Friday Faves, Freshly Pressed?

I happened to notice the Freshly Pressed list on my dashboard, then I spotted Friday Faves. Wait, I’ve been Freshly Pressed? Nope, not only am I not Pressed, but I’m not even original. Turns out there are three other blogs who use the same title for their Friday posts. Oh well, I’ve never given any consideration to having that recognition. My blog doesn’t fit with the subject that receives this kind of attention.


I will be on a working vacation all of next week. My son and his wife will be moving into their new home and I get to help with the painting and decorating. I’ve already been informed there is one room they aren’t sure how to arrange the furniture so this room is my project. Yay I love a challenge!

The reason I bring this up is to let you know my posting may be irregular during the next week and I won’t be writing a Friday Fave post while there. Don’t worry though I found enough good stuff to hopefully keep you busy until I return to normal posting.

Hello, we're here.

Hello, we’re here.


Welcoming New Friends

  • For many, like me, who are single even a townhouse feels too large. Patti who writes  Run4Joy59 is dreaming of a tiny house.
  • Jackie at Spare Room Studio has an invitation for you. It begins “You are invited to start feeling your life and stop thinking, beginning now” you can read the rest here.
  • Sam want to help you create your blog. She found her freedom from the rat race we call work through blogging. This post on how your opinions can hold you back is thought-provoking whether you want to earn a living from your blog.
  • Cristian Mihai lives in Romania where he finds aspiring to be a writer difficult. Check out this post on the power of words.
  • J9s Opinion finds parenting a challenge, just when you know what you are doing along comes child number two who shows you have no idea, I can relate. I enjoyed this post on the use of a leash or harness for your children.
  • Minimalist Bride, I love someone who refuses to go overboard as a bride, and fellow Jump off the Ladder blogger tells why she is taking on the challenge of no paid entertainment this month.
  • I have read Crazy 4 Green for a while now. This site has a wealth of green information for you to browse through, make sure you have your coffee and a snack you may be there a while. If nothing else take a read through this post on the unpronounceable words in cosmetics.
  • What do you call your blog when you are a grandma, have children around all the time, and have the antics of pets? How about Grandmas Mad 3 Ring Circus? Sounds perfect to me. Grandma found not answering her cell phone in a timely manner can have consequences, find out what they were here.


Benefits of Simplicity

  • Meg must be a whiz at math because she runs down the number of hours we have leftover as free time when living a typical American lifestyle. You may be surprised at what she found.
  • Dar decided to take a look at what she doesn’t have in comparison to her peers. When we hear all day long how we need this or that product to be happy Dar has another response .
  • Amanda has a list of things you will never hear in a simple home. See if she missed anything.
  • Where do I spend the most money? On gifts. My nice tiny family of two children grew to include 4 adults and 3 little ones, so far. Frugal Hacks brought up a subject close to my heart when it comes to gift giving, legacy gifts. I gave one such gift last Christmas and it made my son happier than any other gift ever has.
  • Kathy takes on curing our addiction to wanting more. See how she views how minimalism affects her behaviors.
A visitor who perched on my arm for close to 10 minutes while I worked outside today.

A visitor who perched on my arm for close to 10 minutes while I worked outside today.

Beauty and Money

  • Sarah loves her lists, this week she takes her list of being vain and what each costs, totals them for a yearly amount then breaks it back down to what it would cost her weekly at these prices i would have to double my income. I think I’ll stick with the natural look. Do you pay for any of these and are the prices comparAble to Sarah’s area?
  • Path to Green needed to vent this week. It started with sexism but really it was about the term natural  with cosmetics. I don’t know what it is about a good rant but I find they brighten my day and make me laugh.
  • There is one item in my “beauty routine” that I have always wanted to find an alternative to. That is the wasteful cotton swab. First cotton is one of the most highly sprayed crops we grow, and in this case it’s for a product that takes me seconds to use then its in the trash. Yes, my cotton swabs are plastic free but still. Leave it to Liesl to introduce me to the alternative, an ear spoon. I plan go order one soon and will let you know what I think of it.
For all you cat and garden lovers.

For all you cat and garden lovers.

Green Living

  • I can’t think about being completely green without looking at how my food is produced. This week more information came out about the dire potential health problems from GMO foods. See what researchers have found here.
  • I love a repurposed find, one that is beautiful is a plus. Even better is a repurposed item that is beautiful, functional and a gift. See what now has a place of honor at Down to Earth Digs.
A new art piece by my granddaughter.

