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How was your Easter weekend?  I hope everyone had a great time and was surrounded by those you love. I normally spend Easter with my son and his family who live away, but as I was just down there the beginning of the month for my grand-daughter’s second birthday another $60 trip (for gas) was pushing it, I would have a stay-at-home holiday (my version of a staycation) instead.

I don’t know if it is spring fever (wishing for spring to get a move on) or if it was the combination of  Carol at Art and Sand (I really need to learn to take pictures like she does) and Rebecca at Trash Backwards but I had a working weekend/holiday.  Here’s what I have been up to.

Here is a picture of my company Friday afternoon and Saturday.

Yes, that’s the clock radio that stays hidden in the window unplugged until I want music.

It all started with getting some seeds planted, I  needed to make room in the window for them. I couldn’t believe the dust that had accumulated along the heater. It was time to move every thing and start cleaning again.


I haven’t figured out how to add shelves in my window that won’t block the sun from the plants which sit lower….yet.  At least without it costing a lot of money. Wood would be easy to find, but that would defeat the purpose of getting the early sun on all the seedlings.


For now I could move a shelf between my bed and the window to hold a few more.  I only lost an extra 6 inches to do this.


I really have to do something about those curtains, the tab top sheers from Ikea are driving me nuts. They never stay spaced evenly with the kids wanting to gaze out the window often.  :-)

For me moving a bed is hard work which means it was time to relax and catch up on some blog reading. This was when I spotted Rebecca’s easy soap flakes for the bathroom. I mentioned a while ago that I purchased a package of bar soaps and found I dislike using the same bar of soap as my guests. Think about it, they are using it after using the toilet, is it only me?

This was what I had in my bathroom


It is a pretty dish, blue that matched the bathroom tiles. I don’t like slimy bars of soap either which is why you see a piece of a shelf liner under the soap.  It didn’t work, this was what the liner ended up looking like.


And yes, there was a small slimy spot on my soap. When you get slime that is an sign that it is teaming with bacteria, not good.

So using the  directions from Rebecca, I grated up the bar (minus the slimy part.


It was easier than I thought it would be.  I then dug out a glass jar from spaghetti sauce and punched holes in the lid (being sure to flatten them on the inside to prevent future injury) .  Of course you didn’t think I would set a plain glass jar on my vanity did you.  No longer will I be touching soap another person used, and no more slime.


This is where Carol’s story comes in.

On one of my breaks I was still trying to catch up with friends in blog land and came across Carol’s staycation where she listed 10 projects she planned to complete on her 10 days of vacation, which is usually a ski trip, she does explain why she had to stay home this year.   What a great idea. I have plenty of things around here that have been neglected.

Well, I took care of a couple with cleaning the heater, planting seeds (so far I have forget-me-not, cosmos, green bell peppers, I’m trying to sprout a few seeds from organic apples (wish me luck I’ve never tried this before) and marigolds.  The marigold’s are heirloom seeds I received as one of ten lucky winners of a giveaway from Stacey at Down to Earth Digs. If you have never visited Stacey’s blog you have to check out her amazing greenhouse. I want one just like it.

With planting seeds (#1), moving and cleaning under and around the bed to accommodate the shelf being moved under the window (#2), making soap flakes and adorning the jar (jobs #3 and #4), I’m on a roll.

So what else needed done.  Well, if I’m working on the bathroom, there is the light switch plate next to the vanity. It’s been like this since before I moved in.


See that lovely crack?  No matter how much I’ve tried to clean it it always looks like this.  Task #5 is now completed. All I did was cover that bad boy up with a photograph from a magazine.


There was something else that was bugging me. The cabinet under the sink.  With all the curbside finds being dropped off I haven’t been very good about keeping this area neat, which is where I store all my tools and paint.  When I opened the cabinet a paint stick fell out, that’s bad!  Good thing no one was here to see that!


It really only  needed some organization, vacuuming and a good wiping down. All finished (that would be project number 6).

IMG1678It may not look perfect, but now everything is with like items. Oh and the bag in the middle? That didn’t fit before.  It’s one of my reusable bags that’s a little beat up. I store recyclables in it to take to the dumpster.  Paint is now stored in a box on the left, tools on the right and cleaning supplies next to the paint.  No more searching for what I need.

