Weekend before and afters revealed

We had a beautiful weekend here, finally.  Sunday was windy, windy enough to knock you over, but beautiful nonetheless.  While I had quite a few projects to work on this weekend, I didn’t get to all of them as I spent a lot of time outdoors. And I had my first curb find of the month!

Nature is finally seeing enough warmth to come alive.

I always enjoy passing by this gorgeous walkway.  Reds and blues are my favorite colors.

I always enjoy passing by this gorgeous walkway. Reds and blues are my favorite colors.

And the ice on the lake is receding.


I love watching the ice melt each spring

If you look closely you can still see ice way out on the lake.

Too cold yet to see the geese enjoying the water.

Too cold yet to see the geese enjoying the water.

I wasn’t as happy with the little table I painted last week, so when my daughter-in-law asked why I left the sides and legs white I knew I was right, the table wasn’t finished.  It is now.

No more white legs

No more white legs

With the warmer temperatures it was time to move the table outdoors and prepare the seating area under my window.

Not warm enough to fill the planter, yet.

Not warm enough to fill the planter, yet.

I have an extra chair that doesn’t match these two, so I moved it to the Little Cove.

Wasn't long before the wind blew the chair over, but at least it's there for any one who wants to use it.

Wasn’t long before the wind blew the chair over, but at least it’s there for any one who wants to use it.

Checking on the wildlife, I find that our groundhog increased the size of its entrance to its home.

I should have gotten closer, it's an amazingly large up close, but I didn't want to disturb her.

I should have gotten closer, it’s amazingly large up close, but I didn’t want to disturb her.

I removed the cotton thread which held two blankets together, Yes I have a reason for this and will share in a couple of weeks (hopefully),  and left the thread for the birds to use to make nests.

Out of birdseed, so I set the threads on one end of the feeder on Saturday.

Out of birdseed, so I set the threads on one end of the feeder on Saturday.

Sunday, I went into town and purchased more birdseed and a bag of peanuts for the crows. I have to save feeding the birds for the little ones so for now I simply gave the birds a little seed. Monday morning the little ones can finish filling the feeders.

More than likely this will be gone by morning.

More than likely this will be gone by morning.

Of course I did get a few jobs done indoors this weekend as well.

I started with something that really bugged me since I moved in and that was the kitchen.

Those knobs were hideous.

Those knobs were hideous.

I had removed one before taking the picture.  One was gouged and another broken as you can see below.

I don't know about you but this drives me nuts to see things not in decent shape.

I don’t know about you but this drives me nuts to see things not in decent shape.

Then this one was broken by me, yes it was an accident but that meant I had to now do something about these pulls.

I could fit it back together and probably could have glued it, but I didn't like the pulls.

I could fit it back together and probably could have glued it, but I didn’t like the pulls.

I took Friday to head to the hardware store, before I left I received a call asking if my family could walk with me to take care of my errands.  Sure, the little one’s have been missing our walks.  Much to their surprise Zakk, the puppy was invited in to shop with us at the hardware store, where he received plenty of petting from workers and customers, alike.


Coming home, it was my grand-daughter who wanted to put the new pulls on. I showed her how to use the screwdriver to remove the old ones and then attach the new ones.  These cost me $2.49 each and having a small kitchen, I only needed 4 which brought the total to replace at $10. Yes, making improvements in a smaller home is much less expensive.

Now it has some of my personality.

Now it has some of my personality.

There are still a couple more things I would like to fix in the kitchen. First is a paint job. These cabinets are a dull white and with age the edges are yellow which isn’t a pretty yellow.

The other thing that bugs me is the off-centered placement of the fake drawer fronts under the sink. You can see it here.  Yes, I know I’m picky, and I’m hoping I can remove these and attach without any damage to the cabinet frame.


I then moved on to the wall lamp I found this winter in the dumpster.  I had put it away until I could spray paint it, but luckily the weather didn’t cooperate before I tackled it.  Here’s the before.

The original owners never removed the sticky protective cover from the base.

