The hope of spring

There is much that makes me happy, but this time of year it is new life that brings me great joy. I’m talking about my seedlings growing and the countdown to safely plant them in the ground.


My window is stuffed to its limits with plants started from seed.  I have the following doing quite nicely.

  • 12 spaghetti squash plants
  • 110 cabbage plants
  • an entire package of onion seeds
  • 16 sweet corn plants,

I also have carrots in the ground, which haven’t done much yet, along with radishes which are doing nicely. Tomatoes are half a foot tall already. The basil is thriving, strawberry plants are covered in flowers too.

I have moved the cosmos into a planter in the Little Cove, the hostas have spread and are filling in nicely. I have a couple pots of forget-me-nots growing, along with marigolds, California poppy, and allysum.

Tomorrow the celery will be started along with a few other things.

I have been busy defining the flower beds in the Little Cove using rocks found on the property. I have many pictures to share as soon as I can.

I decided against growing my own potatoes this year as they are readily available from the framers markets at a good price.

Instead of planting my greens and spinach outdoors I will be planting them indoors in the front window and reseeding when needed to have fresh salad all year round. I will most likely take the window box outside during the daytime and bring them in at night and not fight the wildlife for them

Speaking of the wildlife, last fall I planted 2 packages of tulip bulbs and 1 package of daffodils. The tulips were the first to peek out and were quickly gobbled by the deer. Fortunately the daffodils were left alone. I have begun to make a lust of bulbs the deer don’t like and will hope for a better showing next year.

I finished reading the sequel to Rosemary’s Baby today. Not a bad book but didn’t live up to the original. One part is bugging me that maybe you can help me with. There is a word puzzle left unanswered from the story. What ten letter word can you come up with from the words ‘roast mules’. The only hint is that the answer is honest and pleasing.
what is making you happy this week? Will you be putting in a garden this year?

27 thoughts on “The hope of spring

  1. I loved reading this post of gardening busyness as our days draw shorter. I’m actually looking forward to winter because summer was so horrible this year. But I’ll be enjoying watching your garden grow!


    • Ask and you may receive😏. I have an idea on how to share photos both of the seedlings, some of my projects I’ve finished, and pictures I just want to share. I’m going to work on it this weekend and try to have it ready Monday.


  2. It is a great time to be out and about now. Nature has woken up all around me here in Colchester. It is a amazing that only a few weeks ago it was snow on the ground.


  3. Woweeeee! have you been busy busy!… Yes planting time is well under-way.. We have radishes coming up and the carrots, last year they did well as we planted in a raised bed.. ( we get lots of carrot fly they only fly about 1 foot off the ground so the raised bed worked.. This year we have tried something different, we planted in-between the canes we have erected ready for the Runner beans we are hoping the beans will act as a shield as the carrots grow… Love experimenting! :-) Temps have really dropped today..And we could still get a frost in May.. so holding off with the Runner Beans planting outdoors yet… The sweetcorn is in the cold frame.. :-).. Love what you have achieved.. :-) xxx


    • Thanks, Sue. Isn’t the itch to get things in hard to ignore in these last few weeks before we can actually do something? I have carrots in the raised bed with sand mixed in to see if that will help. I am getting so excited to know my freezer will be filled with food I love this winter and for such a miniscule amount of money compared to what it would cost at the store. The one I am especially excited about is the spaghetti squash. One small squash in the store costs nearly $10, the entire 12 seeds cost less than that even with shipping.


  4. How about … somersault? Your post makes me want to head right out to my garden and PLANT … but we’re still getting low nighttime temperatures, here, so I’m holding off for another week or so. I do have hot pepper plants sprouting indoors … they are getting healthy! Enjoy your day!


    • I believe that is the answer! I have been taking my plants outside during the day and bringing them in for the night. I had found a kitchen drawer in town, set out for the trash, once I cleaned it up and painted it I filled it with pots to make the in and out process easier. I so want to get things in the ground that I’ve planted a few of the flowers to see if they would survive and to free up space inside.


  5. I do the plant kingdom a big favor by not trying to grow stuff. I say I don’t have the right light or the land for it but truthfully I don’t have the green thumb. But I love gardens and messing with them. You go, girl!


    • Everyone is amazed by my attempt to start things from seed this year, I’ve always purchased mine already started in the past. I don’t have much of a green thumb, if some thing starts to die I will quickly put it in the ground and avoid touching it, that usually works.

      it is so much cheaper to purchase the seeds that I had to try it. My granddaughter is very good about checking the seedlings and keeping them watered so I am convinced she is the reason mine are doing so well.


  6. Spring is a wonderful time of renewal Lois.
    Over here in Queensland I feel the same way about autumn. The summer is so hot that our new planting season starts April/May – much like yours. I spent a lot of time over at the allotment today planting new seeds and seedlings. Happy gardening.


    • Autumn is my time to come back to reality. Jean, I don’t know what its like there but the colors here are so beautiful in the fall that I make sure to get out and enjoy what I can knowing we will be moving back indoors for months.

      hope your garden does well this year.


  7. 110 cabbage plants?!? You’re not gonna try to eat that much cabbage are you? I mean, even if it kept all year that would be over two heads of cabbage per week!

    I’ve pretty much given up on trying to grow cruciferous veggies. I’m not sure if it’s our climate or what, but they just never seem to do very well, and the ones that do manage to grow to maturity always end up so thoroughly infested with aphids that they’re too disgusting to even put into the compost bin! Anyhow, I sincerely hope you fare better than I did.

    Me, I’m mostly just happy that the snow FINALLY seems to be behind us!


    • I am so happy for you that your snow is behind you, lets hope it stays that way.

      no I won’t eat all that cabbage myself. I will be giving some to my boys for their families sharing with a few neighbors and if I get really tired of them I’ll set some out for free for anyone who wants it.


  8. Re what is making me happy…well I have a doozy… three years ago a pair of Mallard Ducks showed up to drink out of a on ground water dish we had…also ate the bird seed which had fallen to ground…Of course we put more seed out for them and changed the water. Gosh, they trained us well, taught us to watch for them, and sometimes several times a day they would show for food and fresh water..It is now three years they have been showing up in spring.. A week ago, they arrived again.. Just got done watching them again..Nice.

    Re your plants, Lois, I am envious… sounds like you will have a wonderful garden. Isnt that an awful lot of cabbage? On the other hand, you could scrounge up a couple of crocks, and make saurkraut..It is supposed to have amazing health benefits (genuine saurkraut, not the stuff you buy in grocers)


    • We don’t see many mallard ducks here compared to the Canada geese. We do have a nesting bald eagle right now by the apartment I enjoy watching.

      The garden will not work only provide my food but that of my children and will be shared with neighbors. We are all trying to plant something different so we can benefit from the economy of scale. You gotta live the sharing mentality that is reemerging.


      • Bald Eagle…WOW..
        yes, sharing for sure re the garden….much more common in days of yore..good thing to come back to. Healthier/satisfying/good way to be more innvolved. Still, consider that saurkraut…natural saurkraut is supposed to be one of the superfoods.


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