Friday Faves, Saturday Edition

Tomato plant with new growth.

Tomato plant with new growth.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. The sun is shining and we may escape rain for the first day this week. I had a welcome sight this morning when I headed out to the garden, not all was lost in our frost. Plants I was about to pull have new life on them, not all but that’s okay, so my morning started well.

As always I need to give a big welcome to all the new people who have been stopping by. I look forward to getting to know you.

  • Els VerfailleĀ has a lovely site, much of it is not in English, there may be a translate button but I am not seeing it on my mobile. I did find this which put a smile on my face
  • Mobile Rik writes about off-grid camping, his site is filled with ideas even those of who aren’t camping can use, like thison DIY solar panels on the cheap.
Spaghetti squash didn't completely fail me.

Spaghetti squash didn’t completely fail me.

Frugal Ideas

  • Simple and minimal shared this song which explores consumerism.
  • Purposely Frugal has fantastic ideas for summer fun for the children.
  • I found this idea too good to leave out, Purposely Frugal has a wonderful idea for Father’s Day, a homemade tool organizer made from trash everyone has around the house. Best of all it looks amazing.
  • Frugal Hacks wants to help you save money this year. You will find a complete list of when items are the cheapest. Did you know picnic supplies are the lowest all summer in May? There are also some delicious recipes for strawberries I want to try.
Lettuce is thriving in a planter.

Lettuce is thriving in a planter.


Ye Pirate has a weekly rant and grrrĀ post which is fitting for these next links. So I’m borrowing, just for today, Grrr.

My list of Grrr

  • I can’t “steal” someone’s idea without giving them credit. Ye Pirate covers controversial subjects from the death penalty and child porn among other subjects here
  • Jean has a writing style that will hook you from the start and pull you right in. Her rant this week is on receiving from cashiers.
  • This link was shared with me by a friend. We rarely, in the US, hear about the continuing problems in Japan from the Fukushima nuclear plant. Things are not getting better, and we think this is a greener technology? See what drastic measures are now being considered to prevent more radioactive waste from reaching ground water.
  • Caitlin explores cause and effect this week in her post -ice cream causes crime. There is much to consider in this well-thought out post.
  • This too was brought to my attention by a friend. Did you know a city devastated by a tornado in Oklahoma has not been declared a disaster by our President? One group of good Samaritans found out the hard way that this distinction has broader effects than we might think. You will say Grrr when you read this.
Another strong tomato plant.

Another strong tomato plant.

Now that I have you all worked up, how about something to make you smile.

  • Bethany is making a life changing move this week, but she stopped to get in touch with her feelings about her decision and found her dreams are coming true because she’s had friends along the way who helped her grow enough to be able to fully define that dream.Safe travels my friend.
  • Dan shared a sentimental poem this week which I believe defines real beauty.
  • Nothing makes me happy like a good laugh. Eco crap found humor in this about recycling.
Melon seeds have sprouted.

Melon seeds have sprouted.

Environmental and Green

  • Linda took her entire family, plus one, to march against Monsanto. She shares her thoughts and plenty of pictures of her day.
  • The Good Human covers the weekly green news. Do you think things are getting better around the world? Take a peek and find out.
  • Have you ever heard of Bokashi? Me neither, but what a concept. For everyone who thinks you can’t compost because of where you live check this out.



How will you be spending your weekend? Hope it is a fun-filled couple of days.


  1. Thankfully, paying with cash means I rarely ‘max out’! Credit cards are only used when cash is short (that week). I always pay off the CC. But I do have a fear of ‘rejected card’ syndrome!

  2. Great features this week, looking forward to reading…. When I posted on Earth Day and asked my readers if they thought the Earth was in better shape that when Earth Day started 40 odd years ago, not one person answered that question, very interesting to me. I can’t wait to read about Monsanto, I think it’s going to take a HUGE movement in this country to put them in their place….I keep waiting, hopefully soon :) In the mean time I keep trying…..

    • Jayne, I must have missed that one. My computer was died the day before and by the time I was back online, with my phone I was overwhelmed with the mass of reading I had waiting for me. I will answer your question now if it makes a difference. I believe things have gotten drastically worse for the planet since the first Earth Day and it saddens me.

      I am with you, I hope something is done about Monsanto and very soon.

  3. Just got to your “Grrr’s”…love the idea…

    re that Japan problem, someone suggested to me, that freezing the ground may not be totally impossible and outlandish..(I had thought it was)….They suggested a series of holes be drilled/ piping inserted/coolant run…And, they suggested that after frozen it “MAY” be possible to them mine it to recover radioactive substance.
    dont’ know if this is what the regulators had in mind re the freezing..but , apparently it is a possibility. When I had first read it, I thought, Oh My Gosh (well…something “close” to that), how ridiculous…but, maybe not.

  4. Saturday Friday Faves work for me! :-) Three things:

    1. Thanks for the link love! I’m actually writing this from an interesting hotel in Little Rock (story on my blog tomorrow), and we’ll be in Houston for dinner tomorrow.

    2. Speaking of Monsanto, we drove by their plant (or one of them). LOTS of propaganda billboards, in MO. I made sure to “boo” them…

    3. Love the OTG camping site! We do lots of anchoring out, so we’re used to the solar panel (only run the fridge during the day, in our case!) thing.

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