Friday Faves, May 24

Welcome back for my favorite posts of the week. I hope you have had a great week and that your extended family and friends are safe from the severe storms that have happened this week. As I write this I am listening to the soft patter of rain which for us is much-needed. Ill get right to this weeks favorites, but first I’d like to welcome everyone who joined us thus week. I am so glad you are here and would love hearing from you. Welcoming New Friends.

  • Frog and Count, love that name, decided to experiment with making her own flour. I don’t think I would ever miss baked goods enough to try this, but it didn’t sound hard at all. Find out what lesson was learned from this here
  • The citizens of fashion shared a heartbreaking story on anorexia that is also inspiring. If you know anyone suffering from this eating disorder please check it out here
  • A Opinionated Man gets my vote for funniest story this week, read the surprising story here
  • Prophet Brachmarishi was once a non-believer who now shares his thoughts and inspirations here
  • Valeriu dg barbu shares poems and original writings, this particular piece stood out from all the rest. Have you ever compared life to a second hand shop? Fantastic! Read it here
  • Linne from A random harvest blogs about her dream to live in a simple cottage without electricity and a hand pump to draw water.
  • When I first spotted the name of this next blog I wasn’t sure what I would find when I arrived at the home page. But Audio Sexxx, was a refreshing surprise. to listen to the latest instrumental composition.
  • Minimalism is a growing trend, and why not? To eliminate everything but what brings you enjoyment and turning your back on consumerism allows for more life experiences. Josh at Living Apex Project has done just that. In this post Josh delves deeper into the history of materialism history of materialism
  • Simplicity Seeker wrote this this on Experiments In Living.
  • Michael at Strong Blogs collected 20 inspirational quotes to change your day. find your favorite here. here.

Community In Action

    • Down To Earth shared the ultimate story in how a small gesture of kindness to a complete stranger had a ripple effect.
    • The arrival if your first child can cost hundreds of dollars even if you are frugal, but new parents from Suburban Digs will welcome their newest family member with extra money in the bank due to the generosity of one of their readers.
    • I was the oldest of 6 children, I’ve mentioned before, yes many times, that I was raised by my grandparents but I’ve never gone into details as to why. The reason was simple my mother couldn’t handle the idea of having a child who was less than perfect. Enough said, but with that background it makes my heart swell to know some people have so much love they adopt children with disabilities. Click here to read the amazing story of a couple who adopted not one but 5 children with disabilities. You are an amazing family

Crafting and Hobbies

    • Craft patterns seems to be the most expensive part of crafting. If you live in the UK, or can convert UK patterns, this site is filled with free crochet patterns
    • Pride in Photos handed the blog over to hubby, better known as Tarzan, for a day. There is a very important lesson to be learned for us Janes when we shoo Tarzan out of our hair, learn what that cost is here

I had planned to write this weeks favorites around one theme, that of community, of course you see that I found a few other links I wanted to share as well. There were many examples of community coming together this past week from someone I consider to be a good friend I met through the blog reaching out to me to offer help in helping me to find a computer,

Then LouAnn who used the song “Signs” in one of her posts. “Signs” was released during my formative years and can be credited as a strong influence in shaping my views on community. Her post was very much about compromises in community

Finally this post by Tiffany came to my attention. In Choose Love Tiffany questions the values of society and her choice to live differently. (In checking my notifications I see Tiffany is now a new follower of my blog. Welcome Tiffany)

So that’s it for my Friday Faves, and this was my very first Friday post written completely on my phone, please let me know if you found this hard to read or have any problems so I can work out the bugs.

Have a great weekend.

24 thoughts on “Friday Faves, May 24

  1. Reblogged this on A Random Harvest and commented:
    For those of you indoors today while the rain works its magic . . . I was honoured to be included in this post. Check out the rest of the fascinating company . . . feed them RSS readers! They are hungry . . . :-)


  2. I sm honoured to be featured in such company!! Thank you very much!! (and remember: I want a techie room, a studio with good lighting and a satphone, too . . .) as I said in my reply on my blog, I’m nothing if not inconsistent . . .) ~ Linne :-)


  3. Your post was spot on as far as I could tell, so you aren’t having many problems posting from your phone. :-) I’m not sure I would like to do that though, as I love my huge screen. Old age and tired eyes. ;-)

    I will check out some of your picks, you always find some of the most interesting. Have a wonderful weekend my friend. (it’s raining here too)


  4. I LOVE the “5 Kids With Disabilities” blog! :-)

    Lois, I have to say (from experience!) that raising a child with disabilities is a really neat kind of adventure. Everyone faces challenges in life, but we have the privilege of knowing what one of Beanie’s will be. Yeah, she’s not “perfect”–NOBODY is! But I don’t consider autism to be one of her imperfections. It’s just a difference, that’s all.

    Here’s a post I wrote, awhile back: .

    The upshot is that your parents gave up what could have been the most fun and rewarding experience of their lives.


    • Thank you, Bethany. I have always looked at my disability as something I could plan for down the road. While I knew I would need accessible housing etc I didn’t have the surprise of it and could set myself up for that eventuality.

      I think you are a fantastic mother. You accepted you daughter as she us, you weren’t ashamed to step up and get her the testing and programs she needed. Your live for Beanie is evident in everything you do. Btw, I knew you would live 5 kids with disabilities story.

      As for my parents. It was there loss😊


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