Change the world Wednesday

I have followed the eco challenges each Wednesday with Reduce Footprints, along with many amazing people. This Wednesday, yesterday, I was so busy. I checked my email for the latest challenge, but not seeing it went on with my day. About 10pm I finally went online long enough to reply to a few comments and noticed there was a Wednesday challenge after all. I was too tired to even read it. Funny thing is I had in fact accepted the challenge and done very well considering.


This weeks challenge was to disconnect from the computer or phone for a day, or longer, to recharge, except as needed for work.

You probably know I recently began to take a breather from the computer on the weekends and find I am refreshed when I return. Words flow better and ideas tend to be better formed in my head.

So I thought in light of taking a day off mid-week I’d show you what we were doing instead.

First row of three were completed Monday, we now have three beds filled, have compost mixed in and a good number of the rocks removed.

Tallest plants so far are my spaghetti squash

Tallest plants so far are my spaghetti squash

Two rows of sunflower seeds have been planted. The area went from this:

Nothing but weeds

Nothing but weeds

to this:

Much improved, not to finish the area.

Much improved, not to finish the area.

Some organization of my home after the weekend of collecting furniture was desperately needed. Comforter, white shelf, small table are gone. The coffee table is set up in front of the loveseat and bankers chair is next to them as a conversation area. . Here’s what it looked like by the end of Sunday dumpster diving.

You might be able to see the loveseat under there some where.

You might be able to see the loveseat under there some where.

I have one end table taken apart and have begun the sanding. Table legs are done as are the sides.

Just a reminder of the table legs.

Just a reminder of the table legs.

Still think my two-toned idea is what it will become in the end.

Still think my two-toned idea is what it will become in the end.

Any guesses on the colors this table will be sporting next time you see it?

Some mending needs my attention. This comforter we found has now been washed and the seam repaired.

All it needed was a good wash and a seam mended. Feels good not to have it in here still.

All it needed was a good wash and a seam mended. Feels good not to have it in here still.

Rather than fight the bunnies for my leafy greens I will keep them indoors. This drawer I found is now a planter box filled with spinach seeds.

Yes, I was outside still when the outdoor lights came on, it was a long day.

Yes, I was outside still when the outdoor lights came on, it was a long day.

I enjoyed some time with friends in the Little Cove, more chairs have shown up as groups get larger.

The basket my grandson found got a coat of milk paint and sealer and has a new home at one neighbors where it will be a planter for herbs.

No after picture, this was adopted while I was finishing it. It wasn't until later i realized I didn't have an after picture.

No after picture, this was adopted while I was finishing it. It wasn’t until later i realized I didn’t have an after picture.

Finally, my grand-daughter came over for a picnic dinner, girls night, and spent the night with me.

I love my computer and everything it allows me to do in life, but some days we do need to walk away and remember what life was like before we had them.

What do you do on a day you walk away from technology?

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  1. I just had 3 weeks “offline” for the vast majority of it and I didn’t miss it at all because I was out in nature which is far better entertainment! However, it is nice to come home to all these comforts at the end of the day , hehe!

    • I missed you, P, glad you had a great vacation. It is nice to get away for a bit, but like you said, it’s nice to come home to the familiar. Hope you will be sharing your 3 weeks in nature with us.

  2. Dear Lois, I would find it a real challenge to be without my technology for a whole day, but I tend to switch off all screens, including television, at 9am. Then I go out. Several times a week to my allotment as it’s so peaceful out there and good exercise too, or I meet up with friends and talk face to face while I have noticed at some tables folk sit together but are both on their iPhones. Odd.

    • I hate when others can’t just set aside the phone and enjoy some face to face company. I’ve told my eldest son to put it away when he visits because he is glued to it.

