Time For Friday Faves

Is it really Friday again? Time seems to be speeding up, I hope it slows down some because I don’t want to miss summer, which has taken a vacation leaving us with cooler weather. Time for my Friday Faves. This week will be a little shorter, I just didn’t spend as much time online, but what I have for you are truly the best.


Welcome new friends

  • Life on a Dirt Road knows what is important in life. In this post you can read about her grandmother’s 90th birthday and what she made for a gift from feed sacks, its gorgeous!
  • Learning to Want Less is in the process of leaving consumerism behind. I know she will succeed after reading this post about her Paw-Paw. See what was learned from loss.
  • Your Daily Phil is a lovely adventure blog. I chose this post because of the picture, but do spend some time seeing where Phil has been. Phil also has a free newsletter, which I haven’t checked out, where he shares blogging tips if you are interested.
What could be hidden under your garden, this was tossed out during construction many years ago.

What could be hidden under your garden, this was tossed out during construction many years ago.

Environmental Concerns

  • Tegan prepared an environmental timeline to help her in school and shares it with us. She has done a thorough job and explained each step well.
  • Fairy, and her family, have done everything they can to reduce their impact on the planet, and share their green energy. This week she finds a backlash against those who are trying to do the right thing which includes her. What will she do?
  • There are plenty of costs associated with owning a car, but have you ever factored in the cost of parking your car? Good Girl Gone Green does just that this week.
Siblings getting along?

Siblings getting along?


  • Lili took a moment, okay a few, to share what made her day joyful. I smiled as I read this her list could so easily have been my own.
  • I learned there are 4 things we can never recover from GYA Today, its short and sweet, yet will stay with you long after reading.
Where will it all go?

Where will it all go?

Are We Going to Be Wasteful?

  • Quarter Acre Lifestyle had carrots which were quite “deformed”. It would have taken a lot of work to peel these. She created a delicious dog treats from them instead, and shares the recipe here.
  • I get so much encouragement and hope from everyone I read online, you make me believe in the good of man and hope for a future for our family ‘s. But now and then a story is so appealing I lose a little of that hope. This was shared by Quarter Acre Lifestyle. See how an entire store of non perishable food ended up in a landfill as people waited to get their share.
  • Yes, I work hard to save items that are still useful from ending up in the landfill, I’ll share a cute retro table with you tomorrow that I rescued, but Martin Gregory has taken garbage pickin further. Riding his bike he goes through trash before it is picked up. He has no job, other than garbage pickin, he supports himself from what he earns from his saved trash. Any item too large for him to carry he sets out in the open for others to find. You can follow along as he documents what he finds and how much he has earned from each item on his blog Things I Find In The Trash.
Another yarn idea for hair.

Another yarn idea for hair.

Crafting for Children

  • I found this cute bow tutorial on The Green Dragonfly, it was so simple that even I could crochet it with my eyes closed. I made one for my 4-year old granddaughter, she loved it. Shortly before I was to visit my youngest granddaughter I learned she wants a bow in her hair everyday so I quickly stitched up a couple more to take down. She too loves them. This is super cute, easy, quick and only uses a small amount of yarn. It’s now my favorite thing to make with my stash of “not enough to make anything” yarn.
Having fun indoors while it rains. Yes, the little ones like the red eyes.

Having fun indoors while it rains. Yes, the little ones like the red eyes.


  • as I began todays links with environmental concerns I thought it only fitting to end with the same. What is more dangerous than the actions of Monsanto, of which we have no idea what the long-term effect of GMO food will have on us. Jackie gives us a humorous look at the dangers this short piece.

Have a great weekend, feel free to point out in the comments what I missed from the blog world this week.

26 thoughts on “Time For Friday Faves

    • Jen, I was shocked when I read about Fairy’s problems. It is so important to have decentralized and green power that this way of thinking and acting towards those who are trying to do the right thing will only slow the conversion to those clean technologies.


  1. Thanks for linking. The good news (for the moment) is that the feed-in tariff is to remain the same. The cynic in me is still concerned about what other charges/penalties may be in store. At least I have a clear strategy should this eventuate.

    The really exciting news is that we received our credit statement for the last quarter and we get a refund of $328!!


    • Janette, not only do I like the bows but so do the little ones and their parents. I made a couple with shorter bands to be used around ponytails and left a couple long enough the girls could even wear them as necklaces. They have so much fun with them.


  2. Lots of environmental stuff, which is a good reminder for me. Things have been so hectic, in this season of change, that we kind of have been slacking in that area. I once had the goal of generating only a grocery bag’s worth of garbage in a month. When we’re living in a smaller space, we’ll definitely have some incentive to do that!


    • Bethany, traveling, moving and not having your own home does make it harder to control what trash we generate. I’m looking forward to hearing all about your adventure and seeing the space you end up calling home.


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