All Is Not Lost


Saturday was a beautiful day, I spent it outdoors appreciating the warmth knowing it would be over by Sunday morning. By Sunday I was pleasantly surprised the forecast of rain was wrong. I spent a couple hours at the playground with my daughter-in-law and granddaughter

The Little One knows I take pictures to add to the blog, she was positive she knew what today’s post needed and directed me to the following pictures you will see.

A taste of the cottage homes along the other side of the lake.


Some pictures of the lake, and a fairy house she made to take home.


I cleared the strawberry patch of all the ripe berries, I found three damaged by the rains, but ended up with enough for myself, my son’s family and three of the neighbors. I didn’t think to get a picture of the berries before they were gone, but they were delicious.

Sunday turned out nice, breezy but the rains held off while I got some much needed weeding done around the larger garden beds.

SavedPicture-2013616174011.jpgI found three of the watermelon seeds have taken, out of over 20 so maybe not all have been lost to the rains. I’m hoping more are on the way.

I finally took the old hose from the hose wheel I found last month and after finding even more deer prints in the garden cut up the old hose to lay pieces around hoping they will believe them to be snakes and avoid walking through the garden. The next step will be to put up netting.

This is the first time I have attempted to grow radishes. They are getting rather tall. I checked the package and was shocked to see you are supposed to harvest in 20-30 days after sprouting. I planted them almost 2 months ago! I pulled a couple and found this. Not even close to ready. Maybe its the weather.


More of the plants are coming along, for some reason it feels like everything is way behind schedule to me. Those beans need trellised very soon.


Amanda has a monthly challenge called jump off the ladder. To paraphrase, picture yourself high up on a ladder, fearful of jumping off. This is a great metaphor for life. Amanda does a much better job of describing her philosophy than I just did, so check it out for yourself. Now what one thing could you do to change the direction you are going, hence jumping off the ladder. Everyone picks their own challenge, maybe a new habit you would like to foster.

I decided to tackle my health. I can get lax with my diet during the winter months and like to reset my eating habits. So, what better way to do this than eating a raw diet for a month.

The first week was hard, and I didn’t succeed. It was cold and rainy which is when I crave my comfort food, veggie soups. So yes I made soup. Saturday, I headed out to stock up on fruits and veggies, there will be no excuse this week.

These foods are organic, the organic foods were all wrapped in plastic. I found loose apples and even celery but they weren’t organic. I wish they would stop this practice.


My daughter-in-law informed me that she’s really enjoying the cloth napkins, little one pipped up that they needed more of them. So after the park we walked back to my place where she picked out these fabrics which I spent part of Sunday sewing.


How was your weekend?

25 thoughts on “All Is Not Lost

  1. Love your photos Lois and yes the garden so needs the rain, but when we get too much of it.. then those poor soft fruits suffer… We hardly had any strawberries at all last year or raspberries as the rotted.. So did lots of other veggies too.. But fingers crossed all seem better this year.. And although we are nearly at Mid Summers Day here tomorrow the Summer could have been better but could have been so much worse,, so we are happy with how things have gone and are growing…

    Yes Diet is important and while we often look out for others, My hubby is always telling me off for neglecting myself.. So I wish you well on your quest to balance your intake on raw foods.. I think sometimes our bodies need a detox and I so love raw foods… Celery is a favourite I could nibble that and carrots all day long… :-)

    Love the fabrics you have there too.. I can see one I think your Granddaughter will be pleased with :-)

    Hope you are having a good Thursday… :-)


    • Thanks, Sue. Yes even though I don’t eat a lot of junk I do eat irregularly, I forget to eat when I am busy with something in enjoying often so a month of raw food helps me to remember to eat as I will get hungry, for some reason I get filled up quickly on fresh foods but while I rarely notice hunger eating raw I think my body is pretty happy and wants more so it does signal me with hunger signals.

      I can’t do a raw diet in the winter as I just can’t find enough good produce available.

      I’m sure I know which fabric you spotted, she picked out each of them and is happy with them all, and I’m thrilled I have broken the paper towel habit in their house.


    • Jen, I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures. I found an app for the phone I decided to play with that day. I probably should watch what I say, but right now the rains seem to only come at night which I enjoy and it saves on water for the gardens. I hope we get at least a few more days like this, we needed the break.


  2. I had a friend who did a raw diet, and I was always intrigued by the concept. I think there is something about summer, that makes fresh veggies taste even better! I have been putting tomatoes and avocados in cottage cheese, and finding it to be absolutely heavenly.


  3. I can’t tell the size of your radishes, but some I’ve grown in the past stayed that shape because the soil was not conducive to letting them get round. Good luck with you gardening especially keeping the deer out. It’s a never ending job.


    • Live and Learn, I have no idea. I put them in a bed with sand mixed in and no rocks, the only one here without rocks. I’ll leave them go for another month and check them. If they stay this size I guess I will have to eat them that way. I’m going to try some in my window box and see how they do there.


  4. This year is proving to be a challenge gardening. May was really cold, and the June came in like a blast furnace with temps in the 90’s or 100’s virtually every day. The peas and onions are looking good but everything else just seems really confused.


    • Cat, I know what you mean. We haven’t gotten any real heat yet, which isn’t good. I just spent the morning trying to reseed some of the plants I lost. I don’t know if any will reach maturity before the cold weather hits but I’m trying. Just put squashes, cucumbers and corn in. I need to put peas and some other things in, hopefully this afternoon.


  5. My weekend was lovely, but we’re already half a day into the working week here in Sydney – and I’m channeling you! I just ‘dumpster dived’ and got a bedside cabinet and a hair dryer – one will be for the BF’s house (for me) and one will be cleaned and either sold and given to my op shop man to curry favour (the more I give, it seems the more he gives back!) Exciting!


      • Hahahah maybe! I was thinking all about money, and that people ‘toss’ stuff where weather will ruin them (it’s rained since I saw this and put it in my work car – I was out walking for work) rather than sell them. And that I’d happily give it away, but maybe money would be ‘useful’ (not needed, but for frivolity)… tough call. But yes, I’ll need to draft a ‘freebie’ post, as this is three this weekend, but there’s also a number of things in my house that were free too.


        • Sarah, you should post your freebies. It is so sad what people toss. I don’t know if it is laziness, ignorance of the fact that their items are still useful, but the practice nerds to stop. We can’t afford to keep throwing things out.


          • Sandy, that is fantastic. Its a long process, at least it was for me. I went through my one bedroom apartment several times over 6 months. The first couple of times I wasn’t ready to part with as much, but as I became more comfortable with the process I was able to go back and get rid of more.


  6. You are so right about things going slower this year. It took forever to get warm here and just as it did we found out that we needed to be out of our apartment by the end of the month. Then it started raining. I planted potatoes in the rain yesterday because I refused to be thwarted one more time ;-).

    I’m enjoying your blog. I’m new to the idea of living simply and it is very helpfu.


    • Its good to meet you. Sorry you had to move suddenly, I have moved enough in my life that now I just want to stay put and hope this will be my last home.

      I keep looking at my garden and the strange weather we are having and hope the gardens have time to really produce before autumn arrives.

      Being new to a simpler lifestyle I’m glad you are enjoying my ramblings and hope to get to know you better.


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