A Hard Day, but Oh How Fun and Rewarding

Today was a long day. I am currently typing this as my muscles try to relearn how to relax. We are expecting thunderstorms to move in some time during the night and continue for the next three days. With that in mind it was the perfect time to get as much into the garden as possible first. I’m crossing my fingers that winter has finally come to an end.

While waiting for the rototiller to arrive and dig up my new beds I thought I would make a dent on the furniture collected this weekend. I spotted an end table that from a distance didn’t appear to need much work other than a good cleaning. Then I took a look at the legs. Dinged up and needing attention I set to work.

Showing too much age

Showing too much age

I got three of the legs sanded down and am really liking the way they are looking. I am living the silver finish that is coming to light on the ends of the legs. My original thought was to paint that part black, but now I will just seal it so it doesn’t oxidize and discolor.

Check out that silver finish, it will look much newer by retaining this finish.

Check out that silver finish, it will look much newer by retaining this finish.

Not sure if I will leave the wood natural, stain or paint it. I have a two color idea stuck in my head, but as with most of my projects I will see how it should look when the entire piece is in its natural state. Very few items ever end up the way I first thought they would.

The rototiller arrived, and my wonderful neighbor worked his butt off in 87 degree temperatures working a very rocky ground. When he finished our only preteen resident and my grandson went to work clearing the larger rocks.

Talk about a hot day to be volunteering to help a friend.

Talk about a hot day to be volunteering to help a friend.

I had to laugh at the site of the boys when they were finished. While they collected many of the rocks we often found them taking breaks rolling in the dirt. Here’s what he looked like after being hosed off. I don’t want to see the tub tonight after his bath, but remember well my tub after my boys spent a day anywhere near dirt when they were little.

Never know from that face that he'd worked hard in the garden for a couple of hours would you.

Never know from that face that he’d worked hard in the garden for a couple of hours would you.

I took two loads of plants out to get in the ground before I lost all light. Unfortunately,I lost light and can’t show you any pictures if it.

Planted tonight were the spaghetti squash, couple of tomato plants, onions, cantaloupes and more cantaloupe seeds. And finally one, what I believe, is watermelon.

The mystery plant came from a neighbor, she stuck it in my box. I swore she said it was another tomato plant, but it doesn’t look like the others. Guess I’ll find out soon enough😊

While the plot was being dug another neighbor came out weeded and planted sunflower seeds for his girlfriend. When finished he spent some time climbing trees with my grandson.

Not an inch of his body was spared when it came to the dirt.

Not an inch of his body was spared when it came to the dirt.

If it isn’t raining too hard tomorrow I will try to get some pictures if the new beds.

Are you planting a garden this year? Have you started yours yet?


  1. I suppose you could say our garden has been started, but it is also severely behind. We have a raised garden in our back yard that usually becomes deer food by the end of the season. Not to be rude to the deer, but I’m hoping this isn’t the case this year. Suburban deer are much more aggressive than rural deer, that’s for sure!

  2. I just love what you are doing in your neighborhood! In my front yard I’ve got 4 raised beds. One, which I rotate each year, is used as a compost bed. And every year it voluntarily starts growing plants of its own, mostly potatoes, although this weekend I noticed a mystery plant from the cabbage family growing also. Right now I have kale, broccoli, spinach, and cauliflower growing in one bed. In two half-barrels in the backyard I have collards. Just this past weekend I planted bell peppers (10 of them of different colors) in another bed. The fourth bed currently has kale which has been growing for the past 3 years or so. That has mostly gone to seed now so I will be harvesting that and putting in other summer crops–yellow squash, zucchini, cucumber, and whatever else my 5-year old nephew wants to plant!

    • Mrs. GV, what a great idea to use one of your plots for compost. I can feel the rich soil you have built up. My very first experiment in composting was to build an open pile directly on the ground. I never got to use the compost around my gardens because it decomposed so well there was no pile, but what amazing soil it created in what had been hard earth. Too bad I hadn’t thought to put it in a spot I would want to place a garden bed.

      If those are the beds in your front yard, do you also have beds in your back yard?

  3. i don’t create new gardens but i work hard to maintain everything in my yard that was here when I moved in – it needs a lot of upkeep! I think I need to come up with a 10-year plan and gradually scrounge plants to accomplish it. We had one nice day this weekend amid a week of rain – enough time to mow the grass!

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