Rain, Paint, Company, a Full Weekend

Just when I get used to finding myself alone on the weekends and enjoy getting things done, I have a weekend with a huge list of things I want to complete and company each day.

I rarely share my to-do lists, and that’s because I rarely make them. I know what I want to accomplish so why write it out.  But this weekend I did make a list, I may never do it again as I didn’t get much completed.

With rain all weekend I already knew at least one job wouldn’t get done as it was outside.


Here is the to-do list I started with on Friday.

  • Re-pot seeds that aren’t doing well (done)
  • Move the cabinet fronts under the sink (not possible)
  • Make larger holes in the outdoor table (will wait until the rains stop)
  • Clean out cabinet (only half completed)
  • List scanner on Freecycle
  • Take cardboard intended for the garden outside (again waiting for the rain to stop)
  • Clean out closet and begin turning it into a play space for the children, can’t do this until the cardboard is taken outside)
  • Make curtains for under the kitchen counter and for the front window (one is done, but not up)
  • Repair tile in bathroom
  • Go through cookbooks, copying recipes I will use and put books in pile to donate (two completed out of five)
  • Work on Floor lamp
  • Order more seeds
  • Paint baseboard (half way completed)
  • vacuum (done)
  • Paint kitchen counters (2/3 completed)
Fog was thick as well this weekend obscuring any possible natural light.

Fog was thick as well this weekend obscuring any possible natural light.

Pretty big list for a weekend I ended up having only a few hours to myself, don’t you think? I think I may have jinxed myself by making that list.

So here are some before and after pictures of what I did carry out.

First I never showed you the completed night stand.  With rain I couldn’t get a decent picture until now.  For new pulls I used inexpensive handles sold for screen doors. (at $2.49 each this brings the total cost of transforming a desk into a nightstand to $8!)

First, I apologize for the pictures, with rain all weekend, it’s been hard to get enough light to take pictures with my phone.

Here’s the progress:

Side has just been cut off and sanding has begun.

Side has just been cut off and sanding has begun.

First look, just too dark and bulky looking.

First look, just too dark and bulky looking.

And now:


I pried off the wooden pulls and then used a hammer to break off the protruding part of the screws, patched with putty and sanded everything down then painted. Simple as could be.


Of course, I decided to be lazy and didn’t take the drawers out yet again. Here’s how I kept everything clean while working.


I also never showed you the scrap piece of wood that became the children’s coat rack, at least not on the wall.


The hallway didn’t feel complete.  But now it does. I used the white paint to show off the baseboard and to make it easy to clean I have coated it with polycrylic (throughout).  Being sealed this is one job I won’t have to touch up, hopefully, ever.


Then it was on to the entry way at the front of the apartment.  Here is probably the best picture I have of that area, I took it Christmas Eve when we had some real sunlight streaming in.


And here you can see a little of the night stand that serves as storage and an end table from the day we installed legs on the loveseat. (Yes I’ve cleaned up the carpet!)


Here’s how that looked Friday:

Doesn't this just look boring?

Doesn’t this just look boring?

The nightstand had a piece of fabric on it to cover the damage to the pressed (cheap) top, see in the above photo.


I updated the table top while I was at it and was pleasantly surprised to find the paint did a great job hiding the imperfections in the finish. I don’t like to have fabric on table tops as they seem to be nothing more than dust collectors that need washed. It’s easier to wipe a surface down with a rag, at least for me.


And the kitchen.  I found I couldn’t move the fake drawer fronts under the sink as the counter top is too low to allow me to move them. Bummer.  Here are some close-ups of the kitchen before and after, at least what’s completed.

IMG1787As you can see the wood on the left supports the counter top. It was painted once with a coat of primer and never touched again, it was stained and no amount of scrubbing made it look any better.  The wall was painted in the wall color I chose when I moved in, along with the baseboard.


Here is the same view, but with a fresh coat of white paint on the wood support and the baseboard.  This sets off the wall color so much better.  Both were sealed with the polycrylic for long-lasting finish.

I have only one outlet in the kitchen area. This isn’t a problem for me as I never need to use more than that one outlet, but its location is a problem.

Can you see the outlet? it is on the back wall under the counter top

Can you see the outlet? it is on the back wall under the counter top

So to have easier access I keep a surge protector on the side of the counter that can be switched off to save electricity when not in use.

A little double sided tape keeps it in place without needing more holes in the walls.

A little double-sided tape keeps it in place without needing more holes in the walls.

So much better and ready for that freezer now.

So much better and ready for that freezer now.

While I hated the baseboard being painted the same color as the walls, they could have at least done a decent job.  You can see here how the painters didn’t attempt to paint near the rug.


I began in the kitchen by painting under the counter top so that would be ready to hang a curtain, unfortunately that didn’t get hung, but at least I got it made right?  From this shot you can see how yellowed the cabinets were that I was living with, and trying hard to ignore.


Isn’t that the nastiest color ever?  If you can’t decide here’s another view of the cabinet doors as I worked my way around.


And where I had to leave off this weekend.


The weekend wasn’t all work.  I received this coupon in the mail.


Seems I don’t shop enough. The local grocery story realized I hadn’t used my reward card in a while and sent me this coupon for $10 off $20 or more on food only.  I took advantage of that on Friday in between the rain.

