Friday Faves, April 19th

I think I hear sighs that the work week is over and spring is finally returning.  With the weekend upon us I am back with my Friday Faves.

Today was more like summer than spring, with a high of 82 degrees.  We have been all over the place weather-wise this week, so I have decided to show you a few pictures of our week as well.

Tuesday in the rain

Tuesday in the rain

One last thing before I share my favorites this week with you.  Earlier in the week I was asked by Mike at 27GoodThings if I would be willing to write a post for him of my favorite things, I was more than happy to and was incredibly honored to join the amazing people he has already featured.

My favorite things will be available to view today, and as an added bonus anyone who visits Mike’s site and tweets about finding a book they would like from the site will be entered in a monthly drawing to win that book.  You can learn more about his drawing here.

Winter coat, rain and saving worms from puddles, gently putting them back in the garden.

Winter coat, rain and saving worms from puddles, gently putting them back in the garden.

Saying hello to new friends

  1. At the rate I am going tonight it will be a miracle if I get this post finished.  I stopped by to see what A Wild One Within was blogging about, and got lost in the wonderful thoughts I found there.  I had the hardest time coming up with a post to recommend as my favorite as there were so many, but decided this one spoke to finding a life that is true to your values.
  2. Again, I got lost reading My Spoken Heart.  When I found this post on The Golden Rule, I saw so much of my younger self I had to include this one as my favorite.  Some days even I need a reminder of why people act as they do.
  3. When first went to read what Organizational Specialists wrote about, I was a little skeptical that I would find much of importance to me as without much stuff organizing is pretty simple. But much to my surprise I came across this post on The Economy of Clutter and knew in an instant I couldn’t have said it better myself, well done!
  4. Roeshel at DIY Showoff has an amazing re-purposed project she shares all the steps to create.  I can’t say I would have ever thought to create a doggie gate (would be easy to use as a young child’s gate by stairs  as well) from a bookcase.
Good bye boots by Thursday

Good bye boots by Thursday

Upcycling: never needing to throw something out

  1. Connie at Family Home and Life has  a great upcycling project from the back pockets from a pair of jeans.
  2. Saving4Six has a great way to prevent food waste with potatoes, not exactly an upcycling idea, but it’s definitely a way to prevent having to toss out potatoes when you find yourself inundated with too many to get eaten.
  3. I have found I love working with empty toilet paper rolls, they intrigue the little ones in crafting and save on crafting supplies to have on hand.  But toilet rolls aren’t just for children, check out this colorful art project.
  4. Think you can’t make your own furniture?  You can when you start with something already existing in the basic shape you need, check out this from an old crate.
watching an ant hill

watching an ant hill

Environmental issues and Green Living

  1. It’s hard to think about all the environmental problems caused by our lifestyles.  From the food we eat to the leisure activities we partake in.  This week I was stunned to find this article on the environmental costs of video games.
  2. Last Wednesday I shared with you what I use to clean my house, one of the questions I was asked was what to use to clean mold or mildew.  I came across this article on cleaning just those issues in a green way and wanted to share it with you.
  3. What do you do when you find a product you love has been bought by a company you don’t respect?  Find out what Tegan thinks about this here.
Enjoying some fun with found golf balls and a couple of sticks

Enjoying some fun with found golf balls and a couple of sticks

Thoughtful posts

  1. Last week I featured An Exacting Life’s gender story, I  had to follow-up this week with My Trans Parent Story.  I have so  much respect for those parents who love unconditionally their children and can understand their children’s pain and struggles to find their place in the world.
  2. I was quite surprised to find this post on not giving up your dreams from Stardust-decorstyle. It is a timely reminder that those people we see as success stories were really failures first and to never give up your dreams!
picking wildflowers

picking wildflowers

Around the house, inexpensively

  1. Daniela, at Frugal Ain’t Cheap has a very cheap way to add a back splash to your kitchen.  Would you say $5 is cheap to update the back splash?  I would, but more than that it’s beautiful
  2. Brooke at Slow Your Home wrote an interesting article on the 5 reasons we have clutter.  Surprisingly, if I had read that almost 3 years ago it would  have made my purging much easier.
accessorizing with flowers

accessorizing with flowers


  1. I couldn’t stop laughing when I spotted this short (39 second) video on the problem with going paperless.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

In spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.  ~~ Margaret Atwood, Bluebeard’s Egg


Have a fantastic weekend, see you all on Monday.

37 thoughts on “Friday Faves, April 19th

  1. I liked your guest post, Lois – I’ve been a fan of Dexter too and started watching the Following, but am not sure if I will last with that one. I also bookmarked the link for the bathroom cleaner to try as soon as I buy some tea tree oil.


  2. I did have a fantastic Weekend.. even though Sunday was a work day :-) Saturday the temperature also soared here too… plummeted again now with a forcast of more wintry showers near the weekend..
    Loved the worm hunt. and ant finds.. I just love how children are fearless.. My own Granddaughter picked up a spider at her mums home… Mum is scared of them lol……
    Loved the tips given here again… love your Friday Favourites.. Hope you also enjoyed a great weekend………

    Happy Earth Day… and thank you for taking good care of your piece of Mother Earth..
    Love Sue xox


    • Hi Sue, it’s been crazy here. The little ones are busy outdoors trying to save the worms still and finding snakes now. They realized a couple of days ago they are big enough to climb some of the trees and enjoy the vantage of height to watch more of the birds now.


  3. Hi Lois.
    love all your links…amazing variety..Am a new follower, but in a couple weeks am amazed..

    re 4.Roeshel at DIY Showoff , I am impressed at what she transformed this bookcase about multi tasking ..(for the bookcase)…wow


  4. I’ve been off line for a while, and was so glad that your Friday Favorites was there to greet me when I got back. I love-love-love the repurposed bookcase project! And the clutter essay…so true.
    Happy springtime ( I think)


    • Glad you enjoyed them, I missed you online and was happy to see you have a new post today.

      As for spring, couldn’t tell it by our weather today. My garden may end up being grown in containers and pulled in every night at this rate. :-(


  5. Pingback: Make you Fink on Friday | Eco-Crap

    • Your story needs to be spread to show all parents that our children should be accepted as they are. Thank you so much for sharing it, and I’m sure Link approved your telling his story, let him know his approval may help many others out there struggling with the same issues.


  6. Thanks as usual for all your hard work putting these together and thanks for the sign post to the mildew and mould cleaner. I have an ongoing battle with black mould!


  7. hey there, hope you dont mind multiple comments, as i get around to it..

    just read “frugal aint cheap” (quickly)… i got as far as the flyers on the wall, and then thought

    aha…she is using Lois’s technique of Polycrilic..that is , i thought , oh, she is going to cover those with polycrylic..
    as it turns out, NOT..grin
    the finishied blacksplash was lovely..

    however, it brings me to the thought,
    from what you said re the durability of polycrylic, maybe a person could put most anything as a backsplash, then cover it with a few coats polycrylic? (dont need one now, but good to keep in mind)

    for example, one could even, i was thinking, have a smooth, solid covered back wall, paste on some thoroughly dried flowers or leaves, and cover all with your polycrylic?


    • Yes, she used wall paper, but it looks so much like tile doesn’t it?

      I do think you could seal almost anything with polycrylic. I even use it in place of Modge Podge when wanting to decoupage something. It holds up well and gives me a little more play time.

      I don’t mind if you leave multiple comments, all thoughts are welcome here.


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