I needed another simple task for number 7.  Organize the desk and hang the new pictures I received of my grand children.  Off to find some cheap frames, surprisingly I had success. Number 7 completed, although if you had seen the top and drawer of my desk it should have been counted as two jobs!


Task number 8 took a bit longer. Do you remember the desk I had cut in half to make a night stand?  This was the almost before.


Here it was sanded and painted using two colors I mixed together (an ugly blue and black to tone down the blue). It never worked for me, but it was better than the before.


I wasn’t about to buy paint, but I did have white on hand.  It had to be better, but I didn’t want it all white. I found a roll of paper for a $3 and decided to use that on the top to break up the white.


There was no way I was going to get this all completed this weekend.  I have one major problem with the night stand that still requires a purchase to finish.


Yep, those drawer pulls.  I may need to remove the front of the drawer to remove them, boy I hope not.  I have wanted something metallic, silver.  Since the drawer fronts are two pieces of wood joined together it requires a pull that can be attached from the drawer front and not from behind. I think I know what will fix this.  If I find what I am looking for the drawers will be finished shortly.

If you haven’t seen the night stand before, it is 15 inches wide and in that 15 inches I have my books, and the two CD boxes contain my sewing supplies and all my CDs and DVDs, respectively.


I think it brightens up that spot nicely.  The candle holders are actually a plant pot and its saucer.  The red candle is pretty short, what you see is about all that’s left of it. I have stuffed a dish towel underneath to raise the candle higher (I do remove it when it’s lit) .


I am still working on the mirror in the bathroom vanity area. I keep forgetting to take the white paint in there, but each time I need to wash out a brush I rub the excess off on the mirror.  I will show you the finished mirror as soon as my daughter-in-law stops by to get what I can’t reach on my own.


While my companions for the first two days of my weekend were my CDs.  Sunday’s companion was a little livelier, even if you can’t tell it from this picture.


I was able to complete 7 projects on my staycation, number 8 is nearly completed. That means I have two more to attend to this week.  Project 9 will be an outdoor table that needs some love before I can enjoy it properly, and hopefully my new soy foam will arrive to complete the loveseat transformation (#10) I started this past week.

Do you have any jobs on your to-do list for this week?

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    • Sue, I knew you would have windows filled with seeds for your allotment. The window is now the first place my grand daughter goes to see if she needs to water anything. :-)

      • It doesn’t take them long to ‘know’ what we are doing, If your grandchildren are the same as my granddaughter they don’t forget a trick! I have to say I cannot remember my own children being so bright at their ages… Evolution! lol maybe.. ;-) But I think our future needs the minds of our little ones, and its up to us Grans to educate them in the right area’s and you are doing one fine job in that direction LSF.. :-D and I’m enjoing every minute :-) as I know you are too

        • It gives me so much hope to see how you and others like us are teaching the little ones the skills they will need for the future. Yes, my grand children were gifted by mom and dad for Easter with their own little gardening tools so they can enjoy the process even more this year. I think I am going to give them their own small plot to grow what they want in it here, whether it’s flowers or vegetables it will be up to them to pick what they want and care for it.

          • That’s my goal :-) I watched the TV program with the naked chef where he went into schools and tried to make their food healthier. One episode he had all this produce out and asked the children if they knew what it was. They didn’t even know what a potato was and had no idea where their food came from, it was so sad.

          • Yes We watched that Jamie Oliver is his name, he has young children of his own now, and he made a big difference in the School Meals.. So many do not know where food comes from.. But there has been a boom in programmes about Self-sufficiency and crafts such as home baking, Sewing, etc… Lets hope people start to rethink and make an effort to recycle and to make do and ‘Mend’ as we had to when we first got married.. Second hand things we welcomed and we didnt buy until we had saved up to buy a thing.. until then we went without, like my fridge LOL… Its not hard, its just that we have got used to living in a throw away world, and many children today are given far too much too soon who then grow up expecting more…
            Thank you for all you share upon your blog, we can all learn much from your good self.. xox

  1. Great work – I had as productive a weekend as you (and realised buying milk on Monday, that I’d not opened my wallet in DAYS!) I regrouted/siliconed the bathroom (1), hung some LED lights (2), prepped (paint, cut) a wooden rod to hang some birdcages (3), hacked my (curb side found) trolley/wine rack to suit my needs (4), repainted a marked wall (5), made a map of the world with stamps (6), completed the contacting under my sink for a measure or water proofing (7)… I’m sure there were more, but the list is on my cupboard at home! Enough for a blog post in coming days me thinks!