The original owners never removed the sticky protective cover from the base.

After removing the protective covering I felt a little bad about deciding to paint this as the base at least was in perfect condition.

The base might look new, but the arm, yuck.

The base might look new, but the arm, yuck.

I wanted a punch of color in the corner by my bed.  At the moment this is what that spot looked like.  This particular floor lamp, on your right,  only I liked, company complained that it shined in their eyes unless I had it tipped up to the ceiling, which defeats the purpose of a reading lamp.

This was just blah.

This was just blah.

A neighbor was given a Cricut several months ago and made some paper cutouts she gave to me.  I saw them as clutter I had to decide what to do with that wouldn’t hurt her feelings. But one of them I did like, just had no use for it….until now.

Here’s the finished lamp.

I didn't have enough red inside for my taste

I didn’t have enough red inside for my taste

I wasn’t about to buy paint, I dug through some fabric paint I was given and came up with this color, crimson.  It dried quickly but was sticky to the touch.  I wasn’t sure how well it would hold up as is, so out came the polycrylic.  A couple clear coats later and it will now hold up for years.

Much better

Much better

Can you see the changes in the nightstand next to the bed?  This should be finished by morning and I will share it with you, for the moment the putty is drying on the lower shelf.  Here’s a better view of the corner with the lamp.

red lamp upclose

I stopped at the thrift shop and found that lamp shade for .75 which brings the total cost of changing the lamps next to my bed:  .75!!

I spent a little time on one of the guitars I was asked to make over.  Here’s a sneak peek, I still have some sanding left to do and then the finishing touches.  When asked what I was doing with it the only thing I have given away to the owner is that his guitar will be a useful item in his home.  He did ask for me to use some of the blue I used on my furry chair so one decision was made for me.

Can you guess how I'll make this useful for the owner?

Can you guess how I’ll make this useful for the owner?

Here’s my latest find.  It was sitting out for trash pick-up.  The front is extremely wet, but the rest is solid.

One lonely kitchen drawer waiting for pickup.

One lonely kitchen drawer waiting for pickup.

The front was so wet the 4 layers of paint peeled right off in spots, which is good because I wanted to remove the paint to allow the wood to dry and on wet wood sanding isn’t a good option.

The rest will need to be sanded once the wood is dry.

The rest will need to be sanded once the wood is dry.

I expect it will take at least a week before it is dry enough to be sanded and restored.

We did have one disaster this week. Do you remember the guitar pick guard I attached to the wall to protect the wall from further damage from the door knob when the little ones open the door?  Well, it took a week, but my grandson opened the door hard enough to crack the plastic!  I’m not on the lookout for something a little sturdier.  Gotta love kids.  :-)

Not all my ideas work out as intended.

Not all my ideas work out as intended.

So all this and some quiet time to read was my weekend.  How was your weekend?

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24 thoughts on “Weekend before and afters revealed

  1. Hi, meant to mention your wall lamp sure turned out good, and the inscription sure adds a boutique finish type of touch. A good thing to keep in mind.

    Also was glad to learn about covering the paint with polycrylic, and that it works.
    Years ago, I had something to “stain”, and didnt want to buy a can of stain. Thought of something I had heard of and gave it a try. Mix a bit of instant coffee with boiling water (small amount), and paint this on as a stain. Sure enough it did stain quite well…BUT…. it brushed off very easy, and if gotten damp …well it dissolved…Wish I had thought of your polycrylic tip. Bet it would have worked find.

    • I’ve heard of using coffee before as stain. If you ever come across a walnut tree collect some of the walnuts, but wear gloves when you open them, that’s where they make walnut stain from. Yes, adding a coat of polycrylic works wonderfully to seal just about anything. I’ve used it for years in place of Modge Podge, it’s thinner go it goes further and seals just as well, plus I have a little more play time with the polycrylic.

        • Glad I could help. My friend has a walnut tree, they are messy to get open and we wear gloves as it stains the hands for days, but it’s a good way to naturally stain furniture and while time consuming, it’s free!

