When the lights go out

What do you do when the power goes out? You have no working electronics, no electricity to prepare a meal, and if you are me a phone you had just started to charge when the power stopped. With just candle light reading is difficult. I can’t see well enough to work on any furniture or pick up the latest cross stitch project.

I grabbed an apple to hold me over and a glass of water, can’t heat water here without electricity either. It’s too early to go to bed, so I pick up a crochet hook.

I have a bag of leftover yarn that was calling for some use and a Rapunzel doll (on a Barbie body) that was forgotten when a little one went home.

Poor Rapunzel arrived today looking more like Lady Godiva, wearing nothing but her long locks of hair.

Simple crochet stitches I can do by feel, so I began with a small chain that would fit around her chest. When it was the right length I joined the ends into a circle with a slip stitch.

I worked in the round using a single crochet stitch for the bodice. When it covered Rapunzel’s upper body to her waist I switched to a double crochet stitch to complete her gown.

With nothing but the rainstorm to listen to it was easy to get into a rhythm and feel if I missed a stitch, which happened only a couple of times.

By the time the power was restored here’s what I had completed.

Yes, i know Rapunzel prefers purple, but pink was the best I had on hand. my other choices were green, orange or black. Pink it was. if Rapunzel doesn’t like the color she can share her gown with Barbie, who I’m told loves pink.

With very little left to finish I decided to finish it and not set it aside for the night. I think Rapunzel looks very happy in her new pink gown, but then beggars can’t be choosy.


This was how I spent my evening without power. How do you pass the time during a power outage?

31 thoughts on “When the lights go out

  1. I read or play board games by candle light, barbecue if there is light outside, and go to bed early! I am generally quite happy unless it’s winter and there’s no heat, or the freezer has lost power for so long that all the food thaws :(


    • No heat, there is nothing worse in my opinion. I can live without ac as I love the heat, but its a double edged sword when loving the heat leaves you without in winter months. As long as heat isn’t an issue I enjoy the silence and real darkness that accompanies a black out.


  2. Beautiful work! I love it!!

    When the lights go out, I go to work. I love an outage (not that I get them in my home given the way we’re supplied) cause I like being ‘helpful’ in an emergency and my current role and work make that possible. Not that I wish for big storms that cause them, of course!


    • Thank you Sarah, I gave the doll back today and received a big hug so I think the dress will be used plenty.

      I love listening to storms, but never want to hear of destruction, there has to be a limit to the size of the storm. It’s nice you think about being helpful in emergencies. It does feel good to know we can make things better for another even in a small way.


    • Thank you Lucie. I like how it turned out and am looking forward to returning her to my granddaughter, I’m sure she will love it.

      Thanks also for the nomination. I’ve never heard of this award before and will try to get a post up soon. I’m glad you enjoy reading about my life.


  3. What a delightful creation :-) Like you I would probably get out my crochet hook too as I have a number of squares on the go.. I started them intending to do a cot blanket in pink and white for my granddaughter lol, She is now Two and a Half so that idea went out the window ages ago.. As I gave most of the finished squares to my sisters grandchild who is 12, she was learning to knit squares so I thought a few crocheted ones would fit in nicely with her own created knitted ones… She loved them..
    Luckily we don’t seem to get too many black outs here… But I do have a wonderful candle arrangement with glass shades which sheds excellent light enough to read by and I have an amazing amount of tee-lights that I keep just in case… So I would most likely snuggle down with a book… :-)


    • Thanks Sue. What a shame you didn’t finish your blanket, but what a nice gift to a nee knitter I’m sure she appreciates your squares. I don’t have too many candles here as I used to rely on oil lamps in power outages, but since moving here (I think because of the small space) it bothers me to light them. It affects the air and I have trouble breathing. I did just order some soy tea lights from my dil but won’t have them until next month when I see her.


  4. We do many of the same things that were mentioned above. However, the main problem that we have, because we are on a well, is that we have no water when we lose power–which means we can’t flush the toilet. Wondering how long we will be without and managing that situation uses up some of our time.


  5. We had a power outage here from about 11:30am until 8:30pm. Fortunately it was cold enough (only just) to be almost able to justify lighting the wood heater whih has a stove top and oven too (it’s not a cooker though). The house ended up rather toasty inside but I was able to cook dinner at least. We ended up inviting friends over for dinner and eating by candlelight and LED pwered off batter light, trying to coax a petrified cat out of a tree where he had been chased by a hunting greyhound and entertaining 3 kids. Once the laptop battery, iPad and iPhone batteries died it all got a bit more challenging but I must say I’ve not had as much fun in a while. I had to learn to cook using wood heat only for the first time ever. I made a meat and veggie pie with red wine gravy from scratch (we use online recipes mostly), bread which fortunately I know the recipe for and even apple crumble for dinner. Best day ever.


    • Good food, good friends, a fire and humor, I’m sure from trying to coax a cat down…sounds like a perfect day to me. It wasn’t cold enough here for anyone to light a wood stove here, if they had one.

      Some of our best days as a family involved loss of power or extreme weather. The stories I could share😊


      • I think it’s those situations where you can either laugh or cry that bring out either the worst or the best in the day. I could literally have sat down and pulled out my hair that day with fractious kids and no power but instead we had a ball. AND My nearly 5yo learned an awful lot about “lectrisily” and what would and wouldn’t work without it. I’m not one to stop and think about making the most out of things etc but that day we just did it. :)


        • I agree, its easier when you don’t have small children, who need entertaining when they can’t be outside or when you need to put a healthy meal together. I’m glad you ended up having a good day in the end.


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