What is Enuff to you?

This is the third time I am attempting to write this particular post over the last couple of weeks. It is the only post that has been lost transferring to the site.


May is book month and with that I wanted to share some books I have recently read. Its a little late in the month, but better than never, right?

The first book I wanted to share is by fellow blogger Kate Carpenter who writes  Enuff Stuff
After reading enough books on decluttering, simple or frugal living and book on green living I thought every one of them said pretty much the sane thing. But I so enjoy Kate’s writing style that I decided to purchase her kindle version.

I made this purchase just days before my computer crashed, the first time. I really wanted to read it, so I installed the kindle app on my phone. I devoured this book.

The book begins with a question I will paraphrase. “How do you carve an elephant?”

I knew at this point I was going to love this book. I mean how simple is it to change your life and find what makes you happy than just get rid of what doesn’t make you happy. Of course we all know that is easier said than done. But it doesn’t have to be hard and this book will guide you to finding your own image of enough that makes you content.

Playing for the camera.

Playing for the camera.

This isn’t a book that will tell you to get three boxes and label them donate, keep, trash. Nor are there steps to take to declutter. There are plenty of books out there that do a fine job of that.

Instead, Kate, takes you on a journey to find yourself. Happiness doesn’t come from a clean cupboard, nor does it come from whittling your belongings to 100 or some other arbitrary number. Having enough means looking at all aspects of your life. We all know or have heard of people with perfect houses, or more money than we could imagine who aren’t happy, and that’s because we carry other baggage such as negative relationships or over-burdened schedules just to name a couple.


As you read through Enuff, you will begin to see examples from your own life that have been nagging at your subconscious and realize that needs some of your attention.

So what was the answer to carving an elephant? You chisel away anything that doesn’t look like an elephant.

One last thing, unlike many books written by the author of a blog, this is not a rehash of blog posts. Kate presents you with fresh ideas you can savor.

You can purchase Kate’s book in paperback or eBook from links on her website here Whether you chose to read her book or not check out her blog here, you will enjoy her thoughts in living your life on your own terms.

12 thoughts on “What is Enuff to you?

  1. This looks like an interesting book. Often books that deal with decluttering only deal with material objects, never people, activities or even beliefs that can clutter up life.


    • Bethany, you are so right I can’t tell you the number of times I moved across the country thinking things would be better for me in a new place only to find the problem was me and I kept dragging myself to these great locations. Whether minimalism or not we have to deal with ourselves first.


  2. Lois, you are such a peach! Thank you for the really nice comments on my book. I do like to make people think about things in ways they may not have before – and I hope both the book and the blog do that. We’re in this together, sister! Keep up the good work!


    • Kate, you are very welcome. You have no idea how long I read the reviews on your blog, then talked myself out of buying the book because so many books are just a rehash of previously published ideas. I’m really glad I ignored that little voice and decided to buy the book.


      • The first review I got on Amazon said “Nothing new here. Basic advice that all of these books have. There is no new info given. Ramblings of a lonely housewife. It is not bad…there is just nothing you have not heard before.” It crushed me – and I really didn’t think it was fair! So thank you again for your vote of favor!


        • Kate,people can be so cruel. I think leaving a review is a wonderful idea, unfortunately I found that many are from friends of the author so not a true opinion on a book. I promise I will get a review ip on amazon, this is just a crazy time of year for me with so little time.


    • Then you may enjoy Kate’s book as much as I did. One thing about this book is that you will find that if you love a collection you won’t be told to get rid of it, you will find yourself evaluating which pieces bring you joy.


  3. Thanks. I think I might like this as well. I’ll check it out. Your projects looked wonderful but you had so many comments that I didn’t leave one. I’m happy that you have a place to keep and sell you wonderful re-purposed items.


    • I’m sure you would enjoy it, its a very different book from others I have found. I’m so tired of hearing how to declutter, I think we can all figure that out in our own way.

      Thank you for your comment about the table. I know what you mean about a post having a lot if comments. Some it takes longer to scroll through the comments than it took to read the post. I’m more likely to comment myself when there are fewer comments.


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