Change the World Wednesday, nothing

This week Small Footprints has given us a challenge which for today I am a complete failure at.


This weeks challenge at Reduce Footprints is:

Go for a walk and pick up litter
If your area is litter-free, join a group to help clean up a river or public space.

I promised to take the grand children for a couple of hours today, and they always notice the litter on our walks. I’ve taken to carrying an extra reusable bag with me when I venture out, today was no exception. I don’t end up coming home with a lot, but usually a handful of things which I then separate as trash and recyclables the latter being the most commonly found.

Excited to see the latest addition to the library.

Excited to see the latest addition to the library.

Would you believe the day of this particular challenge we found nothing? We walked past the fast food establishments on our way to the library, usually a place I find the most, nothing.

The library is running their summer reading program, the children had earned a meal from McDonald’s today. We came home to drop off the books and headed to the dreaded golden arches. Still nothing. If that isn’t bad enough, I had to watch a piece of furniture being tossed into the dumpster while explaining to the little ones why I couldn’t save it.

After a water leak this dresser had black mold on it. I am very allergic to mold which prevented my being able to restore this.

After a water leak this dresser had black mold on it. I am very allergic to mold which prevented my being able to restore this.

I did collect all the waste from their meal that could be recycled, McDonald’s doesn’t have separate bins everything heads to the dumpster, so I can at least admit to not creating a lot of trash, but that wasn’t the challenge, was it?

No waste fun, teaching the little ones to play hopscotch.

No waste fun, teaching the little ones to play hopscotch.

Back at home we spent a couple of hours in the gardens. My granddaughter found a comfy spot to eat a “healthy snack” much to her pleasure, then we began weeding and collecting rocks from the garden beds to use for more landscaping.

Dessert tonight came from the garden.

Dessert tonight came from the garden.

It’s a good thing this is a weekly challenge because I failed miserably.

How about you, do you find, and pick up trash around your town?


  1. Jealous! I wish I could say the same. In my neighborhood, people toss whatever they no longer want to carry. I’ve even witnessed the dreaded irresponsible dog walkers who let the feces stay where it lands. I live on Laguna, Ca where people are so “health” conscious. How do I let them know they are directly hurting our health?

  2. When our eldest child was about 12-18 months old he had a thing for “fuff-fiff” The arrival of the fuff-fiff and recycling trucks was a HUGE deal for which he would pretty much climb out of his cot to see, all but destroying anything and anyone in his path. When my hubby would take him on walks he would find each and every piece of fuff-fiff on the way (I’m sure you’ve figured that fuff-fiff was his way to say rubbish) so my hubby took to taking a bag so they could clean up their walking paths. They did a good job too. It’s been several years now but I’ve never forgotten their dedication. They are also womblers, collecting anything they deem useful, a trait I have taken on through my local freecycle network. We call them womblers after the gorgeous British childrens show fromt he 70′s (I think) the Wombles.
    I too am allergic to mould, well penicillin really but the smell of the stuff makes me gag and sometimes sends me for an asthma pump. I even struggle with some, but not all, mould cheeses.

  3. Speaking of restaurant trash: One small thing, when I buy a coffee when out, I bring my lid and the cardboard ring home to my recycle bin… and when out of town I even pack them in my suitcase. I guess I’m overcompensating for not carrying a refillable cup with me. Still I hope it helps at least a little.

  4. I wish more would recycle and I know of a place that sends some of its food waste in the form of Hops to a pig farm… Now that’s recycling!… Oh you got my mouth a watering Lois with those Strawberries… they are looking great.. And what a shame about that Dresser …
    hope you enjoyed your Wednesday :-) The children certainly looked as if they did :-)

    • Sue, I had a wonderful day on Wednesday. A couple of walks, time at the library, time with loved ones, and time in the garden…what more could I ask for? Sorry you don’t have any berries yet, yes these are so juicy. I have been sharing with a few of the neighbors, many who have only eaten strawberries from the store their reactions are priceless when they realize the difference.

      There is a working farm in Minnesota that my boys and I stayed at for 2 weeks years back. They also compost for the town on their property, daily pickups from stores and hospitals were separated. Some we ate or preserved, some was fed to the pigs, the rest was composted. On Saturdays people from the town could drop off food wastes and pick up free compost. It was quite a learning experience. I just wish more farmers would follow the example.

  5. Oh how I wish McDonald’s separated it’s trash! I was there last night (blush, a free burger too!) and I was pleased it was all cardboard, but yeah… MY bf’s not ready for me to traipse it home… I did have a plastic cup from the coffee shop earlier in my handbag to be recycled though :p

    I’m pleased you failed, it’s a sign that things are good (at least in that moment)

    • Sarah I don’t believe any of the fast food chains in or around my area have recycling bins. Its really sad to me, but yes I did lug everything home. The kids think its fun to put things in the recycling as I’ve taught them those items are made into new things. Their plastic milk containers are going to become planters, I like showing them something’s can be repurposed.

        • Sarah, when you think of all the trash the fast food businesses produce and then look at how much could be recycled it goes to show you every stage, from producing the food to the trash they produce, is so wasteful. I wonder how expensive those dollar items would really cost if we took into account all the environmental damage done to provide us with those burgers.

          When I think of Mexican food I think of foods like burritos that don’t create much waste, good for them for recycling.

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