Acts of kindness


A recent gift from a neighbor

Generosity abounds around me. I am still surprised by the wonderful people who associate with those of us living in this apartment building. I am now the recipient of free space to sell my restored finds in.
I’m not sure if I ever told you about the single story addition on the north end of my apartment building. Back when this was a mom and pop hotel the addition was a restaurant. The couple offered travelers delicious home-style meals. I miss those days.

When the building was converted to apartments that section of the building was finished as office space. There are two businesses which fill those spaces.

I was given this picture of my painted basket to share with you.

I was given this picture of my painted basket to share with you.

One of those businesses is a full-service notary. The woman who works there has become friends with many of us living here. I happened to run into her Saturday afternoon, she was on her way out but stopped to share her plans for the day and ask about mine. I told her I would be working on some furniture. Somehow through our past conversations this had never come up before.

Besides rocks we've found building materials like the plumbing parts buried in the fields as we dug our garden plots.

Besides rocks we’ve found building materials like the plumbing parts buried in the fields as we dug our garden plots.

She then made me the offer of selling my furniture from the empty space in her office. She made this offer because she feels it’s not safe to allow strangers to come to your home. But as we talked about it we realized that if I can keep enough pieces in there to attract interest it will bring more business for her and spread the word that I am willing to take items someone might have soon put at the curb for trash pick up.

Need to get to this soon.

Need to get to this soon.

I have a few pieces close to finished, by Wednesday her now empty room will be comfortable and inviting. I will show you the completed bankers chair tomorrow, which will look so nice paired with this table.
Here’s the before of my coffee table.

And I thought this only needed a good sanding.

And I thought this only needed a good sanding.

After much sanding, wood putty to hide the four-lettered words deeply gouged into the wood along with many other purposely destroyed areas, here’s what that table now looks like.

Better than new.

Better than new.

I came up with all kinds of things I wanted to do to this table to make it unique, but realized the goal wasn’t to allow myself to attempt to be an artist but to give this table a new home. By adding more to it I would have narrowed the attractiveness of this table and made selling it quickly a little harder to do. A simple white with a couple clear coats of polycrylic should be attractive to more people. So white it is.

Did I mention the space I was so generously offered is free? That’s right, she will not accept any money from me for using her office space, nor do I need to be there during office hours. She will call me when a sale is made.

How was your weekend? What small act of kindness came your way recently?


  1. What an amazing transformation you’ve done on the coffee table Lois, it’s hard to believe it’s the same piece. You must be so excited about your little store, how lovely of your neighbour and what fun you will have!

  2. I think good people attract good from others – and you’re the perfect example. Can I applaud you too on your restraint – it’ll definitely appeal widely as a white table, without any embellishments, cause it’s probably competing with Ikea and other cheap and minimalist retailers, who loves pretend wood (chipboard) in all white. Hope this goes wonderfully for you!

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