s frightening to see water running from your faucet ignite. But according to former Governor of PA Ed Rendell shame on those in office in PA who have voted in favor of a moratorium on fracking.

So what can we do when our country is being run by dimwits? I don’t know the answers but I tend to agree with Alex who has chosen to ignore politics in favor of projects where he can make a difference.


29 thoughts on “Have They Lost Their Minds?

  1. I tend to stay away from politics too. Unfortunately, we don’t have the people who could best run the country in office. We have the people who are best at getting votes. I don’t think there is any way around that. We live in a society of media, and the one who works the media the best, wins. Voters don’t understand half of who or what they are voting for anymore. It takes too much time to dig through all the surface garbage to find out what you are really getting for your vote.

    Oh now you done it. You went and let me step up on my soapbox. Someone help me down from here . . .


  2. I didn’t hear the full story about what is going on in the US with immigration reform, all I know is that it was reported on some irish newspapers website that they are considering offering the possibility of naturalizing illegal immigrants:


    I’m a legal immigrant myself (living in Germany), I pay my taxes and contribute positively to the economy here and in turn, returning to my home country, I will contribute with the experience (both culturally and with knowledge) of working abroad. I can’t say I support those who choose to do it illegally, although they certainly make a huge contribution to the economy, often working in the jobs that nobody else wants to do.

    In terms of human impact on our shared environment, I think it is hugely important for the developed countries (who generally experience population decline, Germany being perhaps the text-book example: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/sep/21/germany-birthrate-low-falling), to lead the way when it comes to protecting the planet.

    Developing nations, particularly those with large populations (e.g. China and India) on creating prosperity will seek to improve their daily living through a more “consumerist” lifestyle like those already developed nations. I think that is the danger that can only be minimised through increased political pressure on those governments of the developed nations and also from a “ground-up” action from ordinary people like ourselves. It starts with us :)


    • Yes, P, that is exactly what is being discussed. Anyone who came here illegally will be free to stay and will be given citizenship after a period of time. I have big problems with this as it was done in the 1980s when the belief was that a one time amnesty to illegal immigrants would stop the flow of more illegal, instead it just increased the numbers coming across the border. The feeling was that if they just waited long enough another amnesty program would be offered to allow them to become citizens, and here it is.

      I’ve lived in cities with huge numbers of illegals, they don’t hide and in some ways do take on the consumerist behaviors they see and want to emulate. But in terms of housing, they live with large numbers of family/friends in tiny apartments. My son and I lived in a 2 bedroom apartment while the people above us had 5 children and 6 adults in the same size 2 bedroom apartment.

      I agree they are willing to do jobs we won’t do, many of which are very dangerous. But if they came here legally I believe they would still accept many of those same positions. And it goes without saying those of us in the developed countries need to change the way we live to set the example. We’ve lived too well for too long, we know what living with excess is, now its time to stop the party and live in reality.


  3. Dimwits, you are so kind to them… They are criminals, hell bent on self interest.
    Speaking as an outsider, America has passed the point of no return. It has become a Fascist State, as evidenced most recently by the level of irritation caused the latest whistleblower. The prez and co are literally throwing an international tantrum.
    Any chances of America recovering is nigh on impossible. The people have been living the ‘comfortable lies’ for too long, so long that any return to a country where the Constitution and liberty were sacrosanct, is now the American Dream, because the nightmare is on hand.
    There are good people trying, trying to make a difference, trying to take small steps, but they are being stomped on at every turn.
    I have lived my 60+ years and I can only say the deterioration is evident, but still I try.

    Sorry if I got off topic, but I see nothing good coming out of the current situation.



    • I was dimwits was the best I could come up with once I had eliminated the many terms that I wanted to use in an effort to keep my language from being offensive. Criminals works though too.

      I look at what my country started as and what it has become. The beginning of the fall imo was when the federal government became more powerful than the state. Unless there is an actual revolt I only see it getting worse. Our Constitution is now known only remembered as something we took for granted. Education is so bad the youth today have no concept what has been lost.


  4. What really bothers me about his comment is that it feels like importing a kind of slave labor. Rather than treating these folks as people deserving of respect, it’s like he, saying they’re gonna creep across our border anyways so let’s take advantage of that because as soon as they get used to food, shelter and healthcare and stop letting us walk on them they’ll be truly American and we can always get more.

    We need to stop seeing everything as a commodity to be traded. Food, shelter and healthcare should be basic human rights. It grieves me to see so many empty lots that could be used to grow food grow nothing but weeds that the owner isn’t even trying to control.

    Sorry for the rant but it just seems like we’d be doing much more good raising our kids with a work ethic and appreciation for where their stuff comes from than fostering an attitude that they are “gentry.”


    • Don’t apologize for your rant, I welcome it. I agree with everything you said. Jeb Bush married a woman who had been born and raised in Mexico, I guess that makes him an expert.

      If our government wasn’t so far in debt they wouldn’t need to figure out how to replenish the coffers with a new young generation.


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    • Bethany, I don’t see anyone in government who isn’t indebted to some individual or corporation that has their own interests to push even at the expense of the majority. There is a lot of scary stuff going on, I try to stay away from the news and do what is right for myself, family and community.


  6. I’m with you Lois…getting involved in politics can be very unsettling and immigration reform is definitely an area where lots of polarization lies. But I do think that we need to do whatever we can–sometimes just making sure that our vote is heard as much as possible–and also not being afraid (like you weren’t in this post) to say what we really feel. I too avoid making my blog political–but after a while I’m fairly sure that the readers who stick with me (and stick with you) know what we are in favor of, regardless of whether or not we say it directly. So good for you for speaking up (and no it isn’t a surprise! :-) ) I also agree with ecocatlady’s comments because educating women is a huge advantage for us all. And yes, Sarah, I’ve written about similar topics too. I think we all make a difference in some small way when we speak out and for those things that we hold to be true. ~Kathy


    • Kathy, I have no problem with an intelligent discussion on polarizing issues, its when those decisions are being made based on political agendas or who you are trying to get support from I have a problem. In this situation we find both and politicians who have no tact.


