Friday Faves, June 14

The weekend may be just around the corner, but if I don’t see some sunshine soon I may start getting into something not so smart. We are on day 3 of non stop rain and thunderstorms, which means I’m getting pretty bored of being stuck indoors.

Hard to believe this was just a few days ago.

Hard to believe this was just a few days ago.

To counter my boredom I’ve read 2 books so far and today inspired by Fairy at Organized Castle, I dug into my fabric stash I picked up for $2 a couple of weeks ago. On todays agenda, making more fabric napkins. In no time at all I had 20 new napkins, of which several went home with my daughter-in-law. The little ones think cloth napkins are a treat and with one who wipes his face on his shirt sleeves I’m hoping the family will see the advantage of cloth napkins.

Any way, it’s time to share with you my favorites of this week.

These napkins were used at dinner tonight l, my plan may be working on my son's home.

These napkins were used at dinner tonight l, my plan may be working on my son’s home.

Environmental Concerns

  • I get excited when I find good news, and this had me wishing I could still dance. Connecticut approved labeling of GMOs!!!! I’m sure Monsanto will fight this with all their might, but it’s the best news I’ve heard in a while.
  • Of course with the good comes bad news as well. Problems are already being found with the Keystone pipeline in Texas.
  • Good Human shared this article on how carbon emissions rose hitting record highs in 2012.
  • This fantastic short video (4 minutes long) is a unique look at the life cycle of the plastic bag.
  • The water on the earth is being polluted from every point on the planet. Liesl and her family traveled to the Himalayas and show us just how bad it is.
Napkins for a little girl.

Napkins for a little girl.

Gardens I’m Loving

  • Lili shared her beds. I think I need to do something similar to keep from getting stuck in the mud, plus it’s so gorgeous and inviting.
  • Jean visited the Mt Coot-tha botanical gardens this week. The pictures are worth drooling over and may just spark an idea for your own outdoor spaces.
For mom and dad, couldn't leave anyone out.

For mom and dad, couldn’t leave anyone out.

Upcycling and Recycling

  • 1 Green Generation has a full list of how and where you can recycle your old computers the environmentally safe way.
  • I am always looking for new ideas for things I may find discarded. This unique lamp on Eco Crap got me excited as it would bring back memories of a time forgotten.
  • Then I spotted this cheap yet so cute way to fix a tricycle on Purposely Frugal.
This fabric was so me I had to make myself a few new napkins.

This fabric was so me I had to make myself a few new napkins.

Green Home

  • Heidi tried a new wood cleaner/polisher  week. So simple, only 2 ingredients and both are found in almost all kitchens. You won’t believe your eyes when you see the before and after.
A few more for when I have guests and want something a little nicer than my every day napkins.

A few more for when I have guests and want something a little nicer than my every day napkins.

Gratitude and Positive Living

  • Secret Shade a new look at the term Hippie in a positive light.
  • There are plenty of little ways you can incorporate gratitude into your daily life. Here is a list of 7 you may find interesting.
  • Lou Ann had one of her most inspiring posts this week, okay that’s my opinion but check it out for yourself, in this one titled This Night Stands Alone
Found a book page wreath at the library, nice to see them recycling books that are beyond being able to loan out.

Found a book page wreath at the library, nice to see them recycling books that are beyond being able to loan out.


  • I recently found my way to the blog titled Non Supermarket, which is about “life beyond squeaky trolley wheels on linoleum floors”. If you never thought about how impersonal and uninviting a supermarket is those words may give one a moment to ponder how they feel when they shop. You will find plenty of delicious recipes and a complete shopping list for everyone here, but it was this post that I wanted to specifically share.
Even with the rain I still had to feed the birds. Not sure if by feeding them if I am inviting them to the garden.

Even with the rain I still had to feed the birds. Not sure if by feeding them if I am inviting them to the garden.

Newest Follower

  • Ruth Nina Welsh joined us here this week. I spent some time reading through what Ruth has to share and found an idea I had never heard of before. Did you know you can have your blog on Amazon for reading in the Kindle? Find out here how to do just that and make a little money from your site.

all I have for you this week, have a great weekend.


  1. Thanks so much for the link to our Himalayan discoveries, Lois. I’ve read each one of your resources, here, and love them. Have added many to our Trash Backwards app so our users can benefit from your research, too! Thanks for your gleaning of these gems from the Web.
    – Liesl at Trash Backwards

  2. Nice napkins…do you use a sewing machine? wasnt quite certain.

    a suggestion I saw somewhere, was use a hot glue gun, or fabric glue (i think they said to put a string of the glue and roll the edge over)..Apparently these glue ones can be easily washed/but not put in dryer, as that melts the glue. Just mentioned that, in case you ever are given a whack of glue.

    back to you Friday favorites..Lois, I do enjoy and appreciate them/the time it took you to put them together. I usually piddle around, read a bit here/a bit there.

    to me, they are like getting a box of chocolates…

    • Thanks, Lynn. I used a sewing machine. I’ve been doing most sewing by hand because my machine hadn’t been working right and I do enjoy hand stitching. But I just couldn’t imagine wasting the time to hand sew so I pulled out and repaired my machine instead.

      I have used a glue tape, like heat and bond in the past when I didn’t want stitching to show on the finished item, not sure if I would use a glue gun, it doesn’t feel right. It all comes down to cost and time when I am doing a bunch of things, in this case thread is way cheaper. 😊

      Comparing the Friday posts to a box of chocolates is high praise to me, so glad you enjoy them. I doubt every subject would interest each reader which is why I separate them by category, so you can easily find what you like.