The little one’s were excited on one of our walks (on a nice day) to find more pine cones. After a few days to dry it was time to do something with them besides sitting on my counter.  With constant rain I pulled out some paint and let them have some fun, then sent the pine cones home with them for mom and dad to decide what to do with them.

Shot glasses, saved from the dumpster, work great to hold small amounts of paint.

Shot glasses, saved from the dumpster, work great to hold small amounts of paint.

And Sunday, with just one child visiting, I cut up a toilet paper roll and let my grand-daughter help with the glue gun to make flowers, of course paint had to be part of the equation.


So what would a week be without a dumpster find?


Someone thought ink on wood was the perfect place to practice penmanship


That was the sum of my weekend. How was yours?

27 thoughts on “Rain, Paint, Company, a Full Weekend

    • Alex, I had big plans for working outside,but with rain today and temperatures dropping to the 40s again for the rest of the weekend it looks like I will have to keep busy indoors again.

  1. What a difference you have made, Love all you have done, so refreshing and much brighter.. :-) You did have a very Full weekend. :-) I was working both days this past weekend.. :-)

    • Thank you, Sue. Now to get it all pulled together and finished. When I do I’ll update my pictures of the apartment. I’m sorry you have to work on the weekends, but I guess it’s all a matter of mindset in how you treat the days of the week. Our weekends can be any days we choose to treat as such.

      • I have for the last 9 yrs worked unsociable hours Working in Support of those who have Learning Difficulties, you can work a 24hr shift as you may go on shift say at 1pm one day and then work through until you go to bed, and do what is called a sleep in shift.. being on call during the night.. and start again at 7 in the morning and be taken off your shift at 1pm the following day..
        You get used to it… and planning activities around other days.. Its not so bad now my husband has retired as we can take off midweek.. But alot of my shifts fall on weekend days… We work Christmas and bank holidays as any other normal day.. Supporting 24/7 with care needs..
        I do so love to destress though outdoors… as it can get very intense..

        • We have several group homes for individuals who can’t live on their own, the hours there are just as crazy as what you are living with. I’m glad you are able to enjoy your days off with your husband now that he’s retired.

  2. Your night stand makeover is terrific and I can’t wait to see what you do with the cradle especially as I’ve spotted the quilt for it you are making!

    • Ah the cradle. I was asked to make it purple. I don’t have purple paint, but just as I had a thought on how to tint the paint my grand-daughter voiced the same thought, so I will be giving that a try. It’s almost ready to paint, I just have to touch up with a little wood filler as I let little one help and have a few spots not filled.

    • Thank you Liesl. The best part is that none of it cost much. So far I spent a total of $18 on everything I’ve done in the last few weeks. $15 was on the pulls for the kitchen and the nightstand alone.

  3. Meant to say… the idea that you have a “children’s” coat rack is brilliant… No doubt (?) you refer to it in their presence as such, and I bet it gives them such a feeling of “belonging” and feeling they have a place in your home..Nice idea.

    to my mind, for the kids to have something tangible like the coat rack, where they KNOW they put their coats, just makes me smile.

    • They do love the coat rack, and love that it’s made with sticks they helped collect. If you think that is fun for them wait till you see my next space for them. I have a very small closet which has a bad layout to be able to get to things, I have very little in it as a result….it is becoming their playroom for when they are here. They will both be 5 in September, so I thought they would like their own space.

  4. You did so much this weekend. All your hard work painting and fixing has made a big difference when looking at the photos.

    • Thank you , Creative Pixie. So many days I look at the pictures from my phone and think I really need to invest in a camera if I want to keep sharing on the blog.

      Every time I look at that fresh white trim I smile, too bad I waited almost 2 years to do it.

  5. Lois, you seem to me to have got a huge amount done (not the least of which was spend time with grandchildren..grin)..

    that piece you cut off desk, to make your night table…(see you are having an effect on me), soon as i looked at it above there, it says to me….bed table…
    wouldnt it work great, maybe with wheels on bottom, as a table to roll over the bed, for when you wanted to work in bed..or
    as a table to roll over someone’s knee when they are on a chair…?mmm

    • Lynn, all great ideas. I didn’t have a need for the leftover pieces but a neighbor did. I’m not sure what they did with it, but it lives on. I’m glad you are looking at things and seeing the potential others might not.

  6. You are the second blogger I have read in the last few minutes who got to spend time playing with grandchildren. Oh, how I envy you.

    I am a big list maker. They keep me on track. I like the act of checking things off.

    Have a great week.

    • Carol, do you have grand children? What I love the most about grand children vs. my own children is that now I have the freedom to spend time with them and not have all the pressures and responsibilities of being the parent, you know the laundry needs done, dishes, etc. When I have them I put the chores off until after they leave and just give them all my attention.

    • Ask away, I love older furniture. People actually took the time to make something real! I felt productive, but wanted to get so much more done so I would feel freer to enjoy the warmer weather when it arrives.

  7. I think you tackled a HUGE amount given the company and the rain. I was pleased to get two DIY tasks done – one that’s been on my list for well over a year – hanging birdcages. The second was a last minute inspiration and took no time at all to do – putting wrapping paper in the back of my bathroom cabinet. So pretty. I plan to post in the next week or so, all my changes.

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