Time for Friday Favorites

Well, the idea of using my phone to type up this post was beyond my abilities or my sanity.  I bargained for my son’s laptop for the night.  He wants it back first thing in the morning so this may turn into a very long night. I will also be writing another post tonight that I will publish tomorrow.  I’ve been asked about pictures, having the laptop I can share some!!  I want to thank everyone for being so  patient first with my being absent and now to be kind enough not to complain about how my posts look being typed on a cell phone.

Welcoming new Friends

  1. Kirsty who writes the blog Musings of a Relocating Writer has a short (nothing like my long ramblings) post on asking why? Why is life the way it is. Her questions, here, are some we probably have asked at one point or another.
  2. Welcome also to Eye Dancers.  Eye Dancers is a young adult sci-fi fantasy novel in e-book format that the author has decided to make available from the website.   If you enjoy sci-fi why not check it out here. You can also check out the blog link for excerpts as well.
  3. Danny Breslin has a bit to say on his blog.  I found his thoughts on this post to hit home with me.  Is there someone you would love to give a swift kick to, or in Danny’s words a punch in the face.  Meander over and nominate that person and see who Danny nominated while you are there.
  4. I am amazed by the number of people walking away from the American Dream of home ownership to live in tiny trailers and  other small dwellings. It makes me feel like I belong and am not the only one who wants to live smaller.  So I was thrilled when Dreamstreamr Odyssey began following my blog.  This post I have chosen to share with you is one of my favorites, The Top Ten Advantages of Living in a Travel Trailer, read the post here.  This 200 sq foot home is 100 sq feet smaller than my apartment.  One day I may take the leap to go smaller, if I can find something with all the amenities I have here.
  5. Finally, LadyBlueRose wrote a  lovely piece about our home, the planet Earth, for Earth day.  It’s beautiful, check it out here.

Best from Earth Day

  1. Dan at Zen Presence posed several questions that I would like to keep in my mind to remember what’s important when it comes to preserving the earth for all living beings.
  2. When I read this poem from Sue at Dreamwalkers Sanctuary I knew I wanted to include this in my Earth Day post, which I never got to write. So I had to include it today.
  3. Could there be a better day for Argentumvalgaris to point out the problems we are creating for the earth with our use of computers?   specifically data centers. Have you considered what it takes to store your information in these data centers? We have  our material stuff in climate controlled storage units, and now all our digital stuff in huge machines that need their own cooling systems. Read more here.

Things to Think About

  1. Fairy at Organised Castle wrote a post asking where are we headed?  I have not had a chance to comment as yet, but have read it three times and keep finding something new I want to say, see for yourself here.
  2. Have you heard someone recently state that they can’t make ends meet?  I was recently told a story of a young couple who were behind on their bills and had asked around for loans.  The amount was “only” a few hundred dollars, but they never considered something they each have that could be sold to pay the bills and even have money left over.  I’m not sure if it’s the need to own a particular item, the status we get from owning a certain name brand, or if once they money has been spent it slips the mind that the item still has value.  At Snazzy Turtle, none of the above were important, what was important was building up the savings account.  Learn what item  was sold and why, here.

Things we Don’t Need

  1. I haven’t written a post in a while on all the things that are just crazy and being pushed on us to buy.  But this list of things we don’t need is unique.  Have you considered you don’t need to buy diapers and how to let your baby safely go diaper free?  You can learn that and much more that you don’t need for children here.
  2. Kate at Enuff Stuff writes posts that I want to save forever. This is one of them. Do we need all the things that are available to buy?  I have to say Kate must spend more time looking at the store shelves and windows to have come up with this list.

Yes, my list this week is shorter than usual.  I am still getting caught up on my reading.  While I said I wouldn’t be posting  on the  weekends, I do have something I’ve worked on and will share with you on Saturday.  Have a great weekend.

Being called weird is like limited edition, meaning you’re something people don’t see often.  Remember that.~~ unknown


  1. Interesting that the car sale didn’t really sink in til later in life – I suppose I was lucky to grow up the daughter of a banker and the idea of cars, and finance, and depreciation, front and centre. Don’t think my parents have ever bought a new car, nor had a loan for a car for this reason. Still more reading for me to do, but thankyou

    • You were very fortunate Sarah.. My grandparents always bought new cars because my grandfather, who would never get rid of anything that still worked, assumed buying used meant he would have problems. At the same time he didn’t believe in wasting his money so he never bought anything with a loan or credit. Each car and even their home was bought with cash.

  2. Bless your heart for writing any posts at all on your phone! I don’t know if I’m that patient… And thanks so much for the mention! I’ve found a few new reads from your list today too, and a new quote. Have a great Friday!

  3. Thanks for mentioning us. Our very small house on wheels suits us nicely and we have fun reporting on it.

    We like how you do Friday Faves, nice idea. Also we like the idea of sometimes posting from phone when you don’t want or need pictures. Pictures are always fun but maybe we loyal readers can forego pictures in exchange for well-drawn words. You write so well we don’t miss the pics.

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