    • I wish I knew how to show others that making the necessary changes doesn’t have to be painful and in fact could result in a more fulfilling life. The changes are taking place by small pockets of people, I’m afraid its not spreading fast enough.


  7. I believe the change makers capable of tackling the challenges of the world are you and me, the politicians are self interested, hubristic and incapable of doing what needs to be done. The choice is with the individual to make the difference in adopting belief and behaviour that contributes to sustainability.


    • Alex, I have always believed this to be true. All change comes from the individual to the community to various larger groups, in other words from the bottom up. I have seen plenty of changes take place in the people around me as the question their assumptions and compare them against the relaxed lifestyle they see me living now. We just have to be careful not to preach or judge.


  8. I often wonder how these dimwits keep getting re-elected? I hate politics. But the writing is on the wall. If we don’t change the politicians, we can’t change period. We do have the power, if we would use it. But I’ve been saying that for many years with the only result is these dimwits keep coming back.


    • Jackie, I have been watching as the Iraqis who embraced their freedom to vote are losing faith in those in charge. The result is that only approximate 50% voted recently. As a result I have been asking myself if any central government can meet the needs of the masses. When the US was first formed, independently of England, the stars had much more autonomy and the people felt their voices were heard and listened to. Could the answer be as simple as giving the stars back their power?


      • No government can meet the needs of the masses, when they are only concerned with their own needs. Being in government started out as a something a person did because they did want to help. It was a privilege. Now that take it as a ‘right’. there is so much corruption in most governments that it is shocking. There is no ‘us’ anymore, just ‘them’.


        • Yes, it was your duty to give of yourself to your country. Pay was very low if at all. Politicians held another job to pay their bills. Now its a way to get rich and is a career rather than a couple of years doing your civic duty. The corruption is so deep it involves collusion of many countries.


  9. I feel like the problem is ‘growth’ – we always need positive economic growth. Population growth. Why can’t enough be enough? why is it always about ‘more’! I think Smart365 (who I know you sometimes reference) wrote about this too, recently. My book review tomorrow is on The World Without Us, and there are people actively fighting for a population decline – how we’d cherish so much more (especially if it meant no more children, in one situation).

    As for immigration, I tend to think if we have bountiful lands to share (as our Aussie anthem says) we should. Not because the people are ‘more fertile’ but because we have so much more and they have so little. And in many cases, our country has exasperated warfare and hardship in their home country. Naturally, it’s hard for us, in ‘developed’ countries to think of the deterioration of life (services etc) that would come from populations increasing in our cities and towns, but I wonder if it’s part of the ‘settling’ – just think how populous India or China are, in comparision to Australian (and American) cities. hmmm…


    • Sarah, I get tired of hearing the talk about the need for growth. The more growth we have means the more natural resources, already being depleted, are used for items we don’t need. I believe the concept of an accounting balance sheet would be a better analogy. In this case the depletion if resources would have to match a specific need, if instead we only produce for the sake of producing the equation doesn’t balance.

      I have very mixed opinions on immigration. I believe it would be very hard to leave everything you have and risk your life for a chance of something better. Yet, the federal policies on immigrants makes things harder on the states and instigates prejudice. One example is the policy of stating as an illegal immigrant you have no home state therefore you will pay the same tuition state residents pay (out of state students pay considerably higher). This creates resentment as does the guarantee of free medical for illegal immigrants when citizens have no or limited medical coverage.

      I also believe it is the policy of countries such as the US which makes things so bad people need to risk their lives to survive.

      The answer to me must come from fairness and compassion.

      Now I have to read your book review.


  10. “More fertile?!?” Oy Vay!

    I think what we are seeing here is the inevitable shortcoming of a system that depends on infinite growth for its own survival. It’s unsustainable by definition!

    But the idea that immigrants are somehow “more fertile” is absurd. Fertility is directly related to education and economic viability. Study after study shows that when people are lifted out of poverty, when women and girls receive an education, and when families have the ability to control their fertility (ie birth control) the birth rate naturally falls. In most of the developed world the fertility rate is barely at replacement – in fact our population in the US would not be growing at all if it weren’t for immigration. In many countries the fertility rate has actually dropped below replacement. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_sovereign_states_and_dependent_territories_by_fertility_rate

    In my opinion falling fertility rates are a fabulous thing… and the only hope for the future of our species. And the best thing any environmentalist can do is to support programs that help bring people out of poverty, educate girls and improve access to birth control!

    I’m certainly not opposed to immigration, but I think a better big picture strategy would be to help people all over the world improve their situation. I also think we need a new economic model – one not dependent on infinite growth!


    • Cat, I couldn’t agree more with everything you had to say. Falling number of children being born is a good thing and like you said the only hope for us.

      I used to have a Philippine woman who baby sat for me when my boys were little. Her education on sex and pregnancy was non existent. Family planning centers had been set up, but the men went to get information and chose shat to tell their wives. This woman broke down crying when she learned she was expecting again. She said she did everything her husband told her would prevent conception. Her husband made her do jumping jacks naked after intercourse because he said that’s what he was taught would make it impossible to conceive. Yes, I taught her what she needed to know in the future.

      I am not opposed to immigration, but it needs to be out in the open and fair for all.

      Economic growth will never be the answer to our problems especially as we run out of the natural resources.


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