          • interesting.. no walnut trees around me, however, one never knows..

            just thought of an interesting “walnut” story, read a few weeks back in the news.

            apparently in China (not sure which city), street vendors/street markets are very common..One of simple ways to have a business. Selling small quantities of walnuts is a common business.

            So, to the “story”.. there have been a huge number of complaints to “local authorities”.. Folks would get the bag of walnuts home,sit down to enjoy them, crack open…Only to find they had been filled with bits of cement, and glued back together…

            In these businesses, you can buy shelled walnuts, or in the shell. ones in shell are MUCH cheaper..
            The reporter said it takes a practiced hand to pry the walnuts apart and leave shell mostly intact..

          • It’s sad that nothing shocks me any more. Yes, the work of trying to get the walnut open just to close it back up would be difficult. The easiest way is to get nut crackers which of course splinters the shell so there would be no way to close it back up. You must be desperate to go to all that trouble to get enough to sell without the nut inside.

  2. My weekend was very quiet in comparison to yours and wow what a wonderful job you have done with your lamp, The table looks much better even though I didn’t think it could :-).. Im looking forward to looking at the finished results for the guitar, And so good to see Spring finally springing…
    I havn’t done much, Saturday my Granddaughter came to visit with her Mum for a few hours and I spent time creating sticky pictures with her while her Mum talked about her week :-).. In the afternoon I baked, and then Sunday I was at work all day… .. Today Im catching up on WP and tomorrow I will be down the allotments for a while. Im hoping to take a few photos, for a post later in the week.. The Sun is out today, but we have another Low pressure coming soon with rain.. so best make the best of it while we can…
    Thank you for your visit, And enjoy your week.. :-)

    • Thank you, Sue. I do like the table better now that I finished painting all of it. Some times I just need to sit with a project for a few days to see if it needs anything more, this one did.

      I’d say you did quite a bit over the weekend. Spending time with your grand-daughter creating art is important for her. I have always believed that children really only want our attention, undivided from the other things we need to get accomplished.

      Yes, we are expecting rain as well, but you couldn’t convince me of that right now with the lovely sun and no clouds. We were told to expect rain from yesterday through Thursday but yesterday was clear and so is today.

      Looking forward to seeing more from your allotment.

    • Yes, it was nice the past two days and today we are expecting temps in the high 60s so I’m going to be outside working as much as I can as I heard it’s going to turn colder this upcoming weekend.

    • I can’t take credit for the idea, I had heard somewhere of a woman who left her yarn scraps hanging outside for the birds to use so when I had this pile of thread I didn’t want to toss in the trash I remembered that and decided to see if they would use it.

  3. I love your lamp and your new handles on your kitchen cupboards have given it so much character. It’s great how just a small change can make such a difference.

    • Thank you, Jen. It does make a huge difference to have metal handles over those cheap things and the lamp adds such a pop of color in that corner. I have a hard time understanding why people toss out perfectly working items that only need a touch of paint to give it a new life. It’s really sad.

    • Thank you. I try to take care of the wildlife that live around here since they are so generous to share the space with us. I also left a few organic carrots out for the rabbits, but I’m sure the deer had some too. Yes, Zakk is a cutie and so lovable, if only he would quit trying to eat all my house plants!

  4. hi ..
    my gosh, you’ve been busy..

    those crooked fronts on your kitchen cupboards…dont know if it is the same, but i was had some like that, and when i looked in side, back of the “fronts”, there were easily turned knobs, and i could loosen them and move the fronts…

  5. Aww shame that hack for your hole in the wall didn’t last! I also love updating drawer handles (or pulls as I think others call them). Sadly my wardrobe handles are dated, but also a non standard width between drill holes :( I did try some replacements with no lucky. I suppose I could putty up one hole and try again, but it’s a 3mm different – too close but yet too far!

    • You could try to putty both the holes then drill two new ones a just enough distance from the originals to give them stability.

      Yes, I too am disappointed the pick guard didn’t work, I did like the look of it there, it grew on me:-)

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