    • You were definitely busy, and seeing as how you completed all your projects I think you have me beat :-) I really need to redo the caulking around the vanity, but want to wait until it’s warmer and then will tackle some silicone around the window frame as well, when that is dry I want to paint the frame of the window which is raw wood right now and not very pretty.

      It feels so much better in here having fixed up a few things, one added bonus is that today my daughter-in-law didn’t even leave her cup sitting out for me to have to pick up when she left!

    • Thanks, Brenda. I have a love hate relationship with that clock radio. Since I don’t keep it plugged in when it’s not in use it argues with me about playing CDs until it warms up. Once warm it plays wonderfully. I’ve had that thing for years, it’s taken a beating but has held up well. Good luck finding one for yourself.

  2. I love all your projects … they turn out so beautifully! That grated soap idea is terrific! We needed a bit more shelf space under our window for seedlings and plants. My hubz took cardboard boxes, stacked them on their sides and placed them under the window. We got the boxes from the local grocery store and they stacked up nearly level with the window sill. Next, he organized our books and put them inside the shelves (boxes). On the top he placed a wood shelf that we rescued near our community’s trash bin. It works perfectly for our plants and it rather looks like built-in shelves. Cost = $0.00

    • What a great idea and even better that it cost nothing to build. I have to thank Rebecca, at trash backwards, for the soap idea. The little ones were here today to try it for the first time, they seem to think it’s great fun so it’s a win-win here.

  3. You could shorten the tab curtains to the length of the window sill by sewing a new rod pocket up top. That would make it easier too to slide the curtain back and forth (not that I’m trying to make more work for you).

  4. I have a list a mile long! Top of the list it to plant some veggie and flower seeds :) You really got a ton done the little night table looks great.

  5. You got so much done! I especially liked the sink cabinet reorganization and the night table makeover. I use bar soap for the shower for myself but like you, don’t like sharing bar soap at the sink – so I use a refillable pump bottle for liquid soap. I like your solution!

    • Thank goodness I’m not the only one who doesn’t like sharing a bar soap at the sink. I never thought I would paint a piece of furniture for myself white, but I’m do like it.

  6. I only have one apple tree and always have apples. Just throwing that out there. ;-) I really like the nightstand. As for me, I will be moving at the end of April so I am busy going through stuff and packing what I can now. Fun fun. :-)

  7. Well… I’ve been planting seedlings too – and I have a thought on your window shelves. I use one of those clear plastic storage bins turned upside down as a mini indoor greenhouse for my seedlings. This is partially because they’re in a south facing window of the garden level basement, so it gets cold down there at night, but it’s mostly to keep the cats out of them! Maybe you could find one and put some things inside it and the top (which is really the bottom) could function as a sort of shelf?

    The other thing I have in my garage full of junk that would work perfectly is an old set of wire storage drawers sorta like this:

    Too bad you’re not here or I’d just give them to you. Anyhow, you might keep your eyes out for something like that.

    I’ll be very curious to see how your apple seed experiment turns out. My understanding is that if you want to get the same kind of apple as the original tree you have to take a cutting from the branch of the tree. Planting from seed apparently gives you a different type of fruit from the one you took the seed from. I don’t understand the science well enough to understand it, but that’s what I’ve heard.

    • I love your ideas, Cat. I may look at the idea shelves next time I’m down there, but if I need them sooner I will have to break down and buy the plastic containers. Yes, my window does get cold at night, I am keeping my fingers crossed that it warms up sooner than later.

      I didn’t know that about apple trees. I did know you need two different trees near each other to get apples. So I saved seeds from a granny smith variety and a red variety, can’t remember which is was but I believe it was gala.

    • It did feel good to get some of these things taken care of. I probably could, but I think it would look weird. The pulls are also shaped in such a way that they collect dust like nothing else, but thanks for the idea Live and Learn.

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