      I don’t want to be with out any technology but it has its,place. Some days its nice to unplug

  3. Love the area you cleared and planted Lois, and like you I love to garden and although I am no DIY expert like yourself :-) I enjoy painting of another kind.. And get out my easel and paints to relax the mind as I paint what comes into it.. As I do with my poetry writing…

    Making sure we have some quiet ‘ME’ time is all important, even though we spend it often with our Grandchildren, its important to refresh ourselves and let the technology buzz away happily in the background for a while…. We gain far more in fresh air and in the energy of Mother Nature….. Than staring at a PC screen… as lovely as that can be as we connect to friends across the miles…

    I have a rule well not a rule as such,My hubby and I agree no TV in the day.. LOL… I so dislike that he switches to the News channel…. Yesterday I had to leave the room … as another Horrid story unfolded in London… Sigh!…. Pity its throwing it down with rain again today as the wind has whipped up, as temperatures have plummeted again… We had Hail stones that left the ground like it had snowed yesterday!… But I did manage to weed between my Peas and Parsnips before it threw it down…. :-)

    Sending you lots of Smiles… ~Sue

    • Sue, I believe we need to be in contact with the earth daily to be healthy. Its hard for me to enjoy it in the coldest days of winter, but once warm enough I have to touch the ground with my bare feet, run toes and fingers through the grass.

      One of the things I don’t miss about sharing my home with others is having to hear a TV and the choices other household members chose to watch. News is the worst. And ME time is sacred to me. I need quiet time every day to decompress. I tend to be very much an introvert who has to work at being out going. I enjoy solitude and my own company to balance things out.

      Glad you got time in the garden before the storms hit. We are expecting frost tonight, hope it doesn’t come your way.

    • I don’t even give much thought to the fridge now, its just become a way of life. On busy days I wish I had something already prepared I could best up, but that’s mostly about wanting a freezer, which will be purchased as soon as I get a couple of chairs restored as they are sitting where the freezer will go.

      On really hot days I longed for a cold glass of water, but again ice from a freezer would do the trick. I have realized I don’t need a fridge, which still surprises me when I think of times in the past when I moved into a home without one. I couldn’t imagine staging one night without it, as it was so ingrained in me that it was a necessity.

  4. Ha! I love how you inadvertently completed the computer challenge. I try to give myself at least one day a week with no computer time. I can’t imagine being “hooked in” all the time.

    I’m also considering trying to grow spinach and some other greens indoors. Here the problem is less bunnies than it is bolting and insect pests. It just gets too hot to grow them outdoors. Keeping the cats away from them will be a challenge, but as soon as I get my seedlings planted, the clear plastic storage bin should be available for that purpose. Not sure they’ll get enough sun, but it’s sure worth a try!

    • Cst, wasn’t that a great way to complete a challenge? I thought maybe you would take time off from the computer. Anyone who bikes as much as you do knows how great it is to get away.

      My front window gets a lot of heat so I may need to take the spinach out of the window some times, at least until I get some protection on the glass. How will you keep the cats out of it? I’m glad you will be trying to grow spinach indoors as well, I’ll know who I can ask for help when mine isn’t groeing😊

      • Well, when I start my seedlings indoors, I use an upside down clear plastic storage bin as a little mini greenhouse. It’s fairly cat proof. The only problem might be that it could get too hot in there. So I may have to get creative. Whatever I do will have to be strong enough to hold 2 cats, ’cause I can pretty much guarantee that both boys will want to be on top of it!

        • I don’t dare try to hold any extra heat inside with the amount of heat that comes through in summer, but will need to rig something if I want a planter in the window during winter as it is very drafty.

          Sounds like you and I have quite the experiment. Btw, winter isn’t over here, temps are dropping and at least frost is expected for the next week. I knew I should gave waited to put things outside until the first of June uggh!! Hope you fare better.

    • Heidi, we are very much alike. I miss being outdoors all day in the winter months, and cold, so I take advantage of the warmth as much as I can knowing it may be gone sooner than I want. If there’s one thing about living where we have long winters it sure does make us appreciate these nice days.

  5. Unfortunately I don’t walk away from my techie things often enough. When I do, I read….a lot! Or I paint, or I just relax and stare off into nothing. haha! I do that sometimes.