A new art piece by my granddaughter.


  • Brenda found a cheap place to buy blog banners and is happy to report that she also received plenty of help from the seller as well.
Anyone see the ham?

Anyone see the ham?



  • Pecora Nera fills my week with plenty of humor based on his experiences living in Italy. But this week I almost didn’t stop by to read this on fashion. Don’t make the same mistake I almost did. You don’t even have to read anything just check out the pictures
  • I will attempt to recycle just about anything by creating something new with what I find. This functional art piece was a surprise. What surprised me even more was that I found myself studying it to see how to make one. Will I? Don’t know, but I’ve learned to never say never. Picture this by your rain barrel ;-)

Have a great weekend and enjoy a little reading on me.

39 thoughts on “Friday Faves, Freshly Pressed?

    • Dannie, I love both the woods and the water, and for a long time dreamed of a log cabin. if I had been able to find a home in the woods, not too far from town with a stream of some running water I would have been in heaven. Hope you find your dream cabin.


  1. Hi, Lois! When you get a chance, please read the call for submissions letter from Altered Upcycling on my latest blog post. You’re the first person I thought of when I read it! I hope you’ll consider submitting one of your projects! Hugs, Katherine


  2. Good morning and happy Monday Lois! I always get a “recap” of your week’s posts on Monday morning so I was delighted to see you tagged my article about MORE. As always it is an honor to be included in your list :-) Now I will start working my way through your suggestions and the rest of your posts! ~Kathy


  3. Pingback: Percy Verance | Life is but a Labyrinth

    • I borrowed that one from a friend, glad you enjoyed it as I thought of you when I decided to use it. I laugh at your before coffee comments. I’ll be back sooner than you think with the next Faves post.


  4. They all sound amazing, I’m spending a couple of peaceful minutes (perhaps even an hour if I’m lucky) catching up my fav blogs, yours included. Not sue ill have time for these but will pop back when I do. I’ve been so insanely busy the past six months my blog reading has been minimal to say the least. That’s one thing I’m hoping to change once giving up work in one week! woohoo!


  5. Thanks for the mention…I’m still thinking about a tiny home…even found a couple for sale, but…yeah, both of them would need a lot of work and I’m not in any condition to do that right now. But I’ll keep on looking and dreaming…how about one of those cute little older RVs????


    • When the time is right the perfect home will show up. I looked at RVs myself but it would have been so much work to keep it from freezing in our winters here. In addition it would have taken a lot more to heat.


  6. Your Friday Faves are the best ones, of course! We minimalists just don’t get famous, because we’re all about quality over quantity… ;-)

    Have a great weekend. Good luck with the painting and decorating–you should take some before and after pics to share with us!


    • Bethany, that is so true with a few exceptions. I plan to take pictures while I’m down at my sons so hopefully everything will be finished by the time my sons vacation time runs out and I have to return.


  7. As always I enjoy your Friday faves–and for the record you should be freshly pressed but like me, you are no longer really giving that much thought– I love your blog–just keep on doing what you have been doing–I have been taking a bit of a break lately and do not come around as much–but that does not mean I am not lurking in the shadows
    Enjoy your next week with your family–you will be putting your creativity to good use!


  8. Good morning,
    Thank you for freshly pressing my post on your wall.

    After a couple of my friends were freshly pressed, I trolled the site to see if my blog had been pressed and I hadn’t noticed. :)

    For my little blog to be pressed on your site or when a post is reblogged, means more. It is more important that fellow bloggers like your site than the admin team..

    Happy Friday to you


    • Ah, thank you. When I first blogging I looked to see what types of stuff got Pressed, none of it ever appealed to me so I stopped looking. I’m the same way, I like knowing a reader or fellow blogger finds something of value from my writing much more.

      And you are welcome, I love your sense of humor and look forward to your posts.


      • I have found a couple of interesting posts, but in general I agree with you.

        I did consider blogging on a set day, maybe sad Monday, but I find I have to be in the right mood to write a post. And my posts are based on what has happened in the past couple of days. :)


        • Don’t try to force a post, I wouldn’t want to see anything change in how you write. When I started I heard you had to blog every day. I wasn’t enjoying it after a while and began to take weekends off. Its helped immensely come the beginning of the week in ready to write again.


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