It’s Friday!! Time for Friday Favorites

This is one week I didn’t want to see Friday come, not that I don’t have plenty to share with you, but winter returned.  After having a taste of working outside it’s sad to need to close the door and stay huddled up inside.

If you too have returned to winter conditions and want a reason to stay indoors with your favorite quilt and hot cup–of anything.  Here’s my weekly Friday Favorites to keep you busy.


Huge Welcome to these new followers

  1. Project Easier is a new blog by a woman searching for her way in life.  I think she may be onto something in this post called Impermanence.
  2. Jade has an eclectic blog, everything from deep thoughtful posts to an easy all natural coconut milk shampoo and conditioner (for those of you who aren’t ready for baking soda/vinegar yet).  The blog is called Cloudwalk: a perspective on life.
  3. betr2 gives us a look at what eating locally can look like.  While the meals sound delicious she doesn’t shirk from telling it like it is, which is to eat locally there are definitely things we have to live without.


A couple of reminders

  1. Dan at Zen Presence sent me a message today that on Friday morning he will be posting  about something that has changed his life for the better.  He is not selling anything, he just wants to share what he knows.  As I am writing this Thursday night I haven’t read it yet, but everything from Dan is well thought out and informative.  Here’s the link to the home page.
  2. You still have time to  help a minimalist family out and win yourself a book of your choice.  The winners will be selected on this coming Monday the 15th.  You can learn more here.
  3. Liesl from Trash Backwards is on a mission to help those less fortunate.  In Kathmandu young, illiterate children, known as rag pickers  search through other people’s garbage to find plastic they can earn money from. It’s a dirty and dangerous job.  Liesl is taking donations of used garden gloves to send to these children to afford them a little protection.  Learn more here.


Starting them young

  1. Creative Pixie and her daughter wanted some crafting ideas and found this amazing resource for young children. It’s filled with crafts some from recycled materials, to baking ideas.
  2. Do you have school aged children? You might want to see what they are eating at school, and no this isn’t about the amount of fat or lack of vegetables. Thank you Little Sis for bringing this to everyone’s attention.
  3. This idea is really going to far.  Do you wonder when to introduce technology to children?  Have you thought potty training to be the right time?  Check this out and let me know if we have just taken materialism to a whole new level.


Thoughts on Minimalism

  1. In the past few months I  have had people mention more often that they could  never live like I do, I think it’s the no fridge that has them stopped and scratching their heads, to meeting new people who ask me how they can let go of things to be able to live simpler.  My answer is always different based on their situation, but this article is one I think I will point more people to as it’s a simple way to ease into the process.
  2. I believe this post from On the Home Front and Beyond shows me someone wants to be a minimalist, if not in material things in how she spends her time, I couldn’t describe a simple day any better.
  3. Have you wanted to live in 320 sq feet?  Have you dreamed of living in a tiny house of your own?  You may be in luck. Debra is selling her home you can get all the details and see pictures here. It’s a unique home and one I would love to have. Unlike many of the tiny homes, this one has all the little touches you would want.
  4. I think it’s the rare person who begins to simplify the home by starting in the kitchen.  Even for me that was too overwhelming.  Want to know what big change in the kitchen can give you back 5 hours each week? I’ll give you a hint: just don’t do this one thing. What do you think, is this going too far?
  5. Minimalism isn’t just for single people, like me. Families, even with small children can benefit from a minimalist lifestyle.  Sandy shares eight things that make her life simpler in this post.
  6. So you think you’d like being a minimalist, but worry if you get rid of everything you won’t have anything to do. Never fear, there is plenty to do and here is just the start of what we can do with no money, and using zero fossil fuels.
  7. This article from the Snazzy Turtle is the end of week two living full-time in an RV sharing the 5 ways life is better in an RV.


All about food

  1. I happen to be one who loves Lara bars. They are wonderful to take with me when I travel and not missing a meal.  But they are so expensive!!  Here’s a recipe inspired by the Lara Bar.
  2. Are you still on the fence about GMO foods?  There has been a lot of news lately about Monsanto, here’s another reason to fight for our food.


Just to make you think

  1. Have you heard of the book series starting with Fifty Shades of Gray?  I’ve heard of it but haven’t read it as I don’t read most romance books.  But while the book itself doesn’t interest me, this post from Kathy at Smart Living 365 uses the book as a jumping off point to her thoughts on a search for passion, excitement, and meaning in our lives.
  2. There are a few bloggers who really make me smile with their wit, Jean is one of them.  This week, Jean, blogged about an issue that is very dear to me, click here to see what she has to say.  Which side of the issue do you stand on?
  3. An Exacting Life this week posted a story on Gender roles and what it is like to have a queer (her words) child, this seemed to fit perfectly with Jean’s post above.  I am a firm believer that without accepting the differences we find in each other we will never get rid of hate crimes or wars.
  4. We fear failure, but why?  Failure at least means we tried right?  GYA (which stands for Give Yourself Away) Today has a poem on failure that could help end the fear of trying.


A touch of humor

  1. Airport security can be frustrating. I have only flown once since 1981 and was shocked by the changes. My hands were checked for chemical traces of bomb making, I had to get out of the wheel chair I was using to walk through the body scanners, and the reusable water bottle I thought I could take with me was emptied to be allowed on the plane.  So I found the telling of this story by Pecora Nera hilarious.  Hope you enjoy it as well.

Give a man a fish and he has food for the day, teach him how to fish and you can get rid of him for the entire weekend. ~~ Zenna Scha

Have a fantastic weekend, I’ll be back Monday!

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44 thoughts on “It’s Friday!! Time for Friday Favorites

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  2. okay, finally got through them all…Excellent, thank you.