    It’s nice you can do something with the plot of land next door. Makes things nice. I will be looking forward to seeing it bloom as the summer goes on. :-)

    • Jackie, you are definitely more tech savvy than I am. I had some of that staring time today. We finally got our rain we’ve been promised for the last three days, I had some quiet time where I just watched and listened to it.

      I would love to see some of your paintings.

      Do you have plans to do anything with your outdoor space this summer?

      • I’ve been playing with computers for a lot of years. When you had to use dos! God I’m old. hahaha!

        It’s rained here today, suppose to tomorrow too and it’s cool.

        One day I will have to post pics of some of my paintings. Maybe. One day. If nothing else I could send you an email with pics.

        I don’t think we will be planting anything this year. The hubby put his back out when we moved and hes the planter. Plus with the new yard have no where to plant as yet. But he is talking about putting in raised beds so we will see. He gets bored without his garden. ;-)

        • I didn’t see my first computer until I was 18 and didn’t touch one for another year, long before anyone thought DOS would be improved upon.

          I’d love to see some of your paintings, I enjoy viewing the work of others.

          I wondered if you had enough space for Sam and a garden. Hopefully next year.

  6. My technology days are my good ones, my quiet ones when I have time to look at the computer. My non-tech days I’m running around like a chook with my head cut off! Helping at school, shopping, going to occupational therapy with Buddy Boy! I love my quiet ‘at home’ days!!

    • Linda, a few years ago I would have been just like you with raising children. How often does Buddy Boy have therapy? He’s doing so well I love hearing what he’s up to.

  7. That’s a big area there – how many households use it and is it council land or….?
    As for technology free days? We seem to have them in summer and autumn when just too busy but I can’t resist poking my nose in when sitting down for a cuppa nowadays :)

    • Back in the 1940s when this area was mostly farm land the entire parcel which is approximately 3 acres left was bought and built in one section. A section was sold off to build a medical center, but the rest remains owned by one individual. The hotel was sold and converted into apartment roughly 15 years ago. So to answer your question all this land is privately owned.

      Not everyone who lives here gardens, but almost everyone uses the space for something, even if its just to have a shady place to sit. We have a total of 16 apartments here, 2 are currently vacant. We are very lucky to have this land, and know it. 😊

      I’m like you, winter is the time of year I have free time that I tend to waste by spending too much time on the computer.

      • Wow, that’s wonderful to have that there! That’s a big area, a great community garden :)
        Yep, I can imagine I’ll be on the computer too much over winter….will have to try hard not to be!

        • We have so much land here that I wish we could share it with others, but as we rent we can only use it for the tenants. We have quietly invited a couple people who are family or close friends of the tenants. A good example, is my daughter-in-law and her children. She never had and flower beds or gardens growing up so is looking to learn. Because they are here to visit me and help with weeding and such when they are here, we just say she’s helping me and they are my plants.

  8. looking good..
    an idea for those weeds…put a fence up, get a goat. Apparently goats love weeds…(dont personally know, but the idea seems interesting)

    • Thanks, Lynn. As for the goats that wouldn’t be possible due to zoning, I xo live in the heart of town which doesn’t allow farm animals. I smile every time I think about the fact that I’m living in the heart of town. I always wanted land and thought I had to be out in no mans land to have that. There are gems everywhere if we look hard enough.

      • yes, one never knows where one fines a “find”..grin

        re the zoning , one also never knows abou that. Yrs ago, when we moved in, i checked all the city caveats, and our neighbourhood, you may have Three Horses, but only two dogs…

        i keep laughing at that

  9. Great post! I’m not a big techie person, in fact, I make my friends crazy as it takes me days to get back to emails, texts and phone calls. I LOVE going without my “electronics”, I sew, read, take a walk, get together with a friend for coffee and face to face talking!

    • Jayne, isn’t it amazing how much we can accomplish when we leave the electronics for a day? I became so much more productive when I unplugged my TV for the last time. It was so easy to procrastinate on the chores I didn’t enjoy by turning on the tube. computer can have the same influence on us, time can get away from us too easily if we aren’t careful.

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