Could This Be Spring?

We finally have some spring weather and I took advantage in a big way.  Rather than showing you more pictures of the dark apartment. I spent most of the day in the sunshine, no coat needed either!!

We took a walk, then ate lunch outdoors before moving on to some work.  We collected more rocks for the new design I want to build in the Little Cove, but more on that later.

Spent time exploring the hill at the back of the field


That’s my daughter-in-law in the tank top, yes it really was that warm today

Pulled weeds, added crushed egg shells and planted carrot and radish seeds. The little ones were gifted with their own hand rakes by a relative (not me or they wouldn’t be plastic).


carrot seeds hidden here

Visited with neighbors preparing their beds in the field (aka the community garden)


What you can’t see from this angle are the number of plots up there. It’s growing quickly this year as more people join in.

The forget-me-nots are doing well.


Can’t wait to see some flowers but know I need to wait a bit longer to enjoy them outside as well.


For such a delicate looking plant these leaves look very strong.

I think I started the Cosmos a little too early


Seriously, how early can Cosmos be transplanted outside??

The marigolds are doing fine.


These look so much better in person.

The green peppers have me a little worried as only one seed has shown some life.


I planted over one hundred green pepper seeds so I’m keeping my fingers crossed as this is one vegetable I have promised to share and want to have plenty for winter as well.

There was a little creativity started indoors, you can’t be outside all day, even if I would love to.  My grand-daughter noticed a small hole near the seam in her pants and asked me to repair them.  When I opened the box of sewing notions she spotted some left over 4 inch fabric squares.   I allowed her to play with them while I worked.


Learning quickly to make and not buy what she wants

Before I’d completed my task she presented me with this arrangement and asked if this could be a blanket for her babies in the cradle I am restoring for her.


She shows talent for patterns not only in drawing but in fabric. If only I had an extra blue square.

Of course it will look lovely in the finished cradle… she then requested a mattress and pillow to make it complete.  :-)

Were you able to get outside today?

28 thoughts on “Could This Be Spring?

  1. Spring went away for a week, but has now returned. I will be getting out to the garden in just a bit.
    I love the pattern your granddaughter chose for the doll quilt. She does have an eye for it, doesn’t she?


    • She sure does. Have fun in your garden today. I would love to get out in mine today but the ground is too wet right now to get through as I fear getting stuck in mud and having to call for help. It’s beautiful out today, but expecting more storms tomorrow.


  2. What a beautiful little quilted blanket , and I have no idea about the Cosmos at a guess I would say when you know its going to be Frost free.. The forget-me-nots are a favourite of mine, I took some plants from my Dad’s garden after he died and have kept re-seeding in my garden ever since, I am hope each year the seeds come up and they do. :-)
    I too have been out in the Garden, although its not been warm enough here to go without our coats just yet, It would be much milder if we didnt have these high winds which are causing some damage around and about.. The neighbours house has several slates off his roof due to high winds which catch us as we are on high ground..
    I watches a farmers field the other day in the winds which dried out his ploughed filed topsoil it whipped it up like a sand-storm and blew like smoke across a road…. I dont think I have ever witnessed that before as the visibility was dense due to the sandy soil blowing!…
    Glad to see so many joining in the community garden now… How wonderful if all grow a variety and share like a co-operative garden scheme.. wouldnt that be the start of something! :-)
    I envisage a day when we co-operate in this way with all our neighbours instead of being strangers and distrusting, I pray for a day when we share and help one another… Great photos :-)


    • Sue, your vision is mine also. It has been wonderful to meet and get to know so many of my neighbors, there is only one neighbor in all 16 apartments who won’t talk to anyone. The other 15 apartments are filled with friendly people. I love that a few neighbors have given me their phone numbers to call them if I ever need anything, although I haven’t called. Or to call if they ever disturb me. It’s that kind of thoughtful gesture that allows people to be more generous in what they are willing to live with, especially with the noise (which is rarely noticeable).

      I found wild blackberries under vines that I have let everyone know are free for the taking and a couple of the neighbors will share their bounty when it comes in, as will I. I have one neighbor who frequently makes a little more for dinner than they will eat and brings me a plate when she sees me working outside, just to make sure I eat enough and as her way of thanking me for what I’ve done outside.

      Now, to find a way to have this type of neighborliness spread throughout the towns.


  3. Just as you’re getting lovely sunny weather, it’s going grey here… What fun you will have with your plot! I’m just in the process of cleaning up the old summer vegies that have had it but still have basil, parsley and lettuce growing.


    • Jen, I could be very happy if I could move from the northern to the southern hemisphere, and vice versa, every time it got too cold. Will you be bringing some of your lettuce and herbs inside for winter? I want to use my window to grow greens for during the winter months.


    • Not really, we have designated the southern half of the field for garden beds, from there each person has picked a spot they like and start growing. The only thing we all agreed on from the start is that everything would be grown organically.

      The northern section of the field is being set up for picnic areas, shady spots to relax, and open space for children and pets to run around.


      • sounds darn nice…
        my only concern, is, “who owns the field”?….as in, after all your (and others) hard work, will some owner say…gosh…”I am planting condos”?


        • Good question, Lynn. Currently the land belongs to the owner of the apartment building and he loves what we are doing, but… the apartments are up for sale so who knows what a new owner will do. They are having trouble selling, asking price is too high and there is a change in the rental market in our town.


          • I don’t see it changing any time soon here. The rental market in my town is very much influenced by the university. With the economy depressed fewer people are enrolling and a new policy this school year now requires students to live on campus their first two years, the result has been vacant apartments where there never has been before.


  4. Well… I got outside for a while to shovel snow… again! It’s crazy! There’s at least 10 inches out there already and it’s supposed to keep snowing until Wednesday! Holy Moly! Feels more like February than April!


    • Cat! I am so sorry you are still dealing with winter. I’m not sure if we are done here or not, but I am hoping. I can’t remember a year in my life where winter lasted so long. Sure a few cold days and light snow usually slushy have always been possible in April, but nothing like this.


        • I know exactly what you mean, I woke to a thunderstorm (still going strong) and definitely need more clothes if I wanted to go out. Even opening the door a little made the place too chilly for me. But I hear in two days we are supposed to have 77 degrees. Go figure


  5. you put me to shame…such industry, and always so much accomplished..sigh..ah well, I will keep on keeping on..grin…

    re the seeds which havent sprouted yet?
    do I recal that you were planting (I know this isnt the correct terminology) organic/open pollinating seeds?

    if so, i think they will eventually sprout..
    couple of yrs I did those ones, and the actual sprouting times was very uneven, some very long. However, eventually (for I had actually also counted, since they were pricey and I was curious), I would say that 99 out of 100 grew well.


    • Oh Lynn, trust me it sounds like much more than I really did today. I even took time to sit back with my face to the sun, eyes closed, and let the sun bask me with warmth. My dil was so funny she just kept talking to me ignoring the fact that I didn’t open my eyes to even look at her as I responded to the conversation. Tonight I am remembering how tired and ready for sleep you can feel after a day basking.

      The green pepper seeds were ones I saved from each of the peppers I grew last summer. With one coming up I’m hoping the rest will follow suit. I will hope I have the same luck you had with your seeds.


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