  3. Nice napkins! That’s all that we use at our table too – we don’t buy the paper kind. I\’ve collected mine over the years from yard sales, etc and the table doesn’t always match, but we can normally dig up enough matching ones if we have company. I like the book page wreath too – the library is a perfect spot for one.

    • Thanks, Heidi like you cloth is the only thing in my kitchen but I had wanted a few more, I had only 8 which isn’t enough for when I have a lot of company especially if unexpected and I nerd to do laundry. I will be making a set to give to my son and his wife as a house warming next week from the pile of fabric as well. As for mine matching, never. Everyone tends to have a favorite so having a variety on hand is nice.

      When I spotted the book page wreath I stopped to look at how it was made, it turned out fuller than mine but used a styrofoam base where I used cardboard. I would like to make another one, if I xo I like the colored tips I have on mine from the phone book so would like to blend the best of the two.

  4. I hope it stops raining soon and that your plants haven’t been washed away. Lots to read here as usual, I loved the telephone light! Years ago, we rented an old house that had a lovely old bakelite phone. It stopped working, so we had the telephone company come to repair it and they took it away and replaced it with a horrible modern one. I’ll be interested to see if this inspires you to come up with some wonderful repurposed lamp for your apartment. I was also interested to read about the furniture polish. I’ve used olive oil to polish furniture before and it works beautifully but haven’t tried vinegar with it. Perhaps I’ll try some salad dressing next time I have some left over.

    • Jen, when my grandparents found the phone company replacing their old phone my grand father wouldn’t let them take it. He worked on it until he got every thing but the ringer to work then surprised me by putting it in my bedroom when I was in high school telling me he knew teens liked some privacy. Of course this was before cordless phones. I loved that phone and thought of it when I saw the phone light.

      The funniest thing about the recipe for cleaning wood is that my son sent me the same recipe via Facebook, it is the first thing he has ever forwarded to me for furniture repairs. So twice in one week this came to my attention…I think I am supposed to try this on the next piece of wood furniture. 😊

      Well we have a one day break from the rain for today. I guess I shouldn’t complain about it, people ate living with worse conditions. I have several things still doing well, just sad to lose a few things I was excited about.

      Have a great weekend.

  5. Hi Lois, thanks so much for mentioning me here and linking up to my site. The blog on Kindle idea is quite an exciting one I think. Seeing posts appear on it is just lovely. I was really taken with your site when I was looking around. Although it’s for different reasons (health) I am chemical-free wherever possible. So, I’m looking forward to following you!! All the best and thanks so much, Ruth :-) PS Lovely to know that you and Sue are friends, that’s how I found you by the way. :-)

  6. Lois lovely to ready your Friday Faves.. and those napkins look lovely… sorry the rain is still pouring.. we too seem to have a few days of storms and had thunder yesterday, but we did have some Sunshine last week..
    Great news about the GMO inst it .. and Ruth Nina Walsh is a beautiful individual and a friend … so I am so pleased she got a mention She too has over come much like yourself..

    Wishing you a weekend full of Sun.. even if the weather doesn’t deliver, I am certain your wonderful family and grandchildren will add plenty of shine and smiles..
    Love Sue xxxx :-)

    • Sue, I had no idea Ruth Nina Welsh was a friend. I have only just begun to explore her blog as I have not been online as much lately.

      I am so excited by the passage of a GMO labeling legislation and hope the federal government doesn’t strike it down. I’d like to see labeling as the first step to ridding ourselves of all altered foods.

      I have a reprieve today finally from the rain, not supposed to last so I’m trying to take advantage of it while it lasts. Hope your weather doesn’t damage any of your garden plots after all your hard work.

      Thanks for commenting on the napkins, I barely made a dent in the fabric I brought home and was pleased when I got huge hugs from the little ones for giving them their own napkins for home, they are excitedly using them at each meal. Who says you can’t change habits. 😊

      You have a great weekend, hope you don’t have to work much and can enjoy some quiet time with your husband.

  7. I love the progress your country is making with GMO labelling! I believe there have been three states to recently introduce labelling of GMO. Australia is so far behind in this regard and we are shameful when it comes to renewable energy. Very frustrating! Love the napkins!

    • Linda, I must be way behind on my need as I didn’t know there were 3 states trying to legislate GMOs. As for renewable energy and cutting back on fossil fuels I don’t think anyone, with the exception of China, is further behind than the US it’s so sad. At one time the US was so far ahead in many areas, but now…it’s as if they, those running things, have their heads buried and don’t want to look forward.

      • I think you might be interested in this As for the three states, I think it was something I read on Face Book but maybe the states were just proposing the introduction of labelling. Good on Connecticut and let’s hope the world follows.

        Australian Liberal politicians are fighting wind farms and as one of the sunniest countries on earth we should also be leading the way with solar. I imagine the fact that our mining and coal industry has a big influence.

        • Linda, that information is so sad. I have heard about the number of chemicals/toxins found in the umbilical cord, which means our children are already getting exposed in the womb to everything we are exposed to. So much for a barrier of protection for our babies.

          I’ve also heard from an undertaker that our bodies are being preserved from all the food preservatives we eat, to the point where we don’t need to be embalmed. We are sadly, destroying ourselves.

          Coal, gas, it doesn’t seem to matter bug money will hold on to there profits at any cost. I hope you get your wind farms. Not only do you have abundant sun but so much coastal water surrounding hour country it makes perfect sense to invest in wind.

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