    I loved the “touch of humor”, and laughed and laughed about the Knife incident…they are lucky that there was not a security officer close by who DID speak the language…grin

  3. Friday favorites are always my favorite of your posts. I like to wait until I have time to really check out all the links. Very proud to be part of them! I’ve tried those Lara Bars recipes. Very satisfying! One small bar can keep me on the stretch between lunch and dinner. Lots of good stuff here!

      • It says I have had so little time lately that I have a lot of catching up to do! But I always know your Friday Favorites will give me a few new things to find with little effort!

  4. okay, this may make some smile….re the post on just do this one thing, and it is no more cooking…
    well, I will freely admit, I am no gourmet cook…but sheesh….. sometimes I do feel my small family is too picky…I have developed a self defense… If it seems that little or less is being eaten of what I prepare.. I will for a few days, or whatever… announce… oh… just scrounge..make what you like…

    seems to work… and over time the idea has seemed to sink in..grin… and I do spend much less time cooking…

  5. Just going through your Friday listings…they are great….

    Tonight is a quick run through, and look more carefully later..
    But so far…

    Suspended Coffee…what a wonderful, dignified way to offer a small bit of help, which I think will mean a LOT to someone..

    Article on “What is the One Thing”…I sort of use that approach myself…I am not an organised sort of person, and do realize that..however over the years, I have done something like this to whittle down the clutter…

    And Your Comment re Fridge…So, can I ask..How DO you manage without a Fridge? I would love to know.

    • Lynn, I’m glad you have found a few articles which were of interest to you.

      As for living without a fridge, well I guess I eat differently. First I am a vegetarian, so no need to keep meat. The only animal products I eat are eggs, butter and honey at this point, but I just ran out of butter and have decided to eliminate that from my diet and when I finish the eggs here I want to eliminate that as well.

      While raising my boys we never had a lot of condiments in the fridge, a couple salad dressings, ketchup and mustard. But mustard doesn’t have to be refrigerated, if it did I wouldn’t be here as it was always kept in a cabinet my entire childhood and I prefer it to be room temp.

      With only preparing meals for myself (normally) I know how much I want to eat and don’t make extra so there is no need for leftovers (which I can forget about). When I do invite company for dinner, which is usually my son and his family, any leftovers I send home with them, every little bit helps when you have a young family.

      I will be purchasing a freezer, it will help me to be able to once again make larger batches of food, but I get really tired of eating the same thing every day to avoid waste, with a freezer I will freeze food in portion sizes and know I have no waste.

      Hope that answered your question.

  6. Hi Lois, Thanks again for a wonderful list of interesting and unique blogs for us all to check out. I’m always amazed that you come up with such interesting links….and you’re doing the hard work so we don’t have to! Thanks also for including a link to my blog….this week’s post is definitely one of the more unique ones…but isn’t it amazing how it all ties together to help each of us find a way to life a happy and meaningful life. ~kg

    • You are welcome, Kathy. Btw thank you for your help donating copies of your book for Gracyn.

      The blog world is so funny, even without a holiday their are definite themes that tend to pop up at the same time out of the blue.

  7. Thanks so much for the Link Love, Lois! Not cooking may be extreme and a bit exaggerated :) I’m cooking – but only for myself. So, the work load is a lot less. We simply “fend for ourselves” in this house because at the age of 41, I don’t feel the need to be the ‘perfect homemaker’ and having an infant at my age is REALLY EXHAUSTING. I figure if the kid is fed, I’ve done a good job. :)

  8. I emailed the poem on Failure to my son at college–he is going through a bit of a rough time and I thought this would cheer him up–it did me! Also, I love the woman who has given up cooking–a woman after my own heart. As always I love these Friday posts–and I love being included–thank you my friend!

    • You are very welcome. I’m glad the failure poem brightened your day and I hope it does the same for your son.

      Yes, not cooking is a woman to admire. I had a rule in my house that I would only cook one meal a day. The children had to fend for themselves for the other two by the time they were in elementary school. Of course I had things ready for them to fix. Later as they got older if we ate out since I was paying that meant I didn’t have to cook that day. It worked for me and my daughters-in-law love that their husbands are great cooks.

  9. I, too, am looking forward to reading through them. Am on the computer a lot, so I enjoy to have bits to take a break on.

  10. Great links as usual, Lois. And since I don’t have to work today, due to the *ice storm,* I’ve enjoyed a morning of reading them. I found the discussion of gender roles to be especially interesting. I’ve always followed the policy that, whoever gets to the door first, holds it open. What’s interesting is, when I was in college, my Asian friends would always insist on getting doors, regardless of their gender. I had one friend, who was Taiwanese, who would actually run ahead of me to get the door, because she knew I would try to get it first!

    • Hello, Bethany. Sorry to hear you had an ice storm, it’s cold here, but not quite that cold yet, tomorrow we may get your weather. Will this winter ever come to an end? But I happy you had another day off.

      I grew up when boys were taught to open doors for females, I hated that practice as it felt so wrong to me. So I have been facing the issue for many, many years. I will not give in, if I am at the door first I open it, end of discussion.

  11. Hey Lois,

    Another great collection of Links. I especially enjoy the SnazzyTurtle artice as my wife and I are now Fulltime Rv’ers.

    Thanks for linking. I honestly feel that the methods discussed in todays post on Zen Presence can change lives for the better. They have made dramatic, positive changes in my life in a short amount of time.

    Dan @ Zen Presence

    • I’m glad you are enjoying Snazzy Turtles adventures, I’m sure you and your wife would have a lot in common with the couple living in Snazzy Turtle.

      I haven’t had a chance to read your post today as soon as my company is gone I will head over.

  12. I really like your idea of Friday favourites. I find lots of new blogs to have a look at, and thank you so much for adding my blog.

    All the best Pecora Nera

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