From Winter Straight to Summer

Life here is still strange.  We went from winter weather straight to summer with temps in the 30s one day and the 80s the next.  Everyone is sporting various shades of sunburn as none of us have had a chance to adjust.  My coconut oil has gotten a bit of use moisturizing skin to protect and heal the dryness.

Of course, when you get to be of a certain age, which I am, you find yourself facing hot flashes.  I am fortunate that I don’t have them year round, but it would be nice if mine cooperated and only affected me in the winter when I could turn the heat off. Instead, I only have hot flashes when it’s hot outside. 

Friends and I tried a variety of solutions between us, and found the only one to work for all of us is bee pollen.  That’s right a simple bee pollen capsule taken 2 -3 times per day is all it takes to end them.  So off to the store I ran to get rid of my pesky problem.. Ah, so much better.


On another subject, with the return of “summer” dandelions are back with a vengeance.  While I don’t mind, and actually enjoy seeing a field filled with yellow dandelions I don’t want them in my flower beds. 

I happened to mention to my grand-daughter that dandelions are edible.  Both the flowers and the leaves and people will eat them in their salads.  Since that slip of the tongue to her we (which means not only my grand-daughter, but her mom, dad, myself and even her brother who spit them out promptly) have been eaten our fill of dandelions.

We have taught her to only eat from areas which we know haven’t been sprayed with anything, or maybe used by a dog for the bathroom.  Which keeps her to her own back yard and my field! :-)

So how are you?  I will be home Sunday night with a working computer and will finally catch up on your lives as well.   Until then, have a great couple of days.


  1. Wow, interesting to know the UK isn’t the only place to have apparently forgotten Springtime! We too went straight from freezing Winter to shorts-and-teeshirts-Summer in less than a week. All the trees are still bare when they should be blossoming by now. It’s weird. One girl in my class said: “We don’t really have seasons anymore.. We just have weather”, That about sums it up…

  2. We’re having beautiful Spring weather here and I’m enjoying it, before you know it it will be hot and humid. My family has always eaten dandelion leaves in salads, they’re supposed to very healthy :)

    • I’m glad you are having wonderful weather, Jayne. Right now it’s nearly perfect for me here as well. Until this year, the most I’d tried was dandelion wine which was homemade. This year I’m going to make an effort to add some leaves to my salad as a good example to the little ones. Anytime nature gives us something for free I think I should take advantage of it. Our dandelions are everywhere this year. I can’t believe how they have taken over I can’t remember a year they were like this.

  3. Hi Lois, I certainly know what you mean, Temps here were way up yesterday to plummeted today…… Laughing at your granddaughter and dandelions… We had a phone call today with a little girl excitedly telling us she had been in her own back garden… She however had a fascination for snails much to her mums disgust LOL… .. She came with us on Tuesday to the allotments where she watered away with her little watering can… ….
    Hope to see you soon… Working most of this weekend… Take care…. and Bee pollen is the bees knees… :-) :-D

    • Snails the one thing I cringe to have touched. My little one is facinated this year by worms and snakes.

      I have no idea what to expect with the weather here, I am tempted to get a few things in the ground but fear a first at this time.

      I have told the little ones they can have their own garden plot this year, b ad move as they are excited to get started and bugging to get things on the way.

      • Hi Lois, sorry not to have visited but had several days off and Its been a bank holiday weekend here in the UK, And the Weather has been WARM! very 22 deg C.. in the high 70F.. So very nice.. So relaxing family time and gardening.. But tomorrow all weather set to change and plummet back down to 12deg C.. Crazy… … Today my Granddaughter has been busy watering and is just loving it.. She planted her Sunflower plants… And rescued a spider! telling it to go home.. Made me laugh…
        Sounds like you are going to be busy with your two… But its nice to get bugged! when they take an interest in growing and being outdoors!…
        Enjoy! :-) xx

  4. Wacky weather seems to be the norm these days! We had 85 degrees on Monday, then 6 inches of snow on Wednesday with a record low of 19 degrees! Holy Moly!

    Hope you have a nice visit with your son and come home with a working computer! :-)

    • Even without TV or computer I’ve heard about your weather. It’s all anyone wants to talk about. People here are so happy that our weather isn’t as bad. Our snow hasn’t stuckso looking at your situation has helped us to feel things aren’t so bad here.

      Well, came home from my son’s with a new power supply but he didn’t have time to test everything, another commputer he planned to upgrade at some point just in case I had any more problems and a new phone.

      The original computer blew in roughly half an hour, the one he wanted to upgrade won’t allow me to do anything, and the new phone he says would be able to write posts on needs a special email account to sign on. Ugh! so I am borrowing a computer at the moment to get things set up for my phone,then am going to atttempt to upgrade the second computer this evening!

      • Oy Vey! Good luck with it. With CatMan’s supervision, I’ve been working on computers for about 15 years now, but there are still occasions when what I’d really like to do is take a sledgehammer to the damned things!

        But… just the other day he was telling me stories about his very first computer, which he built in the late 1970′s. He basically wired together a few computer chips with a television and an electric typewriter keyboard… he even had to burn his own circuit boards from a diagram he found in a magazine! It’s really rather incredible how dependent we’ve become on them in such a short time!

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